Sunday, June 13, 2010


today i'm all stressed up.i was revising what i've studied for the past week and i realised i've forgotten half of them. and now i'm so worried. my 1st paper starts right after a week. and my study plan is all messed up just now.

and i broke down just a moment ago, after receiving a hello from dad. -______- and i felt like a small girl again, like three years ago before i sit for my spm trial physics exam. LOL. i always cried before physics exam one. cause tension and i'm not good in physics, and the day before sure pressure kao kao and cry at night. -_______- and then dad will say no need to stress up do my best can edi, then i cry even more. T________T now same la the situation. i told dad i'm so stressed and he said try my best can already and i start crying already.

...and i've cried for half and hour already. T______T

the girl sitting beside me now, already used to all the crying and what not. -____- dia dah tak da feeling, and we still can talk like normal when i'm crying. she was asking whether i apply face cream or not cause her skin starts peeling off already. -_____-

i'm weird like this. but i will feel so much better after crying, at least better than depressing.

phewwwww, much better! :)

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