Thursday, October 20, 2011

Eva in work

so tempted to write blogpost about OOTD because these days I am in the mood of dressing up. BUT the phone camera has some stupid problem. sigh. its everytime like that.

so these days I have been working a lot. So much that most of my weekends are working weekends. this phenomenon shall continue until end of november i presume. but luckily, the bf only will come back on december (happy happy joy joy! can’t wait!! *squeals*).

because of the events i’m going to work on weekends needed to wear corporate tshirt, so i had no choice to dress up on weekends already :( therefore i only can dress up during weekdays. sigh i miss wearing shorts and spegs. :(

i bought a few color contact lens recently. and so far i only tried light brown and black. i got no photo to show but i think black does not suit me AT ALL. black contact lens look weird on me, and light brown look too dolly for my eyes T_T i can’t wait to receive my aqua, dark brown, and grey lens so i can experiment on the color! (excited!) but seriously these days you only can see me with specs because my dark eye circles are too serious to be hide :( i can only hide them underneath my big specs, so sad!

Photo_00009Eva at work at Starbucks. tired puffy eyes i know T_T and stupid hairs T_T
and i covered my face with my hand because my face is so round and fat T_T

and if you wonder, what is Eva working right now? she seems so busy!

my working time is not fixed. but most of the time i work over-timed! but sigh, nowadays if didnt work harder a bit how to success later on. i work in an early childhood education sector (a.k.a. kindergarten), of course, non-government! its actually a family business but we are now planning to steer change the company structure. So my job scope including:

  • dealing with clients. our clients are the kindergarten program licensee (means, the existing Eduwis outlets). clients are mostly fussy and demanding. and happy clients = happy boss = easier job! so i have to ensure we have happy clients but in the appropriate cost behalf of the company.
  • dealing with potential clients! the business is now expanding and hope to get more licensees as time goes by. so part of my job is to meet with new investors (although i havent possess the ability to meet with potential investor alone yet!). so if you (yes my blog reader) or your friends or family who is interested in investing in kindergarten business, please please please contact me!
  • anything related to the business’ graphic designing stuff. design banners, design namecards, design flyers/leaflets, design whatever.
  • anything related to online marketing, since i’m an e-business major graduate. so i’m now in-charging the business’ facebook page, website (which i havent got time to revamp it after handle over after i came back home), twitter (someone please teach me to link both twitter and facebook page’ status! i had a hard time to link both T_T), and importantly… Emails (complains, inquiries, sales, etc etc etc)

so on my namecard, i am given the title “PR and Marketing Executive”. yes yes like very professional like that i super likey! but true what PR because i am dealing with outsiders – the parents, the licensees, the potential investors, sometimes the suppliers! and marketing true also what i’m doing stuff related to it also!

and if till now you still havent know the company i am working for, please google for:

i am trying my best to do whatever related to the business’ SEO! :P

REMEMBER, if you think of anything related about kindergarten business, or heard anyone wanna start/invest in kindergarten business, THINK EVA! thankyouverymuch. :D

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