Thursday, December 31, 2009


okay before the clock strikes 12, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUNFLOWER! :D yes, he's the 31st december baby. very very last minute baby. ngakngak.


i've got so many birthday plan for him, but most of them were quite hard to realize. and this was the easiest plan, but the most job to do. =_________= i made a big-ass card flooded with wishes from people he knows.

cause of his birthday plans, i actually lied so much to him, yettttt most of it failed. fml.

so when i thought of the plan, i actually tried to ask him for his email's password. this is an easy peasy job cause he straight away gave me without second thought. and then i copy all his friend list email addresses and wrote a mail to his friends regarding to the collection of wishes. i think i sent out around more than two hundreds of mail, and only some replied. (thank goodness not everyone reply if not the card might not fit all the wishes. heh. XD) i actually used his msn to chat with his friends too. LOL.

i should say, several of his friends were very helpful! if not for them, i wouldn't have reached so many of his friends. :) thanks to munjie, tzeherng, and sueanne for doing a great job in getting people to sign! :D

and my plan leaked half-way through the process. :( 1st was munjie's text message, which i did not delete and sunflower accidentally saw it T_____T and then he asked me about it, and i used so much effort to distort the whole thing, practically telling him a whole new story about how i was actually going to give him a birthday surprise bash. woah this part damn hard cause this guy is so suspicion on every single tiny thing. =____= and then after that, i was so clever to delete all my text messages until the day before i went to the langkawi trip, i was too busy to clear my text messages, and so during the trip, he saw Sueanne's text message and he knew more than half of my plan already. T______T but then takkan i ask everyone to write wishes already and then i stop doing it right? so no choice la have to continue the so-called surprising wishes card. sigh. but he did got surprises when he saw the birthday wishes from his taylor's friends and some long-lost friends. :) i damn geng! ngakngak.

this was not how i intended to design the card, but i left one last piece of big paper, and the wishes papers cannot fit in all if i design them into all visible. :(
so the wishes notepapers can actually move leftward and rightward along the string. it can be flipped upward too so that the bottom paper is visible:) each row represents different group of friends. and each group of friends has photos to identify them.
he loves it, and i'm so glad bout it:) and yes, he is a happy man today :D
i love love love the wordings! so much hassle draw cut and paste and cut and paste. @___@

another plan is to buy mini u-hu-hu (the cheese cupcake selling at The Loaf, Pavillion) for him since he loves cheesecake so much! but then plan failed cause i couldn't drive and i got no time to go all the way down to pavillion to get a dozen of cupcakes. sigh.

SO SAD that i couldn't join the boyfriend and friends at jul's house for 2010 countdown :( and i'm home alone now. I SHOULD HAVE GONE THERE! T_____T

so everyone did new year resolution! and now its my turn. :P

PEACEFUL FAMILY. sometimes, the house is too noisy. okay fine, is most of the time. :( very annoying like that! lesser quarrel, lesser argue, lesser scolding, lesser nagging:)

LDR. like seriously, i hope my ldr can survive thru another year, and most probably the final year! no matter which part of aussie the boyfriend is going on 2011, it won't be as long-distance as in Malaysia:) no doubt LDR is hard, but we did it for a year, so i think we can most probably get thru the 2nd year:)

DEAN HONOUR ROLL. i know i know, its so annoying keep repeating these three bloody words but not getting in it. by the way for those who didn't know wth is that, its some cool title for student who get distinction for all subjects. and i only got all credits for last semester fml. work hard Eva, work harder!

BECOME PRETTIER. ngakngak. :P which girl doesn't want to? heh. the part i hate about make-up is to remove make-ups. ma fan dou sei. =___= seriously, make-up is addictive! leen told me bout this too. once you get hooked on it, you can't get out of the house without it! okay fine its not that serious cause for my situation, i only apply makeups when i need to meet people and when i'm not lazy, and the basic basic one is to conceal pimple and darkeyecircle. :)

MONEY. money means income. income means business. shit la my business wasn't doing good last month. changing strategy now. sigh. i hope i can think more like a business people. i need to start reading on biz newspaper. i need more money!!! i need to dream big so that i can get motivated! :)

GET A NORMAL LIFE. eat on time, sleep on time, do things on time. this is sooooo hard for me. procrastination kills. :(

okay i dont mention all resolution here cause somethings are to be kept to myself.

