Monday, May 31, 2010

after two days of staying at the balcony....

...big bear is all clean and dry to sleep with me again tonight! missed him so much ok, i even got insomnia for two days, didn't know where to put my hands onto and what to hug on to sleep. T____T

hope big bear won't give me pimples anymore. :D

i am a SUPERGIRL. and i can fly!

superman hoodie (JayJay's, AUD30) & white shorts (Amcorp Mall's Weekend Bazaar, RM15. apparently this shorts was Eda's one. but i love white shorts so she gave it to me:P)

ignore the bad quality of the photo:( its either i have a sucky camera or that my mirror is extremely dirty. or both. -______-

i love love love hoodies like that, those without zip in front. this Superman's one was bought at Harbour Town. super likey! what do you think? do i look like a real supergirl now?:P

today is good! still good anyway:) for the 1st time in the semester, i was not late to this monday 10am class! :D so happy ok cause the groupmate was so impressed to see me when he walked into the class. hehehehe.

before going out of the house, thinking of what to wear. i nearly got conned by the sunshine. it looks hot and warmy outside, from the house, since the sun is super hardworking today. thought of not wearing stoking, just the white shorts only. but luckily i changed my mind. CAUSE THE WIND IS SO HARDWORKING TOO! freaking chilly cold once stepping out of the house. sun plus wind. and wind wins. -_______- and the groupmate was so stupidly cheated by the sun. HAHAHA. he only wears a polo tee, beach pants and flops, as if its summer now. -_____- super dai sei! hahaha.

i always know new friends in class on the end of the semester. -____- so not good! this is our last class for this semester, and today in the tutorial class, i talked with so many classmates! we all have problems uploading our web design assignments online. so everyone was being helpful to help everyone when everyone doesn't really know which is the right way to upload the files. HAHAHAHA. so fun when everyone start discussing to together! and before i saw other's assignment, i was pretty proud of my webpage design ok. but when today i saw the classmates' assignment, i thought mine was so kiddy and unprofessional. :( most of their webpages are like those canggih e-commerce website, where you can enlarge the pic at another window, animated, and so cool! :( mine is like for small kids to play on one. their's are like to really start a business one. T_______T why they so canggih one? i also didnt learn those things in the course. how did they do it!:(

anyhoo, glad that i know more friends. and i actually quite surprised that one of the classmate knows my name before i told him. and i didnt know his. failed being a concerning classmate. T______T

one last thing, today i knew that my tutorial class has total of 8 Indonesians, but only 2 Malaysians including me. and the ratio of Asians to angmohs is 1:0.33. Asians win! :D

Saturday, May 29, 2010

big bear 1st bath.

i have a big bear which put me to sleep every night. he's 2 years and three months old now, but haven't bath for once. its the valentine present from the bf when we celebrated our 1st valentine's day:)

and this big bear (which in yellow) has now turned into brown bear (refer pic below) and gave me lots of pimples on the face T___T plus that i couldn't study now due to severe migraine, i thought it would be fun and good to bath him (yes all my bears are boys unless stated. LOLOL)!
being a good sis (no i dont refer myself as mom to the bear. mom is too old, and naggy. -_____-) and so, i washed the whole bathtub before bathing him. see how big the bear is! everyone is so impressed on how i brought him here last year in airasia. hahaha. i practically couldn't move after hugging him on my seat. -______-

(i know, 1st bath after two years is ridiculous. but...... i really didn't know how to bath him. he's too big to be chunked into the washing machine. sigh)

so and so, tadaaaaaaaaa! he's showering already!:)
i thought he looks cute like that, so i uploaded another pic of him showering:D
cute, no?:)

and then after much discussion with leen on how to bath him, i used a scrub and detergent instead of my own body soap. woah damn hard to scrub lor. summore after he's soaked with water, he is super heavy can die. i couldn't carry him alone. -______-

ok ignore my very ah-sam look. T____T at home what no need to look nice and pretty:P

after 34624563573624 minutes of scrubing the head only, now see! isn't the head cleaner now?:) he looks so dead here hahahahahaha. leen said i'm abusing him. -____-

after scrubbing and washing, both of us have to carry him together and squeeze out the water before carrying this big fat bear out to the balcony. he's like a prince ok.

