Monday, November 30, 2009

i was spamming blogs' chatbox and i hope people won't mind about this. @____@ no choice i think this is the fastest way of publicizing the blogshop right after reviews from blogshop reviewers.

i have to get 20 bikinis order before 19th Dec. HAVE TO. must. no choice. and i believe that words of mouths is the best marketing strategy of all! so lenglui lengchai, goodhearted, intelligent, nice, friendly, etc, whichever category you are in the description mentioned, please please help me to promote The Summer's Attic!


Sunday, November 29, 2009


i was so busy with so many things lately, and jeopardized my relationship.

school starts tomorrow, and i will be even busier. gahhhh now my best challenge is to juggling school, work, relationships altogether without fail. i hope i can manage to do it.

msn messenger is a bitch. i am going to tell Tzen that i might ffk her LOLLLL. okay fine maybe not ffk but i really cannot help her out in any near short period cause my time is all packed and i cannot afford to lose any of the things mentioned above. i will talk to you soon, Tzenny. don't scold me ah. :P

good thing is that i've good some positive responses on my blogshop. bad thing is that i'm putting my own relationship into danger. T____T and i havent empty Eda's bedroom which tomorrow the carpenters will come and fix the furnitures, WHICH my mom asked me to do like 5 days ago. @____@ i'm risking my own life now LOL cause when my mom's nerve is getting on, she will be the fiercest tigress in the world. @_____@

i have to get things done by today. both the room and the relationship before the people around me fired me from their relationships. god bless.

when i only have photos and no title

you know, people should not blame me for camwhoring too much. cause i was brought up like that. har har. nah here got prove. :P
PB230859daddy camwhored with Ena. hehe. and down there still got more camwhore photos thankyou.

we went to shop for dad's clothes last week. and all i've chosen for dad, mom didn't like it. she said they were too young for dad. like seriously, i think they pretty suit dad and i dont know why mom always made dad wears those clothes which made him look so much older. =_____=



these were the one i choose for dad and i forced him to buy. har har. of course, without mom's acknowledgement. shhhhhh. :P

we love camwhoring! :)

PB240904i love camwhoring. :)

PB240866and we love disturbing couples dating. har har. we made so much noise around this pair of couple. i know i know, we very thick face like that. :P

PB240889and one should always be sensitive to camera. :P this theory will be further explained later.

we had family dinner at Glenmarie Holiday Inn today. went for japanese buffet and everyone claimed that i'm the most unworthy diner. cause i don't eat sashimi, i don't eat oysters and mussels, i don't really like unagi. all i ate were chawanmushi, miso soup, ebi, inari, and greentea ice cream! nom nom nom :)

PB270921this is my cousin sis and she was the centre of attention the whole night. sooooooo cute :)


why am i always the one who look into the camera??? O.O and please ignore my mom at the back i don't know what's going on to her. har har.


woah woah finally a better photo :)

PB270928Leen and ah-ma :) we just love to camwhore!

PB270934ignore her face. har har. she's going back to aussie tomorrow early morning so i'm not worried that she might kill me when she sees this. :P

PB270953 cute or not my cousin sis? hehe. and its my aunt at the right. we have so much fun laughing and gossiping the whole night! we are awesome people. :)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Summer’s Attic.

Fullscreen capture 11262009 121905 AM

yes yes yes, this is my 1st time venturing into business! doing what’s corresponding to my degree studies, i finally started an online business!

i wanted to sell bags, but so many blogshops are selling that. and i got not competent enough cause i cannot give lower price the cost kinda high and the profit margin is so low that there’s no point selling. =_______= and then i came across bikinis and found out that not many blogshops sell this! and, like seriously, if you go to the mall and buy a set of bikini, it will cost at least RM120, don’t even mention about branded bikinis like Roxy etc.

i’ve been procrastinate a lot cause this blogshop should be opening since last week. har har. and i only created a bank account the day before LOLLL.

i got morale and finance support from my dad. he’s my blogshop’s investor hehe. i don’t know if i can manage to do it well or not, but i will try my best. it’s my 1st business and i don’t want to make it a fail one. the boyfriend and I had two bets, and i’m so gonna win the bets!

click the banner above to reach the blogshop. :) and please spread the news to your babes, girlfriends, sisters, relatives, friends, whoever needs bikinis. thankyou.

for more info, kindly find your answer to the questions in the blog! =)

