Sunday, November 28, 2010

my first vivid memory of Penang

okay yes i have been very very lazy to update larvalurve.blogspot these days. i have so many things to blog about now but i think i would just blog about my Penang trip first if not it will take forever to finish this blogpost! :S


i know, what the hell flight scenery photo to start off the post again. but heck i think this pic is so awesome in soooo many way! firstly its the river! like seriously it looks like those big rivers in the world, e.g. amazon (awww my imagination so good can die i know:P) and then the sunset and the sky, very nice kan??:) sadly, me and the boyfriend weren’t sit together all thanks to AirAsia’s retarded self-checkin machine! >:(

ok you must be wondering why did we go penang by flight, and its only both of us on flight. now its because yours truly’s strict parents didn’t allow me to go by car. sigh. say its dangerous to drive yidi yada. so we met the bunch of friends in penang later in the evening.

once reached and settled the hotel thingy, we went to cari makan around and found that just right in front of the hotel, there’s soooo many food we dont even need a car! hehehehe. only one photo i took, cause after that i totally forgot that i had a camera IMG_5467not very yummy the food compared to those we had few days later. and then after dinner, we went walking around the town while waiting for the bunch of friends to reach. apparently they had some problem with the car in the halfway. aww i tell you the Starbucks in Penang closed at 10pm sharp T__T potong steam sial i havent try the christmas drinks yet!

We had another round of dinner when the friends came. and after that went back to the hotel to play some card games and fall asleep FML and the guys went out for super yummy supper without us girls T____T (and i didnt even have PRAWN MEE when i was in Penang!!!! how can????)

and so when i woke up again, its noon already and because all the piggies slept late too we missed the chance to eat some very famous fried pancake (FOL). instead, we settled down in a decent kopitiam recommended by Yong Sheng to have hokkien mee, otak-otak, and goh hiong (ah shit i dont know what its called in english).

IMG_5473this is Siew Fan and Robin the very funny couple :)

and i only know them thru this trip! and behind Robin was the obasan who cannot stop bragging bout her otak-otak! but according to Siew Fan its not really good LOL. anyway, i never like otak-otak!

IMG_5476this is Yee Khoon and Annie the super matching couple!

both of them very match lo. the height, the skin tone, the body size, etc. they are totally physically made for each other eh! :D i know Annie only through this trip though they had been together for so long already! and she’s a nice girl ;)


We walked so much that day…… to find for food! our tour guide was Yong Sheng because he’s the one who have been in Penang most frequently (his gf is from Penang) BUT he’s so blurrrrrr we keep turning the same path :S and you know, the weather in Penang is extraordinary HOT i almost melted there! and so after the late breakfast, we decided to follow our instinct to visit this Chendol stall which we passed by earlier on and saw the big crowd and long queue:)



i was asking all of them to turn and take a group pic and YK quickly show me his back, i know i know, his back is more attractive than his front perhaps :P

Intermission of Chendol story (wtf):

IMG_5494They look so good together i cannot refrain myself from taking pictures of them! :D

IMG_5497both of them were so funny! when Siew Fan saw me taking photo and yelled “yer so near then my face will appear very big!!!” and then Robin quickly covered her face when i asked them to take another photo. heheehehehehe so cute!

IMG_5502Mr Sunflower who dont really like Chendol -____-

IMG_5505this pic is so funny i made a conversation for them in Facebook!

IMG_5487I bet you are missing my face so here you go! ngek ngek:P

IMG_5518i bet everyone is happy throughout the trip! i got so many pictures that they are laughing! :D

IMG_5488most of the photos i took in this trip are candid. and i love them all :)

after Chendol, we walked all the way back to the hotel under the frigging hot sun and decided to drive instead. Before heading to the touristy sites, geared up the car and stopped by for toilet and session.

IMG_5520this photo is taken on purpose! only the insiders know what happened and i dont want to be bad to break one’s secret so no story here:P

IMG_5523whoopsie yours truly got paparazzi shot! :D

after that we decided to go to Bukit Bendera but sadly its closed for renovation or something! so we changed our plan to go Kek Lok Si Temple. we spend really a lot of time in car because we were following the retarded GPS which always brought us to small and lengthy routes.

IMG_5529i likey this photo very muchieee! :D

after so many wrong turnings, miscommunications, etc., we finally got up to the big Buddha statue there. no we skipped the lower temple parts because we are lazy to climb like that :S

IMG_5535the Buddha statue is so big can die though you cant see it clearly here -____- oh and forgive the bf, he doesnt really know how to pose properly for camera T____T

IMG_5534nais scenery with nice clouds! i like clouds like that!!

IMG_5543and our first group picca! they are funny people which made this trip full of laughters:)

IMG_5545this is Chee Yong and his RM12.50 Goat Milk (FHL) seriously how can they marked up the milk price so high when the half of the whole bottle is filled with plain water, and you can always get a cheap goat milk at any mamak store!

IMG_5552intermission again wtf. and so i thought the bf cant really pose properly so to make me look not-retarded smiling to the camera, i might as well pull a funny face too!:P

IMG_5562this is kuek sze wee who planned the trip! and yes both of them look so gayish in this pic *cover eyes and run away*

IMG_5570this is us girls who met each other the first time in this trip! :D yay yay i got new friends!!

