Wednesday, March 31, 2010

all the ding-dong.

how to not fall for someone charming like that?
ok start google this name now:)

p/s: oh and he knows how to play the trumpet.
p/p/s: i have finished watching 3 of his movie and 2 of his drama:)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

"Earth Hour"

so today was at least a better day than two days ago. i thought today was useful:) ....though i still wake up almost in the afternoon, which i planned not to. plan failed! -______-

i wore very casual today, with my favourite pair of shoes:) but then this shoes kill my toes:( BUTTTTT i still like it. dilemma sial now i am typical girl like that hahaha, as in complicated. -____-
ever since i came back to aussie, i was so lazy to dress up. and i havent wear contact lens for a month already. cause wearing contact lens means needa make up, more than just apply thin layer of concealer. specs can more or less cover the dark-eye-circle ma so i didnt bother to really patch up the make-ups when i wear specs. hence, the laziness to wear contact lens:P oh well, nobody cares how i look here:)

and then, i waited for the bus for an hour. first, i was late for the bus i intended to ride, and then the next bus half an hour later ffk. like what the hell:( see the pic above the sun so hardworking i had to hide beside the bus-timetable board. pathetic sial.

and yes today was a good good dayyyy. sunny and windy day, what can i ask for more?:) as long as its not raining cause raining makes me feel gloomy. who say saturday lesser people go to uni? the library is as pack as weekdays. sigh. while waiting for the computer, i camwhored. like for ages i didnt camwhore already ok. this is the 1st time after coming back to aussie so bare with me:P

you know when people always show off how their workstation looks like with all those canggih canggih gadgets? i can have one too! now lemme show you my workstation!:)
...... in the library -________- where got so much money buy mac pro la. temporary work station can or not :P the library's computers all have changed into mac pro this year, so i have to make sure i fully make use of the utilities to not waste my old-bean's money (translate: old-bean = lou dao -_________-) i love love love the keyboard!:)

camwhored again -____- to show that i really was in the library ok. hardworking sial:D
so the whole afternoon was in the library, until it's gonna close and i was chased out by the librarian -___-

after that, i was going to meet tzen in the city to attend the earth hour event. instead of going by bus, i went to ride on citycat. awwww i miss the breeze! oh and sunset:)

tzenny brought a friend along, named Winky:) she's nice and friendly and now i am learning cantonese from them! hehehe. went to have dinner around Winky's place and while waiting for the food, both of them started playing with their big-ass pro camera. they love photography like that, and i felt awkward sitting opposite to them -_____-
tzenny took these photos, hence there's no tzen's face here.

and meet Winky, from Hong Kong!:) all of us having LDR one. hahaha. and then we kinda lepak a bit to wait till 8.30, only to realise that there's no earth hour event.... ALL THANKS TO ME. T_____T cause last year there's earth hour event at Queen Street and this year they have the Earth Hour poster everywhere so i thought there will be event too. T__________T careless me, and i felt so bad to both of them:(

BUTTTTT at least on that hour, we didnt waste any electricity ok (expect for Tzen cause she's so naughty:P)

we walked so much, i am so tiring now. but i had a great day:)

p/s: the boyfriend is sick:( how how how?:(

Monday, March 22, 2010

wordy mundane blog.

hi hello there i think my blog is turning into some wordy blog -___- i dont know when was the last time i camwhore and i got take photos but its not with me. hence the boring wordy blog, sigh.

baked cookies yesterday and its super sweet i guess i will be getting diabetes soon -_____- and the portion was like 3 tupperware of it. those rectangle tupperware arrr. buttttttt its nice! chewy and full of chocolate chips:) but the shapes were disgusting. therefore, i baked disgustingly delicious cookies :D

aih my life is so mundane i dont have things to write.

oh and the blogshop has good response now i'm so happy happy!:) 5 more bikinis and imma breakeven say YAY!!:) after breakeven i wont be so pressure la then i can return the modal to dad which i borrowed last year. :D now i need 5 more bikinis SUMMER IS AROUND THE CORNER WHO WANTS BIKINI FOR SUMMER VACATION!? ask your friends to buy from me ok:D

oh and i'm homesick all thanks to tzen -_____- cause she told me she was homesicking the day before. and i really really wanted to go back on easter holiday who want sponsor the oh-so-expensive flight ticket?:( pretty please. i miss every single bit of home already:(

p/s: and it's not even a month yet. sigh.