Friday, November 27, 2009


… is the 1st reaction i got from most people i met today. today is ADP’s commencement day and most of the winter ‘08 batch graduated today. kinchin told me bout it and said that “we must meet up!” and i thought yes it’d been a year since i left ADP and i should visit them before most of them left for USA. too bad i didnt bring the camera so yea see if someone tags me any photo in facebook or not. woah kinchin damn handsome today wearing full-formal with a coat! too bad i didnt even take one photo with him. I FORGET LA DA XING XING :( hardly can see him in formal. har har. and Chiyin was with red sore eyes, i know i know she was too touched to see me there. ngak ngak. saw Sean, Ken Ling, Wenni, Jason, Charles, etc. all still good! but someone says i look like a ghost. :( dark eyes circle’s fault cause i burnt midnight oil to rush the blogshop thingy. T______T maybe i really look like ghost cause when everyone saw me, their reactions were so big. –___________-

IMAGE_876 wearing sunnies to cover my eyes T________T

IMAGE_882 Momoko still remember this view? the palace apartment! this is the place where we chilled when the aircond at 12th floor was freezing cold. har har. i went up to 12th floor alone, and the good ol’ memories flooded back. it’s been a year man..

and H2O CLOSED DOWN ALREADY NO MORE BUBBLE TEA T_____________T sob. okaythanksbye.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Gift by Cecelia Ahern.

i’ve just finished The Gift from Cecelia Ahern. i was tearing so hard at the end of the story. Lou should not die. :( for me, The Gift is so much more interesting than P.S. I  Love You. and yes, Cecelia has improved a lot in her writing. okay i cried while reading P.S. I Love You too but the storyline of P.S. ILY is much more expected. highly recommended The Gift lor. and in each of Cecelia’s story, there’s a hidden lesson to be learnt. the story made me think a lot about the lesson she wanted to share.

i am not going to tell what’s the story about. go read it yourself. ngak ngak. apparently the story is a bit confusing at the front part. i got totally no idea what the story wanted to tell. and then it got more interesting pages by pages and it urged me to finish the ending in a day. i like how Cecelia Ahern writes to boost the readers imagination. she makes all the story scenes so real!

go read it. no doubt a worth reading story. :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

i’m not dead yet. ngak ngak.

helloooo i’m back in action:) don’t feel like blogging but i know lots of people got updated bout my life thru my blog and i don’t have a lot of time and phone credit to call each and everyone up so yea here i am to write. :)

last thursday i had a long flight. like seriously super long can die cause i couldn’t sleep, and i was sitting at the center sit very uncomfortable like that. and both my left and right sides were two aunties, kinda plump like that, and i sat until very sam fu. T__________T however, i met a new friend, from UQ too. this girl (shit i forgot her name T___T) is doing physiotherapy damn geng cause UQ has limited quota for physiotherapy student and this girl is the only malaysian that get into UQ in her 1st semester. so genggggg! we met at the bus stop and went to airport together and we talked so much. har har. her seat was right behind mine in the flight but i was so envied her cause she practically slept the whole 8hours. =_______= and one of the aunty who sat beside me, she’s a Malaysian but migrated to aussie 24years ago her name is Matilda. and she’s the one who made the time passed faster LOLLLL. we talked so much bout Malaysia and Aussie, and Christianity. =______= she’s kinda wanted to convert me from buddhist to christian i got so bored when she started this topic. @________@

IMAGE_828 i was so occupied from the day i reached Malaysia. friday, being the most filial granddaughter (ngak ngak) i teman-ed the grandma to hospital for body checkup. sooooooo tiring cause i did not get enough sleep the day before. but i still looked pretty decent up there. i can tell you that this was the only day i had good hair. the day after onwards, my hair was so frizzy i don’t know whyyyyy. i have have have have to go to the saloon as soon as possible.

saturday was a dating day yay yay! :) met up with the boyfriend, went thru the awkward phase which occur everytime we met for the 1st time after long separation. it’s like everything we did together seems so weird after not doing for so long. he always like that one. @___@ nevermind this time we have three months! :)

oh my sis Eda got full As for UPSR. and everyone seemed to forget that I GOT 7As FOR UPSR ALSO!!! grrr. so bad la my dad was asking me that day “eh i thought you didnt get full As you got one B right?” see see seeeeeeeeee i have been forgotten sigh. during the family dinner also the same thing occurred aihhh.

sunday was a working day. work my ass off right after i woke up. finished mom’s work , discussed bout the blogshop with dad, did mom’s work again till dinnertime. you know, the best time in Malaysia is eating time! hehehe. i’ve got korean meal, hawker stall meals, homemade dishes, yumcha session, nasi lemak etc. and this weekend i’m going to japanese buffet with the family hip hip hooray!

