Saturday, September 3, 2011

Physically young!

Ignore the pimples on my face.

So few days ago the besties and I went to the big book fest at KLCC. I was the driver but I guess the besties won't wanna sit in my car anymore :S they said the way I drive is dangerous. Ahehehehehe ok I admit :P

The book fest is free entrance for those below 18. We knew it. And when we were queuing up to buy the entrance ticket, the uncle queuing in front of us turned to tell us out of good deed: "under 18 no need buy ticket wan you know?" We nodded and out of curious he asked how old are we! he was so unbelievable when we answered we are 21! Hahahahahaha. (We were actually very happy in heart!)(Ok maybe its me only -_____-)

To make the whole situation merrier, when we reached the counter, the worker told us the same thing again, that under 18 don't need to buy ticket. We insisted we need and the uncle said:"I told them the same thing! They can even disguise as under 18. Nobody will know!" HAHAHAHA.

Totally made my day!

So do you think I look like 18? :D
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