oh and its my favourite favourite korean song so far! TIME TO LOVE by T-ara and Supernova. listen, people! i dont know i just get hooked once i started listen to it. :D

Saturday, March 20, 2010

women sickness.

i always have diarrhea during red-tide period. and it makes me weaker on the 1st day, i cannot even walk properly like that. stomach cramping is the biggest fear for me now, and my legs will be so numb, i can only stay in bed:(

so today i was in my bed most of the time, one day wasted all thanks to red-tide. why does only women suffer from this???? not fair not fair!:(

and i was so curious bout the diarrhea stuff cause i am always unhealthy like that so i googled bout it and this is what i found:
Women can experience a variety of sensations before, during or after their menses. Common complaints include backache, pain in the inner thighs, bloating, nausea, diarrhea, constipation, headaches, breast tenderness, irritability, and other mood changes.
so hello, i am still not thaaaaaaat unhealthy ok. this is normal:)

Friday, March 19, 2010


oh yes i'm loving friday now:)

slept in the morning and woke up in the afternoon. and off to the city in the late afternoon!:) went to meet tzen in the city, shop around Queen Street Mall but didn't get anything, how we wish we are rich people:( ended up buying bubble milk tea and find for the pancake manor. she didn't know where is it and i got totally no sense of direction in the city cause the roads are all either horizontal or vertical and every junctions look similar to me -_____- but we didnt use up much effort to find the shop cause we were so lucky like that. heh. randomly found the pancake shop and we spend the whole evening chit chatting, till its dinner time:) i love it like that!

dinner was with the Taylor ADPians. as usual there were absentees, but oh well we have one new member joining. no photos cause David brought his big-ass DSLR so i thought it's really embarrass to bring one ciplak digital camera so wait till he upload the photos on fb:)

ah red-tide killing and i am so tiring. till then:)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

stupid scary day-mare.

i slept for the whole day today. and i got nightmare, or should i say day-mare T____T and i couldn't wake up cause i kinda stuck inside the day-mare, and its freaking a tragedy. T___________T

it's something like i went to vacation with some friends, and then i got separated cause the stupid hotel got a lobby which is so far away from the rooms, and we have to travel to the rooms via buses or vans, or cabs. -_____- and then i dont know how i got separated from all of them, and all of a sudden, i'm pregnant like that. T____T and cause i'm pregnant, no bus or van or cab wanna fetch me to the rooms and my friends totally forgot about me. T_____T there's scenes like they were having so much fun and i was totally ditched like that. T___T and then the boyfriend came to the rescue, and when he saw me having big tummy, he asked in shock "HOW DID YOU PREGNANT???" and then i screamed and got awaken.

very illogical i know. T____T and it freaked me kao kao. what the hell am i pregnant without doing anything wrongly. so scary can die.

but oh well, its a dream and since when dream is logic. phew.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

i can cook steak!:)

Barbecued Steak with Portobello Mushrooms.

look nice, isn't it? :)

wanted to eat steak so much so went to to google for grilled steak. wanted to make marinated that kind one but then we dont have most of the ingredient so just made this simple one. seriously its even simpler than cooking rice and dishes:)

wtheck this steak makes me crave for TGIF's JD steak more:( can contrast how good is that, when i'm having the one i cooked myself:( and I WANT MASHED POTATO:(:(:(

p/s: instead of grilling it, we pan fried it cause we didnt know how to use the grill oven T____T but it turns out just nice:)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

HELLO HOWDY:) my weekends start now! :D

start my head arrrrr i think i'm so left behind the studies already really have to catch up from now on. and i'm getting more in love with korean when i understand it more! it's strange at first, and frustrated cause the lecturer spoke so fast, and most of the students can actually speak and write very well already. but then in today's class i've met a girl with the same standard as mine, and the tutor was a good helper! so we kinda learnt thru discussion and i improved so much in speaking and writing:)

electronic commerce is a pain in the ass. especially the infrastructure course. and now, there's another girl as helpless as me! i talked to the lecturer after class, and she stayed back and we kinda asked for more info bout the course. and this course dont use textbook, which is so bad for me:( i relied too much on reading textbook this fail big time:(

actually i dont feel like blogging about studies i wanted to blog something funny butttttt i am lazy to be funny after classes from 10 to 6. tomorrow maybe.

