Tuesday, May 31, 2011

no fail assignment please.

havent play with OOTD for a long time because i dont bother to take pic because my face got a lot of pimples because i dont make up because i look like an ugly nerd because i keep having insomnia ok enough.

IMG00659-20110531-1519 IMG00660-20110531-1520

   - Oversized batwing washed-out sweater –
      Supre (AUD7.40 WINS.)
   - Denim shorts – Kmart (AUD5 DOUBLE WIN.)
   - White polka dots legging – Cosy Corner,  
      Elizabeth Street
   - Diamond pendant – Diva
  -  Roses and pearls bracelet set – Diva
  -  White sneakers – Converse



of all my clothing today, the only things that i dont buy during discount are the sneakers. omg so much of a cheapskate Eva heheheh. but i love buying stuff on discounted price, i think i’m cleverer than those who buy in full price dumbo :)

today should be a bad day. sigh. first, its my last class for two of my courses, which the korean class i enjoyed going every week had came to an end. i felt sad actually. :( and secondly, in my another class, the tutor came in with the most devastated opening line, telling us that our assignments are crappy and the fail rate of the assignments in this semester is 40%. like seriously? 40%?? oh god i got an instinct that i might be in that 40% :( but come to think of it, this is my hardest assignment which i put in the most effort, even calling back home to dad to ask for help for like 4 times!!! :( if he fails me, i’m going to die! (ok kidding).

please dont fail me. i hate seeing your bald head, Mr Alex :(

and i got to know that my mom is in the hospital now due to food poisoning. *figer crossed* hope you are alright mom.

i feel like eating fried tang-hun with crab! anyone wants to feed my craving? ok i want fried tang-hun with crab for my birthday, pretty please? :(

Sunday, May 29, 2011

my recent accessories

hello hello. to distress and run away from my academic obligation for a jiffy, i shall blog about something i love most after bags – accessories! :)

i always love accessories and i always love going to Diva. however, Diva is so expensive in Malaysia i hardly can buy anything from it! :( and one thing good about being in Australia is that there’s more variety of accessories shop and i can easily get cheaper accessories here! of course, prettier and one of a kind too!

i share accessories with Leen but you know, sometimes we don’t share same style and now she’s so obsessed to headgears only and i’m the only one who bothered to accessorized myself before heading out :) and my style is very very easy to determine – big and bold!

let me share the few accessories i usually wear recently!

IMG00606-20110527-2023hahaha sorry my hair very distracting but what i want to show in this photo is the big bib necklace! bought it from Diva and love it soooo much! BUT….. the bf said its ugly and asked “you want to be Egyptian queen ar?” T___T i can only console myself that guys don’t appreciate accessories. le sighh.

IMG00632-20110528-0157and this diamond shape pendant is a big love! i eyed this in Diva for god knows how long already! and i am so glad that i didnt get it in the first time because i got it on sales, super good bargain i tell you! :D i have more plain tops in my wardrobe and i love pairing plain tops with this necklace, you never know how big difference can a necklace made! :)

IMG00644-20110529-2351feather earring which is like 2010/11 fashion trend? (or something.) bought it from Diva after discount too. i usually only wear one of it and pull all my hair on the side i wear my earring. it gives me a touch of feminine (*shy* which i usually don’t have T__T) and flow on my hair. very light material which sometimes i forgot i wore it hehehehehe.

IMG00642-20110529-2350just bought this pair of earring two days ago! i realise that i steer-change my metal color taste from silver to bronze and black. i realised i wear more bronze accessories these days and they made me look more mature (self console hahaahahaha). if you know me well you should know that whenever i let my hair down, it will definitely cover my ears, therefore i don’t buy small earrings. and when i saw this pair, i thought it totally suit me! after asking for the girls’ opinion and they agreed so i bought. however however, with the chains and the strings, this pair is really really very heavy :S i think i shall just wear it for dinner or something (with short period). but its lovely dont you think so? :)

IMG00640-20110529-2347i love big chunky bracelets! and i’m so gonna buy a silver and black combination one when i’m richer!!! –_______- this set of bracelet totally get me into limelight, an embarrassed one though. :S so on my last trip to Melbourne, there’s one evening when i was walking along Melbourne Central’s busy street with the bf and some other friends. half way down the lane, i dropped one of the bracelet (the thickest one) and it rolled down the street T_______T it’s so crowded by that time and it’s kinda going dusk already i was so kan-cheong searching for the direction it rolled –______- and then Hunt who walked in front of me saw the bracelet and picked it up and asked “Eva yours ah?” sigh everyone was laughing at me  with no mercy T________T and the bf said “wrist not big enough then don’t wear big bracelet la haihhhh see so ma fan” T______T but i like big one!!!! so i didnt bother and wear it after the incident, but be extremely careful whenever i loose my hand down :D

