Tuesday, April 19, 2011

190411–woah cant think of a title today!

anyeong :)

after surviving the most hectic week, i gave myself some sweet time watching korean drama. like seriously, after graduating i where got time watch korean drama la right so i have to indulge more now! :P

went to class today and i like how i dressed up :)

IMG00319-20110419-1641after taking this photo only realise i blocked my own face T_____T

Rosette top – The Summer’s Attic (www.summer-attic.blogspot.com)
Beige blazer – My Sweetie Pie (www.mydailysweetiepie.blogspot.com)
Dark denim shorts – Kmart (bought it for $7.50 only omg omg! :P)
Cream Luxe Herringbone Socks – Sportsgirl (bought it at discounted price too!!)
Brown boots – Naughty Monkey, Harbour Town
3-way traveller’s bag – Swagdolls online (www.swagdolls.blogspot.com)

i didnt wear legging and when dusk came, my leg is shivering T_____TIMG00322-20110419-1646how a pair of long legs i have! :P if your eyesight is good enough, you can actually see that the left shoelace is broken due to my own stupidity T____T so on last week when i was going home from uni, i didnt realise my shoelace has loosen and continued walking. until when i was crossing the road in front of the traffic, my right foot stepped on the left shoelace and i nearly fall to the front. i tell you its super dramatic! if its the slow motion version, it would be me, the clumsiest girl, stepped on my own shoelace, couldn’t balance my body, body fall towards the front, one second before i fall, i balanced back my body. ALL IN FRONT OF THE TRAFFIC. sigh. and its THAT serious that i stepped too heavily on my shoelace, it broke. T______T and now my shoelace looks like this (see the white shoelace part, its broken! boohoo):


after class, while waiting for han leng to finish her exam, i sat on the bench sambil enjoying the evening breeze. and it rained in a jiffy, sigh not my day. too lazy to find for shelter, yours truly being all pandai pandai, using an umbrella for shelther heheheh.


cacated photo though. whatever la its my blog! :D this leopard print umbrella is a gift from leen and han leng after my transparent cute umbrella went missing :( they know i love leopard print! and this umbrella totally suits my outfit color today :D

and the best part of today is to play make up with han leng! i helped her make up the eyes and you should see the difference!!!

IMG-20110410-00285 IMG00353-20110419-2218
before and after. dont you think she looks better? :D so happy for her!! :)

i should sleep earlier today. have been sleeping before dawn these days and super not healthy i am a real panda now. good night peep!

Monday, April 11, 2011

sloppy Eva.

i’ve too much of uni lately.

went to uni yesterday just to finish up my presentation discussion for tomorrow and it took up half of my afternoon already :( after that went to the city with han leng to initially get some face cream thingy but ended up not buying anything, instead had a great lunch together :)

IMG00283-20110410-1355waiting for the bus in the uni because i forgot its a sunday and the bus schedule is not as frequent :(

i wore a pink hooded track jacket, a scratched denim short, and a pair of flip flop with my hair tied up, and han leng was so surprised to see me wearing like that :O she thought that i was dressing up too sloppily. T______T

IMG-20110410-00308and i was excessively tiring because i only slept at 6am that day. :(


we passed by a pretty door along Elizabeth St, and i thought of taking a pic with it but han leng the photographer only took half of the big door T______T i love this photo a lot!!!! why do i have such long legs??? :P

Saturday, April 9, 2011

leopard with drunk brain.

yesterday night, my house is having study spree! and surprisingly i’m the earliest to sleep among all the girls (which every night i slept the latest!) and by the time i slept is around 3 to 4. i have hardworking housemates :)

i went to meet up my groupmates on time today (after running for a bus –_______-) and has been squeezing my brain juice so hard for 4 hours straight. and my brain feels like it has been consuming too much alcohol. dizzy and wasted! T_____T

intermission in the toilet :P hope my groupmates dont see this hahahaha.IMG00255-20110409-1205

today i wore my favorite leopard prints! the girls planned to dress up and makan makan in the city later so i am too lazy to wash another set of clothes so i dressed up since morning :P

if you know me well, leopard prints is my top favourite prints for clothes! i should take photos of all my leopard prints clothes and blog about it one day! :D

IMG00244-20110409-1202 IMG00240-20110409-1200

leopard print romper – SUPRE
beige blazer – My Sweetie Pie (http://mydailysweetiepie.blogspot.com)
black tights – Target
brown leather boots – Naughty Monkey

i always wanted to get a Dr Marten boots because i love to dress up edgy and rugged. but Dr Marten is tooooooo pricey for me and so when i first saw these boots in Harbour Town with the priced of AUD39 only, i was super excited! wanted to get the black one because i have more monotone clothes to pair with but leen said black one looks ugly and is a waste of money T______T

but oh well, brown ones are good too i got more excuses get more earth tone clothes now! :P

IMG00254-20110409-1205IMG00251-20110409-1204tell me its not that bad ok? :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

amazingly I’m still alive

today, note the first super hectic uni day. i havent get any hectic and drained for almost a year already. and congratulation Eva, you live pass the first stressful day.


