Wednesday, November 23, 2011

arm candies


i love love love accessories and those i owned, my friends told me i can open a stall to sell already :P the most i owned are bracelets and bangles and i super love it when Diva is having sales! especially Australia’s ones, they can sales up to AUD2.50 for each set, ridiculously cheap can! :D

so last month when i got my payroll in the evening, i spent money in Diva again because they were having sales again T_T i only bought one set of bracelet which is the one you see in the photo above after having so long dilemma thinking which to NOT BUY T_____T. but this is too hard to resist because, firstly i don’t have any bracelets in black and silver and this comes in one big chunk of set! :D and secondly, its in size XS, fitted my arm perfectly! and buying accessories make me happy! :D

the best friend thinks its a waste of money to splurge on accessories. but so far the most expensive accessory i have is my 21st birthday present from parents, which is a bracelet with cute charms from Pandora. go check em out they have stores at Pavilion and Empire Gallery the charms are super cute can die!

ok abrupt end because i’m going to meet my favourite housemate which i haven’t see her for ages!! :D

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