Sunday, April 25, 2010

korean study day.

today is Anzac Day, whatever important occasion it is for the australians, the asians are so hardworking go to uni to revise for the upcoming Korean oral test:)

so our oral test will be held in groups, 2 person a group and there's 3 groups showing up to revise together. and our groupmates all very international one. har har. 3 malaysians paired up with 3 different nationalities classmates :D meet the dai lou Harn Jian who is 190cm tall that makes everyone looks like elf standing beside him:)

next up, meet my exam partner, Taka! we call him Takashi cause in korean we put -shi behind names:) he's the most pro in korean among us and guess what's his job when he was in Japan??? HE IS A SASHIMI CHEF!! when he told me he cut fish in japan i thought he was a butcher in the market -_______- somehow i think he looks like the Fish Out Of Water in Chicken Little movie -______-
and the girl in white on the right is Esther, she is Leen's exam partner from China. she's the one who bother to go to city to watch the boring Anzac parade in the morning -_____-

The one on the left is Bao from Vietnam, who still suffer from hangover while we were revising. -___- he was so blur all the afternoon.

and lastly when i said "eh take pic take pic cheeeeessseee", this is what i got:
everyone's concentration hit the red bar already after speaking korean in the whole afternoon. hehehe.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

sunflower egg tart

hola my saturday is now becoming eating day:) after waking up in the afternoon (ok dont say i'm lazy/pig/whatever related to sleeping late cause the bf woke up at nearly 3pm malaysia time i dont know how he made it :S), went to city with leen to hunt for chinese food, and buy some groceries. Jin Shao recommended Cyber City at Fortitude Valley, so that was it for lunch:) we didn't really like the place at first, but when the food was served, we were so impressed ok. not the look, its the taste AND THE PORTION. -______- how can a normal people finish up so big portion la? i doubt guys can finish up one dish! it can be my 3 meals already! so we take away one of our fried rice and share another hor fun, and ended up not finishing it still. the taste is not super nice that kind, but it has the hometown taste. the fried rice was like what i ate back at home:)

finally bought the red pepper paste so now we can made complete korean spicy soup!:) so dinner was fried rice and korean spicy soup with tofu and tomatoes. YUMMMM!!! i can never get bored of korean food:) the soup is like those korean spicy hotpot soup base in those korean restaurant. now we can made it at home too!:) and tofuuuuuu my favorite!:D

after that i started to bake egg tart. crave for egg tart for a week already. and that day we bought a pie base, cause we couldn't find those tart base and i am lazy to make the base myself, so yea instead having egg tart, i made 'egg pie' hahaha. tadaaaa~

overbaked a little that's why the hangus part at the side T______T but overall its good! its like what i ate in malaysia ok i think i can start a bakery here already :D

see this is the soft egg filling! so good ok:) and its so big, and yellow in color, i thought it looks like sunflower like this:
om nom nom nom. i can haz egg pie, can you?:P

Friday, April 23, 2010

i am always obsessed to...

..big bags/totes. especially those oversized one! you see, everytime when i go out, i have to bring so much (uncountable T___T) things with me, i dont know why. like when i bring a small bag, i will feel so uncomfortable like i gonna miss out some important things to bring with me. so if i'm going out with a bigger bag, i can chunk everything in it! my bag is like doraemon's 'pat bou doi'. :)

ok i don't know what other girl's always bring with them but these are what i bring along when i go out (except for nearer place like mamak or MCD) :
- purse
- key
- tissue
- phone(s)
- water bottle
- earpiece for phone
- mints
- camera
- bag of makeup stuff (concealer, mascara, compact powder & eyeliner)
- eyedrops
- hair mask (got super bad hair thats why T__T)
- pendrive (this is so useful!)
- sunnies
- FOOD! - chocolates/candies/cookies/bites
- cardigan or scarf (if i'm wearing speg or strappy)

if going to classes:
- pencil case
- planner

and so my bag is always heavy, but oh well i am used to the weight already (but the bf still always say its heavy). and cause of the weight, the straps of the totes i have are mostly broken =( my favorite silver SEED tote, white tote, and a brown tote are still lying at home in good condition EXCEPT for the straps part. anyone know where to mend the strap only? i still love them.