I have handed in an assignment this afternoon, and rushed to another group discussion. apparently i did not prepare well for the discussion and i had to ask for my groupmates’ help. i told the bf about how upset am i to be someone like this. and he laughed that i’m kiasu. T________T yea i’m super kiasu like that! because of my kiasu-ness, i guess i’m not gonna sleep tonight. also, i will be going to uni on weekends, yes yes saturday and sunday for next monday and tuesday’s deadline. should i still alive after tuesday, please give me some applause ok! ;___;

IMG00217-20110408-1638 IMG00218-20110408-1638

today, i dressed up boyishly :) if not of the rainy day, you wont probably see me wearing long pants :S and and today, i think i wear very much like a uni student! and i’m happy for that hahaha!

stripe sleeveless tee – MNG
dark denim pants – Nichi
Grey cardi – some online shop (bought it like 2 years ago)
3-way bagpack – Swagdolls online (http://swagdolls.blogspot.com/2010/12/swags-358.html)
brown leather boots – Naughty Monkey, Harbour Town

and for dinner today, the girls made Japanese cuisine at home!


i secretly think that they made it for me because i’m way too stressful! :P we have yummy miso soup, tempuras, and lotsa sushis! …..though we ended up not touching any of those in the sushi plate –_______-

off to bury my head into assignment piles again :(

Thursday, April 7, 2011

failed fringe and eyebrows fml.

three assignments/presentation in a row starting from tomorrow….


...and i’m trying hard to remain sane.

p/s: and yes the weird fringe is all thanks to my FAILED itchy hand. boohoo.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I love Fan Fan!!

i have one assignment due tomorrow, one discussion due friday (which is for the presentation next tue), one group assignment due on next monday, and lastly one assignment due on next friday. woah, damn hectic can die ok i am so suffocated!

and i think i am so lucky this semester to get good groupmates for assignments. like in one of the course which the assignment due next monday, i am surely blessed that until now, they havent assign me any work. i’m working with two guys, and they are hmm few years older than me, like say 25 or older. and i guess they think i’m not capable of doing anything T___T and this assignment requires us to contact with the client, and to make Google adwords for them (FOR REAL!!!! :D) and guess what! i never talk to the client, i did not write up anything for the assignment, i only contributed tiny weeny ideas that i think compare with their ideas, mine is really….. unworthy to be mentioned T________T

and in another course which we have to team up in 3 for presentation (yea next tuesday sigh), we had our first meet-up last week and woah my groupmate is super good can die! he analysed the question and splited it into three parts so each of us have our parts to cover! and then still print the handouts for us with marking criteria to follow! SUPER GOOD OR WHAT???? and i felt a lil guilty because.. erhem.. all i did was to attend to discuss T______T and then right after the discussion i stayed back in the library to find for relevant resources haih. i’m TOO guilty.

in the midst of rushing assignments (like seriously how can you do assignments 24/7 la right!), i went to the city twice (unplanned) to shop! like seriously, everywhere is having sales eh! especially SUPRE! i bought a top for AUD2.50 and all the stuffs i bought are below AUD10. great or what??? but after that only i realised SUPRE is having 1 dollar sales the next day after i shop FML.

oh and i have been repeated listening to this song:

if you are a closed friends of mine, you should know that i love Fan Fan 范玮琪 as much as i love Fish Leong 梁静茹. and the love story of Fan Fan is so fairy-tale so happiily-ever-after kind, it makes me love her more! i know i am random but heck i couldn’t stop getting to know about their recent news. Fan Fan and Blackie is getting married soon and this pair of loving couple are funny!

watch this! (http://www.56.com/u12/v_NTk1MjE2MTc.html)

and i watch their episodes in 康熙来了. super loving can die! :D

1) http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMjUxNTQ2OTg4.html

2) http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMjU0MTE5NzYw.html

and you know what, surprisingly they have the almost similar rules sunflower and I are practising! – no lost contact more than a day, cannot simply mention “break up”, and cannot bring argument until the next day. (although the 3rd one the bf still cannot make it hmmph)

oh and i secretly thinks that Blackie is handsome :D :D :D and both of them are super match can die! i have shared a link last year about the couple, click HERE to read more. i doubt you wont be touched by their love story :)

i hope my love story can last like theirs too :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

i am a dirty zombie :(


this is me today. except that you have to put in self-imaginary horrible dark eye circles because i edited it away to look better.

anyone can tell me what concealer to use that can effectively cover my dark eye circles ar? T____T my LW concealer i’ve finished up the color which suits my skin color :( i’m only using LW to highlight the face now only, the colors are all either too bright or too dark. how la how? have bought a MAC studio finish concealer (or something like that cant remember the name) after reading some good reviews. but heck BLUFF PEOPLE WAN!!! the concealer can cover my dark eye circles for like, hmmm.. 30 seconds. FML. probably there’s two reasons for it: 1) my dark eye circles are getting more serious, 2) after using LW concealer for a year, other brands are crappy for me. T_____T i think the second one suits more in my case. haih.

other than crappy dark eye circles, i have crappy hair. double FML. it depends, actually. sometimes its okay, sometimes its super frizzy, sometimes it just totally goes wrong, like how i fix it also useless. sigh.  HOWWWWWW!


i think i only look good in photos. in reality, i’m like a… dirty zombie T______T having dark eye circles is dirty. having pimples is dirty. having dried skin is dirty. tanned skin is dirtyyyy! cause my tan skin is not really tan its dark. and it makes me look dirty. HOW AR HOW :(

...at least photo can be edited. boohoo.