happy 2010 everyone! time flies, so dont take it for granted! :)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

i have some frequent fml moments these days. like i think i'm not fully awake at times.

case 1
i wanted to send corny messages to the boyfriend. and i ended up sending them to my dad, TWICE one shot. and my dad replied: I'm not your dear lahhhhh. i don't get why did i repeat same mistake for twice. gaaah.

case 2
my heart and mouth are not as one. T_______T i was with the boyfriend, and wanted to ask him something. so this is what i thought: eh dear i ask you ah..............

and then it ended up into: eh daddy i ask you ahhh.... oh shit.

seeeeeeeeeeee. and the boyfriend were so unsatisfied to be called as 'daddy' for twice. T______T

this is bad :(

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Some best places that shouldn’t miss out in Langkawi

PC170019We planned to go by train, but due to the hassles we might encounter in the 12 hours journey plus around an hour of ferry ride, we finally settle with air transport. one hour, free from getting lost in middle of Kedah and save some energy to play more after that.

PC170021 i should say, AirAsia’s seat is sooooo much comfortable than AirAsia X’s. what the heck is this man. at least this domestic plane has adjustable seatback and has softer and comfier seat. not fair one.

we started our trip unhappily. we didnt know that the only car rental booths in the airport were before the arrival gate, and all of us walked out without queried for car rental. so after that, only me and ChinHeng went back to the arrival hall to ask for car rental. there were around 10 booths with different company names, but heck i think all of them were under the same big shark company. so we were asking for the smallest car (Kancil or Kelisa) and they claimed that all small cars were out-of-stock and the smallest car left was Hyundai Optima, and the best price given was RM400 for 3 days. we asked each and every booth and they gave the freaking same price lor. and then we got no choice and gonna pay for that already. but out of nowhere, there’s one fella shouting “RM270 Kancil for 3 days, RM90 per day!” to a foreigner. i ask you la, if you were us, what reaction will yours be? so me and CH paused the registration, and asked that bald man. he said he has Kancil at 1st. after that he walked away, came back and told us that he might want to double checked with his colleague bout the Kancil, and when he finished his bloody phone call, he told us that no more Kancil. and RECOMMENDED US CAMRY WITH THE RATE OF RM250 PER DAY. what the hell??????? i told him that we couldn’t afford since we were all students and he freaking told me to use my face to earn money cause i have pretty face sure can get lots of money one. i was too good to not show my pathetic finger to him at that moment. we left his booth, tried to ask other booths, and all of them were so cooperative to turn us down. all of sudden, everyone has no more car to rent to us. worse, one ugly malay woman laughed at us cause we lost the 1st offer from them. bloody genius, no? so we left.

aimlessly, we took a cab to our hotel. good thing is the receptionist was so hostile, and we managed to check-in before 12pm. while everyone else started to get contacts of car rental and finally we got a kancil, RM300 for 3 days. a better deal! after settling down, we went out for lunch at a pretty decent malay stall. cheap and nice food along Pantai Cenang but its kinda hard to reach cause it’s located in an alley between shops.

with the simple Langkawi map we got from the airport, [i forgot where we wanna go at 1st] we accidentally got into the track to Gunung Raya. okay la fine, in between we got lost for few times to find for petrol stations and a few wrong turning. but heck the roads in langkawi are all almost connected so in the end we were still going to the right way. heh.

so 1st stop, GUNUNG RAYA. according to the map, there’s only two reachable hills, one is the cable car one, and the other is Gunung Raya. this is when Google came in handy. before the trip, i actually did some homework -  the do’s and dont’s, the places, the food etc. its not on the main attraction list, but we were willing to be adventurous!

PC180035boyfriend drove. we were actually quite nervous when there’s only one or two cars drove by, plus there’s a lot of landslide traces. we kept hoping that it won’t rain that day, when the sky was all gloomy.

PC180039 surprisingly, there’s one hotel located at the summit of the hill. and this is the place we stopped. to be honest, the view below the tower is already very nice, but its not high enough to get the whole sunset view la. so we paid RM10 per person to go up to the tower and yes the 10 bucks is worth the money.

PC180040magnificent langkawi view. this is just a part of it, and you can see the whole langkawi from the tower. 

