Wednesday, June 30, 2010

no more messy hair


i had a long day today, waking up at 7am, and working at 7.30am. this should be one of my bangga-est day of waking up in the morning to go to work. –_______-

yes don't doubt me, i am working. working for myself at The Summer's Attic and working for Dad and Mom separately at Eduwis (separately as in they have different works for me). okay right now i wanted to bring in more stuff into the blogshop BUT i couldn't cause my near future is still uncertain (fml). so many plans, but all can only start after i confirmed my deferment in UQ.

yes you got it right, my deferment got rejected. with stupid reasons. i am still CONFUSED on why i could complete group 3 courses in HELP last summer, and i cannot study any group 3 courses in HELP in the coming semester. probably because of different academic officer i met. the previous one, whom has no where to be found now, is probably cleverer. no i didnt say the current advisor is stupid, did i? :)

dad says, everything can be solved. and when i told him that i might not stay in Malaysia next sem, all he told me was "find any other ways...." BUT HOWWWWWW? sigh. so tomorrow i am going to HELP, hopefully getting permit here easier. popi popi.

went to straighten my hair just now. for the 7th time in my life. -__________- surprisingly, the whole boring sleepy saloon time only lasted for 3 hours, unlike my previous experience of sticking my butt onto the barber chair for 6 hours straight, starving. -__________- i have flat hair now, which i dont really like it. T______T can't wait till next few weeks when i might probably have better hair. :)

ok i'm exhausted goodnight:P

Monday, June 28, 2010

home sweet home.


i shall start my post today with both the cuties above :D awwww i should bring big bear with me so that he can have his own seat on the plane! :) Powder and Devil were so excited being belted on the seats hehehehehehehe.

IMAG0327 AirAsia changed all the flights (from Gold Coast to Kuala Lumpur) to more comfortable seats one! We now have inclinable seats, softer cushions, BUT with no screen –______- all in all, better than the old one, at least i don't get backache this time and i slept around 4 to 5 hours in my 8 hours flight, pretty much the most comfortable flight i've been on AirAsia. no ear pricking feeling, only ear blockage. no headache, no backache, no insomnia, no hunger. SATISFIED. :)


yes leen and I took turn to sleep like that, since the seat beside us is empty one. i have totally no image on flight already. T_______T messy flying hairs (much more messier than in the pic cause of static), messy face, baggy clothes, sleep with mouth open, etc heheheheheeh. pretend that you don't know me in the flight, even you knew me!:P


camwhore is the best thing to do when you have nothing better to do ok:P 


and i love how they looked in pictures! super cute can die, no? :)


one last photo of 4 of us in the flight, with hot milo and tea, my flight back home is complete:)

now i'm not dead yet! just too busy with life, so many things to settle, so many letters to write, so many things to help out, pardon me if you are looking forward to my new post. hehehehe. i will try my best to update the blog if i have internet connection.

till then. :)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Diva bangles and bracelets.

TSA bangles

NOW click onto the picture to find out more on The Summer's Attic! sokongan anda amat dihargai.


Friday, June 25, 2010

go homeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

1 more hour to go, then i shall leave the house, take the taxi to another suburb, then take the express mini bus to gold coast airport, then take the airplane back to malaysia.

no excited-ness. no happiness. no whatever la i am super tiring now for the past 2 days i slept for only 2 freaking hours and i just finished packing and tidy up the room with leen. mad tiring we threw away KGsssss of papers, beer bottles, etc those can recycle one. then we have few plastic bags of rubbish to be thrown later. luggage confirmed over-weight later, i didnt remember if there's once we did not over-packed. but oh well, this time i'm going back for half a year imma gonna take back the whole room.

big bear is not going back with me this time. no hands to carry him back, dont worry bear, i will come back after few weeks to bring you back. dont worry.

anyhoo, the main point of my writing till this part is that PLEASEEEEEEEEEE CLICK INTO THE SUMMER'S ATTIC OK. i've scheduled a new post tomorrow at 5pm. the blogshop is not dead anymore. this is the 1st batch of goodies after relaunch:) and there's more to come in these few months:) click in whenever you are free ok!

ok good i have to stop now so that i can get some power nap before my long journey back home.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

of cunning lecturer and exam papers.

found this pic in my laptop, forgot when did i took it! should be few weeks ago in the midst of studying like mad for exam:)

exam's partially over! left one last paper on Thursday, which is Korean, which is not that hard seriously. today, i felt like i've taken away all those heavy burden on my shoulder. phewwww! feel good despite having sucky paper today.

i suggest that the lecturer can save up her last lecture about exam study guide and what nots. those she stressed out how important is it, none came out in the paper. NONE. NULL. ZERO. KOSONGGGGG. i was so terribly shocked when i read the paper during perusal time, which all i've studied all night long yesterday with only minimal of 2 hours rest, none came out. even the MCQ, after doing 200 trial questions, NONE CAME OUT. i should just be carefree and sleep the whole night! bahhhhh i seriously hate Chinese lecturer. >:(

The Summer's Attic is edited a lil on the outlook. much simple and user-friendly go check it out! its going to be updated with pretty pretty ready stock clothes after i go back to Malaysia! cant wait, so excited! hehehee.