and today, the boyfriend was my driver ngak ngak ngak. he fetched me to HELP for registration. seriously, compared to Taylor’s, HELP is really bad. super inefficient can die, and the receptionist has bad communicating skill, and they freaking don’t have credit card payment service. what the hell??? i nearly got no cash to pay for the deposit gahhhh. class starts this friday MOMOKO WHERE ARE YOU? har har. be my lunch kaki ehhhh :P

we have family dinner tonight at my crib, and my cousin sis tagged along too!


say hi to Emo my cousin sis! damn cute can dieeeee i want to own one also. she’s so tame, and she can understand command! so hard to make her sit still, and the 2nd photo above, she’s kissing me! my dad hates that hahahah. Emo has brown fur, but one big part of white fur on her body, which made a heart shape. she has white feet too. awwwwww so adorable i want to let her stay so much! too bad la my parents don’t allow us to have dog aihhhh.

okay gonna stop hereeee peeps, stay tune for my blogshop news! :) good night.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

anyone spot meteor?

i’m so exhausted now. i wanted to sleep but i CANNOT go to sleep cause the whole world knows when i sleep, i practically forgot the whole world. hehehe. so to avoid myself to overslept and miss the cab and miss the bus and miss the flight back to malaysia, i don’t think my dad is generous enough to buy another ticket for me to go home. SO I HAVE TO STAY AWAKE UNTIL 4.30AM. god bless.

everytime going back home, my blogging mojo gone. okay fine it’s not gone, but i got no time to update the blog. so enjoy the life until i think that blogging is a waste of time. –_____- plus now the new house has no streamyx and is using those usb wireless connection, i think everyone in the house except my grandma will be fighting to use that lor. so hmmmm, be patient if i don’t update. hehehe.

i lazy to write bout updates today but i got few things to update. lazy but now have to pass the time woah i really so tired. my dad called me so many times today, when i only asked him to call me once. i wanted to go to have a short nap this morning but i haven’t finish studying so i texted my dad to ask him to wake me up 2 hours later in case i really couldn’t wake up (my exam is at 5.45pm) and then the 3rd time he called only i picked up. and then 2 hours right before my exam he called twice again but i missed the calls. i know he has no confident in his daughter LOLLLL. and then right after exam he called again cause i texted him and say i did the paper badly. =( and then, just now he called again to reassure that i packed everything and don’t oversleep for the flight. and he asked if i want morning call at 4am or not. aiyar i super filial can die and told him nevermind i won’t be sleeping so no need to purposely wake up at 2am (malaysia time) to call me. but now i regret. T_____________T i very the tiredddddd :(

okay i decided to write what happened today to make the time pass faster. i dont want to watch movie or drama online cause i scare i really will end up tersleep. –___- okay but i will make everything short now even typing also tired already omggggg how am i going to survive until 4.30 T_____T

today, i pay 96cents for the whole bus.IMAG0813 IMAG0817
seeeeeeee got prove one. har har. i was so happy, SO HAPPY until i forgot to review my notes in the bus. T_________T and then i did badly in exam. FML.

did anyone spot any meteor this morning?Fullscreen capture 11182009 100908 PM

eepei is soooooo lucky she saw 5 of them. HOW LUCKY???!! i also want :( and she said she waited for 10 minutes only. yorrrr envy sial.

i did stayed up to try to spot for meteor sambil study. and then i keep looking out the window hope that suddenly a meteor will appear. and this morning, i found out that i was actually an idiot. see picca below:


so all night long, i was waiting for meteor to appear among the bushes of trees. FML.

when i am tired, i am lazy to talk cause my brain cannot turn well. so sorry momoko and tzen, i couldn’t comfort you girls. cheer up, both of you. :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

of dilemma and stupid weather

i guess i can reveal that LEEN HAS GONE BACK TO MALAYSIA THIS MORNING. cause other than my dad nobody knows. she kinda want to give the whole family a surprise so i couldn’t even write it here since my whole family reads my blog. –_______-

that girl’s baggage is overweighed 5kg ngakngak. i know next up is mine cause i’m planning to bring the whole room back to malaysia. say hi to Mr Bear:)IMAG0804it is so hard to decide whether to bring this big baby back or not. i want!!!! but i don’t think i can. :( so i thought of bringing two luggages back, and trying stuffing Mr Bear into one of it like this.IMAG0803 awwwww so cute kan? hehehe. can see his grin or not? i love him so much! :) but then i don’t think i can carry so many things so i’m still deciding whether to bring him home or not. :( but three months of separation is such harsh. :( :(

how? should i bring him back? :(

most of the students have finish their exam already. and then so many teasers like that. make me damn jealous. and people starts going back home already and then i’m still stucking at here. envy sial.

i’m home alone now and it freaking having thunderstorm outside. the thunder here is 3526524514256542 times scarier than in Malaysia. and it freaking blackout for few seconds while i’m bathing just now which can freak the hell out of me already and then now my table is facing the window so each lightning i will try to close my ear with my hand cause there’s once i forgot to do so and it’s so loud until i think i want to cry and then i’ve been closing my ears more than 10 times while writing this post I HATE THUNDERSTORM AT NIGHT T_____________T.

phew. long or not my sentence? –_______-

yor why thunderstorm today :(

Monday, November 16, 2009

simply happy!