i have been so addicted to online shopping since last year. online shopping is so convenient and there's more choices to choose from, oh and much more cheaper with the same quality you can get in the shopping mall:)

by far i have bought 3 bags from online blogshop, one from Piperlips

the former one i used for around half a year, and the strap broke T_____T but still it worth the price already:) and the latter one Leen is still using it and its still in good condition! i'm now using a white big bag from Sugar Dressing.
This one the broadth of the bag can be adjusted with the two zips at the side. very convenient when bring lots of stuff, but i can foresee the strap to be broken in less than 2 months time T____T

and this SEED silver tote is by far the most expensive tote i bought, oh its also my favourite among all.
i remember bringing a 10" laptop in it, with all my other stuff and it still served me for a year! now tell me, how can you not love a big bag/tote? :)

and that i'm sharing some of my favourite tote/bag selling in various blogshop now:)
this Mulbery-inspired big tote from Winkstick. omg doesn' it look gorgeous?:) i love clean and simple design bag:) but then its a bit pricey for this. awwww still looks so pretty, how good if i have a lot a lot a lot of cash:)

next up this brown two-way bag from Pineberry. i always want a bucket bag since the beginning of this year. its only RM53 ok such a good investment! if its still available till i am back in malaysia, surely gonna lay my hand on this baby!:) and can see from its strap, it wont be a problem for me to chunk heavy stuff inside cause its double protected strap:) one at the top, another at the bottom. not to mention the gorgeous zip:)

this one from Just Bag It, comes with 8 different colors summore! the strap confirm tahan lasak lor:D i think i'm gonna get a tan bag when i go home! this color is getting gorgeous to me day by day:)

i don't fancy pink but what the hell when i saw this bag my heart thumped! this princessy bag is also from Just Bag It. woah if i suddenly like pink, this is the 1st thing i gonna get! confirm Leen will love this bag lor.. and its so spacious it has a big base, just like my silver tote:) however its so pricey pricey cash ar mari mari T___T

and this super big velvet bag from Eye Catchers. Eye Catchers is a pre-order blogshop, there's ready stock ones at Bolster Store if i'm not wrong (i think i saw it somewhere in the website hehe). Velvet material sure can last longer than PU or faux leather ok. Leen bought a velvet bag before and she used that for more than a year, tahan lasak even though she carried books with it:D this bag is good and cheap, 39 bucks for pre-order one. try padini authentic for this big bag, at least 80bucks ok, so dont even mention international brand -_____-. omg i thought of getting one of this also. ok i can imagine my dad's black face already keep spending non-stop T__T

and this super rugged biker style bag from Glossy Addiction. saw it in another blogshop with cheaper price but i forgot which blogshop already T___T this bag confirm wont strap-broke. LOL. its so hard to find attached strap bag like that. but still, a bit pricey for this bag size.

i think i can create a bag-review blog like TLF already hahaha. confirm can earn a lot from advertising fee LOLOL.

so there's two type of girl, either the bag-type or the shoe-type. and i am confirmed to be the bag-type lor. until the boyfriend cannot tahan i keep praising over bags and he always ask "why do you need so many bags anyway???" hello?? this is in the girl's gene!:P

trimming eyebrows.

hello i just shape my eyebrow:) how how how? i think i improved! though this eyebrow is not what suit my faceshape, the one with sharp arch which suits square face is super hard la i kept over trimmed it, HENCE the always-covered-up-right-brow. hehehe. my right eyebrow is my testing side. its safer to test and warm up on the side where fringe will definately cover it so i dont have to worry bout ugly exposing brow -_______-

okay la seriously i have ugly right eyebrow i felt sorry for it. one of the reason is cause im a left-handed and my nose always block my hand so i always aim the wrong angle T_____T and then the other reason is that both my brows are not identical one, one high one low so its hard to visualize the same eyebrow to trim -_____-

aiya i suck in trimming eyebrow la T_____T and i learn it by myself one so its by far the best accomplishment already (except for my right eyebrow) so yay!:)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

stop raining, stop!