Monday, June 21, 2010

boarded a happy bus!

hey lovelies! :D

i am happy today! boarded a Happy Bus today, with super funny driver which started the jouney with "Ladies and Gentlemen, you are now boarded in a happy bus! there's three rules and regulation to be in happy bus and this 1st one is to lay back and relax and enjoy the journey! and then.........................." and we clapped for him and cheered for him hehehehehe. i say thankyou to him despite his driving skill makes me feel like puking :S

the paper was not bad, might get a D if i'm lucky enough!:) wasn't really tough cause most of it has appeared in the past year exam paper. thank goodness i have all the luck from kind friends in fb:P

but this morning before exam, i had diarrhoea. :( went to the toilet for three times and once even right before going into the exam hall:( yea you are right, cherry tomatoes' fault again! so yesterday midnight while me and leen were studying halfway, we were hungry so we cooked korean hotpot with rice, easy one with limited ingredients, and i didnt want to put the tomatoes, and leen said just put all in! and i forgot how cherry tomatoes treated me badly and i ate 5 of it:( and tadaaaaa, shit like mad today. sigh.

all in all, today is still good! and i hope this goodness can last till tomorrow morning. please please please please pleaseeeee thankyou:)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

decision decision decision.

i know its late now and i'll be having my 1st paper tomorrow and i shouldn't be writing blog now but heck my state of mind is so messy right now i have to blab out before i can continue stuffing exam info inside my pea brain.

i mentioned about deferring my program in UQ few post back, and yes, i'm really thinking bout this now. first, it was leen that's having this idea, and it kinda struck me cause i used to have this kind of idea last year, but i dont think it will work cause nobody at home would allow me to ditch leen here and go back malaysia alone. but then now i think all of this is going to be realistic since leen's having this kinda thought too!

please do note that i am not giving up my study nor i CANNOT study. i am just having the thought of going back malaysia for a semester, still studying and do something else more meaningful, and then come back to aussie next year again.

in fact, one thing hold me back is that, i start to love aussie already. not as much as i love malaysia, but sigh, beyond words. i love my uni, i love how uni can be so different to those in malaysia's. i love having to take bus to everywhere, starve being a busy student during exam period, going to the city is the biggest entertainment, and the bubble tea. and if i'm not coming back for the 2nd semester this year and dad's only requirement is that i MUST graduate on next winter, i have to give up my major (in case you didn't know, i'm majoring in e-business). to be honest, e-business sounds so erm, new and fresh and professional i thought giving it up is a kinda waste. -_____- but seriously la, ebiz sounds nice, but the course are more to IT stuff, which do not really interest me. in add, i just found out that our course is not the latest one they didn't update the course T_____T and after all i will still be graduating with UQ's bachelor also, umm its like i'm just giving up being an australia student for a semester.

on the other hand, i have plans, lotsa plans. and by staying back in malaysia i can achieve more of them. living in aussie now is good, so good that all i need to do is to feed myself and STUDY. i got nothing better to do than study and eat, oh and facebook. -_____- i think i have better to achieve than just studying.

bahhhhhhh brain stuck dont know what to write anymore anyhoo i felt so much better right now and all i need now is leen's answer cause she's the key person to make this realistic. i will definitely go back to malaysia if she does, if she's not, i have to think all over again.

ok get back to study. oh and HAPPY FATHER'S DAY, DAD! i love you:)

Friday, June 18, 2010

brainy BFFs.

i realised the BFFs are all study freak with good results!

few months ago See Bee asked me stuff bout Perth i thought she's planning to study there or something. but ended up was that she's among the top student in her course and so they have some certificate ceremony at Perth (yea she's taking an Australian program in Metropolitan College). then i was really impressed la she seriously is good! (ended up she didnt go to perth cause the uni can post the cert back or something)

and then few months ago (again), when the STPM result was released, both the BFF who sat for STPM got super good result. Shien's cgpa was something near 3.80 (ok i forgot) and Khai Wee got above 3.50 also if i didn't remember wrongly. like wtheck THIS WERE SOOOOO GOOD! and now both of them successfully got into local uni, khai wee even got her ideal uni and course!