IMG00639-20110529-2303omggggg this is my favourite among favourites in my bracelet collection!! i swear, it’s first sight love! when i bought it its a tad bigger so i took off some parts of the chain (innovative much! :P) the color combination and the tassel, omgggg orgasm! and you know what, tassel is one of the 2011 fashion trend ok i’m very up-to-date! hehehehehe. it can be used as keychain too, one stone kill two birds :D

IMG00641-20110529-2348i know, roses and pearls are so not me! bought it for leen because she loves pearl, and anything pink. but sometimes i will wear it depends on my hidden girly mood. :P bought this as seebee’s birthday present too! :D hope she will love it :)

IMG00645-20110529-2351next up is my coolest ring! ARMOR RING!!! cool or what??? i usually don’t wear rings because my fingers are too thin to get a perfect size ring but this one is adjustable one so it won’t feel off easily :) very cool can die see the side view below my finger’s going to fight so beware when i wear this out! :DIMG00646-20110529-2352got this for shien as birthday present because i think this one suits her! she’s more to casual and non-girly type and i got this for her without second thought! :D

IMG00649-20110529-2353ok last one for this post, i dont know what does this ring call but its so freaking pretty! like ice-berg like that! but bf doesn’t like it because he said the sharp edges of the ring is very dangerous and i might accidentally hurt myself. but sigh, most of my accessories have sharp edges one :( so we have discussed about this already, i will only wear accessories without sharp edges when i go out with him and he won’t comment about me wearing sharp edges accessories :D

ok phew i think i lost the blogging stamina already i felt so tired after writing only like you know, this length of post. :S i got no time to do my birthday wishlist for this year T_______T till then, if i’m stuck in academic again, i will be back to blog :)


最近可能真的读书压力大 永远赶不完的论文 大考要到了还没有写完论文怎样读书 加上荷尔蒙严重失调

然后我就很stress 因为论文需要所以重看了《我的野蛮女友》 看着看着就哭了
听很好听的歌 听着听着也哭了
肚子痛 然后觉得为什么所有糟糕的事情要一次过一起来 痛着痛着又哭了

已经超过一个星期每天早上5 6点才能睡了 有时是赶论文 有时是很严重的失眠 我到底怎么了 :(

这几天真的很难过 还好昨天晚上跟好友刘丝美聊了一些有的没的 暂时真的很好过
每年的五月我都很兴奋期待六月自己的生日 然后今年超扫兴 16 17日都有很难的考试 还我很不希望生日来 :(

我真的很悲哀 现在 :(

Friday, May 13, 2011

cold cold cold cold colddd.


oh god, it just suddenly turned so much colder in a day or two. and the Eva whom always be seen wearing shorts and leggings and spaghetti straps has worn long denim pants for two days straight, with long sleeves top and a jacket, oh and equipped with boots and scarfs. oh shit, i was wearing like its truly winter like that! but the fact is, its just autumn now T______T i doubt i can survive my last winter here har har. in addition to the lousy cold-perseverance i have, i am using heater whenever i am at home (which is just 12 degree celcius now) and bought hot-pack for outing use –________- i know i very kua zhang. and from this point of view, i’m very very thankful that i’m not in melbourne which the bf is currently experiencing 3 degree celcius and rainy weather. ridiculous.

i am currently doing my toughest assignment of this semester, 2500 words individual analysis assignment and god damn we have to turn-it-in (plagiarism detector) T_____T the information of the company i am analysing now is having so limited information online already now still want to turn-it-in, kill me please, kill me! :( now i hope the clock strike slower so that i can manage to finish this major assignment in time. i hate doing analytic and research based assignment. :(

May is a birthday month! not my birthday month obviously but woahhhh why so many of my friends are having birthday on May one?? going broke real soon :S and a hint for you who bother to read so much of my rambling: my 21st big birthday is just a month away. nyehehehehe.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

i’m an unfashionable weirdo girl.

i have a video presentation today. so this is how it went – play the short video clip and have a class discussion. and of the video embedded below, i only contribute tiny bits of it on the research for facts part. the awesome groupmate Murray finished the video by himself! and i was responsible for the class discussion part just now which i play tricks by ‘bribing’ my classmates with yummy sorbet lollies for those who took part. and yes, trust me the lollies were yummy!

