Tuesday, July 6, 2010


P7040003i was flipping thru the high school class magazine just now out of boredom. and see what i found! :D the boyfriend's drawing! hahahahahahahaha. each and every classmates have to draw a dinosaur just for fun, and he got the frog version! hahahahaha he can really draw! :PP7040023and this is mine! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH omggggggg i was extremely childish lo hahaha. still named it as Halloween-Polkadots-Chubbysaurus hahahaha how did i even came out with a name like that! :D

i shall post every classmates's dino pic in facebook and tag all of them, and bring us together again:D

it's happy looking back what we did during high school, its so sweeeeeet. i had memories flashback and i totally love it:)

ahhhhh the awesome old days! :)

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