ok jocin i dont really know cause she's studying something so unrelated to us. :P but she's memang a study freak during high school so i guess she's still doing as good! oh she's studying pharmacy now:) (medicine stinks, jocin. hahahhaah)

we should definitely celebrate this when i go back!:)

oh and this eventually motivate me a lil, i dont want to be left out on being good ok. hahahhaah super kiasu -_____- but seriously, even when i gradute from ADP freshman that time, my cgpa is under 3.50 one, so they were really awesome ok. i have to buck up la cannot being left out T______T

okay back to study.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

say Hi....

P6100004 my study companion :]

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

shit la after all the depressing crying and having fun for the past few days, my motivation gone.


that's why dad says i do things better under pressure.

yerrrr leen's affecting my future again :S she thought of deferring one semester, make me feel like deferring also :(

study Eva, study.

birthday checklist.

birthday cake - checked
birthday wishes - checked
birthday dinner - checked
birthday card - checked
video call with the family - checked
webcam with the bf - checked
talk on the phone with the bf - checked
present for sis and friends - checked
3 good things done - checked
be happy - checked
had fun - checked
menstruation 1st day T_____T - checked (now i can confirm all those depressing and crying few days ago are due to pms. -___-)

birthday song
birthday presents ;)
study for exam -______-

have a fun- and love-filled day. and i love it. :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

i am blessed to be 20 today!

just finished a cup of noodle, listening to this super cute korean birthday song to syok sendiri hahahah (according to leen -______-), and getting back to study soon.

i'm happy with simple birthday like that. thank god i don't have exam today! :D getting wishes from the people important around me are pure blissful. i'm grateful that i'm still healthy and doing good for 20 years already. and i'm glad that i've found myself growing up mentally a lot this year. :)

thanks to those who have wished me through facebook, phonecalls, smses, personally etc. BIG THANKYOU, i'm blessed with your words:)

HELLO BIG TWO- OHH!! i feel loved. :)

축하해요, 축하해, 생일 축하해 :)

Monday, June 14, 2010


In order to be listed in dean honour roll, the final exam requirement is:
KORN1000 - 23.30 over45.00
INFS2233 - 41.20 over 60.00
MGTS3204 - 43.60 over 60.00

Go Eva, Go!

Sunday, June 13, 2010


today i'm all stressed up.i was revising what i've studied for the past week and i realised i've forgotten half of them. and now i'm so worried. my 1st paper starts right after a week. and my study plan is all messed up just now.

and i broke down just a moment ago, after receiving a hello from dad. -______- and i felt like a small girl again, like three years ago before i sit for my spm trial physics exam. LOL. i always cried before physics exam one. cause tension and i'm not good in physics, and the day before sure pressure kao kao and cry at night. -_______- and then dad will say no need to stress up do my best can edi, then i cry even more. T________T now same la the situation. i told dad i'm so stressed and he said try my best can already and i start crying already.

...and i've cried for half and hour already. T______T

the girl sitting beside me now, already used to all the crying and what not. -____- dia dah tak da feeling, and we still can talk like normal when i'm crying. she was asking whether i apply face cream or not cause her skin starts peeling off already. -_____-

i'm weird like this. but i will feel so much better after crying, at least better than depressing.

phewwwww, much better! :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

1st birthday dinner.

you know, now my day schedule is totally upside down. i study at night, sleep in the morning right before the sun comes out, woke up past noon, try studying or do something else after that, and it goes back to the same routine again. i dont know why, i just couldn't concentrate study at daytime:(

today was slightly better. after woke up past noon and have a quick meal, i went to uni after confirmed cannot study at home. -____-

this is how i look like right now. messy hair? yes, stop saying bout my hair! it will remain like this until i go back to malaysia and get my hair straighten and trim. even cold days don't help much on getting my hair obedient. sigh.

schoolgirl much? hehehehe. got that pair of knee-length stokings from online shopping for only around RM6. and the stripe scarfs from cotton on for AUD5. i always bought cheap and nice stuff:P and i'm currently so obsessed to nautical stripe clothes! wanted to get some stripe clothes already! (exam please over earlier please please please!)

