Sunday, October 31, 2010

seriously, shop ONLINE!

because my blogging mojo is back, and not knowing what to blog about now, i've decided to write a post of online shopping goodies, mostly of my liking! :)

no i'm so poor can die now, i can't even afford to buy a plain tee. sigh. therefore, i've to keep repeating looking at these pictures to quench my thirst for getting new wardrobe goodies.

okay first up, i don't have a ring. cause rings are always expensive i always thought the money can be put in better use. and heck has so many lovely rings i have the urge to just rob them for the rings ;____;

like seriously when i saw this ring, i finally understand what is first-sight-love! cause my outfits are all non-girly (i cannot wear girly stuff people will look at me weirdly!) and this piece of lovely will definitely add a bonus to the whole outfit! hello? AN ARMOUR RING! HOW COOL CAN THAT BE??? :D
Armour Finger Cuff Ring
RM45 |

also, i've been wanting a vintage white or black ring like the one below! because i'm loud and outgoing like that i should have a big signature ring instead of a tiny weeney small diamond or wahtever ring! :P
Vintage Oval Stone Ring (White)
rm29 |

okay next up will be my undying love for studded stuffs! i love dressing up casually and casual plus studs is omfg love! hahahahahah i am going so hyper i dont know what am i writing already! -____-

i know i've been mentioning a lot about the studded base bag by Alexander Wang. yes it will be in my top stuff to get for studded love.
RM89 without postage from U.S. | Hallo Couture

Since i dont think most of the people will want to get this bag, therefore i'm being unconditional selfless to share the link to get the bag! i dont mind carrying the same bags with friends :)

i know not too studded, i somehow love this pair of pants! now i realise i dont have a dark color shorts and all i have is denim and so-a-lot of white shorts! and high-waist short is my love now!:) however this piece from The Kedai Runcit is a bit over-priced la i mean for online shopping:P

and this piece of beads (which from far is kinda like studs) tee i've been aiming to get it but no budget = wait = gone case. upset sial ok summore its in grey color i love grey!!! ;____;

i like this bracelet below which is selling in my own blogshop too! i was at first buying for myself but heck i've got something similar in the size and color already so dont waste money la i'm selling it.
RM15 after discount | The Summer's Attic

and this jegging just made me regretted to have two jeggings without any STUDS. sigh.

okay enough of studs! next up is denim, i like light denim! and there's so many denims i would want to own but again la moolah issue sigh. this piece of high-waist light denim shorts which i dont know where to get it is the ideal high-waist denim i've always wanted to get! simple and nice.
i've emailed the seller to inquire whether they are selling this shorts or not but sadly they don't ;____; such a nice piece don't you think so?

one can never have enough pair of denim shorts! yes yes yes because denim doesn't go with fashion trends and can go very well with any tops! this one from Motte is so rugged can die :D
RM42 | Motte

also, i've always wanted to get a blazer! so because my everyday outfits are so much more to casual style, i dont really want to get a black/white one which wearing heels can only pull off the fashionista feeling! and so, i've been eying on this piece of denim blazer long enough!..... long enough to make it sold out and not restock. fml.

i've always have a thing for polka dots! and i've nearly bought one polka dot dress from the supplier! and loose top is so comfortable i am loving it more now, though this piece from An Old Flame is kinda over-priced. An Old Flame is alwaysssss overpriced :S

No Plain Days always have something i'll love to buy in their updates! i've buying experience with the two girls and they are so friendly seller NPD is always among my top blogshops! :) however their clothes are also kinda expensive ;_____; i have to think so much before buying but as far as i've concerned, the quality is worth the money and the real clothes are very much similar to what they've posted in the blog! and i've always like how they pose for the camera, so nice even i am too poor to buy, i would always love to click into their blogshop to look at how they pull off the clothes! :) and this sheer white tee is love!

phew thats all for today the internet is so damn slow the pictures load damn slow soooo hard to blogshop-hop ;_____; i've more to post! there's so many awesome blogshops out there (including mine nyehehehehehe) and i dont get it why not much of my friends still don't get into online shopping! its fun! :)

anyway, The Summer's Attic will be updated maybe say tomorrow? or tuesday! so bong chan bong chan ha.. click into the link to have a look at what we gotta serve :)

till then.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

simple & sweet

this has been the favorite hang out place of the bf and I. so comfortable and nice we'd rather spend quality time here than hitting the mall:)

and today we dated again.

i was so unwilling to walk/watch movie/go far far places e.g. KL and traffic jams. plus the bf and I don't need verbal communication to know exactly where we would want to go next, and so the car just stopped at Starbuck's carpark hehehe.

