Monday, April 11, 2011

sloppy Eva.

i’ve too much of uni lately.

went to uni yesterday just to finish up my presentation discussion for tomorrow and it took up half of my afternoon already :( after that went to the city with han leng to initially get some face cream thingy but ended up not buying anything, instead had a great lunch together :)

IMG00283-20110410-1355waiting for the bus in the uni because i forgot its a sunday and the bus schedule is not as frequent :(

i wore a pink hooded track jacket, a scratched denim short, and a pair of flip flop with my hair tied up, and han leng was so surprised to see me wearing like that :O she thought that i was dressing up too sloppily. T______T

IMG-20110410-00308and i was excessively tiring because i only slept at 6am that day. :(


we passed by a pretty door along Elizabeth St, and i thought of taking a pic with it but han leng the photographer only took half of the big door T______T i love this photo a lot!!!! why do i have such long legs??? :P

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