after few hours of study, went to meet tzenny and leen at city to have dinner, on behalf of my birthday:) my 1st birthday 'celebration' ok. HAPPY to meet up with tzenny! you know time passes so fast, we didnt realise we havent meet for a month already. and we had dinner at my favorite korean restaurant:)

i had this nice bulgogi rice (photo credit: Winky cause i didnt bring camera):
salivating already? hehehehe.. korean's marinated beef is soooooo nice i cannot resist myself from ordering it everytime in a korean restaurant! and the two girls were having kimchi stew and pork, but with almost no pork. hahaha. they were finding inside the stew la "where's the pork??" -______-

after that went chilling at hazel tea shop again. ok hazel tea shop has the best tapioca pearl! seriously after trying so many places, there's the best. sadly that shop doesn't have honey milk tea:(

spent some times chatting and playing uno stacko and poker cards. and this is the tallest uno i've ever seen. we are awesome or what? hehehehe. its even taller than a sitting tzenny. -_______-

and i kept losing while playing 'lying' the card games. both of them damn pro in lying lor i keep losing T_______T

there goes my saturday:) and now, study time starts!

birthday countdown: 3 days
1st paper in: 9 freaking days. aihhhh
going back to malaysia in: 13 days

after changing my blog's template manually, took me so much hassle to google for solutions, now blogger is introducing the blogger template designer.

WHAT THE HELLLLLLLLLL. cant they launch it one week earlier or something? it's so much easier! grrrrr.

fellow bloggers, go try it out! it's so fun by clicking it you can get what you want no need to deal with css or html. fml kao kao. (oh its at the dashboard you will see it)

Friday, June 11, 2010

love hate relationship.

you know how confusing can one be?

i love cherry tomatoes very much. so much that when i know it hurts me, i still want to eat them. T______T how say? cherry tomatoes give me diarrhoea every single time. EVERY SINGLE TIME. this have been proved for over 10 times of eating cherry tomatoes, and the next hour or so, i will be in toilet for few times. T______T

BUT i still couldn't resist them. even knowing that i might suffer after that, i still die die want to eat. (i think i might have self-abuse or something. -______-) i mean seriously, how can you not like cherry tomatoes??? i love the juice in it, the seeds, the flesh and the skin, i love every bits of them!

anyway if i think positively, its like cherry tomatoes help me to clean my body. hahahaha. super optimistic can die:P

NOTE TO SELF: do not eat cherry tomatoes before exams.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

freaking depression.

i am depressed today.

keep telling leen this until she's fed up already. T___T its not some pre-exam syndrome or what. just mere depressing. i'm felling so down. and i can't stop frowning. its either i talked to leen, or i frowned.

and while having bus ride just now, i have the urge to just cry loudly. :( and i felt so bad, i kept stuffing food into my mouth after that, chewed hardly and swallowed hardly so that i felt better.

and now its getting worse that i wanted to cry, but i couldn't cry at all. it's like something heavy pressing me. and i have no food, i'm drinking water non stop.

fml la. i just want a good time studying. why is it so hard? :( i just want to freaking concentrate to study for exam. exam comes faster, please.

i dont want to stare at notes already. i want to understand and remember them.

help me, for those who have super nature. i am depressed and helpless. guide me thru, please. :(

messy brain.

i have hard time studying now. die die cannot concentrate, how? HOW??? :( something's setting me back inside me.

i think i have split personality or something.
something inside me said: HELLO WAKE UP! study wei, you aimed for dean list one wei. no free lunch so have to study hard!
another evil thing inside me said: haiya, still got one week ma. scare what! everything will be alright. take your time.

woah. so confusing it makes me going crazy. and then when i'm not studying, i'm worried about exam. when i'm studying, i couldn't concentrate at all. i read a passage for more than 5 times. see how time wasting is it?

and those i've studied. its not like i didnt know, i really understand. when you explain the stuff to me, i already knew those. but when you want me to explain what i've studied, i totally cannot tell.

so is this consider as studied? subjective questions sure die la like that. aih :(

how.... HOW??? aih.

hello, new blog template!:)

i was studying till half way and thought of a good idea!


one stone hits two bird! i'm awesome or what? hehehehehe. yea its part of my course but i always didnt listen to lectures so i was kinda lost while doing it, have to google like mad for instructions -____-


i know very dreamy. i always wanted to make my middle column wider and use a 3-column template but i dont want to revert to classic mode and use html cause i will lose all my friend's blog and the updates. not until i googled bout the awesome tutorial, i was super super excited!

i am still thinking what header to put. guess that will leave it until my exam's over. same goes to other edits. i am pretty satisfy at this already:)

so now, do you like the simply sunflower template OR this dreamy blueish template? or you like both? -_______- i need feedbacks thankyou:)

background image credit: merrymoonmary
three column template tutorial: three column blogger

