Monday, October 4, 2010

this is how.... parents kiss!

it's my mom's birthday today but she's currently at Shanghai with my dad and Eda so we celebrated her birthday last Saturday at home. a failed surprise celebration i should say :S

firstly, it was that dad suggested he brought mom out to collect some stuff and while they were out, we prepared the food and drinks at the study room upstairs so when she came back we can surprise her.

oh i missed out a part that in the morning i went to ss15 to get her birthday cake secretly and store the cake in the fridge without her knowledge. everything went well, not until we realise that we havent shut my grandma's mouth. and so, when mom came back from work, grandma was asking her bout dinner and say we bought her a cake yidi yada -____________- AHMA WINS, PLAN FAILS. and all of us went "YORRRRRRR, AH MAAAAAAAAAAAA" hahahahhahaha then we start blaming each other for not pakating with the grandma -_____-

so we were happily preparing the food and stuff, and when we heard mom's back, Ena was so excited that she couldn't stand still but keep jumping here and there. then you know, there's this kind of thumping sound from upstairs that mom could hear clearly on the downstairs. -____- ENA WINS, PLAN FAILS!

and this is how my sis looks like with polo and pyjamas pants heheheheheheheheheheh. we were waiting for mom to come up but she's nagging downstairs bout how untidy the living room was. -___-

and so and so...... yay cake cutting time!
stupid ena photo-bombing, she loves photo-bombing and make herself looking like a ghost:P

and we thought we should pretend that we are all having birthday and everyone's facebook profile pic should be the same cake cutting pose and see my dad never can pose properly

we all got same mundane cake cutting pose so no caption needed.

and lastly, a family picture.

oh and this is when we yelling "DAD KISS MOM, DAD KISS MOM...."
...and so i realise that my parents are no ordinary parents :)

we love you!

p/s: all photos are non-edited. cause its not my computer i got no picasa3 to edit T____T therefore ignore my crappy look thankyou.

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