IMAG0789-2hahaha die die want to post a super big ass photo to compensate my ugly look yesterday –_____- (i am not pointing middle finger okayyyyyy. i dont know where’s my pointer gone, cause i’m posing a peace sign T________T)

i remember once Tzen asked me, why am i always so happy one?  [okay i checked back our msn convo and find for ‘happy’ and it turns out that she asked me so many times why am i so happy hahahahha] and then it got me thinking few days ago. i thought, i wasn’t sad, nor happy. but i don’t frown a lot, so i chose to be happy when i am not even happy or sad. understand or not ah? haha.

i came across this quotation few days ago.

Being happy doesn’t mean everything is perfect. It means you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.

i love this quote! i don’t have a perfect life, and i’m happy and contented with what i have now, that’s why i am happy. :) sometimes, imperfections is what makes the life near perfect, don’t you think so? if life’s so perfect that you don’t even feel the pain, how do you define happiness?

“expect nothing but appreciate everything”. i don’t really agree. like seriously, how can you not expecting something in life? and i think expectation is so important, not to say over-expect lar. har har. maybe i’m more ambitious, so i expect enough to make me work harder. and then i’m happy when i achieved something from that.

yes la i very easily pleased one hahah. buy me a lollipop, greet me ‘good morning’ even if i dont know you, hop in the bus on time right before it starts moving, all this lil lil things make me smile. so why frown? :)

Nicholas said that i’m blessed. yesssssss, indeed i’m so blessed!! and i like it. :)

i don’t need reason to be happy. so why do you need one? :) smile people, cause you never know who will fall in love with your nice upward angle :)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

my true color. har har.

hello. i’ve got my last assignment result. and it was 0.15% lesser than my expectation. sad or what??? kiamsiap sangat la the tutor, 0.15% also dont want to give. =( this is favourite subject among all 4 subjects this semester, so i will make sure i finish every bits of the book before i go to sleep today. hope tomorrow’s paper won’t be too bad. popi popi. :)

okay just for fun, i decided to post up my bare face and my concealed face. bare face as in no application of concealer, foundation, mascara and what not. i’ve sized the picture smaller so to avoid any reader from dying of looking at ugly picca LOLLLL. click the icon if you are really interested on how ugly i am. har har.IMAG0799-1

i never have good skin. seriously, face skin body skin all got prob one. that’s why my skin got lots of scars. T_______T okay btw let me tell you bout my bare face. hehe. i have serious panda eye. and when others have only under eye dark circles, i have it all around my eyes FML. super big can die right, and only started this year, i have eyebags also T______T last time i was so proud cause KhaiWee has eye bags i dont have. now karma. T______T and then i have pimples all over my cheeks (my camera is so good that it nuetralize the redness LOL and some pimples are invisible under my camera LOLLL) only these few months, pimples started migrating from my forehead to cheeks. so now i have pimples all over my face – forehead, cheeks, chin, nosebridge. and i have redness around my nose and mouth. and then i got different skin tone. see my right nosebridge, it has darker tone caused by my specs. T___T and i have ugly eyebrow which gotta shape it sooner.

are you impressed by my bareface? har har.

and then i’ve got another picca with concealed face. :) and i didnt conceal properly (i forgot the nosebridge part cause i didnt wear specs while applying concealer T_______T) now pimples free face!IMAG0792very big difference or what?? har har. i seldom use foundation already, unless the concealer color cannot blend into my skin. i’m using cream concealer now, from elianto. cheapest concealer i can find. not recommended cause the coverage not that good, and it hardly blends. but takkan buy already and not using right. Leen is using loreal’s and she claims that loreal’s better than elianto one. she’s using stick concealer which i find it kinda hard to use. so i rather stick back with my cream one. :)

i think basic make-up like that is really very important. don’t you think that it gives cleaner and tidier look? like seriously, other than going to grocery shopping or somewhere nearby, i wouldn’t go out without applying concealer. plus, concealer and foundation also act as UV protector so at least there’s one layer of protection to the face. i look so zombie without make-up. and i dont think its good to frighten people with my bareface when going out lor har har.

it boost self-confidence, so why not? :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009