Monday, March 15, 2010

of you, all of you.

i had hungry jack as lunch after class today in the mall. it made me thought so much of you.

looking at the untouched meal, memories flashed back like nobody's business.

so today, so far away from you, nobody fight for the biggest meat burger with me.
so today, so far away from you, nobody compete the speed of eating fries with me.
so today, so far away from you, nobody wants to exchange his oreo mcflurry with my chocolate sundae after trying a mouthful of my sundae.

so today, while eating lunch alone, i smiled.
thank you, stupid.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

once upon a tag!

1. Name: Eva
2. What do you think about yourself: i am actually capable in lots of thing. not to brag la but trust me, i can do lots of things:)
3. Single or Attached: Attached
4. Branded or practical: practical
5. Use a word to describe your self: awesome!

Your Family:
1. Numbers of Siblings: 3
2. Daddy or Mummy: both, not.
3. Favorite Sibling: i don't favor any, i am so fair:D
4. Best sense of Fashion: ME:D
5. Most lovable: ME TOO!

Your Friends:
1. Rich and Naughty: Tzenny
2. Gossip Girl: See Bee
3. Heart to heart talk: Khai Wee
4. Smart Ass: Hui Shien
5. Cool: er Hui Shien
6. Creative: Momoko, Jin Wei
7. Fun: The best friends are all funny people actually!:)
8. Alcoholic: TEE EE LEEN i know she's not my friend but when i see this word she's the only one i thought of =.=
9. Pretty: Tzenny
10. Handsome: arrrr got who ar?

Your beloved:
11. Cool or talkative: Cool
12. Smart or Clever: smart and clever got diff meh?
13. Fairer or darker: Fairer... than me T__T
14. Receiver or giver: BOTH
15. Taller or shorter: Taller.. than me.
16. Fun or Boring: Fun when without my family T__T
17. Popular or Nobody: somebody:D
19. Math or Art or Science: Math
20. Is your beloved your bf/gf or coming soon: boyfriend

21. Your Family/ Friend: xin! the only one in wood who hasn't been tagged
22. Your Friend: Huishien. give you some work to do
23. Your Friend: Jocin. but i guess she won't do =.=
24. Your Friend: Ee Pei. since you updated your blog frequently i guess you will do it:)
25. Your Friend: Flora. cause i met you thru blog and i think you read my blog
26. Your Friend: Samzz. do it do it!:)
27. Your Friend: Mei fong. she won't do it either.
28. Your Friend: idk.
29. Your Friend: idk. i cant think of anyone anymore.
30 Your Beloved/ Your Friend: the boyfriend doesnt blog one wor. idk la.

Friday, March 12, 2010

recap of the malaysia's good ol time!

i kept my promise ok. i am writing bout my 3 months in malaysia now, despite having my eyes popping out real soon. working whole day arrrr. so funny that when i was in Malaysia, no matter how much marketing i did for the blogshop, only a few people emailed and asked. and now that i'm not in Malaysia anymore, i keep getting queries bout the bikinis! still, i'm happy cause i completed one business and sold off two bikinis today! yay yay and my dad will be helping posting out the bikinis:)

so this is about the blogshop. i didnt really prepare for it, i admitted. i know i know, when my dad read this he's probably going to kill me. i write rubbish in the business plan lar:( and i havent even breakeven arrrrrr. SO PEOPLE, HELP ME TO SPREAD THE NEWS THAT THE BLOGSHOP IS STILL OPEN! just that COD is no longer available.

