Tuesday, March 29, 2011

the 1st big month in brisbane

it’s been almost a month since i’ve written anything here. blame it on the absence of internet connection at home. however, i found it amazing that i can actually survived without internet at home for A MONTH. before this i have to check my email, blog, facebook whatever daily, and now, few days a time. hah. good thing, good thing!

so i have back to brisbane for a month. i shall at least write something on this pathetic but enjoyable first month of my last semester here!

on the 1st week we reached, we (leen and i) were homeless. we’ve been staying for few days at tzenny’s place. thankyou so much for giving us shelter, woah if not i couldn’t imagine how are we going to lug 7 bags in a go to different places. yes yes you are right, including laptop bags and big handbags, we have 7 baggages to carry from airport to tzenny’s place by public transport. and i secretly think that we were real supergirls that day! (though the next day we have super serious muscle cramp all over the body –.-)


on the day we arrived, han leng arrived at night with her mom and aunt. i know she’s so lucky to meet us :P and we helped her out on basic stuffs to settle down and find a place to stay together. we walked so much finding for house and in the meantime staying at a hotel together, yes just three of us girls. and seriously, we were super brave and optimistic. hahaha. so on the 7th day of being homeless, we were so pathetic to just accept the 1st house we applied for. (we should wait! the 2nd house is far more better with a walk-in wardrobe T_____T)

IMG_7931we are like nomads. :(


and after we’ve settled down, we went to ikea for furniture shopping! (for twice –______-) 1st time by our own and 2nd time we a bunch of friends :)

IMG_8088i made them pose this hahahaha


and every dinner we have yummy food, either the guys came over to cook, or han leng the big chef will cook. i suck in cooking so i’m always the one who do the washing after that T____T

IMG_8048this is one of our meal, with super yummy lamb chop!

seriously, its my first time living together with a friend. and it feels quite good to have things done together, not only with family. like we went grocery shopping together, clean the house together, wash the clothes in one go, clothes hanging together, chill at the living room watching korean drama etc. and yes, this is definitely a worth memorable semester. at least, i have one unique semester before i graduate as a student. :)

okay and on academic side, i have braved myself to study something different. since i got not enough credits to get an e-business major, i would better off trying something much exciting!

i have one boring course which i do not have a choice (boohoo) and two fun courses! taking a course named Online Advertising this semester (all thanks to Gan Kok Leong who have been telling me so much about this course) and guess what, this might be the most useful course i have ever learnt for my future. my assignments are not those mundane ones, instead i’m doing video tutorial (like those in youtube), writing SEO articles (to learn how to play around with keywords and control the ranking of the website in search engine), and Google Adwords Challenge (yes yes its a competition organised by google and it gives us a chance to try on Adwords). seriously, its so much more useful than writing assignments right? :)

and then the last course has a unusual course name – Korean Wave (hallyu – translate: 韩流) yes yes i’m learning korean culture. having only two hours contact time each week, all i do is to watch korean movies and write movie reviews, learn about SNSD, Big Bang, IU etc, watching MVs, learn about the university life of korean students, a lil bout korean history etc. FUN EH?? :D

hmm, this one is worth writing a big fuse about! I WENT TO LEARN TO SURF few days ago! with UQMSA (UQ Malaysian Student Association) people. seriously, its once in a lifetime experience! we learn to surf, and i totally cannot express the feeling of standing on the board on the wave! its like, hmm…. adrelin rush, yes!

seriously i’m not good and its very tiring –_____- but its really nice!


IMG_8278...and the scenery is breathtaking! this is before we start surfing, we were brief about surfing.

IMG_8319and went shopping at harbour town after that!

…and have major muscle cramp the next day hahahaha! but super satisfied i wont need a Dr Marten boots anymore i’ve got myself a brown leather boots with good bargain (duh? its in harbour town! :P)!

oh and i am berrified! using blackberry now all thanks to the boyfriend! he gave me a blackberry so that we can save on money and bbm all the time. don’t jealous:P

things should be getting normal soon, with 10 assignments coming one after another. T______T i should settle all the assignments due on the week after easter break, so that i can play all i want in melbourne during easter break! :)

till then, promise another blogpost very soon! :)

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