and that tonight he will be sitting at the balcony alone:( and i will be sleeping alone with powder and devil:( we will miss you tonight, big bear.

but dont worry, tomorrow you will be a clean baby again:)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

blab blab blab.

handed in the last assignment today. and now i'm free from presentations, assignments and tests. imma gonna concentrate on my final exams. :)

good thing is that i have no 8am exams, and no exam on my birthday:D

...but! i have two exams which will be held less than 18hours. one on the evening of the 1st day, and another one on the morning another day. what the hell la seriously. summore both exams requires a lot of reading one. my brain will explode. too much knowledge to stuff. T_______T

anyhoo, i have to clear my brain before starting the final war. so tomorrow i'm going to Gold Coast with Leen and Godwin. nyehehehehe want to see got nice thing to make it as my birthday present or not. :D don't worry dad, i don't have a lot of budget to do retail therapy. LOLLLL. what to do nobody want to hire me:(

today is another BFF Shien's birthday. click here or here to wish her! not in the mood to write a dedication now. i just want to keep blabbering:)

i have one secured distinction for one of my subject already. HAPPY OR WHAT! so now imma gonna work hard for another two subject this is my only semester which i can get into dean honour roll T____T next semester sure harder one lor. so please please please every god popi popi me. and no more oversleep for exams.

i haven't mention bout my relationship for 254245145 years. but don't worry, the boyfriend and i are still doing good in LDR. in fact, better!:) and he will be having final exam next week so each and every god, popi popi him too! hehehe.

ok after mentioning bout bf, have to write a lil about mom and dad, if not both of them will get jealous of the bf -_______- we bought a bag online for mother's day present, post it directly to mom. awesome or what??:) online shopping is so convenient can die! and nuffnang is starting Jipaban in singapore, something like virtual shopping mall. hope they have it here too and shopping online will be so much easier. no need blog-hop like siao.

i am being determine to find more Business Management friends who will be graduating on July 2011. most of my friends are going to graduate this year end lor and i dont want to graduate alone. like that very loser la looking at others throwing the graduation hats with friends and i drawing circles at the side. -_________- anyone graduating on July 2011??? yuhoo, anyone??

if you read till the end here, thankyou so much! i've finished blabbering:D

Monday, May 24, 2010

selling LW portfolio concealer in Malaysia

should i invest in Lise Watier Wheel Concealer? thought of selling it in my blogshop. i need opinions badly. how?

yes or no.

yes or no???

i am getting pre-order now at my blogshop. click here to see more info. LW has no counter in Malaysia yet so its impossible for girls to get LW products in Malaysia la so should i invest???? :( it will cost more than the bikinis last time and the price is kinda fixed. how?? :(

who wants LW concealer? leave comment weyyy.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

it's the BFF's birthday II.

say Happy Birthday to miss questionnaire (or better known in my blog as low see bee)! :P

yea my BFFs birthdays are almost near to each other, except for me and Jocin. i never remember getting angry of her before, cause this girl can never make me get angry.

i like her personalities. she can be so honest about herself, which i couldn't. and i admire her braveness like this. :)

she's so smart. she always always get good grades, even when in college. i didn't maintain my grades well after going college and uni. she's so persistent!

she's the bubbliest among us. and she can make friends with strangers so fast. she has endless topics to talk about, and you wont felt bored when are with her.

her hobby is to bully me........ with her mouth. =_______= i can never win her in talking. but she always answer things unrelated to the questions asked. so khaiwee calls her the martian. (but it suits her right :P)

so on her big day, don't forget to wish her here. :)

low see bee i know you read my blog, here's the best wishes to you alright. all the best in the LDR you may be going thru few months later, all the best in every upcoming encounters. I LOVE YOU TOO, as much as i love khai wee. :D

Saturday, May 22, 2010

short update.

my life is all about study, bubble tea, and study. oh and japanese curry :)

just knew that one of my good friend's mom is my mom's primary school mate. awwww the world is super small alright. dramatic sial. hehehehe.

more than 5 of my friends are having online blogshop now. its either i have a wide range of friends, or that blogshops is everywhere now. hmmmmm, this is not good. this means, blogshopping is wasting more of my time now. :(

