Friday, October 28, 2011

我 很幸福


这样简单的幸福 就足够了

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My heart sank, when her son hugged me and said "my mom is going to heaven".

I haven't been to any funeral in these years when I have became an adult and know how sad funeral is. And my tears nearly drop when I saw her.

Rest in peace, Aunty Elsie. We know you are going to a better place.
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the downside of being gaga


purposely wear power shoulder top today and wanna syok sendiri that i look like lady gaga. *laugh!* then i failed badly. because i was no where resembling lady gaga BUT a creepy doll T_T very suitable for the coming Halloween indeed! LOL.

my daddy is a very conservative person. so conservative that he thinks Malaysia is so unsafe for girl like me, even in daytime. that’s why i have curfew every single time i go out with friends or boyfriend. that’s why he doesn’t like Eva in skirt the length above knee and sleeveless top. that’s why he thinks girl shouldn’t wear makeup before graduate. that’s why that’s why that’s why i think the list will never end. :S

then today i wear like that:


Black power shoulder top – Supre online (AUD7.50!)
Mustard yellow bodycon skirt – The Attire’s Attic (
Chain design skinny belt – The Summer’s Attic (
Black patent pump – Next Direct Online (a UK based online store)

and when daddy saw me, he didnt say a word. but when we were back from meeting clients, he said i look too dolly. with the hair, the makeup, and the attire! and he said i caught too much unwanted attentions and its not safe in Malaysia T__T

but frankly, i rather be a creepy doll than being a nerdy high schooler OR ‘lala’ T_____T because if i didnt wear contact lens, i look very very ugly even i put on makeup. straight bang and nerdy specs, super cannot match it la! :S then if i dont put any makeup on when i have this straight hairs, i look super kampung T______T i think i have serious face problem!

this hair give me lotsa problem. sigh.

oh and today while eating lunch, i sat beside daddy. he turned to me and ask if i put on fake lashes. i said no its real lashes and he didnt trust and ask if can try to touch. hahahaha. i answered “as you like it” and he really pulled my lashes to test if they are real –_______- “they look longer today!” is the reason he doubt my lashes’ authenticity. hahaha quite speechless!

i shall end this post with something erm, creepy? hahaha since this post is all creepy Eva! :P okay i have started my cheaper facial mask routine – homemade mask! came across an article mentioning that oat is good for reducing acne scars. i had lots of them and they made me look ugly enough! so thought of trying :) its actually oat and lemon with some water. i don’t know the ratio so i just simply add my own way.

c2a61e58f2d957edf2e6fae8fadaabe7small photo size because i don’t want to scare you off :S Gaussian blur the photo to avoid heart attack XD

the ingredient its actually oat (i’m using Quaker the smallest packet which cost only RM2.80). the oat has to be blended into powder form. then add a tablespoon of squeezed lemon juice. however it is too thick to be applied on whole face (maybe my face surface bigger T________T) so i add some water to make it easier for application. then leave it for 5 minutes and wash  everything away following by applying moisturizer.

it’s a bit messy when washing away the mask. :S but the poor Eva cannot afford expensive mask and the RM2.80 oat can be used for soooooo many times, therefore no complain on tidying up the mess everytime after mask! anyway heard from Khai Wee the beauty saloon she visit sells oat facial mask too! hmmm, interesting! i shall see how it goes. hopefully the oat can make miracles! :D

Monday, October 24, 2011

of Cleopatra and lady gaga inspired hair

if you are my facebook friend, you should know I have been talking about my hair a lot lately (since saturday!) because after 2 months in Malaysia i decided that my hair’s in the worst condition i had to straighten it no matter what! actually my hair quality has worsen since approximately 4 months ago. then i rely a lot on the straightener to make it look less-spoilt. then i was so busy these days i got no time to set my hair everyday so the only option is to tie my hair up, everyday! urgh. i have big face so i cannot bear looking at my uncovered face anymore, and so i went for rebonding!