both of us usually drink the same drinks! Java Chip Frap w whipped cream for me and Hot Vanilla Latte for him. my tumbler is in white which is my favourite color and his tumbler is in simple black which is his favourite color, though most of the time his tumbler would be left at home >;( one thing we are similar is that we both love simple design. simple is nice:)

today without bringing my laptop, he brought comics instead! imagine us sipping the coffee and reading comics and lazy jazz music at the background! woah what a life! :P

read read read! he's definitely a manga fans!
he reads so fast that when i finished one book, he has finished two already! i'm so not a comic person that until half way i start camwhoring instead! heeee i think i'm getting suckier in camwhore :S
just then after the whole afternoon having good relaxing time at starbucks, we went to meet up with a bunch of friends for yummy dinner at Boston. i've heard so much compliments about that restaurant but never did i go before! and yes, it doesn't disappoint me and imma bring my family there one day:)

Monday, October 25, 2010

you know how awesome the chemistry is between me and the Alexander Wang's studded bag! everytime i come into my own blog, looking at the bags i posted few post ago just rightly motivates me to work harder and earn more money to get him on hand.

no no getting a replica bag under hundred is consider quite reasonable already but heck i got no excessive hundred bucks to spend on a bag (although i really need to get one multi-functional bag now). why is my birthday 8 more months away?? why oh why! :(

le sigh, or is this just one-side love from me?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

today, i realise that i've been blogging for more than four years.

i'm way more mature now, i guess.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Alexander Wang is loveeeee!

get me this bag please! the replica one will do!

omg la i'm so in love with studded stuff now! and this bag is the number 1 in my studded list! of course i cannot afford to get the real authentic one, but i'm saving/earning money to get the replica one. seeeee, the bag can even make a dull tee and shorts look so awesome! it looks even better carrying on the long strap! :D

i've got a link to get the replica one but too bad la it left last one so i'm not gonna share the link:P anyone wants to help me get this bag earlier?? :) xmas pressie? new year pressie? pleaseplease!

Sunday, October 17, 2010


click into THE SUMMER'S ATTIC BLOGSHOP nowwwwww!!!

yesterday was a looooong day! .... yet productive! :)

i went to the suppliers again! and this time i bought back 9 diffferent kinds of clothes, all are of my liking except for one! that one kind that i don't really like it (i dont know why did i buy it that time. T______T) are the most expensive among all summore and i think it will be the least favorable by customers, cause i blogshop-hopped so much yesterday to see if my stuff are similar with others or not and i spotted that in a famous blogshop AND STILL NOT SELLING OUT AFTER A MONTH. T___T

nevermind, let bygone to be bygone! :) and this time i only used one and a half hour to buy all the clothes and my dad will only pick me up from the suppliers after 3 hours. so i thought of going back by train alone, carrying the freaking heavy clothes -______- and thanks to a very friendly ah-gong who directed me the way to save my leg from breaking half-way walking. you know, the suppliers places are like so big with so many different shops in so many rows i always ended up turning to the same path, like in the maze T______T

ok put that aside, the good news is i found a japanese curry rice stall at the supplier's place! it's a food truck at the roadside and it sells japanese curry rice and some other dons. super cheap can die! it's similar as the portion i ate in aussie, and it's only freaking RM4.50 for chicken don, whereas in aussie it's like AUD5.90 or something! and then we can add the chilli powder by ourselves, and i had a super super satisfying lunch alone! :)

this was the outfit in the evening which i wore to attend a wedding dinner on behalf of my parents. so boring can die but oh well, the band sings so well that i was like going to a band concert and enjoying the songs! :)

like this dress? this was one of my handpicked buying from the supplier! its so niceeeee i couldn't resist to get myself one piece too! check out the blogshop soon ok :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

procrastination is like breathing...

(photo credit: Sue Anna Joe)

how can one ends procrastination? how???

teach me.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

i think sunflower and I are getting older. older in our relationship, worse not.

i remember us (when without LDR) last time, going for move more often, hit the mall on every dates, and of course, quarrel a lot. i remember we had gone thru one very saddening phase when we quarreled almost in every conversation and left each other unhappy all day. we nearly stopped there.

and now, i'm glad that we didnt! in fact, we tried accommodating and tolerating, and getting better day by day. :)

i couldn't remember when was the last time we went to the mall. and our last movie for date was like... hmmm last month or longer. we are more like family now, which.... does not make me feel any bad. (ok i was quite unhappy when i felt like we are feeling more like family but heck now i think, why not eh? i felt less paranoid when he's hanging out with others without me, i felt less insecure now!) we spend our dates now by going to some comfortable cafes, lay our back and enjoy lazy afternoon sipping coffees or chocolates, while playing some computer board games like the monopoly, stupid golf and bowling games (:D), laughing at stupid facebook video clips, laughing at ugly photos, etc.

i don't know what's so fun bout those games but i love those moments! not watching movies when we both are completely silent, not going to class and library when we had to study, not munching on quick lunches in between class, but quality time with each other in the afternoon.

i know we are entering a new phase in our relationship, definitely a better one! and i feel good about it:)

congratulation, Eva and Ming Zu. we'll make a better couple. :)

Friday, October 8, 2010

grey day!

say hi to a hardworking pretty (with tiring eyes T____T)!

no this wasn't today and this blogpost should be updated yesterday but i was too lazy to online after the adobe illustrator class. it was a looooooooong day yesterday!