today is a gloomy wednesday :(

i always thought when it rains, some unlucky things gonna happen. like raining is an omen of bad stuff like that larr:( and then it freaking rained the whole day today. gaaaaaaaah i hate rainy days.

it's a wednesday! i have no class and i should stay at home and be comfortable at myself for whatever reason. and i was being so hardworking to ask for meet up with my groupmate to do assignment (now i regret T___T).

and then its so true that bad luck comes in THREE. yes tiga. san ge arrrrr. :(


woke up at 1pm (i am having bad time in bed yesterday ok)(seriously, anyone out there suffer insomnia like me?!) and have to be punctual to meet up at 2pm. i REMEMBERED i fold my assignment guidelines and put it in my bag, i REMEMBERED i place my phones (2 phones, mind you) in my bag. and then when i got into the bus and wanted to text the boyfriend, i only found one phone T____T like seriously, i thought it dropped out when i was chasing the bus. or something. ended up both the assignment guidelines and the phone were lying on my table all the while. sighed. and then when reached uni i have to find for public phone to call the groupmate. like so pathetic and it's raining! >:(


everything went well, not until i gonna leave. met godwin randomly at the computer lab, and then at about 4pm, he's going to leave for a tutorial class, and there's one cute girl he always mentioned so being a busybody, i thought i would like to see how cute the girl is. (i am sooooo regret being a busybody T_____T) i was in a rush to pack my stuff, and then i just pull out the pendrives (there's two pendrives) and chunked everything into my bag and left. ok the girl is pretty la seriously, but sigh, what the hell am i doing to see a girl! i'm not a guy also!:(

now i couldn't find my pendrive cap. i know i know, its not a big deal misplacing pendrive cap, since i haven't keep a pendrive cap nicely before. of all my pendrives, this is the only one with cap on. and i thought i might break my record to keep a pendrive cap nicely for ONCE, at least.

dah lah. its not like moaning here will bring the cap back. sigh-er.


happily going home after discussion and seeing the mysterious cute girl, i didnt let those unlucky stuff bothering me. and happily sitting in my favourite seat in the bus, i placed the wet umbrella beside my seat, laying on the window.

and then guess i was too concentrate thinking of something, i hopped off the bus without having a second thought of my empty hands. like seriously while waiting for the traffic light, i was still wondering why am i empty-handed. ARRRRRRRRRRR i was so big-prawn-head :(

now gone. the oh-so-expensive umbrella will be gone forever. i still have the umbrella casing though, with silver embroidered ESPRIT on it. mourn for my umbrella ok :(

seriously, stop raining, stop. :(

Sunday, April 18, 2010

changing best friend!

hello people. i changed by best friend from Google to Wikipedia. never know Wiki is so helpful until this whole week when i was revising for my Electronic Commerce Infrastructure course. ;)

and now that i am putting so much effort, my web browser tab no longer shows Facebook, blog links, or whatever shits that my parents always claim as wasting-time-online-stuff. instead, the tabs are now jam-packed with networking stuff webpages. or something, related. i think i'm really improving in computer stuff. and i was so determine to understand them, i am nearly an insomniac these few days. like, one night when i was so tired already, but i die die cannot figure out what's that distinct analog and digital, and that i got out of the bed and on the computer again just to find out the answer.

and then, i was dumbfounded by the big big terms. :(

i use hours to understand what the hell is digital, ended up digital is just 0 and 1. gaaaaaaaah make me so sick.

DEAD. 46 hours to go. i need more kiasu cells in me:(

Thursday, April 15, 2010

nerdy failed.

awww computer and networking is so bored can die. who the hell make the component so tough to understand! and all those acronyms are making me dizzy. can next tuesday come earlier?:( i hope these can end as soon as possible i hate being nerd:(

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

computer geek transformation.