i know the whole world know bout this but i still want to write :P i've been taking summer courses in HELP University College. not a good college, but then this is probably the best decision i made so far. studying in HELP was oh so happy. firstly i made some really nice friends. and they called me when they knew i was going to leave Malaysia, and told me that we have to meet up once i'm back again:) how nice, although we don't really spend our lunchbreak together. secondly, i got to meet up with the boyfriend regularly. we took one same course and went to classes together:) he fetched me to and back from school almost every classes. imagine, his house Kapar, to Bukit Tinggi, and then to Damansara. so much hassle but he still did it. i know its so sweet dont jealous. ngakngak. so every morning we went Mcd's drive-thru. very unhealthy i know, but what to do, we almost woke up late every morning so this is the world's most convenient breakky:) we were Mcd's biggest fans these three months. not only breakky, we did our exam revision at Mcd, having dessert at Mcd, having some lunchbreak at Mcd:D we have the most memories in Mcd these months:)

this was during one lunch time after classes. we went to Wondermilk+ at Uptown. this fella didn't try cupcake before so i brought him there! and guess what, Wondermilk has set lunch now and its so worth it! one main meal, one drink and one cupcake for less than 10bucks (if not wrong i forgot the price) and Wondermilk's cupcake is at least RM4.50 each:) he cannot leave computer one. got more pic of him with computer =.=

okay i havent got my result from HELP yet so i still dont know how i did for the exams. so dont ask thankyou:)

i went for a 3D2N trip to Langkawi with the bf and friends. awesome trip, refer to here.

intermission: the boyfriend is spamming my text message inbox now and make me missing him so much T____T okay intermission ends. =__=

ABOUT FAMILY!:) leave alone the quarrels and fightings, i think i have pretty much good family. so we have a lot of family gatherings and celebrations during these three months, and Leen came back for a week during December. i think i misplaced some of the photos now i only got these:(
this is during CNY. reunion dinner and my dad and gramma's birthday! awww see the baby i was carrying? he's my oh-so-chubby-and-cute cousin bro! very very easy to take care of, i love:) and i found out that my family members all cannot sit diam diam and take pic one. more evidence below T__T
this copy cat, always follow what i wear. this was once when we went out for supper, i wore this shirt, and a denim short, and my slipper. and she followed my shirt, denim short, having the similar slippers, same specs, and same HTC phone. copy cat sial!

this was during CNY, at my aunt's house! creative or what???? i felt all warmy warmy when i see this:)

This was at The Garden during xmas eve's eve. :D wanted to watch movie at the garden but ended up eating few meals in few hours:) we all love eating! even when going out with the bf, our money always spent in eating. why ar?

and this was while waiting for my turn to take pic with the santa.

chilling at some coffeeshop....... and waiting for MY FOOD. yes, all of them stop eating already i still nomnomnomnomnom:)

camwhore is a must ok.

this was during a relative's wedding dinner at kapar. i got a new born sister:) (ok la joking la that was my cousin =.= my dad has enough of girls around her already)

see told you! cannot take photo properly one. got more evidence later.

the sisters ok.

don't guess who's the sua ku on the right. IT WASN'T ME. =.= i mean it wasn't my idea doing such stupid thing. T_____T they force me one. they forcing my cousin sis' headband thingy +wig on my big head and force me to look like a suaku. T____T oh and its my gramma on the left.

the two boh-geh! hahahaahah.

see when i say take pic take pic, sure got someone want to destroy the photo one. sleeping style lar, this style that style, all kind la just to assure that the photos dont come out nice.

this was during CNY when one of dad's friend came to visit us, bring his dad to write some dui lian for us. they were Chinese, real Chinese from China =.= and while i was so hardworking cutting the papers, i got bullied for the camera. how say? my family cannot pose properly in front of the photo one. instead of smiling, they did something strange, like the photo above, punching me T___T now i know where i got the genes from =.=

and i revenged, mana tau di-revenged again.

and the cameraman (stupid ee leen) love me so much she has to keep aiming me. so i was being all good posing for her. =.=

seeeeee! told you she loves me:)

saw my name saw my name???! :D yea he was using my name as the 1st word of the dui lian.

ok this photo cannot see their faces, but they are my neighbours. Uncle Koh and the three kids, Rachel, Summer, and Olivia. they love coming to my house...... to draw. =.=