...and i miss the boyfriend.

oh before i left this out, I AM GOOD IN CHOR DAI DI. :D and if we gamble, leen will be the banker. nyehehehehee.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

happy birthday, BFF.

say hi to Miss Doraemon aka Miss Moon aka my bestie Ng Khai Wee! its her birthday today so pls click into here to spam her page before 11.59pm:)

we were friends for 9 years. we were classmates for 4 years. we were together in band playing the same instruments sitting beside each other most of the time for 7 years. we went to school together for 5 years. we talked on the phones for more than 100 hours..... and still counting.

we have so much to talked about, until my dad sounded "why everyday meet in school already still got so many things can talk one? in school cannot talk finish meh?"

i called her whenever i have problems. relationship problems, friendship problems, family problems, studies problems, and i called her after we havent talk for long time and i think WE SHOULD TALK! :) she is so thoughtful, so understanding and give good advices. and she is soooooo good in keeping secrets! hehehehe. she is the only one who knows some of my secrets that i've never told anyone else (oh and his brother knew some too cause always when we talked he eavesdropped -_______-).

she is so shy that whenever guys tease on him, her cheeks turn red. HAHAHA.

when she wants to deny something, the first thing that comes out from her mouth will be"YORRRRRRR!"

when she talks to closed friends, she can talk expressively (with hands waving here and there)! and when she's so excited, her cheeks turn red again. :P

her favorite pastime is reading novel, she loves reading novel as much as i did. we used to borrow each other novels during high school, and now that internet is so canggih, we don't buy novels anymore, we read it online!

oh and we discussed about baby names together! HAHAHA. and we want our future babies to have the nicest name!

we went to driving lessons together, and that time the instructor said she looked like being forced to learn driving and i wasn't. and now that she drives so much better than me, and probably drove 1000km more than i do.

she is a special girl like that, people usually underestimate her but she gave good results after that. same goes to studies.

i am so glad to see her turning more cheerful and happy than before.

being best friends for such a long time, i realised that we didnt have a photo together without another three monkeys (HAHAHAHAH)(dah lah i know i sure kena bomb later:P), ironically.

and the only photo i found from facebook is this:
Eva: eh see here! i taking photo ehhh!
Khaiwee: DONT WANT! i am eating cant you see??! taking eating photo very ugly i dont want!

it feels so sucky that you cant celebrate your BFFs' birthdays together. felt so left out but oh well, i will definitely make it on your 22nd birthday alright:)

hey BFF, lets promise to be best friends forever forever forever ok. happy 20th birthday and being your best friend, i hope the best for you, now and always. :)

love you, khaiwee!

Monday, May 17, 2010

grey top from Cotton On, blue and white stripe shorts from Reject Shop, grey cardigan from an online blogshop, grey tights from an online blogshop, Eiffel Tower pendant from F21

today is a grey day. i love grey as much as i love black and white. and i realised that i have the most grey outfits. i dont fancy wearing colorful outfits cause i think they don't suit my skin color. black white and grey are the three safest color that you cant go wrong with your color tone:)

ignore my hair. i really really need to go to the saloon soon. and ignore the messy background although i have already cropped out the most messy part in the picture hahaha.

ok i know my post is getting more boring day by day. sigh what to do i'm now living in a boring country.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

wierd fact #1: wider eyes distance.

i didnt sprain my neck. -______-

i am so bored right now. but i couldn't concentrate in studies. how how howwww?! :(

i think i have wierd distance eyes. why the more i look at my photos, the more i think my eyes' distance are getting wider??? i'm getting into someone i dont know already. O.O

(picture credit: Miss OCD)
OHH EMM GEE!!! this bag is so prettyyyyyy! i want the white one!!!! now i changed my wishlist again. hehehehe. saw this selling at Miss OCD for RM78 and Slicked only for RM49. what the hell is the large price difference? O.O this will be the next bag i get on my hand i swear! screw other bags in my list this is so pretty i cannot resist:D

i think i have the liking towards union jack flag. i want a flats, a top, and a bag of it!:) don't you think its pretty?:)

Friday, May 14, 2010

cold friday night.

