Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mustache, anyone??

sorry for the super sucky photo resolution :P

so this post is all about this contest:Giveaway2

yes yes i have been eyeing on this mustache ring for soooooo long already but recently too broke to buy accessories (not a need but a want). and when i accidentally bloghopped into this blogshop i was sooooo happy because they are giving away 5 mustache ring for FREE! (when i see the word FREE now my eyes will shine hahaahahahah $.$)

so the blogshop name is AWESOME MUSTACHE SHOP. such cute blog name and they not only have cute mustache ring, but also cute mustache hoodie! (hop over there fast!)

hmm, actually i have hopped to this blogshop previously when shoppingroll reviewed about their mustache hoodie. but that time i just came back from Australia and thought i have more than 5 hoodies in my wardrobe which i never get a chance to wear in malaysia, takkan i buy something more i wont wear right now. so what makes me click into their blogshop again? yes its this mustache ring! therefore i can say that i quite like mustache symbol! so unique, so cute, so cool! this is one of the reason i like Awesome Mustache Shop! :)

then when i scrolled and read their blogpost, i found out the Cath Kidston phone cover! omg i am a dying fan for polka dots! (my mom just bought a cute red Cath Kidston (inspired) phone cover for herself! envy sial!) so i'm actually quite looking forward for that :D i love vintage stuffs actually :)

so wait what now go try your luck to get the mustache ring now! :D click the pic below!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I thought this was something worth remember.

You said, FTR.
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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bread or love?

I worked 13 hours today without OT-pay! I'm freaking tired now but hmmmm, should just jot this down to remind myself in the future I shouldn't be like someone in the story below. :)

My mom, aunt and I went to eat at a chinese restaurant during our quick (hmm, not so quick :P) dinner break in the midst of busy working. And half way through our dinner, I saw this pretty lady walking into the shop, holding my favorite Miu Miu vitello lux satchel. Straight away, she got my interest! She dressed up very stylishly, wearing a corporate white power shoulder collar shirt pairing with a black mesh knee-length tutu skirt. On her feet were the famous Jeffrey Campbell platforms. My first thought was that she's going to meet client or waiting for friends for dinner.

But as time goes by, all I saw was that she's tapping on her ipad alone with her dishes and rice. Thanks to the good angle, I had been observing her all the time (hahah omg I sound so stalker!!). When she finished her meal, I saw her leaving the restaurant driving a BMW 3-series.

I asked my mom if she saw the lady when she was in the restaurant. My mom nodded and I told her "she's carrying a RM7000+ bag but she's so lonely. If I were her, I will sacrifice my money and fame to get a decent family".

I know I'm no one to judge the lady. I'm no one to judge anyone other than myself. But I should thank her, because I've learnt an important lesson today.

So between bread and love, which will you choose? My answer will be 'love'. :)

P/s: the term 'love' can be broad. Not specifically soulmate love. It can be family love, friend love etc.
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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Super good deal OOTD

Knitted long sleeves top - Cassa Fashion (RM31 yay!)
White pants - from sis
Chunky bangles - Diva
Armor ring - Diva
Watch - gift from bf
Necklace - some outlet store at DFO australia

Of all the stuffs I wear, other than the watch which is a gift from the bf, others were bought on discount prices!

I think I'm quite good at getting good deals in fashion stuffs :D
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Setia Alam Pasar Malam

I have a lot of food pictures to post but I am only allowed to a photo (or I am too dumb to know how to post more photos) via blackberry to blogger. So here it is my favourite among all - fried quail eggs with sausage! Super yummyyyy! :D

Because we don't want to be boring people who stay at home on a saturday night, leen, eda and I decided to take a visit to this longest pasar malam in Malaysia!

