Thursday, September 30, 2010

parents and younger sis (Eda) leaving to Shanghai later. not to any holiday trip this time, but Eda's having piano masterclasses and performance.

not to brag, but both my younger sisters are talented in music. i dont know how they can play the piano so erm... easy, when they are playing really hard stuff. -_____- i couldnt do it, i admit.

Eda's doing diploma now, which i failed the exam when i was 17, and couldnt bother to retake the exam; and Ena has perfect pitch. means, without looking at the keyboard, she can hear and identify the notes played. like seriously, i was so impressed when i first knew she's able to do this! :)

on the other hand,
can you believe that such nice sunset existed in Selangor? like seriously, this is not Langkawi, Bali, Phuket, Pangkor, whatever. guess what, i took this photo at the real place here! check it out yourself and go have a look at the real place. nice place to chill and play beach volleyball, and drink beer, and fly kites. or better, go with me! i go there very very often:)

p/s: photo not editted and taken by my ciplak 3.2 megapixel HTC baby.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I've got cute stuffs to share again! (Aly & Kate)

i used to have diaries and planners before i start college and start writing blogs. and i guess if you were my classmates in Form 5, you would have seen my colorful planner organizing my tuition plans, SPM study progression, motivations, and if the tiny weeny space is still available, i would scribble something worth remembering on that day!

(i've lost the photo of the planner that i took years back and its too lazy to open up my big storage box to take a pic of that planner so yea, use imagination! :P)

and then i start not using planner in college cause firstly, nothing catch my eyes (you know, planners are usually boring-looking) and its too expensive to get a really cute one (i know i banyak cheapskate:P)! therefore, i only use notebooks and worse, using fullscrap papers. everything will be written inside, very messy and very urgggghh, indescribable!

not until today! when i was bloghopping and found out this really cool site which sell planners, named Aly and Kate! i think they are going to import planners from Korea or something cause the pictures have koreans. okay okay make things clear: i know there's several shops in aussie which only sells stationeries and planners but heck, wait till you see the planners selling in this blogshop, you will totally forget bout those in aussie. seriously, HUH? WHAT'S PLANNERS WITH MONOTONOUS COLOR OR FLORAL COVER PLANNER ONLY? :P

i do not buy vintage clothes cause seriously, i dont have those look to pull off vintage clothes but heck i always always love vintage paper! like this:
brownish papers rule! :D

when i see this, i thought of my old colorful planner with cute chinese wordings and cute stickers and funny drawings and something like "HELLO EVA, today play whole day already ok, tomorrow cannot procrastinate at all have to finish chemistry Form 5 syllabus! aza aza!"and "i hate inconsiderate people who reads other's planners without permission! ROAR!" hehehehehe. awww the good old high school days!:)

the blogshop has not updated a lot of choices (yet), and i've already eyed on two! the first one is the vintage Alice in the Wonderland planner:
omg la so prettyyyyyyyyyyy kan??? can propped up somemore to keep reminding myself that i have deadlines soon! i'm not a big fan of Alice in the Wonderland. didnt even watch any movie, read a book when i was young and all i know was the bottle of medicine, a girl in blue dress, a rabbit with clock, and a lazy cat, oh and poker cards! but nevermind, the interior is sooooooo nice i wouldnt mind to ignore the rabbit at the cover! hehehehehe.

another planner that caught my attention is the Worldwide scheduler which can be used as a mouse pad:
sigh! only if its not in pink! cannot la pink is totally not me! i hope they update with other color scheduler. but compared with the Alice's planner above, this one is too big for liking. like seriously even a tote bag cannot fit in this big la. BUT, good for desktop planner! :)

now, don't say i didnt share nice and cute stuff! :) go visit Aly & Kate now to see more cute planners!:)

p/s: the Alice's planner is RM32 and the Worldwide scheduler is RM39. not cheap comparing with those normal mundane-look planner but if you are looking for nice-designed two-years planner, this is among the cheapest i've seen:)

p/p/s: the blogshop has a giveaway contest. go try your luck to get an RM10 rebate or other prizes! :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

i'm so impressed that my dad actually says "what the hell?".

even now that i've heard the third time he said, it still makes me chuckled:) he has his own slang at first i thought he was saying something else hahahahaha. even when i told my sis she couldn't believe it. guess i have to record it down for once and share it with my siblings! hehehehehe.