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yea yea. i'm a boring person i only know how to pose peace -_____-

had icecream and long chat with Leen, Tzen, Winky & Gabriel. i think i improved in Cantonese already i can understand most of their conversation!:)

today was cold. so cold until i couldn't feel my nose and ears. SUMMER WHERE ARE YOUUUUUUUU. i am so much a typical malaysian. -___-

Thursday, May 13, 2010

pinkish pinky pink pink.

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what do you think, Eva in pink nails and pink top?:)

i dont like pink, and pink never suits me but sometimes life just doesn't go on your way. meh. :P

and now i realise that i have pink bedsheets for so many years, pink fluffy toy, pink pillow, and my room before i move house was super pinkish can die with pink bathroom. oh and my favourite highlighter color is pink too. what's going on? O.O

Saturday, May 8, 2010

marshmallow nails.

bought nail polishers today, and didnt buy nail polish remover. how awesome. T_____T

painted the color which does not even match myself. -______- its either i'm suddenly color blind or i'm too stress facing the upcoming presentations, tests, big exams. T______T

i know, pink on Eva is just so weird. (I SPELLED WEIRD CORRECTLY :D) and out of boredom i painted white and pink alternately. and i regretted like shit now but i dont have remover. T______T and seriously i hate it in Australia where shops close at 5pm. what the hell? >:(

my fingers are so marshmallowy they make me feel hungry. booo.

Friday, May 7, 2010

random fact #1.

i think i'm born to stay in a big house. har har.

i cannot avoid knocking my body to the bed frame/table/doors/doorknob(T____T)/etc. at least ONCE a day. this room is so small that i hardly get a way to walk when leen sat next beside to me:( cant wait to go back to my big room now:(

i am clumsy like that, and my body has uncountable bruises all over. dah lah. my value is depreciating in this case.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

my blogshop has breakeven!:)

omg omg omg omg OMG.

The Summer's Attic has breakeven, like finally. :D :D :D i know i know, i shouldn't use such a long time to breakeven but heck i'm not even in the country so i'm really really doing it all onlinely. all thanks to daddy Tee. he helped to post out all the bikinis ok. imma treat him peanut paste when i go home cause that's his favorite!:) (ok fine its one of my favorite which i'm craving. heh.)

actually i'm quite glad that there's returning buyers, and i got some really good reviews by the customers. at least the high-cost bikinis are paid with value. like seriously, when i tell people my cost for one pair of bikinis, most of them couldn't believe lor like why the hell did i pay so much to buy bikini and resell. how am i going to earn some money la like that.

so yea, truth is, the bikinis' cost is memang quite high, till now i haven't earn a buck yet, BUT i earn a whole lots of experience. this is priceless:)

i won't bring in more bikinis right now, not until i settle down in malaysia. or maybe i might sell some pre-loved stuffs. let's see then:)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

birthday wishlist

went to my 1st job interview today. cause it was my 1st time, i never know interview can be so easy. 3 questions, in 3 minutes, and i'm done. i tried to talk as much as possible but the manager keep stopping me. he said he will call me if i get the job. so all i can do is to wait. employees there seem to be quite friendly:)

came home after that, and slept for 5 hours -________- shit la these days i wasted so much time in dreaming. i don't want to wake up cause the dreams were all so good and i kinda force myself to sleep more so that i can dream longer. -_____- i'm not weird, am i??

i've made a long birthday wishlist. click here, or the link right under my blog header. leen says i'm being so obvious to get presents. but meh, its my birthday! and birthday girl should get herself a wishlist. its not like i hope to get everything in the list also. it's a wishlist ok:P so lovely sweet generous friends, start saving now. nyehehehehe.

