Friday, September 17, 2010

hello folks, i'm blogging from dad's laptop, got pretty photo to upload but heck i couldn't find the card adapter and its not my laptop so no photo:P

its funny how once i thought we have the most laptops in the family, and then suddenly, everyone's laptops is undergoing some problems except for dad's. mine is in the factory (i guess) for checkup cause too frequent blue screen appeared and the system is so slow can die, still under warranty so just send back to the seller. leen's laptop committed suicide. and mom's laptop just got intruded by trojan horse (FHL) and is in coma state now -_____- and now without other choices, everyone start using the only desktop at home (cause i'm the one who always forcibly occupy dad's laptop nyehehehee :P

i have assignments. in fact, i am having the most assignments in this semester albeit only taking up three courses. very hectic schedule. 6 assignments and 3 final exams in 13 weeks, i think i am champion. :) thank god i didnt take up 4 courses if not i should start digging my own grave now.

i am extremely envious of most of my friends, handing in their last assignments of this semester today T_____T i still got 3 and they are done. UNFAIR! :( and now i'm the only one who always need to stay back in library, kesian sial ok T_____T and right after my last assignment, there's only a week till finals. now i really understand, i'm the champion among all champions :D

i want to watch movies la! i want to shop la! i want go yumcha with the girls laaaaa!

aih why do i have deadlines EVERYDAY?

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