Wednesday, June 29, 2011



(?????sound effect!)
?????????????????????! ????!!!!! :D
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Monday, June 6, 2011

OOTD on HanLeng's birthday

Decided to dress up because its han leng's birthday! She dressed up too (so unusual!!) Went to celebrate by eating dimsum at sunnybank in the morning and went to shop for her present in the afternoon (more like shopping for leen's! I bought nothing for myself boohoo). Cake cutting with a bunch of nice friends in the evening and now I'm coping my today's expected revision. Very bad time management I have :S

Anyway this post is made to be short and of writing on my OOTD because I love it! :P

[According to pic above]
White short dress - Queen La Moss (
Denim jacket - Leen's
Socks - Sportsgirls
Boots - Naughty Monkey, Aus
Armor ring - Diva
Vintage chunky bracelets - Diva
Big brown bag (on right side) - Typo
Vintage bowling bag (for trying purpose only T____T) - Sportsgirl

Aren't the bag gorgeous?? I've always want a bowling bag (or boston bag or speedy bag or whatever you call it with the shape like that!). I might get it as a present though >:)

Ok off to cramming again :(
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Sunday, June 5, 2011

My loveliest housemate,

saeng il chukka!!! :)

Unni, I love you because you cook for me. I love you because you are so similar to me. I love you because I never had a nice housemate and you are the 1st nicest one! I love you because you are cute. I love you because we share clothes. I love you because we have known each other for 8 years. I love you because your stupidity always made me laugh so hard. I love you because you are not smelly.

And I love you because you are you, han leng unni!

Accept my love, would ya? :)

P/s: I will try to finish my revision today so we can celebrate happily tomorrow! :)

Oh and please smile more like how you did in the photo. You look beautiful like that! :) your 2011 will be the best year of all because of me:P

And stop the keep fit plan please! I will still love you:)
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Favourite photo of all time!

We are happy people, aren't we? :) I love having holidays with great people! And I hate how exams ripped all our happiness. All we do now is to study study study and to rushing in plan. Sigh lifeless:(

Oh and I like this photo because all of us have brown hairs! :D happyyyyy because they keep ignore my after-dyed hair :(

[Okay I hope the photo will appear :S not sure how to upload photo to blog by bb yet]

I have to finish 4 lectures of revision today so that tomorrow I can celebrate han leng's birthday to the fullest! Go Eva, go! :)
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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Conversation of the day!

Seebee: you should buy a square mirror so that your face won't look that square in the mirror

Eva: hahahahahahahahahah what theory is that!

Seebee: no contrast! If round mirror then your face will look very square one.

Hahahahahahahahah she is hilarious!! She's my clown and my entertainment during study break! Hahahahahah way to go seebee! :D
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Friday, June 3, 2011


Yes yes life doesn't always go on your way! And I think I'm too blessed these days, god decided to take away something from me, something exceptionally important to me: my laptop.


Because I'm a very internet person I have so many things to check daily thru internet. And I got so unused to it I felt sick to actually have nothing else to do at home except for study. Very, very sad.

Apparently my lappie's screen has crushed, due to some wire misplaced according to the computerman (a very kind and helpful one), A DAY AGO BEFORE MY LAST ASSIGNMENT OF MY LIFE! And the lappie is still under warranty and repair fee is goddamn expensive, I can only bear with it now. Sigh.

But come to think of it, maybe god wants me to concentrate study for my finals! :D which is really quite efficient I have been spending so much time studying after the lappie broke down! No time to loaf around doing nothing on facebook, online window shopping etc ma :P

And good thing is that it only broke down end of the semester! :) so now I'm in my swot vac and final is in 2 weeks time and after final I will be having good 3 weeks holiday and I'm going back malaysia omg these coming months are exciting! :) therefore, not much relying on laptop, excellent timing! :)

Blogging will now thru blackberry, so don't expect photos or OOTD posts :( anyway its not like I'm free to update blog during exam season also.

I love Blackberry seriously! It allows me to connect with friends all around the world!! And blog, now! :D
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Testing 123, blogging from blackberry :)
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