it’s not my first time straighten my hair anyway. i have been doing this eight times! around once a year because my hair is born to be frizzy hair. if you were my primary school or high school mates, you shall know how bad my hair can be. until the boyfriend had to call me “lion head” when the hair grows! :(

i actually hate going to the saloon. firstly, hair rebonding takes ages! last saturday i sat on the chair for 5 and a half hour. so long that my butt bone hurts! then i hate it that after straightening the hair the first 2 weeks or so, the hair is so flat, that i look ultimately ugly (because i have big face T_T). also, the “3 days cannot wash hair” rule after rebonding, i haven’t once follow it –___- because tell me how do you stand not washing your hair for 3 days! mine will be super oily on the 2nd day and look super dirty :S

then this time to the saloon, i requested to trim my hair. the hairstylist ask if i want to cut my bangs straight and i thought it will be something similar to what i had previously, so i said yes. but when she finished trimming, i feel like killing myself! because Eva and super straight dolly bangs equal to super square face T___T


please don’t get cheated by the photo because i know my photogenic-angle well! this photo is in my facebook and among the people who liked and commented, none of them were those who have seen me in person after i have this haircut. NONE! because those who saw it knew it wasn’t as nice as this! hahahaha. *run and hide in my blanket!!!"* because my face is bigger, squarer, and with lots of pimple scars T_T

now i just hope that my hair can grow faster so that my bangs can be swept to sideway. and i hope my hair wont be THIS flat as soon as possible! luckily the bf isn’t around and will only be back one and a half month later! i am slightly consoled because by that time the hair won’t look as ugly as now. reason? because he freaking call me “coconut hair” now! T_T the photos i sent him were either i was with specs, no make-up, no photogenic-angle involved. T_T

ok put ramblings aside, i was super happy today when i received the parcel from Awesome Mustache Shop!


in the parcel, there’s a little note! didn’t realise the webcam takes reflective photo –____- anyway its the mustache ring giveway which i have won myself a cute mustache ring from Awesome Mustache Shop! :) haven’t got time to adjust the ring size yet and off i rushed to another appointment. it’s so cute it makes me crave for Mr Potato chips! *laugh* ok i am random :D

this post shall end abruptly with a pic of me with my mustache! i love freebies! :D


Friday, October 21, 2011

say hello to baby Eva! :)

i think i dont really change a lot. so don’t say you cant recognise which is me!

leen and I accidentally found a few of our childhood photos (a few i mean we have hundreds of it but in the storage of course! we took lots of pic when we were babies! :D) and guess what’s the reaction sequences when I saw this photo?

  • omgggg why am i so cute!!!
  • omggggggg why am i such a poser!
  • omgggggggggggg WHY EELEEN YOUR FACE SO CHUBBY!
  • T________T omg why my face so big T_____T
  • omg la i want my fair skin back!!!!

hahahaha trust me i was omg-ing all the way! but heck i was really a poser hahahahaaha why i so cute! :P looking at my cute and naughty face, i can definitely imagine how mischievous i was back then! :D


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Eva in work

so tempted to write blogpost about OOTD because these days I am in the mood of dressing up. BUT the phone camera has some stupid problem. sigh. its everytime like that.

so these days I have been working a lot. So much that most of my weekends are working weekends. this phenomenon shall continue until end of november i presume. but luckily, the bf only will come back on december (happy happy joy joy! can’t wait!! *squeals*).

because of the events i’m going to work on weekends needed to wear corporate tshirt, so i had no choice to dress up on weekends already :( therefore i only can dress up during weekdays. sigh i miss wearing shorts and spegs. :(

i bought a few color contact lens recently. and so far i only tried light brown and black. i got no photo to show but i think black does not suit me AT ALL. black contact lens look weird on me, and light brown look too dolly for my eyes T_T i can’t wait to receive my aqua, dark brown, and grey lens so i can experiment on the color! (excited!) but seriously these days you only can see me with specs because my dark eye circles are too serious to be hide :( i can only hide them underneath my big specs, so sad!

Photo_00009Eva at work at Starbucks. tired puffy eyes i know T_T and stupid hairs T_T
and i covered my face with my hand because my face is so round and fat T_T

and if you wonder, what is Eva working right now? she seems so busy!

my working time is not fixed. but most of the time i work over-timed! but sigh, nowadays if didnt work harder a bit how to success later on. i work in an early childhood education sector (a.k.a. kindergarten), of course, non-government! its actually a family business but we are now planning to steer change the company structure. So my job scope including:

