Monday, February 14, 2011

online valentine’s date

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...with lots of lightbulbs around us -______-

happy v-day everyone! :) mine is a bit different this year but its ok, ours is special one! ;)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

hi again, LDR :)


so forth the best reflection of LDR.

and i’m starting mine all over again, which hmmm, at least will last for a year! i know we will be alright too, this time. because we’ve been through tougher one :)

sent him off at the airport just now, and yes like always i. hate. airport. freaking. much. hug goodbye and dont even dare to see him walk to the (i dont know what it calls. gate?). and kudos to Eva, i didnt even shed a tear! and he’s gonna spend me his 5 hours on skype tomorrow! (as reward of me not crying like a cow! :D)

boyfriend deserved a big ass photo in my blog today! :)


you will do fine in melbie. and ilurveyou. <3