12946_175769217021_676372021_2765627_812545_n …is what i call her. she calls me Vanny. don’t ask me why cause this girl is full of imaginations and she can come out with different things different names which we, the normal people can’t think of. (compliment okay hahaha)

this self-claimed lenglui is no longer available. she found her lavender few weeks back therefore no phone number bidding available. har har.

she is a diehard Takeshi Kaneshiro fans and most probably can ditch lavender for TK. she likes TK’s nose cause apparently from what she said, they have the same tall nose. :) she still hope that one day she can marry TK. (whoopss secret terbocor :P)

we met almost two years ago. time flies! she’s one of my college best mates! we can have never-ending convo. we chat so frequently in msn even we were not in the same institution for one and a half year already. we exchange information and make each other more resourceful i.e. thoughts in relationship topics. she’s among the 4 people who knows how to leave offline messages in msn to see if i’m online or not. pandai girl hehe.

she’s now studying interior design in TOA, and is coming to Queensland next february. hip hip horray!! although we will not be in the same uni, but Griffith’s Southbank campus is not far from UQ’s St. Lucia. so don’t worry we’ll hang out often. :) she said, she will cook for me when she’s here and burn her room down. *click* awwwwww soooo nice of her i think the other two princesses are going to jealous already har har. and she said, it will be so cool to study in the Australia’s oldest art institution (Queensland College of Art under Griffith’s management). she always has the special kind of thoughts. :)

she write stories in Fairy Sensation. though that’s a shared blog of her, xin, momoko and me, but she’s the one who keep the blog alive. she’s creative enough to write. from her stories, you can see such strong shadow of herself in it. from what i think, she writes stories of herself which couldn’t be achieved in reality. and that’s her, the Tzenny we like. :)

she loves loves loves to merajuk. she’s like a big kid! she always claimed that she’s a spoiled brat, cause she’s the youngest in the family with so many sisters and brother to pamper her.

she’s turning 19 today. it’s her last teenage birthday and next year she’s going to experience a whole new phase in her life - studying abroad, living by herself, and starting LDR.


all the best in every upcoming challenges and be firm on your decisions. have faith in yourself and to people around you, and be more optimistic!


Tzenny, you know i love you.


Friday, November 13, 2009

finance what????

IMAG0671 hello. no need to guess also know this post i will be ranting about financial management exam lor. :(

i seriously seriously put in sooooo much of effort in finance, so much more than what i did for accounting. i used around 5 pathetic days to study for finance ONLY and i learnt so much during these 5 days. i’ve been hitting the calculators so much this week, i even dreamt that my calculator malfunctions during exam so i brought 2 calculators to exam today. –_______- similar to accounting exam, i have insomnia the day before. too hyper already all those formula were swimming in my brain. my friends helped so much by explaining and discussing about those calculations and what nots.

and now that i can finally stop doing finance. i am happy. :)

today’s exam paper was not that bad. i didn’t expect so much of theory questions and then i try to write whatever i could. now i confirmed losing one seventh of the marks already cause got one part i churning out nonsense. T________T nevertheless, calculation part was fine. i solved ALL the questions except for one. but it’s alright that’s a MCQ question and i think i tembak rightly. it wasn’t thaaaaaaaat hard like what the seniors told me. i was quite confident already cause after counting the expected marks, i’m at the edge of getting a distinction. BUTTTTT (i hate saying ‘but’ but really got but T________T) after the exam Godwin’s friends were discussing bout the most important question (20% okay that freaking part) and i got the different answer from another two guys. and we got three distinctive answers. okay fine i got no confident when comes to numbers because i got no numbers logic and i actually got the most impossible answer like that. FML. actually during the exam when i got that answer i’m quite suspicious of my own answer already cause i’ve did lots of exercises but none came out such answer but i was being so optimistic and told myself that nothing is impossible. impossible my head now T_______________T

i only can pray for the process marks now. :( and i hope i still can get a distinction for this bloody last calculation paper. tien ahhhhhhhhhh, popipopi. :(

Thursday, November 12, 2009

of cinemas and libraries.