however Sara the tutor asked us why wasn’t I the one who narrate because Murray’s voice is a bit.. you know, monotonous. sigh make me more guilty for not helping much enough! :( i think we done it pretty good though :)

and for my personal issue today, will be my image. Han Leng said i looked like zombie today. and yes, I did. have been facing the computer for very very long time these few days plus the insomnia nights plus the weeping a lil, my eyes are super tiring they are two times smaller the size of my normal eyes. sigh. make up didn’t help much though :(

Photo_00052 Photo_00054Photo_00057 Photo_00055

small or not my eyes? and han leng said my face looks pale T____T

and today my dressing is very very horrendous. because:
1) i slept late (all thanks to leen who off my alarm and didnt wake me up), and
2) didn’t on the lights in the bedroom and on the walkway where my shoerack is located, i couldn’t differentiate the different colors of brown i put on me!, and
3) because i dont have any earth color cardigan/jacket/sweater i put on the most awkward black cardigan, and
4) i am in a rush but this is the only white shirt i had that could go along with the paperbag shorts, however its very crumpled and i suck in ironing clothes (han leng usually do every ironing if my clothes had to) and after ironing two times i gave up and think that “whatever, i am wearing a black cardi and nobody will realise the crumpled shirt!”, and
5) i have bad hair day, and lastly
6) i have tiring eyes, messy face, and tiring long face.

i guess all of these reasons can have you imagine how terrible i am today. like this:IMG00507-20110505-1411

i know, you cant even see it clearly how different and unmatched the three browns (purplish brown bag, reddish brown boots, bronze-brownish shorts) were and how crumpled my shirt was! maybe the pic below can get you a clearer image, just imagine another kind of brown on my feet. :SIMG00508-20110505-1439

sigh i felt so unglam once i stepped out of the house with full sunlight but i was too late to go back home to change. i was hoping there’s no one will recognised me today. but sigh, i met an old classmate at the bus stop, and met the sis, her bf, and another friend along my way home. T_____T and with the thought of nobody will see my crumpled shirt, leen’s first sentence when she saw me is “you dint iron your shirt ar??” T_____T so obvious meh?

and the highlight of today was that while i was walking to tutorial class, a stranger grabbed my shoulder and stopped me, which out of my terror he passed me a name card with the name “BEAUTY + BRAINS”. apparently that guy is a blogger (with another lady photographer) and they thought i looked good wearing like that! –________- “i like how you dressed up and do you mind if i take a photo of you and post it in our blog?” and i went like this O.O “ME??? errrr okay.” guess what, they like my shirt (which is initially the bf’s shirt and which is crumpled fml) and my cute boots (with broken shoelace wtf). they took a closed-up photo of my boots and i was kinda embarassed because the broken shoelace is damn ugly T_____T

sigh, now i understand why whenever i asked the bf if my dressing looks weird and ugly he will stare at me for few seconds and said “再这里不会啊...反正这里本来就有很多奇怪的人” T__________T indirectly claiming that i’m qi guai de ren T_________T and now it proved that i’m not only the one without fashion sense and weird, there’s many people around me with weird taste too. *slightly consoled*

and for those who liked my unfashionable style, here you go OOTD:
White statement top – T-Bar (bought it for AUD10 only, for the bf actually but i changed my mind hahahah)
Bronze paperbag shorts – Queen La Moss (http://queenlamoss.blogspot.com/)
Black cardigan – Dorfbury (http://dorfbury.blogspot.com)
Cream Luxe Herringbone Socks – Sportsgirl
Brown boots – Naughty Monkey, Harbour Town
Big brown bag – Typo (http://typoshop.com.au), which is a sister-brand of Cotton On

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

all things before easter break

i know i havent been a good student lately, especially this semester which knowing that i might leave this lovely country in 2 and a half month time, i couldn’t help but thinking of exploring this country more more moreeee before i leave. you know, like when you start working where got so much time to travelling around (why do i only realise this in my last semester T__T pea brain sigh). haih i still got so much things to do in Queensland: visit Moreton Island, exploring Skywalk, go to the zoo, more picnics/bbqs, harbour town/DFO again wtf, citycat (fml havent been on to ferry this semester yet!!!), woah the list goes on. and this list is only places to go in south queensland fml. sponsor me some moolah anyone? :(

speaking of studies, i think i have been doing so much good deeds in the past, i am granted with good groupmates this semester. like seriously, for every group assignments in different courses! my contribution to the group is always the minimal ones, and useless ones i presumed T____T maybe the groupmates think that i’m not good/capable enough in doing the assignment so they might as well finish my parts. T________T i have left with some easy things to do like you know, for example in an office, i’m doing the job like preparing coffees and photocopy documents. SIGH. tomorrow i will be having a video presentation and right now i’m blogging and waiting for the groupmate to send me the complete video so i can prepare for Q&A session, which of the whole video, i contributed zero idea, because the groupmate said he can do it all. i secretly think that this is the way he punish me, to make me feel guilty and make him a coffee. T______T

