Friday, May 13, 2011

cold cold cold cold colddd.


oh god, it just suddenly turned so much colder in a day or two. and the Eva whom always be seen wearing shorts and leggings and spaghetti straps has worn long denim pants for two days straight, with long sleeves top and a jacket, oh and equipped with boots and scarfs. oh shit, i was wearing like its truly winter like that! but the fact is, its just autumn now T______T i doubt i can survive my last winter here har har. in addition to the lousy cold-perseverance i have, i am using heater whenever i am at home (which is just 12 degree celcius now) and bought hot-pack for outing use –________- i know i very kua zhang. and from this point of view, i’m very very thankful that i’m not in melbourne which the bf is currently experiencing 3 degree celcius and rainy weather. ridiculous.

i am currently doing my toughest assignment of this semester, 2500 words individual analysis assignment and god damn we have to turn-it-in (plagiarism detector) T_____T the information of the company i am analysing now is having so limited information online already now still want to turn-it-in, kill me please, kill me! :( now i hope the clock strike slower so that i can manage to finish this major assignment in time. i hate doing analytic and research based assignment. :(

May is a birthday month! not my birthday month obviously but woahhhh why so many of my friends are having birthday on May one?? going broke real soon :S and a hint for you who bother to read so much of my rambling: my 21st big birthday is just a month away. nyehehehehe.

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