  • dealing with clients. our clients are the kindergarten program licensee (means, the existing Eduwis outlets). clients are mostly fussy and demanding. and happy clients = happy boss = easier job! so i have to ensure we have happy clients but in the appropriate cost behalf of the company.
  • dealing with potential clients! the business is now expanding and hope to get more licensees as time goes by. so part of my job is to meet with new investors (although i havent possess the ability to meet with potential investor alone yet!). so if you (yes my blog reader) or your friends or family who is interested in investing in kindergarten business, please please please contact me!
  • anything related to the business’ graphic designing stuff. design banners, design namecards, design flyers/leaflets, design whatever.
  • anything related to online marketing, since i’m an e-business major graduate. so i’m now in-charging the business’ facebook page, website (which i havent got time to revamp it after handle over after i came back home), twitter (someone please teach me to link both twitter and facebook page’ status! i had a hard time to link both T_T), and importantly… Emails (complains, inquiries, sales, etc etc etc)

so on my namecard, i am given the title “PR and Marketing Executive”. yes yes like very professional like that i super likey! but true what PR because i am dealing with outsiders – the parents, the licensees, the potential investors, sometimes the suppliers! and marketing true also what i’m doing stuff related to it also!

and if till now you still havent know the company i am working for, please google for:

i am trying my best to do whatever related to the business’ SEO! :P

REMEMBER, if you think of anything related about kindergarten business, or heard anyone wanna start/invest in kindergarten business, THINK EVA! thankyouverymuch. :D

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

saving for Eva’s wishlist

p/s: chatbox has been removed due to annoying spamming. if you are sweet enough, leave comments instead! ;)


you know, when you get your 1st ever salary in your life, what would you do? who else is same as me, which i excitedly spent too much. too much in the sense that i’ve overused a little (or not so little LOL) of my expected saving amount.

sigh, but when comes to money, why do i forever lack of it? :S

and now, i’m telling myself not to online shopping. i have to quite groupon, milkadeal, and whatever deals website. i have to quite blogshopping, especially milktee i’ve spent thrice with free postage please count how much have i spent on just at milktee. i have to quit makeup review sites and those favourite bloggers who keep showing off their very good makeup skill and cosmetics, its so tempting to buy and learn to be pretty like them!!! :(


so now Eva has to save for:

  • the boyfriend’s birthday present/surprise/whatever (ok i know its too early for this but heck i have to keep this in mind before overspent his birthday present fund on MY EVERYDAY-IS-EVA’S-BIRTHDAY-PRESENT-FUND. :D) (oh so why you think i will write birthday surprise in this list since its a surprise? thats because, i never once succeeded on giving him surprise. so the most not surprise stuff will be considering quite surprise for him. hahaha. he sometimes need to act dont know when he actually knew what was i planning so that i will be happy for surprising him T_T)
  • hair rebonding fee. i think this should be priority than the bf’s present. because. even. small. kids. ask. why. do. i. have. messy. hairs. FML MAXIMUM.
  • my favourite bag. one of these two: Small Christian Dior Lady Cannage Black Patent Leather or Miu Miu Vitello Lux. I know i know, it will be a century later to get the fund if according to my spending pattern this month. so the possibility of Eva getting one of these two will be: 1) get an inspired OR 2) eat bread my whole life. The miu miu is toooooooo pretty to get an inspired. so i guess i will try to find for CD’s inspired first then save as hardworking as possible for my miu miu :D
  • my next year trip to bangkok!!! ok i have already book a tix. who wanna go with me and leen?? this is probably a shopping-only-trip and we need two more girls to tag along! 4 day 3 night trip and i surely need more moolah! i am refraining myself to shop now and before CNY so i got more fund to spend on bangkok!
  • i wanna move out from house in two years time (hopefully!). wanna get my own house as soon as possible. but when can i only save up to the ideal down payment for a condominium? sigh

or easier, someone wanna sponsor me some $$$? or easiest way, anyone wants to start kindergarten business? :D (promoting own business!!!)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

RIP Mr Jobs

I'm not being sentimental, but this really make me kinda upset.

I mean.... Steve Jobs' passed away. :(

I don't fancy Apple. I don't own any Apple products. But on my final semester final assignment, I was doing about Apple's iAds. And I have watched a lot of Steve Jobs' video clips from Youtube, I have read a lot about him, I have known how he brought up the company. He's gotten a lot of my respect. He's one of my role model all these while.

And the news that he's passed away make me frown. You will always be remembered.

RIP, Mr Jobs. :(
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