IMAG0774 guess where am i? :)

is this the standard pattern for cinema’s carpet??!! i mean like seriously, every cinema has this kind of carpet i wonder whyyyy. and then every cinema has those super dark colourful walls and dim light. WHY WHY WHYYYYYY.

okay by the way, i did not watch movie today. don’t worry i know i’m having exam tomorrow and i’m a good student. hehe. i was waiting for laynee in front of the mall library which is located next to the cinema. one thing good in aussie is that libraries are everywhere (okay i dont know if libraries are everywhere but as much as i concerned, the two big malls near my place have libraries). butttt this is only my second time going to the mall library, and the 1st time was with leen, just to check out the library and cinema. –_______- i realise that i haven’t watch any movie in aussie’s cinema. and it’s screening Time Traveller’s Wife now i want to watch. :( hope it still screen in Malaysia when i’m back.

okay got to go back to study now. tomorrow’s the big day cause after tomorrow i shall celebrate! NO MORE ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE AFTER TOMORROW HIP HIP HOORAYYY! :) i’ve secured a credit for this subject, so now i’m aiming for distinction. AZA AZA EVA! :D

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

another alternative to manage blogs!

hello people. no more internet quota constraint and i’m now here to rescue my blog readership yo! :D i know dad won’t be happy to see this, BUTTTTTT exam period doesn’t mean that i have to study 24/7 okay. and my dad always doesn’t trust that i got study one, he always thinks that i’m slacking here and there and didnt put enough effort on studies. sigh. explain until my saliva dry already he still think that i should study 24/7 one so i keep quiet lor. but i still have to blog cause blog is actually my daily routine and i DO NOT waste much time typing here, cause i type fast and i know what i want to type so give me a break k??! I SWEAR I GOT STUDY HARD!! –__________- so unfair one when leen didnt do well in exam it’s okay but i didnt do well in exam means i put not enough effort. sob.

okay hello everyone, i’m using Windows Live Writer for the 1st time to blog. :) woah woah this is soooooo good so many functions i still got no time to explore but i love it already! it’s like a blog manager like that la go download it from Windows Live if you are managing few blogs like me. (no i’m not bragging but i need to manage 2 blogs of mine, 1 future blogshop, 2 company blog for my parents) and its so fast to upload picca me likey! :D summore can choose different effect and border for the picture. summore can insert photo album, table, maps, video everything la so convenient. and i got gazillion of fonts to choose from rather than those 7 given by and i can have different headings and do lots of formatting! O.O okay fine i’m talking too much here. go google for it and download if you want to know more. :PIMAG0762

i’m stressed these few days. cause my head is full of numbers, numbers, and NUMBERS! this friday is financial management exam and i still couldn’t handle it well. i think i am going insane already cause i even dreamt of interest rates when i’m sleeping. got number-phobia one or not??? i’m getting one already. :( stress la it’s so hard still have to aim for distinction. T________T 2 more days, go Eva, go! =(


okay i realised that i really really camwhored with funny faces. O.O Momoko you are right. hahahaha. see both pics in this post are not those normal faces (normal as in normal smile or what sure not this constipated and octopus look hahahahah) aiyar but if i keep camwhore with the same look people come to my blog see already also sien. shit i realise that i need a hair treatment badly. T_________T and for those who think that my hair doesn’t grow, NAH this is my actual hair length LONG OR NOTT??? :P i know i got big-ass photos now, no need to find for my pimples cause i conceal all already hahaha. concealer is the best damn thing in cosmetics! Portfolioand this, Lise Watier Portfolio Professional Corrector will be my xmas present wish har har. ! *hint hint* :P

Monday, November 9, 2009

i miss....

the time during my important exams when:
  • mom will buy all kinds of cakes and store in the fridge cause i crave for sweet things during exam period.
  • having mamak-break with dad half way burning midnight oil.
  • companion of ah-ma when i have to study until the next day morning.
  • kakak doing all the houseworks even washing a cup after i've used it.
  • phone calls and smses with the BFF to encourage each other not to give up before finishing every chapters.
  • boyfriend's supports and concerns.
NOW TELL ME AGAIN WHO SAYS STUDY ABROAD IS FUN??? :( no more a princess during exam period. sob. now my best friend is instant food. instant noodle, instant soup with bread, canned food, all are my savior. sob.

i miss home. :(

Sunday, November 8, 2009

hello attention attention.

internet quota for this month is gonna exceeded, and its only the beginning of the month. :( so no more frequent blogging and facebook. good though, so that i can really really concentrate on studies. woah i'm typing so fast cause i cannot online so much. T____T

today's exam is not that bad. i managed to write thaaaaaaaat fast and complete all questions by churning out 10 and a half pages of words. hahahahha.. i'm so impressed of myself, by withstanding the cold (stupid aircond right on top of me and freeze me to death) and the stressness after knowing that i didnt prepare for a big question which appointed a quarter of the overall paper's mark. :( cause of that, i got no confident to secure a distinction for this subject already T_______T

next up, Financial Management. got totally no idea what the hell is CAPM etc. all the knowledge i have for this subject is present value and future value only FML. gotta buck up really really fast so no more online online. :(

okay fine if the housemates agree to increase the internet quota then i might update the blog more frequently. :)

happy exam everyone! aza aza fighting, to the STPM candidates, the australian uni students, the ADPians. :D

