Wednesday, December 28, 2011


十二三岁的时候 我告诉自己十八岁那年就可以离开这个家

十八岁的时候 我告诉自己再忍一忍二十一岁一定可以离开这个家
现在二十一了 还没有足够经济能力的我告诉自己 
再三年 二十四岁那年一定一定要离开这个家 要不然就把自己嫁掉算了
我想 到时候我爸应该会支持我这么做

Monday, December 19, 2011

I want a Balenciaga clutch with big studs! Its so pretty I wanna die!!!!

Santa, pretty please?

Thursday, December 8, 2011

yes this is exactly me! :D

IMG02710-20111202-0326because i camwhore even when i’m going to sleep

because i usually camwhore before i get out the house….. even though the background is a mess

IMG02752-20111204-0231 IMG02761-20111204-0235
because i love to ask people around me camwhore with me whenever there’s chances!

and because, with this kind of attitude, i’m sure i have to be better all the time, work harder for better future, and never let myself be in a situation where people will look down on me.

and most importantly, i like it this way :)

p/s: omggggg i just use another funny excuse to upload more of my camwhore pic hahahahahaha