Sunday, September 18, 2011

Super good deal OOTD

Knitted long sleeves top - Cassa Fashion (RM31 yay!)
White pants - from sis
Chunky bangles - Diva
Armor ring - Diva
Watch - gift from bf
Necklace - some outlet store at DFO australia

Of all the stuffs I wear, other than the watch which is a gift from the bf, others were bought on discount prices!

I think I'm quite good at getting good deals in fashion stuffs :D
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MooN said...

Is the quality of Cassa Fashion's clothes ok? The minimum requirement is 8 pieces.

Anonymous said...

I didn't buy it online, instead I went to their shop at klang. Some are okay but some are quite bad. Before I went there I ve browsed thru their websites and saw some I was interested but somehow the real pieces were quite different from the pic (mostly dresses). Some were not fitting (quite loose but in pic they were body-hugging) and most pieces are quite thin in terms of quality. But the one I'm wearing is not bad, its at the new arrival section. Cheongsam quality is not bad :) and the lace sleeve blazer is worth the price too! Or you tell me the serial code of the dresses you are interested and I may give you some opinion :)

I don't know the min pieces buying online. But buy at their shop min pieces are only 5 :)

Hope this helps :)

MooN said...

Hey! Thanks for your info ya. It is useful for me. :D

Hmm, I think is ok because I will go to the shop to have a look. Is better for me to shop it in real pieces instead shopping online. :D

Thanks again.