Sunday, February 28, 2010

flying off to gold coast tonight 9.40pm from LCCT. sending me off anyone?

hi hello there i am a walking snot machine now. caught a cold two days ago, and now i'm having flu, cold, and cough. say yay! and this is what i concern the most during the flight cause i have very very bad sensory organ. lots of problem one. especially during flu, i have super bad air pressure problem and my ears will be so sting i am afraid i will lost my hearing. eff. hope this time i wont encounter this. and everytime confirm in the flight i will have migraine.

who say flying is a fun thing?:(

i dont want to leaveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, as if i got choice. sigh.

oh and i will only reach aussie tomorrow morning, and i will be having classes tomorrow. fml.

okaythanksbye. this time, real goodbye:(

Friday, February 26, 2010


just meeting up with sunflower for the last time before i leave for aussie. :( last time ok cause tomorrow i have whole day family gathering and on sunday guests will be flooding my house again. he's having midterm exam on coming monday. funny that always when i'm leaving, he will be having exam. sigh.

i really really hate leaving, as much as i hate having red-tide in flight. :(

but one thing for sure, distance makes heart grow fonder. like after a year of LDR, no doubt we are getting better! we won't fight for unknown reason, we learnt to tolerate each other better, and our relationship is getting much more stable:) even my sis finally thought that, this relationship might last long! so happy ok when getting affirmations.

but then at the end of the day, LDR still sucks. when we can only communicate through online and phone calls. SIGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SCREW LDR.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

go get it, my 10 juicy facts.

hello. i have to wait for my dad to come home now, so to not waste my precious time, i shall blog:)

ok 10 juicy facts about my life now.

  1. I am NOT going to NUS already. gave up the student exchange program due to some reasons. ok Julius shall start scolding me again T___T he said i always give up the 1st class thingy, and choose the not-so-good one. like when i got Melbourne U's offer a year ago, i chose to go UQ. and now i got NUS but i still choose UQ. har har. but sometime in life, the best thing is not the best choice ok. as long as i don't regret what i am leading to now, then its fine:)

  2. I am going back to the evil-kangaroo-land this sunday. 9.40pm flight at LCCT, i dont think there's anyone want to send me off cause i come home so often. =________= but then i'm not coming home this april already cause semua ticket mahal-mahal belaka. sigh. and this time will be the longest LDR sunflower and I will be facing. 4 months. 4 pathetic months. :( on another note, Tzenny is at Brisbane now! *big wet eyes* at least there's more companion in brisbane, you see. :)

  3. I am only going to study 3 courses in this semester. all thanks to Ipswich campus which started NOT offering my courses. make my study plan all terbalik grrrr. since i have classes only on Monday and Tuesday, i will be hunting for job this semester! aussie dollar convert rate very high arrrrrrrrrr, have to try to earn own money already. but shit, resume how to write one ar????! :(

  4. I dont want to go back to aussie. i dont want to start school.

  5. I dont want to go back to aussie. i dont want to start school.

  6. I dont want to go back to aussie. i dont want to start school.

  7. I dont want to go back to aussie. i dont want to start school.

  8. I dont want to go back to aussie. i dont want to start school.

  9. I dont want to go back to aussie. i dont want to start school.

  10. I dont want to go back to aussie. i dont want to start school.

Friday, February 19, 2010

20-year-old small kid.

hi hello there. pardon my short hiatus i really really don't feel like blogging, even for now. but i have to keep myself busy to be very very a negative person:P

shit 9 more days and i'm back in the evil-kangaroo-land. i still couldn't believe that 3 months just pass in a blink. sigh.

(too long didnt write, i forget the flow of blogging T___T) i don't know what should i write now. i will be writing a long recap of what's happening during the 3 months in malaysia after i leave for aussie ok.

okay la since i got nothing to write in this post, i shall reveal the reason to avoid me being free to think. its like this one. today the BFFs have gathering at Jocin's house and i dont have permission to go out, since i have been going out whole day yesterday and will be going out tomorrow. and then, i did not join the high school gang with the boyfriend for the planned dinner just now at Tanjung Harapan, and worse didn't join them to Bukit Cahaya and WetWorld this morning. and then, just now Tommy called to ask if i want to join everyone at his house or not. and guess what, everyone includes the friends, the BFFs, and the bf. wtheck. so everyone is there, except for me. :( upset sial ok.

so this is a 20 years old girl with curfew and permissions. eff.

shit. writing it here makes it even saddening. so i should be 2 years old instead of 20 years old. ok i shall stop cursing. okthxbai.