but on a bright side, with clever groupmates doing the assignment, it will be easier to get my targeted result this semester! i have calculated my CGPA and if i want to graduate with good CGPA of 6 and above, i have to get high distinction in two courses and another course not lower than a credit this semester. hmm, still possible….. including that my plan to moreton island and what not fails. T____T

okay enough of rambling, i shall start jotting down what’s happened before easter break:

the housemates and I excited had our first picnic in uni!IMG00393-20110421-1219 dont you think the bento Han Leng made looks super delicious? and yes its super delicious! :D

IMG00395-20110421-1220IMG00399-20110421-1225i am the cleverest to wear maxi dress that day because they felt uncomfortable sitting on the grass with shorts! :D

right on the evening, leen went to watch movie with her boyfriend so han leng and I cheered up ourselves (due to sucky exam/presentation results) by going to Southbank together to have chocolate feast. yes, just two of us :)

IMG00416-20110421-2350after going home with very full tummy, han leng helped me to dye my hair which i bought the dying packet for discounted price. read good reviews on this brand however maybe its the volume and length of my hair, no difference to be seen after dyeing. T_________T (sucky photo taken by BB :S)

on another day, the housemates and I felt that we hadn’t go out together (just us three!) for quite a while already, therefore off we go to Southbank to have a good dinner and great walk and talking session. having some stuffing risotto and pasta and continued with yummy Hazel Tea bubble tea and endless conversations. a good night though :) oh and we bought cute tennis ball bubble gummies!IMG00274-20110409-2036

intermission: got myself into some skin allergy after the surfing session. assumed that it was the swimsuit’s fault. give me a 2 weeks itchiness and ugliness on the neck and i had to wear shirts with collar/scarfs/ high-neck tees etc.IMG00066-20110328-1824

and on another day, Chloe came to stay overnight at our place from Ipswich. and we went shopping at the city after my classes. its sales everywhere and i got clothes from Supre for AUD2.50. all my hauls on that day are not more than 10 bucks! and on the day itself, i added two new leopard prints in my collection! big joy! :D

passed by some designer brands and saw this studded baby OMG I WANT! (hint: Burberry) even if i had to eat bread and drink tap water for a month, i still cannot afford it. le sigh why does a bag has to be this pricey? :SIMG00094-20110331-1718

and on one sunny saturday morning, we decided to visit West End morning market with a few friends. thats when i knew two of my friends are attached to each other :) no photos of the market and the food because i was too overwhelmed when i saw the food T_____TIMG00115-20110402-1044IMG00117-20110402-1048tzenny said my friend Douglas (on the left) looks like Donnie Yen. what you think? :D

intermission II: one of my new leopard prints! :D very versatile can pair with everything i have tried so far!IMG00114-20110402-1006

and compiling photos of studies, here are a few evidences of us being hardworking. you cant see my face because i’m the one taking photos! *defensive*IMG00161-20110405-1718IMG00206-20110406-2037

and speaking of food and cooking, we are now kinda happening compared to last year! we have a whole chicken for Sang Gye Tang (korean ginseng chicken):IMG00448-20110424-1626Korean spicy hot pot for dinner during cold nights:IMG00137-20110403-1911korean BBQ at home to save money:
IMG00144-20110404-1958seafood tomyam:IMG00163-20110405-1942japanese dinner with sushi, tempuras, and miso soup:IMG00235-20110408-1835porridge and homecook dishes by Cheo Ee (leen’s bf) when eeleen fall sick:

oh and a lot of more food which i did not take photos of. by the time i thought of taking photos, the food had started to digest in my tummy hehehehehe. e.g.:IMG00238-20110409-0056ahehehehehehehehe

lastly talk about shopping, i have committed sins. i have been going out quite some time to shop lately! however, (DAD I KNOW YOU ARE READING) i do not spend a lot :D like the time when only han leng and I went to harbour town, i only bought a big hoodie jumper and a mulberry inspired bag which only cost 6.50 bucks from valley girl! most of the time i was waiting for leng in the changing room. however however however (sigh i hate to add this line) i think i am the biggest idiot for not getting these two denim jacket from Levi’s. guess how much for both?IMG00376-20110420-1442 IMG00377-20110420-1443
20 bucks for both. kill me please. KILL ME PLEASE. leen was like “IT WAS JUST 10 BUCKS FOR A DENIM JACKET. AND ITS LEVI’S? WHY YOU DINT BUY?????” sigh i guess i was thinking of my dad’s grumpy face when i was deciding on buying them or not. hahaha ok kidding –________-