Monday, May 3, 2010

awesome sunday evening.

how's Southbank night view looks like, under my ciplak camera shot? still look good dont you think so? :) the reddish bright part is where the Buddha Birth Day festival was held. Leen and I dropped by the city's starbucks to send in my resume, and went to Hazel Tea Shop to get bubble milk tea before walking across the river to Southbank with Godwin.
its so crowded ok i think the people are going there mainly for the fireworks:) met up with Tzenny and Winky, bought some food and find a good spot for fireworks, eating, chatting, camwhoring, and waiting for the fireworks. its so good to be around with friends like that!
(photo credits to Harn Jian & Tzenny)
somehow i think i look wierd in all photos T___T
one thing good in Australia is there's freaking no mosquito in the dark! so awesome ok cause mosquitoes love me so much.
there are some photos when i look hideously fair like Michael Jackson under flashlight. omg seriously when i saw those photos i thought i look like a ghost. T______T here are some okay ones:) and my hair is being bitchy. gotta rebond it this July!
pwetttttyyyyy tzennyyyyyy:)

and then when the fireworks started, everyone stood up and blocked our view. -_____- no choice la we have to stand up also. gaaaah.
the 15minutes fireworks were still as awesome as last year's! aww cant wait for next year one! so big so nice so many variations!

and here comes the photo of the night:
awesome or what? i love it to bits, except for the freaking spoiler hand on the right! -______-
after that the girls suggested to watch movie so off we go to the cinema. watched kick ass, its so not my type of movie. and we went in late, and the cinema is free seating one so we were separated seated. :(
end this post with a photo of the giant, leen and me before the movie started:)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

20-year-old metamorphosis II

today me and leen cleaned the room thoroughly, i vacuumed the whole house, and we washed the bathroom together. jin tian wo men da sao chu:)

and i felt so clean now. -______-

i spend hours sewing the worn-out curtain, that we brought last minute before we left for airport last year. no point buying a new one here since we are not going to stay long right. and then yes you read it rightly, I SEWED IT.

if i were in Malaysia now, the most probably line i would say is "KAKAKKKKK! langsir sudah cacat nak jahittttttt!" and that's all my job done. the maid will get things done, and i wont be worrying bout getting the curtain down from the window, how to sew it, how to tie the thread!!!, how to fix the problem etc.

but right now at here, its either i sew it, or leen sew it. and that girl most probably has lesser experience on using a needle than me, so being a good sister, i took the job. its fun at 1st, and then when i did it as for a decade long already, i was still at the 1st quarter, i felt like dying already. T_______T even if i were to do it in Malaysia, after half way when i'm bored already, there's always somebody who will finish it for me. AHHHHHHHH terlalu manja in Malaysia. T___T

so i thought i'm turning 20 already, takkan whole life have to depend on others to wipe my ass when i got problem or i'm bored with something i dont like to do right. and i sewed it all, used 7 rolls of sewing kit's thread, accidentally poked my fingers with the needle more than 20 times and pierced the thread through the needles for 24542461341 times (probably piercing the threads of my whole life already). it didn't turn out nice, but at least i solve the freaking problem after 1 year.

(we malas nak sew it a year ago, therefore being all pandai pandai, we stapled the curtain with stapler for paper, and surprisingly it worked and lasted for a year :D)

i hope with all these tiring work i did today, i wont getting insomnia tonight.

20-year-old metamorphosis

read this from one of facebook's note. i thought its really meaningful. these days, i am really busy. not act busy ar, not facebooking, watching korean movies or dramas, reading novels, or chatting in msn like nobody's business. i thought, i am being responsible this week.

i know its so unbelievable to those who really know me, but yours truly finish doing her assignment which is due next month 29th. one month earlier. i even did the groupmate's part and he's so grateful about it cause he freaking has 5 assignments or so. the procrastination kao kao last minute stress out Eva is dead a week ago. :) i even started revising, although just a chapter, but at least i bother to start. how isit, dad? i am getting 20 this year and i think i should be at least a tad more responsible.

I've got myself a part time work interview next wednesday. did a pretty simple resume, and i'm nervous bout the interview already. this will be my 1st time interviewing for a job ok, first time in my life, how can i not be nervous? but then today i heard Tzen said she saw Starbucks got vacancy. and i always wanted to be a barista than a waitress. so i thought i might drop by to city this Sunday to send in my resume to Starbucks. either one of the job i get, i will be happy with it. i want to earn and spend my own money!:)

i think my life is getting merrier here. more friends, more fun, and more hi/hey/hello(s) in uni. this feeling is so great! and i love this place more than ever:)

so at least i changed for my 20-year-old. for those who are same age as me, have you started planning your life already?:)