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA epic photo of the year! he cut his hand a month ago, and see how good is he acting :D okay enough of the family pic =.=

the house! i painted the interiors with the maid NOW TELL ME I'M GENIUS!:) i know i know i'm so capable i can paint ok:) at 1st it was fun, and then i get bored, but still have to finish everything.
heh. this was while half way painting my sis' room. HAHAHAHAHAH dont know how will she react if she knows her wall has my conteng conteng on beneath:P

no photos of the house because dad doesn't allow me to post the house photos here. say cannot give too much personal info on the internet, its dangerous =_______=

the boyfriend. we dated very very little. the best time we spend were during eating time, see point TWO thankyou:)
this was during our last date, went Friday for dinner. that day we ate so much from lunch till dinner. and we talked a lot! we got endless topics one unless we fight. =____=

this was during our valentine dinner. we celebrate a week before with Julius and Nadia, and we had a great night:)

and this is my valentine present. (pic taken now i look like shit and edited until so untidy just ignore me alright) and is the most expensive present i got ok. leen was so envy hahahahaha and she wants to get a bf soon:)

this is the bf's cousin, Ming Xuan. (i hope i spell the name rightly) and this during her birthday and we got her this big lollipop as present:) she has the same birthday as the boyfriend:)

The Mentakab's lil sis lil bro came to visit us twice, once during dec, and once on CNY:) they stayed over, and we had fun!
this was while waiting for Aunty Judy to tag along to DongZen Temple.

i love this my eyes look huge:) taken by Shun Xiang, not camwhore ok

had so much nice talks with the BFFs! except for See Bee which i hardly can see her T___T and now only i realise we only took pic during Jocin's birthday celebration.

okay la i think that's all i lazy to find pic already:P

Thursday, March 11, 2010

i want to be a nerd!!!

you know, when i don't update blog, i felt guilty sometimes. it's just like when i follow those bloggers religiously and they don't update, i am a tad of upset. yesterday, the boyfriend told me SeeBee texted him to ask about me. i was so surprised! and i guess maybe it was because i haven't update my blog regularly and she is the one who reminds me to update my blog more often before i left Malaysia. so for her sake, i shall blog:) thanks Low See Bee! i felt really really touched and glad when mingzu told me this cause i'm currently having serious homesick. YOU ROCK!:D

I am doing my major courses this semester. Taking prerequisite course and the year 3 course correspondingly. not really easy, i should say. i haven't get to understand what the hell do i need to study for that year 3 course. Electronic Commerce Infrastructure, the name sounds so canggih hor? seriously the course also very canggih. canggih until i didnt remember i learn something about hardware, and in tutorial classes we started answering hardware questions.

so this course is to combine management and IT. and guess what? out of more than 20,000 students in the uni, only 9 pathetic students enrolled for this course. therefore, we have our lectures with the Master students. proud? definately big no no! i was struggling during the last tutorial, while answering questions about CPU. to be honest, i forgot every single thing in CSCI class 2 years ago. and out of the 9 students in the class, i am the weakest. how say? okay so when everyone is answering the question "What are the differences between CPUs?" with no passage or what not included, just one line of question, everyone started giving opinions. AND the genius me was googling what the hell is APM (so now i know APM is a brand of CPU). they spoke like an IT expert while i'm googling for 'CPUs'. i felt like i wasn't mean to be in Ebusiness classes, you know. sigh.

oh and on an unrelated note, i've finally got the official offer to NUS. however due to my Ebusiness major, which is still kinda rare, the subjects availability are so limited. and due to my courses offered next semester in UQ, they don't recommend me to exchange to NUS next semester, instead suggesting me to go Singapore next year, provided that NUS has the subjects they approved. sadly, NUS only have the courses i want during their august semester, so yea, aku tak da fate dengan NUS. sigh.