(Actually we didn't feel like we were walking for very long, maybe our stamina are good enough hehehehehe)

There's a lot of foods and clothes! Talking about clothes, I saw a sundress which is 100percent similar as one I owned. And the one I have was bought from a friend's blogshop and its overpriced T__T I hate knowing that I paid for something overpriced T____T

And here come the funny incident we occurred today :D so we were eating while walking, and when we finished the food, we were finding for dustbin and we couldn't spot any. Leen saw rubbish all along the road divider and ask if we should throw our rubbish there too and I refused because *erhem* I am a good citizen :P

And then when we went to bought another food and asked the seller if they have dustbin, the seller (a young man) charmingly took over our rubbish and we were quite glad, not until he straight away threw the rubbish under his truck! We were quite shocked -_____-

And after that we burst into big laugh..... Because come to think about it, who would find a rubbish bin at night market la?? -______-

Okay, its me then :D *blush*
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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Please call me Miss Broke

The above pic is taken on the 1st day I got my cute bowler hat :) I totally love how I wear that day and the bf said I dressed up korean-ly. It would be better if I wear makeup that day but sigh lazy people is still ugly. :S

I recently used a lot of money on something that cannot be disclosed here! I'm tooooo excited about it but I cannot share the exciteness and this do not feel good T____T can't wait till few months later to see the result! Can't wait for the bf to be back! :D and this make me straight away be broked after receiving my first month's salary. Plus all those small small stuff I bought (e.g. Face masks, eye masks, eye shadow, clothes, sunscreen etc) make me poorer now T___T

I secretly think my last name is Broke. I should be Eva Broke. T____T I can never have big amount of money in my bank account. Never. T__T

Teach me to save, anyone?
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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Life. Sucks. Big. Time.


1. I have unequal eyes (refer pic above kthxbye)

2. My laptop is in factory now. Sent in a week ago and the foreman told me he couldn't find any problem (when there's very obvious problem regarding the screen) so he suspected there's something to do with the software and said can help me format the laptop. So I went to backup my files this morning at the factory and he told me he found the problem and it has to do with the motherboard. FML or not? Waste my time to drive there and waste my time of a week with no laptop.

3. I have an external hard disk which I used to backup files. So before my laptop has been sent to factory, I backed up all the files into it. So today, I found out that the hard disk's connect (the one that connect the usb wire) has broken FML FML FML. Quickly went to a nearby computer shop to see if they can fix it because I need some files to work on urgently. And the worker told me the case of the harddisk cannot be open, I can only send to the factory. And FML I turn my whole room upsidedown but the warranty card, receipt and the info of the hard disk were no where to be found. T__T and the worker told me that my files inside the harddisk might not be recovered.

4. A lot more problems that should be let PnC in this blog.

I think I should just die. FML.
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Saturday, September 10, 2011

I miss my sunflower

Lurve sick lurve sick. :(

And when lurve sick strucks, I usually think about the good times we had :) so I'm gonna share one today (which I think I have not blog about it due to my super laziness in blogging :P)

There's once before we were dating one last time before studying for final exam (last year in HELP) we somehow talked about the car topic. So that time I was all crazying about VW Beetle. And so the bf asked if I have 10 times the money if getting a Beetle, what other choice of car will I choose to get?

And my answer nearly got the bf choked on with the pizza. -.-

....because I answered: I will get 10 Beetles in different colors then! :D

and I will drive any which according to my mood that day! Ahehehehehehe what a genius I am right :D
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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Physically young!

Ignore the pimples on my face.

So few days ago the besties and I went to the big book fest at KLCC. I was the driver but I guess the besties won't wanna sit in my car anymore :S they said the way I drive is dangerous. Ahehehehehe ok I admit :P

The book fest is free entrance for those below 18. We knew it. And when we were queuing up to buy the entrance ticket, the uncle queuing in front of us turned to tell us out of good deed: "under 18 no need buy ticket wan you know?" We nodded and out of curious he asked how old are we! he was so unbelievable when we answered we are 21! Hahahahahaha. (We were actually very happy in heart!)(Ok maybe its me only -_____-)

To make the whole situation merrier, when we reached the counter, the worker told us the same thing again, that under 18 don't need to buy ticket. We insisted we need and the uncle said:"I told them the same thing! They can even disguise as under 18. Nobody will know!" HAHAHAHA.

Totally made my day!

So do you think I look like 18? :D
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