and on the day before we left for melbourne, we went DFO (direct factory outlet) with some friends. not enough time arrrr too rush i left out some good stuff to buy! and guess who’s the biggest hauler that day?IMG00430-20110423-1418leen’s boyfriend hahahaha! okay la kidding he was helping us girls holding our bags! :P i was so envious that the two girls bought a cute laptop bag each! only if my laptop can fit in that cute bag sigh. very hard to find a laptop bag which fits 17” laptop T_____T

ok write for so long damn tiring already abrupt end. this post shall compensate all my MIA for the past two months ok :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

all things boyfriend

okay i had so much to be updated but so little time. why is time always insufficient for me! will update about the picnic, the before-easter, the easter melbourne trip, the buddha festival and so on after i settle this thursday’s video project. i promise! :) all those can wait, but not this!

i have so much to tell about boyfriend today! not only MY boyfriend but boyfriends :P

firstly, my big sis Leen finally has a boyfriend. like seriously, a real first boyfriend! how happy can that be?? its so happy and ceremonious that my family back in malaysia went for a great dinner to celebrate it wtf (according to the photo and description my dad whatsapp me!) cis i didnt see them doing this when i first had a boyfriend! UNFAIR. i think i shall not disclose her boyfriend here since i havent get her approval yet however, her bf is whom i ideally want her to be with! i dont know how to describe on this but i had a feeling that they will be couple since hmmmm months ago! sixth feeling, woman. :) CONGRATULATION LEEN. hope you will get less annoying after having a boyfriend hahahahahhah okay kidding. –_____- and dont worry you have a super good real life example of LDR (me! me! XD) so dont worry after next few months. :P

secondly, the BFF has finally attached too! ZOMG so big news and she kept it a secret from me! that naughty girl!!! i was quite upset when i first knew it but sigh i think i’m such lovable my upset turned into happiness after 5 minutes of rambling to the bf –______- seriously so happy because i like to see two nice people get together! and i always think that they both are like the main character of chinese novels i read, so chinese-fairy-tale-like, so hmm.. sweet! cant wait to get back to malaysia and meet up with the guy in person! i think they will look matcher in real! :D CONGRATULATION BFF (name shall be remain anonymous, dont ask thankyou)! i can totally imagine her face goes all tomato-red when i tease her hahahahahaha! why am i such a mischievous friend hahahaha!

and thirdly, okay end no more kepos about other people’s bf IT’S BEEN 3 AND A HALF YEAR SINCE I GET INTO A RELATIONSHIP hip hip hooray i shall emphasize this big big!! :P yes dont jealous our relationship is getting better despite of having to be apart for like, 2 and a half years :D i think we are so cool like that!

IMG_8649IMG_8554IMG_8419sigh i like the sunlight but i hate the buses behind!!! :(

oh and the bf has celebrity face (ok direct translate from: ming xing lian) not resembling only one celebrity but several celebrities.

so a good friend of us had editted a photo like that in facebook:LOOK ALIKE OR NOT?? okay maybe not the face but the hair! and yes people has been calling him bieber since forever because he has similar hairstyle as justin bieber! but he doesnt like it to be called as bieber because he anti-JB –________- but seriously i think his previous hair looks exactly like bieber’s and he claimed that he had the hairstyle way before bieber has it hahaha. whatever la i think bieber is handsome too :D

and then! Leen and khaiwee said the bf looks like Jam Hsiao! not really the face, maybe the character. because he is sooooooo pendiam when with people he doesn’t usually get along with. but sometimes when i watch those taiwanese variety show which jam hsiao is invited as a guest, i sometimes think they both are so similar! :Dimage

and then Stef (Julius’ gf) said the bf looks like Yoga Lin You Jia from Taiwanese Xing Guang Bang. got meh? but not only stef thinks both of them look alike, her friends which are all Chinese claim that the bf looks like Yoga. maybe the baby face? but i have to say Yoga’s eyes are much more bigger and rounder than the bf’s one! hahaha sorry baby :P

and yesterday while chatting with a new friend i got to know the day before, he said i have a korean bf HAHAHAHAHAHA. i told the bf and he is quite flattering –________- he felt so much better than being said looking like justin bieber, guess he hates him a lot! hahaha!

i personally thinks that he’s the summation of all three celebrities hahaha. what do you think? :D

okay end this post with a very unglam photo of the bf who photobomb me! hmmph!’IMG_8471hello ugly, i still lurve you :P