Friday, November 6, 2009

how to celebrate anniversary for LDR.

i've finally got the chance and time to write this. :)

so what did i do during my 2nd anni with the boyfriend? okay fyi, i didnt have so much time writing the anni post, and that post is written a week ago and scheduled to post on that day. hehehe. cause i know i cannot afford to waste so much time drawing the big-two this week. i so pandai right? ngak ngak.

and i planned to give the boyfriend a surprise by mailing him. yes, use the snail mail not email. :) so when this idea came up, i nudged the BFF in msn for the boyfriend's house address. i wanted to design a card but sadly, all my ka-chan (materials & tools) are back in Malaysia but then while browsing the internet i saw this idea and quickly, using Microsoft Powerpoint, i design one for him. :)
certificateeeeeeeeeee! so cool right??? go ask all the boyfriends and girlfriends out there i don't think they got this. ngak ngak. i'm the coolest gf hehehehe. microsoft office is a wonder i tell you! excel, powerpoint, and words i think i can die without them. har har. by the way, who need adobe photoshop to design when powerpoint can do all these wonders??? :P

this is the thing i mentioned in last week's post on how much i walked in the campus to find for color printer. very tiring okay. and then finally when found someone who accepted to print for me, still need to look at her sour face. grrrr that superficial woman i hate her. -____-

okay fine, move on. i sent a card with the cert too! content of the card isn't allow to post up here har har.
i swear swear swear that i DID NOT write an essay in the card. hehehe. but seriously, i can write more. -_______-

i went to the post office earlier in last week to request for the information about mailing back to malaysia. (my 1st time okayyyyy. okay fine i know my dad and mom are going to jealous bout this. har har.) and then the fella told me it takes 5 working days to reach the recipient. so when i have done everything on wednesday, i did not mail it until friday. cause my math counting got prob. T_______T i thought friday to tuesday is 5 days. but i forgot to eliminate the non-working days. T________T so the boyfriend only received it yesterday. damn potong steam one, i was so nervous the whole tuesday dying to know what's his reaction of getting the mail yadi yada, and so impatient already keep trying to hint him to see if he got it. it's my 1st time being so successful in not saying a word for surprises okay. i always fail one. T_______T

unfortunately, it rained yesterday in Malaysia and i did not cling wrap the cert and card so now the cert is half-destroyed by the stupid rain. =( so gek sum la i used so much effort and then ruined by the rain. WHY HASN'T THE ENVELOPE WATERPROOFED? seriously, the post office should come up with waterproof envelope laa aiiiihhhhhh. :(

oh and we skyped for so long on tuesday. hehehe. tuesday is always our skype day cause both of us don't have class on tuesday but then this tuesday is a special one that we talked longer. <3

and and, i've got my best anni present! guess what? the boyfriend grants me 10 wishes!! 10 WISHES OKAYYYY imma gonna make him my slave ngak ngak ngak. :)

everyone, wish me good luck for tomorrow's 3000 words exam. THANKYOU IN ADVANCE. :) :) :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

the smiley food :)

tzenny did this for me - smiley faces food. cute not??? haha. i like the kimchiiiiiiiii the best and she makes me crave for kimchi now. T______T okay fine Leen was craving for kimchi too but we didn't know any korean restaurant nearby and we got no time to travel to the city or sunnybank so no kimchi. :( anyhoo, thanks to tzenny who made my day by giving me smileysss i love them. :)

okay i shall reveal the answer regarding to the previous post, though i really have lots of malas readers who didnt bother to contribute answers. AIHHHHHHHHH. betul betul sadness. nevermind. so the answers are:
  1. big pimple on my right cheek. and now another big one grew below it. so now i have two big red dots on my right cheek. O.O this is so horrible. (still havent count those small small one okayyyy T_____T)

  2. MY HAIR. i know la this is so not obvious. hehe. but kudos to Pei who realise this! xin, i didnt have a good hair day yesterday. -_____- i changed my hair parting from real straight line at the left to diagonal like that, and connect the line to the center line at the back. O.O can understand? hahaha.
i did this to make the left side of my hair fuller so that can make my left face smaller. -______- but then right, my hair is so stubborn that, this morning when i woke up, it return to the initial style. T_______T i like that way, and it can only sustain for a day. sigh. rambut sama stubborn macam orang. AIHHHHHH.

okay fine. so now Pei has 10 imaginary sweets from me haahahahahahah i find this so lame. -______- yet still thanks to those who replied cause i really got humoured by some answer, like MOMOKO WHAT IS YOUR ANSWER I DID A LOT OF FUNNY FACES MEH???????T_______T