My academic confidence disappeared yesterday. next week i have a midterm test, and yesterday in class the lecturer gave us practice exam. like what the hell out of 30 mcq questions, i got 30 questions wrong. T________T even simply choose an answer also wrong one lor. don't have knowledge, even luck also don't stand by me. you see, and now i'm the lousiest student in that 7-students-only class. T____T

and that boost my kiasu-ness. so after class i went to the computing library and borrow different books regarding computer and networking. imma gonna buck up and get a good grade so that those computer geeks in my class won't look down on me. like hello, i can speak technologically like you ok (though its really boring talking bout computers and stuff -____-).

and then imma gonna wear my nerdy specs to uni every tuesday so i will look more nerdy and knowledgeable like that. :D

30 mcq computing stuff questions, just wait and see imma conquer you:)

Monday, April 12, 2010

korean fever.

hello. korean test was awesome! the feeling of answering each known question confidently was so awesome! i haven't have this feeling for a long long time already, the last time was in ADP. so my hard work did pay off. writing non-stop for hours the day before was so uggghhh sour. hahaha. yes hand sour:P i love writing korean than chinese. i think korean wording is pretty:)

next up, a midterm paper next week which i still dont know what's going to be examined. no textbook for the course, and lectures and tutorials were so unclear. gaaaaah. forget bout that since i'm happy today;)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

distant "yumcha" session.

the BFFs are not doing great job in meeting up! and they got no stories to update me. -_____- nevermind, still have to thank Khaiwee for making the effort to go to Seebee's house. oh and Khaiboon too though the most impressive thing he did for the night was to show me his noseholes. -________- this was my 1st time webcamming with Low See Bee. and her house was surely as lively even though it's near midnight already. hahaha.

and then i told them we have to do this once a month! gather another two girls and squeeze themselves into the webcam and talk to me! this will be funnnnn! hehehe. so our next 'gathering' should be at Pak Li or somewhere with internet connection alright :)

love you girls to bits! ;)

p/s: i cannot decide which webbie pic to post, the 1st one seebee is smiling and the 2nd one khaiwee is smiling. so to be unbiased, i post the both! :)


Saturday, April 10, 2010


gif maker


带着6大本书浩浩荡荡去图书馆还书 =______=
然后顺便晒晒太阳 到校园逛一逛

我想 没有人会无聊到去大学逛逛

有时候 真得很喜欢这样的宁静
一个人到处逛逛 听听歌 小小自拍一下
搭巴士 仔细看看周围每天都会经过的风景
对陌生人笑一笑 去没有人的课室里坐一下
给路人指路 然后发现原来自己比路人还路痴
不顾形象 自己傻笑
饿了就买hungry jack套餐 走累了就回家 :)

今天 我很开心 :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

respond respond? helloooooo???

so this is my nuffnang analytic on the number of people who came to my blog. and on yesterday it has 155 views and freaking 66 uniques. FREAKING 66 UNIQUES. and i only got two answer in my cbox and one answer in msn regarding yesterday's post. why are you people letting me down?:(

break my heart only laaa. sob.

anyhow, the answer is GREEN. its either the book has the word 'green', or the book is green. okay since momoko, shereen and charlesy are the one who layan me. they will get a real bunny chocolate (if i see them before the chocolate expired). thanks for the respond alright;)


so today was oh-so-lazy. ffked uni friends for lunch cause i wasn't awake after noon. hehehe. and then wanted to bake cookies again but was too hooked up on watching korean movie. i am not watching for fun okayyyyy! i am training my korean i am sitting for a korean test on monday arrr. hahaha i got so many excuses for being lazy. wtheck:P but oh well, it's holiday isn't it?;)

Thursday, April 8, 2010


guess what's the similarity of the stack of books.