IMAG0003playing with reflection. hehe. we waited for the sunset for few hours but the weather wasn’t good. so we left the hill before dark without watching sunset. sayang betul.

dinner, we planned to go to the biggest night market in Langkawi at Kuah Town. biggest kononnya. wikitravel conned me. there’s only around 10 stalls in a pathetic small street. all of them didn’t quite want to trust my source anymore after that T_____T but there’s lots of duty free shops around. went back to hotel early that night, slept early without going to the beach as planned.

day 2 started off with cup noodles bought in convenient store. very vacation feel cause usually i went to family trip, the days when we slept late, cup noodles were the saviors! :) wanted to try on the steepest cable car in Asia, but the boys said its a waste of money cause we had the best view of langkawi from gunung raya already and for sure it will be crowded and expensive. so our plan was to go to the Western langkawi. TEMURUN WATERFALL was our destination since from the map picture, Temurun Waterfall is bigger than Durian Perangin Waterfall. but heck when we reached, this is what greeted us.

PC190060a dried waterfall a.k.a. the waterfall sebelum buka paip. ngakngak.

Temurunphoto credit to google image. where has the water gone???? :( guess this is how the scriptwriter of 2012 got inspired. sigh.

PC190063 seriously, this is bad. hello people, be alert ehhhhh the earth is dying. T_____T

didn’t stay up long there, off we went to PASIR TENGKORAK BEACH. just opposite the waterfall. nice beach, but the spot we went were too crowded so we just stopped for like 5 minutes. =___________= lunch was KFC with the pretty yachts view around Pantai Kok. KFC cause everyone couldn’t resist the fried chicken temptation. hehe.

went back to the hotel cause we didnt know where else to go other than the beach but the weather was so hot, we then decided to play poker cards in the room till evening.

PC190097Pantai Cenang has good sand! seriously this is the 1st time i encountered such soft sand! like you are stepping on foams like that. =________=

PC190077PC190078PC190079  heh. i was training him to camwhore. :P you never know how vain the boyfriend can be. ngakngak.

PC190088wanted to try on parachute and banana boat butttttttttt we were too late. i want parachutinggg T______T

IMG_0429dinner at Mimi’s Ikan Bakar along Pantai Cenang, recommended by WikiTravel but once again, nothing special there lor. summore the service wasn’t quite good. a bit of racism going on. *shrug shrug*

IMG_0435 after dinner, chilled along the beach, gazing at millions of stars. woah blisssss! spent few hours sitting along the beach, chitchatting, playing with sands etc. pure happiness it was. and we went back around 1 in the morning:)

day 3 breakfast was American Breakfast @ The Breakfast Bar, Pantai Cenang. you never know how excited the boys were when they saw eggs! ahhhh i should have captured down the moment. hehe. we went to do some duty free shopping after that. chocolates and alcohols done. tried Kampai and i love it! :) checked out from the hotel and there we started off our journey to the North! :D

Black Sand Beach, there we went!IMG_0451 this is among the bestest beach of langkawi! and don’t doubt its name, cause the sand was literally partially black! aiyar if we can get some shower place, i sure plunge into the sea one. sigh. pantai cenang has no waves, which is kinda potong steam, but here the waves were great!

walked along the beach with the super hot weather without sunblock lotion. we very macho like that! har har.

grabbed some snacks, and off we went to DURIAN PERANGIN WATERFALL since it was still early to catch the sunset. this time, a reallllll waterfall!IMG_0488its nice, and will be even better without those un-environmental-friendly people behind us there! like seriously, they can just throw whatever rubbishes they had into the water and let them flow downstream. what the heck? plain brainless shit.

PC200148see the exhausted face? ngakngak. he drove most of the time:)

around evening, we drove all the way back to Pantai Cenang to catch the sunset! we couldn’t get any sunset on the 1st two days and thank god we saw it right before we left. too crowded the beach. :( and we were cool people like that, we blackjacked at the beach with magnificent sunset view. :D

dinner at Orkid Ria Restaurant, just right beside the beach. chinese seafood restaurant with midrange price. after that, we left for airport.