Sunday, September 26, 2010



真的真的.... 很真实

i dont want to be a spoiler so yea sorry i'm not gonna write a story synopsis here but if you are interested, borrow from me! i love to share nice thing:)

可是我想体贴在两个人的相处里应该很重要 :)



Sunday, September 19, 2010

and in the midst of assignments pilling up...

i think i just lost my usb drive. again.

enough said.

i accidentally found the usb drive at the printing shop where i printed my previous assignment! :D so lucky can die i just randomly spotted it when i was printing another assignment!

YAY! so this is what we call f.a.t.e. ok:P

Friday, September 17, 2010

hello folks, i'm blogging from dad's laptop, got pretty photo to upload but heck i couldn't find the card adapter and its not my laptop so no photo:P

its funny how once i thought we have the most laptops in the family, and then suddenly, everyone's laptops is undergoing some problems except for dad's. mine is in the factory (i guess) for checkup cause too frequent blue screen appeared and the system is so slow can die, still under warranty so just send back to the seller. leen's laptop committed suicide. and mom's laptop just got intruded by trojan horse (FHL) and is in coma state now -_____- and now without other choices, everyone start using the only desktop at home (cause i'm the one who always forcibly occupy dad's laptop nyehehehee :P

i have assignments. in fact, i am having the most assignments in this semester albeit only taking up three courses. very hectic schedule. 6 assignments and 3 final exams in 13 weeks, i think i am champion. :) thank god i didnt take up 4 courses if not i should start digging my own grave now.

i am extremely envious of most of my friends, handing in their last assignments of this semester today T_____T i still got 3 and they are done. UNFAIR! :( and now i'm the only one who always need to stay back in library, kesian sial ok T_____T and right after my last assignment, there's only a week till finals. now i really understand, i'm the champion among all champions :D

i want to watch movies la! i want to shop la! i want go yumcha with the girls laaaaa!

aih why do i have deadlines EVERYDAY?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

cute mousie on my footie.


i cannot refrain myself from blogging such cute online shopping find! if not cause mom warned me not to buy any shoe anymore unless my shoe start spoiling, I WILL DEFINITELY GET THIS!

sadly, not much malaysians are such daring to wear cute mice on feet. why ar why? WHY! it makes me sometimes to be so self-conscious while dressing up.

here's the link to get this pair of cute mice: :)
yesterday note the first time yours truly drive to klang town center, ALL ALONE. the furthest i've driven ALONE so far ok. hehehehehehe.

congratulation Eva! now that i have succesfully step out one big step, there's surely more to come. :)

oh and another notably thingie to mention in blog - there's one more family member in our house now! dad bought one black proton savvy and we love it:) so now i know! savvy lady drive savvy car nyehehehehe.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

my 5 cents worth of sharing....

..on maintaining LDR:)

i know i'm no one to talk about this since i'm not famous, not really having super long duration of LDR experience (like4 years or 10 years LOLL), not very good in relationship, and do not have perfect relationship, i'm sharing my own opinions of LDR with you people i care. especially my two best friends who are going to start LDR weeks later.

it hits me recently so much about LDR, because two of my friends failed LDR, and two gonna start LDR. so i thought why not write something bout LDR now. all ideas are purely personal experiences/thoughts ok:) so don't sue/complain/disagree with what i gonna write:P

ok for those who doesnt know what LDR is. here you go the definition from Wikipedia:
"A long-distance relationship or LDR is typically an intimate relationship that takes place when the partners are separated by a considerable distance."
Now, how to maintain an LDR?

