Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What gives you diarrhea?

You know, in daily life, sometimes some particular things may get you diarrhea. Have you encounter stuff like that?

And in part of the stuffs that gives you diarrhea, some are stuff you really love. Have you encounter stuff like that?

Big big big sigh. I DO. T___T

There's this big 3 things that give me diarrhea, confirmed, every single time. And of food that gave me diarrhea, I can say all of em are among my favorites (FML)!

1. Cherry tomatoes. I love to eat them! Very very love it even if they are sour (I dislike sour)! But everytime after I eat it, even though its just 3 of it, I will confirm go to the toilet in a jiffy.

2. Grande and venti size coffee. So I should say I'm allergy to any excessive of caffeine other than tall size. No matter iced or hot. :( sometimes I will spend my whole afternoon in starbucks, let's say 5 hours or so. Tell me how a tall size coffee can have you sipping bit by bit and sit for 5 hours. Sigh.

3. Menstruation. This one give me the worst diarrhea MONTHLY! T_______T if I had to be optimistic, it will be like that: the diarrhea I have every month helps me to clean up unwanted stuff/toxic/etc from my body. But, shit and blood keep draining away from my body on the first two days of the period equals to a super sick Eva. And I had to encounter this every month.

Now, FML or not? T___T
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Sunday, August 7, 2011

my Shopaholic gene

the internet connection at starbucks now is soooooooo slow it bored the hell out of me! so i decided to come here and start blabbering some erm... unrelated stuffs. :P

i have been sitting here for the past hours, scheduling updates for The Summer's Attic. TSA will be update every Monday and Thursday 8pm. i think i'm a real shopaholic! i love shopping and when i see something really nice but doesn't suit me i will buy for others! others as in my sisters, my mother, my grandmother or as presents to my BFFs. and now, i think part of the reason i started TSA was to buy stuff for others! -.- dad will really kill me when he sees this ahahahahahahaa. but! but! butttt! i only buy stuffs in really good deal!..... unless i really really really like it and have been going back to the store to look at the lovely stuff for at least 3 times, then i will buy it (i dont mean those super overpriced stuffs. i mean those that over my budget for 10-30bucks)

however, managing TSA made me a more realistic person. the stuffs i bought for TSA now (after my first buying experience) are not ALL of my liking. i have learnt to be more commercialistic (as if this word exists :P). i knew that stuffs i love dont mean that every other people will like it. (however most of the stuffs i bought for TSA are still my favourite!) and i am now selling it quite quickly before i change my mind for 'personal use' hahahaahahahahahah (i think my dad will REALLY kill me now!). you know, most of TSA's items i will get at least two pieces for each design so that i MAY get one for myself. but sometimes really, the one i really really liked only comes in one piece :( so i have to fight with my dilemma and stop my itchy hand to open the cupboard and take them out to use! -.-

and, i have to constantly remind myself that EVA, YOU HAVE ENOUGH OF ACCESSORIES NOW. le sigh. oh wait, i only have 5 rings! so means i can get more rings for myself!!! :)

ok internet connection is back to faster speed now and i am lazy to write more of erm... random stuff :P remember to visit The Summer's Attic at 8pm tomorrow ah! xx.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


据说   我有一个多月没有更新部落了

简单来说   这一个月   我...