Wednesday, June 9, 2010



i realised that i hadn't powder my face for a week already. for the past week, i'm either at home, or went to the nearest mall to buy stuff (short break). and i didnt even bother to change clothes when going out, so don't even mention applying make-ups. felt nude on the face somehow, but meh i'm just going out for 10-15min everytime. and yes, i wore pyjamas with big jumper when going out. and i wont be doing this in malaysia at all, i dont know why. i felt more carefree on how i look here. :)

went to uni today for few hours. study. but not to the fullest. sigh.

and i feel the sudden urge of changing the blog template. arrrrrrrrrr i always have this kind of impromptu feelings during something very very important. this is so not going to work when i'm out in the society later. i felt excited to do something unrelated when i'm facing big confrontation. why i like that one? normal or not?

anyway i'm writing this quick. jiunnyi says i shouldn't be so insincere to simply post a pic and call it a post. therefore i'm typing WORDS now. -______-


H is for happiness.

countdown one week to my birthday! not a good start, but definitely will be better! no, MUST be better:)

today waste time banyak-banyak. tian ahhhhhhhhh please make Leen go to library tomorrow. seeing her makes my study mode disappear. fhl.

i knew something i shouldn't know today. but oh well, at least now i learnt.

zheng yi hua jia you. quan bu dou yao jia you. bu yao bian cheng loser ah. loser yi tian jiu gou liao de. min tian jia you. :)

what do you do, when someone you are closed with, suddenly tell you he doesn't know you? i have brain blockage straight. -____- loser not? i even cried so much like a baby as if the person sitting beside me doesn't exist. loser teramat. T______T

Monday, June 7, 2010

go go Eva!

if i stick to my new study plan all good and nice, i might get one day break on my birthday! :D so happy i hope the study plan works!

hehehehehehehe i am happy today cause i studied so damn a lot i have brain blockage and tiring eyes now:) mad contented! :D

Eva's version: "Go Eva, go!"
The boyfriend's version: "Go go Eva!"


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Shrek toast anyone?

canggih toaster i have:)

Friday, June 4, 2010

dear head,

stop being like a bitch for giving me headache every once and then.

dear brain,
stop thinking of other stuff and just concentrate absorb whatever knowledge i give you.

dear stomach,
stop making funny noises! so noisy it makes dear brain couldn't concentrate.

dear kidney/bladder whatever,
stop making me going to pee every two hours or less. i am running out of time and going to and fro from the toilet waste at least 2-3mins each time. now do the math, how much i've wasted a day to go to toilet.

dear mouth,
stop being itchy itchy. keep eating and sitting is making me your owner having bigger tummy. :S

dear nose,
stop producing snots. its not only gives me breathing problem, it gives me more serious dark eye circle!

dear butt,
stop growing those red round painful thingies around the toilet-bowl-sitting-sides. it hurts like hell each time i go to toilet.

dear sentimental cells,
stop making fun! stop making me want to cry over a song, a post, a small thingy which doesnt go on my way. it makes me looks stupid.

dear Eva,
work hard before you regret. stop procrastinating, study like there's no tomorrow! now out of 3 subjects, you've secured one HD, one probably-D. now just work harder on the 3rd subject that you might get D as well. don't forget that you want to get into Dean Honour Roll. work it on, don't dream it.

*breathe in deeply*

all the best to myself.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

i love egg!

yours truly used 16 eggs for food today. champion or what?:D

10 eggs for 3 big egg tarts.
5 eggs for fried rice that can be eaten for few times.
2 eggs for korean spicy kimchi soup just now.
1 egg for pancake this morning.

i absolutely love love love eggs! leen and i have to eat at least 1 egg a day. -______- and the raw food we bought the most from grocery shoppings is no doubt eggs!

egg is the cheapest nutritious food ok. and i have super low cholesterol level i am not worried of cholesterol problem. nyehehe.

do you love eating egg too?:)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

my kidney is so weak that i have to pee once in two hour. or less.

mad annoying. >:(

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

birthday month.

see my oh-so-cute peek-a-boo mickey jumper! these days obsessed to baggy clothes that can keep me warm and comfortable. :D and guess what? i bought this at David Roger, the male's clothes store. yeap yeap, its a guy's jumper but i dont care its too cute for guys so i bought the S size one. Leen said i looked like wearing pyjamas to uni. but i felt totally good in it, its not like people will look at me like that:)

last day of class, i was fishing in class for thrice. so boring can die! now left the final exam and i will be going home. ahhhhhh can't wait! i miss Malaysia already:)

oh and today counts the 1st day of the birthday month! :D