answer in the chatbox or comment box in order to stand a chance to win an IMAGINARY easter bunny chocolate:)

answer will be revealed, say after 2 days? heee. so don't malas nak answer arrrr;)

P.S. at 1st i didnt want to give out imaginary stuff, and then someone told me its so easy to answer so to avoid my wallet burning a big hole, i shall eat up all the bunny chocolate and give out imaginary one hehehehe.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


去了 阳光河岸 (translate: Sunnybank. hehehe)
我们好像很‘为食’ ==

然后眼睁睁看着巴士经过 T____T
唉 算了
习惯就好 :D


她骗掉我的感情 T____T
叫我戴眼镜 然后自己戴眼镜
乌娃娃娃娃~ 我交友不慎 T____T

贵到我可以在大马吃24次的虾面了 =____=

旺旺雪饼 韩国泡面 辣椒酱 什么什么的
还有 easter chocolates 全部半价!
开心到!:D :D

两位很认真的在讨论要买什么猪肉 :)

i love this pic! 我们在排队付钱 :)

然后昨晚 去了 Chingyee 家的 house party
然后和霖去了 认识一大班的新朋友
我有多了马来西亚朋友了了了了了 :D

我不喜欢秋天 :(
讨厌啊啊啊啊啊 ;(

Monday, April 5, 2010

turning on my baking mode.

have been baking a lot lately!

freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, anyone?;)

yummylicious strawberry vanilla cake, drooling already no?:)

...and next up will be banana chocolate chip cake. now i know baking occupy my time and tummy. double satisfaction me likey! :)

p/s: strawberry vanilla cake's photo is taken last year. haven't take any pic of the current cake, and its partly inside my tummy already. heeeeee:P

Sunday, April 4, 2010

i want Malaysia.

Happy Easter, people.

awwww if it was last year, i would be in Malaysia now ;( and this time is the longest time i will be staying at aussie, ironically. sighhhhhh i seriously want to go back so badly:( tomorrow will be going to sunnybank to hunt for malaysian food with tzen and leen.


anyone wants to go to Moreton Island during Easter break?

Saturday, April 3, 2010


没有整人 没有被人整
真的 感觉 老了 ;(

昨天就什么Good Friday的
虽然无聊 但是无比充实
懒惰的 就酱过一天 :)

一个礼拜的假期 不可以浪费的过
所以今天一大早 约了珍妮 (Translate: Tzenny -___-)
(没有照片因为一看到食物哪里还有时间拍照) -___-

所以请不要吝啬称赞我一下吧 :D :D :D

回来以后 和太阳花大吵一架 T__T
然后两个人都没有要停止的意思 T____T
他应该很爱我 nyeheheh.

不错好听 宋念宇的歌


美女图总结此文 :D :D :D

Thursday, April 1, 2010


tzen send this to me and said this is what our life is in aussie. TRUE SIAL.
now people, clear your perspective on all those fun in studying abroad.


p/s: photo credit to tzen's friend, elvina nanako. TQ:)

2010 birthday wishlist

hello. countdown to my birthday in 36 days, i shall start doing a birthday wishlist :D :D :D

and oh gosh, guess girls can never have enough of bags and shoes. and now after doing a review of bags, i think i turn to want more of shoes, especially flats. i think i can never have enough of flats! @__@

(list not according to priority, anyone of them to get in my hand, i will be happy already:D)

Brown Military Ringlet Ankle Boots from Summerdynz
hint: i'm wearing Vincci 6 :)

No Concept white flats from Matching Misfits

Union Jack flats (photo credit: Little McQueen)

transparent umbrella

Tommy Hilfiger Boston Bag
Tommy Hilfiger Boston Bag.
as a school bag. freaking many things to carry to uni everytime i need a reliable bag which wont strap-broke anytime. T____T

UNION JACK BAG!!!! omg i want the white one so old school so cool!>
saw it in Slicked selling at RM49 and Miss OCD selling at RM78. how ridiculous the price difference is. be continue:P