all in all, a great trip with great companion! :D

p/s: from the reviews from google, most people claimed that the mosquitoes there are very ganas yadi yada, so i bought insect repellant spray. i apply the repellant spray whenever i was going to beaches or hills and i didnt really get mosquito bites. not quite sure if my repellant works, or there’s no mosquitoes around cause other people didn’t get mosquito sting too. :D

p/p/s: this is one heck affordable trip, other than car rental and hotel room, we didnt spend a lot. we skipped all those with entrance ticket fee e.g. underwater world, eagle feeding, mangroove tour, cable car, yet we still get to explore so much in Langkawi. still, there’s some regrets for not trying parachute, not visiting the Summer Palace at Pantai Kok (one of the film set of Anna and The King starred by Chow Yun Fatt) and not visiting the Book Village at the foot of Gunung Raya. like hello? a book village situated among the greeneries in the forest. not tempting enough to have a look? but nobody else wanted to go so we didnt go. nevermind, i will make sure i go there at the next trip to langkawi! :D

Friday, December 25, 2009

my xmas wish is….

…a secret cannot be revealed. :P okay fine my wish is to not go back to aussie, but i think its so impossible cause my dad keeps think that i want to stay here only for the boyfriend. =______= “now choose boyfriend and want to abandon study edi la??” parents just couldn’t think straight. sigh.

i am not a famous blogger or someone with much publicity that she has obligations to write so-called overdue post or whatsoever. i try to jot down as many tits and bits of my life, butttttttttttt 1st thing 1st, according to my mood. and now is not in the mood to blog. :P

Langkawi was fun! we didn’t visit those famous places, instead we go off beaten! i shall maybe write something bout langkawi, perhaps in the next post. :) (included that i can confirm finishing my assignment which due next week, and commit as much as possible to the family so that dad wont jealous that i contribute too much to the family and only remember the bf =.=)

chrismas photothis was the charity photo shooting, taken at the centre court of Mid Valley.

chrismasphoto1anyway, merry xmas, especially to Momoko and Charlie. :)

Friday, December 18, 2009

i'm leaving tomorrow again.


i realised that i rely on blogging too much when i was in aussie, just to keep myself occupied. and now that my life is just wonderful i don't even want to blog. heh. sorry for disappointing those no.1 readers.

my blogshop isn't doing good for now. i hope it will be better from next week onwards cause i'm going to change the way i manage it now. :)

i'm going for a 3D2N holiday at Langkawi with the ex-classmates! (now i realised that we are all classmates for two years! hehe) and ironically, this will be my 1st time going on vacation like that with classmates, so long after i graduated from school. i DID NOT even attend once of graduation trip, not primary school, not high school. sad isn't it? i will be sure to have so much fun tomorrow! :)

yes, going off with airasia again. and this time will be my 7th and 8th time on plane this year. i have to be thankful for having budget airline service at my places, and no more airasia sucks :)

classes have been great so far. i love my friends, Gai Gai and Zhou Hui from China. they made good companion. :) submitted my 1st complete assignment and the next due in a fortnight (fml).

the boyfriend's birthday is around the corner. time flies, i don't even know what to do for his birthday. suggestion anyone? i have a draft plan but i dont think my plan works cause i cannot drive. =____________= anyone wants to offer driving me here and there to get things done? (shit i dont think ppl so free lor)

i've rejected meet up with friends:
- photo shooting with tzenny
- exercising with the BFFs at Taman Rakyat this morning
- the coming KwangHua Form5'07 xmas reunion
- treating Jiunn & Co.

i think my friends will start hating me. T_____T but dad says i have to give and take, and know my limits. T______T

okay i have to get back to work. holiday what??? :(

Monday, December 14, 2009

no aussiee noooooooooooooo!

i love how i am living my life now. and this feeling is getting better and better day by day. i don't think i want to go back to aussie again next year. can time just stop here? :(

aih. next year march i will go thru tough adaption all over again. i hate this. if not considering of leen, i will just apply for monash malaysia and stay here until my final year. aihhhhhhhh. i still dont get what so good about study abroad. gaah.

best thing staying at home is being ignorant. ignore dirty clothes, ignore dirty dishes, ignore buying groceries etc. pure bliss! :) and instead of waiting for people to online days and nights, one phone call can reach the person i want to contact! i love love love this! :) i don't even bother to on my msn now. =____=

stop time, stop! :(

Saturday, December 12, 2009

of cycling and babysitting.

went to bukit cahaya this morning with the high school friends! i was very bery excited cause i havent cycle for like 5475373562 years already and i didnt even know if i still remember how to ride. thank goodness i nailed it! =) no injuries but i’ve got 346456 bruises all over my legs. i didnt know when i get them =______= i brought insect repellent spray but i dont think it really helped. still got bitten by stupid mosquitoes and there goes more scars on my legs. sigh.