i have to start to be a nerd, an IT nerd. takkan want to lose to my another 8 classmates meh. i also want to speak in their discussion, and not copying down what they've spoken and then google for answer. like that very loser. T_______T next week tutorial will be discussing about motherboard and imma gonna memorize every tits and bits of that freaking board! *kiasu mode on*

arrrrrrrrrr but before that i have assignments to finish. and i havent found a job. and i havent really meet people. sigh.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


i bet most of you don't know this song and this drama. it was on the tv NTV7 last year end if not wrong. i didnt really watch it but my family did. and one day while joining them, i saw this part, and was so amazed by this song. Malaysian production ok, i love it. it's from the drama Timeless Season (平底高跟鞋) with a super appropriate name 用爱编织梦.

hello no doubt its from Uncle Zhou Jin Liang. very Jin-Liang-style straight away i know its from him. He's so talented i love his production!:) ok lar not to brag but i know him in person hehehe.

super meaningful song CLICK ON THE PLAY BUTTON NOW:) eh can be graduation song for those high school people ok:)

Monday, March 8, 2010

so this was my whole week in australia.

i know, i did not keep my promise to update the blog once i reach aussie. one week since i reached, so many things occupied me, i don't even have time to blog. and guess who urge me to blog? yes my dad. =_________=

i came back, with two of my sis' friends, Angela and Choon Jin. both are funny people, we had so much fun during their stay. click here, here, here, here and here for the photos. and one important thing to mention during their stay was that I DONT NEED TO COOK. they can cook, and they cooked every homemeal! bliss or what??? awwww i hope i can get to move out from this place and get some new friends who know how to cook. :( and since they left till now, 3 days already, i only ate bread, instant food, and more instant food. tonight leen cooked so yea finally some proper meal:) but i miss them. sob:(

we went to Gold Coast one day, visited MovieWorld and Surfer's Paradise and the freaking long journey was so sickening. After some games in the Movie World, plus the oh-so-awesome weather which rain and shine and rain and shine, i finally felt dizzy and nausea. i cannot shower under the rain AND stay under the big sun for some times. and tadaaaa~ i felt so sick. the whole journey back to Brisbane was torturing:( but we had lotsa fun! the photos were the best evidence:)

When they went to visit UQ and Southbank another day, i didnt follow. A day before they left, we went to City, went to China Town, walked across the Story Bridge, chilled on the CityFerry, walked to Queen Street, bought a big size poker card, and chor dai dee in the Coffee Shop! hahaha this was so funny when we the loser has the punishment of talking to the cloud like a psycho. Leen lost, but we were being good to let her only talked with a tiang beside the street:D "WHY YOU DON'T WANT TO TALK TO ME? WHY???" this is what i saw from the recorded videoclip while she shake the tiang and shout. HAHAHAA.

then i went to meet Tzenny at her studio while the girls went to casino........ and lost one buck =__________= Tzenny has nice studio! it's like living in a hotel!!! envy her envy her envy her =______= oh and Tzenny cooked for me! i should have take some pic:( undercooked fried rice but still taste good, and mushroom with egg:) for a beginner, she was good:) we chatted for hours until i got to leave to meet the girls at SouthBank for dinner.

they drank wine but i didn't. DAD I DIDNT DRINK OK I AM A GOOD GIRL. ngakngak. and before we went home, we bought 12 bottles of Heineken cause they do not have enough of alcohol =_______= anyway, i was the best child among all cause i drank one bottle only ok:P the girls told me that they did not want to sleep until the next morning for their flight. and guess what? i was the only one who stayed awake for the whole night, so that they won't miss their train and flight to melbourne the next day. =________=

after they left, i was so hooked up with the taiwanese drama - Next Stop, Happiness. it was kinda good at 1st, but you know, typical taiwanese drama la drag so much at the ending there, make the movie kinda boring a bit at the last few episode. but all in all, the best taiwanese drama i have ever watched. CLAP CLAP CLAP!:) i kinda like Vanness already:)

in this semester, i only have classes during monday and tuesday. very very good timetable:) i thought of finding a part time job, lets see how it goes:) and i learnt HTML in classes and it's freaking hard. today got one online quiz to submit already:( korean is a mess. i cannot catch up already i don't know what the hell was the lecturer mumbling. all strange words. :(

butttt, i start to know new friends already so clap for me:)