1. Do not lost contact for more than 24 hours.
this is the golden principle in MY personal relationship. we have to keep in touch as much as possible, or at least once a day. one text message or an email counts. i cannot stop worrying if the bf disappear for more than 24 hours (UNLESS he told me beforehand that he's going to some place without internet line/phone line etc.). we keep contact everyday, even though we were so furious of each other :P hello, quarrel is also a kind of coomunication ok! imagine, in the beginning, one party starts less contacting another one, i.e. 2 days. and then when he/she gets used to it, the duration of NOT contacting each other in short period becomes longer and longer and that's when the feelings start fading. so, try your best NOT to lost contact for more than a day.

p/s: for aussie LDR couple, go to your nearest 7-eleven to get the prepaid LEBARA MOBILE. so cheap to call back malaysia with no additional charge! :)

2. trust is the foundation of LDR, BUT dont trust blindly.
when you dont get to see your partner for a period, trust is utmost important. you have to believe him/her that he/she is still willing to be in the relationship with you. you have to believe him/her that he/she is doing good, not hooking up with another girl/guy, and you have to believe that he's saying the truth in EVERYTHING so that misunderstandings can be minimized. i know, who can trust 100%? so yea, trust as much as you can, BUT DON'T TRUST BLINDLY. like there's one of my friend who broke up due to LDR, she trusted the guy so much, till when the guy was acting weird, she still choose to trust him. like seriously, when your partner is acting weird (i.e. busy all the time, give you 1001 reasons to not talk to you, etc), you gotta know that something's wrong. find out what happen instead of still trusting him/her and thinks that when you guys reunite, everything will be turn out right again. remember, this is LDR, not a game that you can 100% fully control within. believe, but dont be dumb.

3. sort things out, do not escaping/ignoring problems.
the bf and i use emails when we wanna sort things out but too angry to talk directly:P we wrote long emails and clarify our points of view, and this is something good cause firstly, we don't talk directly so we minimize more direct no-end arguments. secondly, email can be soooo long, that you wont get interupted in between of clarifying your feelings and thoughts. thirdly, emails can be reread so many times without another party waiting for your reply eagerly, you can calm yourself down and think from the partner's side. very good medium to sort things out for LDR! :) i tend to end quarrels/arguments/solving problems as soon as possible cause when the time gets longer, my semangat to quarrel fades and i dont feel like sorting things out anymore:P and the lessons i learnt is that DONT IGNORE PROBLEMS. cause they recycle! and by the time when things happened again and again, you will feel exhausted to even quarrel. and there's when every negative thoughts come in.

4. do not freaking lie!
honesty is so important, even if you know that when you tell the truth out you gonna hurt your partner. hello, you hide it from him/her and eventually will hurt him/her even more in the future! the more you lie, the more lies you gotta tell to cover your previous lies. if you dont want to lie, dont do the wrong thing at the first place ok. and seriously, cheat is forever cheat, even its only ONCE.

ok thats all i can think of now! till then:)

to those who is going to start LDR, good luck and have faith in your relationship. i wish you all well!:)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

cute bunny in my pocket!

when i lay my first sight on this top, it took my breathe away.

ohmygoodness la why got such cute tshirt one! i wantttttttttttttttttt!.... but its sold T_______T
waiting for the blogshop to restock this, and cant wait to get the bunny on hand :D summore including postage is RM27 only so much worthy for something cute like that! :D

since i'm so good like that, and dont mind having cool things with friends. here you go the blogshop url:

i am getting the bunny one, anyone buying dalmatian's? :)


Thursday, September 2, 2010

my first facebook competition

yes i'm using this photo for a competition/LIKE thingy whatever it calls. :)

okay seriously i didnt purposely took a photo for the sake of that competition. just that when i saw that poster, i thought of a photo i took when months ago i bought this bag, so just being playful (and with some hope for luck) i took part in it.

this competition needs 300 participants but right now just 4 of us in it. closing dates still far la so guess there will be more people coming in.

and this Coach Poppy Butterfly Tote is the first prize. seriously, pink is not my color but hello, no harm to get an extra bag right, SINCE I'M SO MUCH A BAG PERSON hehehehehehe:P

so the game rule is that i have to collect as much 'LIKE' as possible for my photo (like those usual facebook competition la). but for you to LIKE my photo, you have to LIKE the organiser's page first.

so please please please i want this bag! good hearted/nice-looking/lengchai lenglui/best friends etc click LIKE on THIS and THIS please.

thankyou people! THANKYOU! :) each and every of you who CLICKED 'LIKE' for my photo will be given an imaginary ferrero rocher:) FERRERO ROCHER ok my favourite chocolate i wouldn't want to share!:P so go get on and click LIKE now! :)