Friday, July 30, 2010

this guy....

... has been in a relationship with me for a thousand days.

time flies and we are still well-complementing each other.

i'm glad that we are still together in lurve.

i am glad that he is still willing to accept my flaws and changing to better fit in this relationship.

THANK YOU BABY, you are being lurved:)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

the happiest email i've ever received

i cannot describe how i feel now. omg totally beyond words BUT i have to write it here, its something worth jotting down and reminisce in the future :)

i've been aiming to get into the dean list, a.k.a. Deans Commendation for High Achievement since two semester ago. surely i hadn't work really hard in last year, i knew it when i didn't study hard enough everytime and i knew it that i was kinda lazy last year. and so, this year i've really determined to work harder to achieve my aim since i was only taking 3 courses and out of three, two are among my favourites. i put all my efforts in, study on the day time for such long hour (which is kinda rare cause i'm secretly an owl LOLOL) and made notes (i never bother making notes before exam last time cause all i did was to read up the whole textbook -_____-).

however, two weeks ago when the result has released, i was kinda disappointed. i didn't get what i aimed, though i pretty much can predict that i wasn't doing well in one of my paper. i aimed 1HD and 2D but ended up getting 1HD, 1D and 1C. that freaking C was my 1st year 3 course which took me forever to understand the lectures, yes its the bloody network infrastructure which of all my knowledge in the course were based on googling for terms and info and two thick books borrowed from the library.

at least i got my 1st HD in UQ:)

and then just now while checking my mailbox, i found an email from UQ claiming that i've received the deans recommendation and request for my permission to notify Taylors College. i was so shocked i thought it is some prank mail -_______- i even checked the recipient column :P

and now, i am so happy i think i can fly! :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

say hi to.....

my cutie lovely new keyboard outlook:) arent the cars cute?????? hehehehehehe. now i love my keyboard so much:D

Monday, July 12, 2010

1U and HELP are NOT neighbours.

woooo i look exhausted but whatever la this is my most recent pic and i thought putting up pics will attract more readers har har har. damn. poor. now. imma gonna start working hard to update my blog to generate more readers. more readers = more $$$$$$$!

oh and this is at 4 sekawan centro, not anywhere near one utama cause apparently my mom thinks that the bf and I go to 1U ALMOST EVERYDAY. -_____-

mom: eh so did you both pass by 1U today? i was there!
me: 1U?? damn freaking far from my school lo, and from our house to HELP no need to pass by 1U one ma 1U further.
mom: really or not. heard that you both go 1u super often one wor. not near still keep going.
me: -_________________-

my mom is so good is cracking cold jokes. when she's not talking about work, every 5 sentence she speaks, there will be a funny one which will make you totally speechless. kinda good though, among my best sources of entertainment :D

Sunday, July 11, 2010

i still cannot not seeing any sunflower in my blog after changing it to this new template. and getting a really awesome pawsome sunflower header pic (long one) is super challenging and i gave up. -____- used back the old one, made the color more mellow, change the font of the blog title, and crop it to make it a long header and voila, SUNFLOWER header again:)

but then it kinda not matching with my background and theme but whatever la i feel more comfortable seeing sunflower when i click into my blog. its like without sunflower my blog loses its identity already -_________-

ok i am exhausted today i think i'm suffering PMS T______T kthanksbye.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


P7040003i was flipping thru the high school class magazine just now out of boredom. and see what i found! :D the boyfriend's drawing! hahahahahahahaha. each and every classmates have to draw a dinosaur just for fun, and he got the frog version! hahahahaha he can really draw! :PP7040023and this is mine! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH omggggggg i was extremely childish lo hahaha. still named it as Halloween-Polkadots-Chubbysaurus hahahaha how did i even came out with a name like that! :D

i shall post every classmates's dino pic in facebook and tag all of them, and bring us together again:D

it's happy looking back what we did during high school, its so sweeeeeet. i had memories flashback and i totally love it:)

ahhhhh the awesome old days! :)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

say Hi to my gorgeous bag!

IMAG0423IMAG0416 IMAG0397 
and say its nice ok. :) love it to bits!