all photos are in mei and eddy’s cameras and they will upload it in fb so no photos here now.

you know, the boyfriend is so camera shy until its so hard to get a pic of him. AND when one of our friends got his photos, that person will be so happily came showing off to me. =________= last time were Eddy and munjie. and today was cheeyong. i know i know, we got nothing better to do than to compete who gets more of the boyfriend’s photo. =___________= and obvious enough, i lost. T____T

i can foresee myself working for my mom with sore arms thighs tomorrow. i havent been exercise exercise SO MUCH in two years time. and my stamina dropped like shit. @____@ i’m practically always the last to reach the destinations throughout the cycling today. T_________T Eva, you have to exercise more, and face lesser of computer. :(


i watched The Princess and The Frog yesterdayyyyyy! :D woah i like fairytale like this! hehe. babysat 5 kids with my parents but i was sitting alone in the cinema with both my side empty seats. (due to some stupid reason la) and when we went out of the cinema after the show, my lil cousins kept saying that i was sitting with ah pun ne ne (indian la LOL) and they dont want to stand near me . =_________= i kept deny and say that i was sitting alone but none of the kids buy it. T_________T and it freaked me out so much cause i listened too much of those freaky ghost stories of Aeon cinema and now i think i encountered it myself. i promised myself that this will be the last time i am going to sit with side seats empty in cinema. T_______________T

on a brighter side, watching animation in cinema which has lots of kids are so funny! its not how charming the prince was, its not how cute the animations were, its not how annoying parents keep bringing their children to toilets thoughout the whole movie, its the GIGGLES of the kids that surrounded the whole cinema during funny scenes! i love love love listening to children’s giggle. so innocent can die! hehehe.

i know you miss me, so this is me:)lenglui. ngakngak.

i will end my post with this. i really admired how she can be so honest, and how can she describe her feelings so nicely. you know, sometimes i really depend so much on these real-life stories to keep me courageous and persistent. i guess there will never be smooth-sailing in long term relationship PLUS long distance relationship. but thank goodness they are still coupling. and now she made me rethink if my application to HKU is the right choice or not. i don’t want to put my relationship into danger like that. anyway, happy 5th anniversary, BazSuet! :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

ready stock bikinis, anyone?

i was so busy with the blogshop and the assignment these days. click HERE to visit the blogshop for more bikinis! :) i really really need to get rid of these 20 bikinis before next friday. please people, help me to promote. and i will give each and everyone 5 imaginary lollipops! i promise! :)


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

random sial. but i like :D

before i start whatever i want to write, this is my 700th post! :D

oh shit. assignment's gonna due in three days time. and i'm still having my sweet ol' sweet time. i love GOING TO CLASSES now. har har. okay i mean the class where sunflower and I are on the same class. :)

i am all happy today :)

and Tommy Chua Jin Wei got lost in Queensland on the very 1st day of arrival. CLAP HANDS PEOPLE! hahahahahahaha i am wondering how will he survive throughout the fortnight. =________= he has TOTALLY no sense of direction, worst, no common sense. =__________=

yor i need haircut la wei. :(

Monday, December 7, 2009

all because....

how to breathe when you are nearly suffocated? cause in that panic situation, you will eventually forgot how to breathe. or should i say, i choose to give up breathing, for i can be an irresponsible shit for my last time.

one and a half year more. i have been waiting for it for so many years. and i am going to do things that i regret not doing before that.

when you think you gave me the best, you neglected how i thought. you neglected how i feel. you neglected that i am just a 19-year-old.

all because i have a boyfriend when i shouldn't have one. but if i have another chance to go back to two years ago, i will still stand on by my choice. because this is one among so many that complete my life.

you didn't understand, you don't understand, and you wont understand. i don't hope for your understanding anymore. all i hope is to turn time faster. to finish what i am obliged to. and to start my own life.