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

trivia quiz of the day.

hello. this is the newest pic of me. newest as in taken 5 minutes ago. -_____- and the above me has two things different from the usual me. if you know me well, or you read my blog and have seen my so-a-lot of camwhore pic, you should have realise that.

answer will be revealed in the next post. kindly leave the answer in the comment post, or in the cbox on the right there. there's at least 50 daily readers so peeps, dont be lazy har har. at least entertain me a bit cause i sangat stress now dealing with upcoming exams. thankyou. :)

oh and those who get the both correct answers, will be given 10 imaginary butter sweets, all the way from Brisbane, Australia. hehe. don't malas nak answer ah. thankyou.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


i like biting pens. or microphone. or ruler. or bottle. or anything in hand that's bite-able. -_____- i know i know, bad habit is hard to correct la. :P
i like putting anything in in between my nose and lips like that, especially my hair. -_____- and then pout. hehehe. and pouting is one of my signature face expression when i have nothing better to do. -______- i know i know, i dont have sexy lips. whatever! cause bad habit is not easy to be corrected. :P

eh i need to take some breaks in between studies one also okay. this is one of my self-entertaining ways. but then i think i took too much break today. T_______T very unproductive today cause overexcited on my 2nd anni. har har. will blog about our 2nd anni few days later. :)

54 pages to go! go Eva, gooooo! :D

it's our 2nd anni, baby.

anniversary. anniversary. anniversary. anniversary. anniversary.
anniversary. anniversary. anniversary. anniversary. anniversary.
anniversary. anniversary. anniversary. anniversary. anniversary.
anniversary. anniversary. anniversary. anniversary. anniversary.
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anniversary. anniversary. anniversary. anniversary. anniversary.
anniversary. anniversary. anniversary. anniversary. anniversary.
anniversary. anniversary. anniversary. anniversary. anniversary.
anniversary. anniversary. anniversary. anniversary. anniversary.
anniversary. anniversary. anniversary. anniversary. anniversary.


we've made it to the 2nd year. and this time, no celebration too. (okay fine we celebrate thru skype =.=) last year you were having major exam and we had a big fight. this year i'm 4013miles away from you and having major exam too. we won't be having any normal anni celebration until the year after, maybe. hehe but nevermind. :)

though we fight at times,
though we get mad at each other at times,
though we throw tantrum at each other at times,
though we say harsh words to make each other upset at times,
nonetheless we understand each other better after each fight.
we are still as lovely as always. :)

thanks for enduring these hardships with me.
thanks for being in a long-distance relationship with me.
thanks for having yourself online every single free time just to make sure that we are connected physically.
baby, we rock LDR!! :)

i lurve you fae.

Monday, November 2, 2009

moon so bright can die.

don't doubt when you hear someone says "外国的月亮比较圆". cause it's freaking freaking true! this is what i saw from my window (taken with a ciplak 3.5 megapixel phone camera, with no zoom at all, and no edit thankyou.) seeeeeeeee that bright shiny round thing? IT'S THE MOON MAN. how can it be so bright like that??? my initial thought was a lamp post. =.= and this is the second time i mistaken the moon as a lamp post. @________@ and its so bright, i have to cover the window with curtain cause it freaking distract me from studies. hehehe. okay stop, back to nerding. :)

p/s: no camwhore pic anymore in this period cause i have been zombiefied. (as if this term exist haha) and panda is the new geek. :D

love is complicated yet so simple.

this is for you, my friends. :)

to those who still cannot make up their mind to confess or not, try it! cause it's by chance. and dont make yourself regret for not confess.
to those who has relationship problems, work it out, there's no such thing as laziness in a relationship. work it out, TOGETHER!
to those who are not sure to break up or not, think carefully, and choose to stay or leave. don't mention break up during arguments. once decided, stick on your choice, no regret.

dear friends, understand the phrases above and treasure your relationship. you know who you are. all the best in love. :)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

i am a supergirl.

hi hello. i am a supergirl. :) i've learned so much today, academically and non-academically. there's two ways of solving problems, and i always always chose the fastest but dumbest way. but i'm fine, at least it is no harm to others, cause i'm a supergirl. :)

sometimes i really think that i'm so superficial. laugh so hard when i am upset, eat so much more when i'm full already, draw smileys everywhere i could when what i really wanted to draw is =(, say i'm fine when deep inside i'm breaking down any soon, say yes when no, say right when wrong, say wow this is so cool when in my heart i'm cursing so much at that stupid boring thing.

why am i so not real? why do i need to conceal the real feelings i have? which one is the real loser? the concealed me, or the real me?

don't worry, i am happy.