IMG_5563the three happy friends! :)

after that, we went eating again! seriously lo this trip was so much about food!IMG_5575

after taking a short rest, off we went to Gurney Drive at night!IMG_5584omg la i tell you this SIPUT was so nice i never want to eat this kind of seafood but i love this! so fun to play and eat with we ordered 3 big plates! no more photos of others cause i was so busy eating! :P

the third day we wanted to wake up early but heck till we fully awaken was also noon already FOL T____T after checking out from the hotel, we spent some 30 minutes or so in car turning the same roads again finding for food. and finally, settled with a restaurant which served char kuey teow!

IMG_5619this is Grade B char kuey teow! because there’s one stall opposite the road with larger and juicier prawns but had to wait for 1 hour to serve! and because we are lack of time already so we gave up eating some Grade A char kuey teow T___T

IMG_5616this Lee Yee Khoon, who always refused to take photo, but ended up most of the candid photos he was looking at the camera:P

IMG_5631and this super good muachi! yet kinda expensive with this little cost RM3 already :S

after that we went to Chocolate Outlet which we tried so many different chocolates! do you believe we tried Chilli chocolates??? it tasted nothing like Chilli at the beginning but after that super spicy i had to ask for water! hehehehe super good way to pull a prank next time! :D no photos because i was too busy eating chocolates LOL

then we went to a shop which sells all kinds of Penang manufactured food. IMG_5632dont doubt guys ok they can buy more than girls do!

IMG_5636yours truly in white! i’ve heard a lot about the unmerciful weather in Penang and i pack no black attires for the whole trip, clever me! :D

IMG_5648this is kuek kuek portraying ‘good man image’ hahahahahahahah so funnieeeeee!

IMG_5640yor YK stop looking at the camera okayyyyyy nyehehehee:P

IMG_5661all of them are my highschool friends! i know Chee Yong since primary school, kuek and YK were my form2 classmates.

this wasnt my first time to Penang but the previous times were when i was a kid so i didnt really have any memories of Penang already. therefore, this trip generated my first vivid memory of Penang and my very first trip with high school friends! okay end:P

Saturday, November 27, 2010

as if i’m wearing wig….


photo spam is memang love! :P

Friday, November 19, 2010

this is my favourite neighbour, Summer in my shades. she's so cute and manja like that, everytime she comes to my house, i couldnt do anything else but giving her all my attention! :)

off to penang tomorrow! cant wait for the beach, food, friends, food, and MORE FOOD! ;D

and tomorrow sounds adventurous ME LIKEY!

oh wait, before tomorrow's getaway, i have to finish up an assignment which i think i have just done half of it only right now.

seriously, i'm so reluctant to read. sigh.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

still remember me?

hello hello! i know this pic is so crocked but heck i think its nice so just bear with me :P

woah this week is busy busy! the blogshop is really doing good i'm going to restock more stuff tomorrow and post it out on monday! not gonna bring in new clothes in this week because i've more other stuffs to settle during this long week ahead. i think i'm really really good in multitasking! :)

this week has passed with roller coaster mood and feeling. i was like a crazy bitch who rant, blame, argue, and cried, like i was undergoing menopause like that. -______- but oh well, at least the weekdays ended in a good way:) i really want a getaway! the high-school friends are going to Penang next week, and yea now we're finding solutions to make me go. it's kinda troublesome for me to get permission and stuffs, especially going to somewhere further. sigh.

okay its too late i'd better stop and sleep:) enjoy my big-ass self love photos ;P

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

happy business-girl!

hello peopleeee!

i'm so happy right now! you dont wanna know why because you may think i'm super lame to be happy over stuff like this -____-

but i still want to tell! :P

my blogshop, The Summer's Attic has been reviewed by Diary Addictions! i know, i know, what's so big deal right? the fact is IT'S SO BIGGY DEAL because i've been observing the blogshop's traffic for a period already and the largest viewers are actually from Shopping Roll and Diary Addictions! and Diary Addictions usually has more descriptions of the products reviewed and it's among my favorite reviewers so far ;) same goes to Shopping Roll, the reviewer is soooo helpful and friendly and the site is my number 1 bloghopping stop! :)

i think i've been gaining quite some experience in managing the blogshop and choosing the clothes from the suppliers:) my previous batch of clothes has been sold of 90% in a week! i hope this batch it will be turning out good too! :) however..... (sigh i hate 'however') the previous batches which i got it last two months are still pilling up sighhhhhh. gonna have a super big clearance end of this month in conjunction with the blogshop's 1 year old celebration ;)

.... still cannot take my eyes off the praise from Diary Addiction - 'recommended looksee in-store for more'! such i compliment:)

woah i'm so excited now i think i cant sleep for the coming hours! hehehehehe can't stop grinning :P

p/s: sorry for my unorganized update. haven't got time to update larvalurve.blogspot properly due to many many unforeseen circumstance :P

Monday, November 8, 2010

Updates begin at 8.30pm tonight!
We've got something you couldn't get in the mall! ;)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

three years full.


i've been in a relationship for 3 YEARS!!

...and i love it :D

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New updates begins at 8.30pm tonight. don't wanna miss it!