drove to college after slept late -____-,handed in the last assignment of the semester with my groupmate, met the lecturer at her room for the assignment stuff, get to know that i scored well in one of my previous assignment, and start studying for next week's final exam till 4pm. i hardworking or what??? and then after that i still have adobe class in the evening.

yesterday, i was an iron lady :P

i was using the laptop for my studies and another two study companions were discussing about their finance bible. and i paparazzi shot them :P
seeeeee! really productive one ok. :)

oh and on this random pic, spot someone's copycat wearing same color top as me! :P we only met in college and we were arguing on who's the copycat! nyehehehehe.

on an unrelated side note, i'm officially broke now. :(

Thursday, October 7, 2010


click to enlarge.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

i'm gonna learn professional photo editing skills soon!

boyfriend has class today i don't. so after his earlier dismissed classes, he came all the way to bukit tinggi to see me :D and the internet connection in office is being bitchy again and so we met :) the pic is me sipping all-time-favorite honey lemon at Espresso, Bandar Botanic!

seriously, i'm thinking should i just download picasa3 on dad's lappie now. damn hard la not editting photo before posting it up. the only thing i can edit is to brighten or contrast the color of the photo. microsoft office picture manager sucks big time :(

on the other hand, yours truly is going to start adobe photoshop and illustrator class TOMORROW! :D yay yay cant wait! actually i should have started earlier back in july, but yea individual classes are so damn expensive so i'm waiting for the group class commencement. it's a part time design course and yes photoshop is the IN thingy now! no way i'm not learning it! :P hmmmm i think xiaxue needs a competitor nyehehehehehe. i'm learning both at Impress Multimedia, Bayu Perdana. very near to my house only, anyone wants to join? :) right now the 'group class' kononnya has only me and another student -_____- teman me, anyone! :D

Monday, October 4, 2010

this is how.... parents kiss!

it's my mom's birthday today but she's currently at Shanghai with my dad and Eda so we celebrated her birthday last Saturday at home. a failed surprise celebration i should say :S

firstly, it was that dad suggested he brought mom out to collect some stuff and while they were out, we prepared the food and drinks at the study room upstairs so when she came back we can surprise her.

oh i missed out a part that in the morning i went to ss15 to get her birthday cake secretly and store the cake in the fridge without her knowledge. everything went well, not until we realise that we havent shut my grandma's mouth. and so, when mom came back from work, grandma was asking her bout dinner and say we bought her a cake yidi yada -____________- AHMA WINS, PLAN FAILS. and all of us went "YORRRRRRR, AH MAAAAAAAAAAAA" hahahahhahaha then we start blaming each other for not pakating with the grandma -_____-

so we were happily preparing the food and stuff, and when we heard mom's back, Ena was so excited that she couldn't stand still but keep jumping here and there. then you know, there's this kind of thumping sound from upstairs that mom could hear clearly on the downstairs. -____- ENA WINS, PLAN FAILS!

and this is how my sis looks like with polo and pyjamas pants heheheheheheheheheheh. we were waiting for mom to come up but she's nagging downstairs bout how untidy the living room was. -___-

and so and so...... yay cake cutting time!
stupid ena photo-bombing, she loves photo-bombing and make herself looking like a ghost:P

and we thought we should pretend that we are all having birthday and everyone's facebook profile pic should be the same cake cutting pose and see my dad never can pose properly

we all got same mundane cake cutting pose so no caption needed.

and lastly, a family picture.

oh and this is when we yelling "DAD KISS MOM, DAD KISS MOM...."
...and so i realise that my parents are no ordinary parents :)

we love you!

p/s: all photos are non-edited. cause its not my computer i got no picasa3 to edit T____T therefore ignore my crappy look thankyou.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

helluva good saturday.

so yesterday when my parents are at oversea, being responsible to babysit the youngest sis, all of us went to movie in the afternoon :) 'all of us' included only me, the bf, and both the sisters! and we were late for the movie so i practically couldnt get a hint of what it's showing at the first part not until the bf explained a bit bout the movie synopsis.

oh forgot to tell, we watched this cartoon since nothing else suits babysitting an 8-year-old. not too bad, just that i didn't expect the movie to be this short (88min). i was like "huh? end edi ar? so fast one??" -_____-

after movie, we went back home cause aunt and family coming to Klang. but heck i didnt even see them cause its either i was out, or they went out for a while. so yea, no chance for me to intro the bf to the aunt:P

after quick lunch and dropped leen at her study place, the bf and i went grocery shopping! :D the first time ok i was so excited :) and i can say, we both suck at grocery shopping (but at least i'm better than him!)

we were actually shopping for the steamboat dinner at my place with the BFFs. and i love eating at home with friends cause its more cosy and comfortable. wanted to play lantern together too since i havent play any yet this year but stupid weather ruined our plan. it rains like cats and dogs that we have to shift everything from the courtyard to the dining room. potong steam betul the rain. but all in all, i had a wonderful night with friends and bf together.

some photos of the night taken by my sucky camera and shien's a tad better phone camera than mine (:P) :