...i'm bad in your eyes like that.
so no matter how good am I, I will still not satisfy you. you. and you!
shit. today supergirl attempt failed.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

for those who miss stalking me

hi hello there. i wanted to abandon the blog for few more days one but i can foresee the even busier me on the coming week so i better update a bit now first than losing more readership after that. har har.

so many people were asking me about my blogshop. the stocks is on the way already. BIKINIS IS SWIMMING/FLYING OVER HEREEEEEEE so bare with it for few more days aight. i lost many businesses cause so many people were doing last minute bikinis hunting for their beach trips. and i was so heartache to see cash flew away from me like that. =________= i don’t know how am i going to win the bet with the boyfriend already. 2 more weeks to get 20 bikinis sold. woah woah i can do it or not ah??? sigh.

i havent camwhore for a long time. cause i dont even have the time to camwhore. =______= and i havent even go to the saloon SIGH. okay la i camwhored once. heh.

IMAG0903 i know i know, my face is bigger than ever. even covering with hair also bigger than others one. i know i am a champion thankyou :D

last semester i dont have any presentation in uni, and i’ve slightly forgot how to deal with powerpoint already. =_______= therefore while helping dad to design a powerpoint slideshows, i used up one day to re-discover the wonders of powerpoint. i love the 2007 version! love it so much! :)

dad gave me a RM20 Times bookstore voucher and i bought a book for freaking RM6.30 only. ngakngak i know this book will surely worth moreeeeee than RM6.30.

IMAG0917 i did not watch the movie, and i’m not going to watch it. cause i prefer reading books over movies. and ignore my insanity :D


Tommy came to visit me just now. to get info on how to survive at Queensland for 2 weeks. he’s going there alone woah next time i want to do this also! going holiday alone how cool is that???? :D

and imma meeting up the BFFs later after dinner. Shien did not pick up my calls. and Jocin could not make it. so its only me, Khaiwee and Seebee. we havent meet up in months and i know we will have a whole lots to catch up!

finally one happening Saturday night! heheh..

Thursday, December 3, 2009

1st day of class was.......

....uhmmm... shocked. shocked when there's only 4 students included me in the class. shocked because Lydia and I are doing credit transfers to UQ and another two students are from China. shocked when i thought i can find someone to assist me in class, rather than now i have to translate and help out the two Chinese girls which they don't understand more than half of the lecture. SIGH.

1st assignment dues next friday. what the hell????? 1000 words weighted 10% in overall result. no final exam in this course and has bloody 4 assignments and 1 presentation throughout the semester. what the hell??????? gahhhh i don't even have textbook now.

i. seriously. hate. 8am. class! it freaking changed my daily routine. wake up at 6 in the morning, reached home at around 5 in the evening and slept at 6 in the evening and wake up at 11.30 at night. shittttt i have 8am class tomorrow and now i'm too wide-awake to go to bed again. grrrrrrr stupid 8am class!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

i screwed my exam. dean honour roll my ass. shit la i dont know how to tell my parents bout it. can foresee my dad's disappointing expression. T____________T

i am thaaaaat disappointing. sigh.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

never had enough time

woah like seriously why is the time passing so damn fast? like in a blink 1 hour, 2 hours, half a day gone. and i havent been sleeping past 9am every morning since last weekend. what the hell?? AND the best of all, i freaking have 8am classes for both days of classes. 8am at damansara means i have to freaking wake up at 6am. T_______T and have 6 hours classes a day omgwthbbq. i hope i can manage to get my ass off the bed before 6.45am for both schooling morning. har har. shit lar i can foresee myself skipping one or two hours of class each morning. T__________T

and you know how my life only revolving around family, boyfriend, school, and work work WORK. i practically lost my social life. okay fine i went to visit the ADPians once, not more than 30minutes. LOL. i havent see the BFFs and the Hollywoods yet! and Momoko's timetable is not compatible with mine. when i'm having breaks, she's having class. guess i have to find lunch kakis all over again. :(

i have so much never-ending working. my own blogshop, mom's work, dad's work, mom's client's work FML, and more mom's work. T_________T and everyday i'm doing deadlines first. =______= i am typing so fast woah so impressed of myself.

i've done managing the bikini stocks from the supplier, done bank account thingy, got my renewed license, done with the 1st important part of the blogshop. more to come! seriously need more time man.

just to remind myself, today's deadlines are:
- mom's client's powerpoint slideshow
- dad's homework (powerpoint slideshow)
- design freaking front page of mom's kindergarten art workbook
- reply emails of bikini inquiries
- get ready for school tomorrow

lastly, 8am class tomorrow at damansara. god bless.