Saturday, August 28, 2010

double satisfaction

the blogshop has updated again! click here!

i like managing the blogshop.

i like handpicking lovely stuffs from the suppliers,
i like updating the blog and make it nicer,
i like to see there's unread emails in my mail inbox,
i like to deal with customers,
i like money growing in the bank account,
i ABSOLUTELY like it when the customers received the products, and they love it!

in that final email they sent, complimenting about the thing they bought. either its nice, they love it, etc, my heart melts...

.... and every hard work seems to be worthy:)

i am happy like that!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

sun, sun, go away!


for someone who cannot withstand cold and wouldn't sweat easily......

woah i sweat non stop from morning till night. what the hell. when i'm travelling on public transport, it rains like there's no tomorrow. when i'm travelling by car, the weather is super sunny can die. can the sun be slightly merciful? seriously?

wtheck i am dark enough already and i can feel that my skin is darker by two tone today.

SCREW STUPID WEATHER! i feel like squeezing myself in the fridge.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

khaiwee told me there's some funny story about me. couldn't wait for long, i called her on the phone, and this is what i get

khaiwee: 我弟弟讲他梦见你。他讲意桦头变小了,剪短头发,变到很美了! 可是....画面一转... 整个水桶腰出现... 哈哈哈哈哈哈哈很好笑

very good of him T_________T

stupid khai boon always bully me one T____T dont let me see you i will beat you kao kao hmmph 还跟我画面一转. after praising me still have to stab me a lil T__T mou yi hei!

Friday, August 20, 2010

今天 我才知道
化妆 对我来说
遮遮瑕 变好看
让我觉得比较有信心 而已

我竟然 现在才发觉到
让人不轻易察觉郑意桦在想什么 :)

第一滴眼泪一掉 就是世界上第一大输家

今天懒惰化妆 世界上第一大活该郑意桦

可是...... (破例一次!) 泪奔后感觉真好! :)

I am going to be fine...... just by myself.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

piggy mousy bunny!

hello. what do you think i am? :)

Eva says i'm a pig!
but Eva's mom says i'm a bunny!
BUT Eva's dad says i'm a mouse! (pink mouse? like seriously? -__-)

so what say you? :)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

4500 words to go, and i'm still procrastinate.

wednesday faster over please. assignments faster finish please.

can i chunk out 4500 in a blink? i wish i am supernatural now. sighhh.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

click click clickety CLICK!

*siren sounds*
click into The Summer's Attic now now now!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

bits and pieces of August

i know i havent been updating blog frequently. my bad, i ve tried to write every day but ended up saving up tonnes of drafts with only a line or two in each. T____T i dont know what to write, and dont feel like writing for the past month. pardon pardon.

my life has been great so far. everything's good. sooooo good until i felt insecured -____- yea i know i should just be shot to death. i havent been seeing friends a lot lately but the thoughts that we are actually connected made me feel blessed, except for those whom i only connected through msn because the internet connection and msn are being freakingly bitchy. and i apologized to those who need me at times but i wasn't responding. really, forgive me.

family's relationship is getting better these days. the fact that quarrels, scoldings and arguments have much silent down, i personally thinks that we are getting better. i have been thinking from different perspectives in the family, trying to understand everyone better. somehow, i dont think its a need to tell out that YES I FEEL FOR YOU. i just don't feel comfortable telling out mushy mushy thingies to family. i always thought that my dad is really good and committed. like seriously, if you want me to wake up so freaking early everyday to fetch the maids to work, assure that the workplace is going okay, and then come back home again to wake us up and see if we want to eat breaky together, and sometimes ended up going for breaky alone, and then get back to work, or fetch this daughter here fetch this daughter there etc. i think i would just give up. -_______- he has infinity work to do, at home or at workplace. sometimes i thought he's secretly supernatural. i can feel that he's super tired, and everytime i thought of lighten his burden but i ended up sleeping till late, surfing the net, spending money instead of saving, etc. shit la i'm sucky T_T and so i am determined this time, to at least make his life better (i still dont know how but i'm thinking ok).

a relative passed away last week, in an accident late night. RIP, Ron. so don't ask me out at night now, my parents wouldn't let at all. and now, the chances of me driving on the road will be lesser. sigh.

the bf has been good lately. he's my personal driver/personal assistant/banker wtf/advisor/driving tutor. in return, i am his alarm clock LOLOL/decider on food/personal assistant in return/printer:D i know la people will think that i'm bragging but the fact is that we've been so lovey-dovey these days. what is quarrel ah?:P he came to college today despite not having any class so that we can have lunch together (i got no lunch kaki at all T__T), and then fetch me home. and then he will tell me what to eat and what not to eat on particular times, so that i am healthier (although he himself still eat unhealthy SIGH). what can i ask for more? i know i'm being lurved very well. :)

college is okay. i miss UQ (not aussie ok). i have friends in class but i don't have lunch kakis yet. but nevermind, the bf will eat with me on lunchtime:) i will only be at three places in college. the library, the KPDA, and the Subway. don't ask me places other than these mentioned, i only know these. =S just handed in two assignments, and there's two more due next week. sigh i haven't try writing any 3000words assignment ALONE yet. and next week there's one to due. and i haven't start any:P so altogether 4,500words to write within a week, whoosh i feel the adrenalin rush already:P

MOFEW this weekend, anyone?:)

Friday, August 6, 2010

sudden maternal instinct kicking in - II

...and looking at my parents' life, i realise how much i would have to sacrifice and commit to have a baby.

and so, being in a harsh reality, i should just tame down my whatever maternal instinct -_- and be more realistic. i know i still CANNOT cope with the commitment of having baby now, unless i'm financial independent already.

so hush, stupid feeling, HUSHHH!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

sudden maternal instinct kicking in.

looking at my friend's baby photos in facebook, i have the urge of getting a baby too. :/

shit la why babies are so cute like that!