Saturday, October 31, 2009

facebook connects people.

i've added my standard 6 BM teacher in Facebook. :) before she accepted my request, she sent me a facebook message to ensure that i'm the Eva she knew. surprisingly, she still remember my name (chinese name okay cause most people write my chinese name wrongly) and she still remember the Indian dance i've taken part during standard 5. this feeling is so awesomeeeeee! :) i got so touched la seriously cause this teacher has been teaching for 35 years and you do the math see how many students she has, and she remembers me. happy can die. :D facebook really is one big wonder that connects people. i've got primary school friends, high school friends, college friends, uni friends, family, relatives, long-lost childhood friends, teachers, instructors, etc. it practically makes the world smaller. :) after deleting strangers in my friend list, i am so bangga to say that i know all 968 friends in my friend list for real. and i don't accept strangers' request anymore. :)

study week starts today. exactly one week till my final exam. aza aza Eva! :)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Through My Windows on Halloween Night.

hello. i screwed my financial quiz but fret not, this final quiz mark is not going to be added into final exam. yay yay! :) it's really hard. i hope i can shape it well before final. :(

happy halloween people. i havent go to any Halloween celebration so i got no concept on what the hell Halloween is. okay fine i know it freaky. and with pumpkins. but nowadays people are playing cosplay during halloween. why do i see tinkle bell and peterpan and lolita and policewomen and all other kind of cosplay in the campus. okay i know i am the most unhappening student in the uni wearing only a super plain white babydoll top and a super plain brown shorts with flops. -_____- i still can't accept not seeing any pumpkin head but full of cosplay like that. what has halloween been to? sadness. =(

okay la actually my life very mundane like that i got nothing to update so LISTEN TO THIS SONG! it's from a local indie band. i thought it is some american band like Green Day or My Charlotte something like that but no. IT'S A MALAYSIAN BAND!!!! don't doubt my patriotism i tell you. :P listen or regret. :)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cam the rockstar.

this was two years back when i went to Japan with whole bunch of different nationalities student for exchanging program. and this is Cameron the rockstar!(the center one btw, the left girl is Erin from NZ) :) yes we called him the rockstar cause he claimed that he will be a rockstar one day and said he will definitely remember all of us when he becomes rockstar. so yes, now Cam is one step nearer to his rockstar dream, and he msned and happily told me this! he's singing acoustic in a local pub at Victoria. too bad la i'm so far away from there. :( ahhhhh i miss the JENESYS people they are all funny people. :) i just emailed okaasan last week but i still haven't get reply from her :(

Today, while walking in the campus, i thought i saw a friend so i walked up and called her name. she replied me and so. ended up i was talking to a stranger who looked like the girl i knew when i msn-ed with the girl after that. FML.
okay this is my real case. T_______T i didnt submit it la just write it for fun in here. -________- that girl is Janice whom i never met her before but we chatted in msn for quite some time already. oh she is sunflower's cousin sis, studying in UQ too. :) aiyar damn embarass one i already mistaken people twice this week. once is earlier this week when i saw a guy from the back, i thought it's a friend from ADP whom i haven't meet for few months already. so i called his name and tapped his shoulder. ended up i mistook someone else as him. FML or not? T_____T

and my miserableness does not just end like that. today while going to the replacement tute, i didnt know the tutor is on leave this week. when i went into the class, i was late for 7 minutes already, and i saw strange faces (the tutor and the students) so i apologized and rushed out the class. called up a friend and told him the whole thing and ask him to check the venue for me again, and he told me yes i was in the right class. -________- so i walked into the class again, and the tutor stop talking for like few seconds and everyone keep looking at me. damn embarrass can die okay thankyou.

okay enough of miserable life. tomorrow will be my last day of class, so happy can die. and i just got back my assignment result and i did it badly. aih. i really have to buck up for distinction already. :(


This is a password protected post.
i'm not giving out password but you may guess it by yourself.
good luck. :)

for those who just die die couldn't figure out the password, too bad for you. hah. but got recommended nice song see i so good. :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

rain rain go away.

i am happy today. cause i finally found a printer that can color print and can accept my thick paper. -_____- very tedious like that cause i walk so much to different places and ask. but now i'm contented already. cause i've completed the most important deadline this week. :)

next up, last financial management online quiz, due friday. i can't wait. :)

i've a very cute and funny friend, named Shinya. She's from China and we speak in mandarin. she's not that good in english hence couldn't really answer the portfolio questions precisely so i asked her to join me and laynee in our portfolio (its individual assignment by the way but everyone did the same thing so we discussed. hehe) she got so happy and when we finished our portfolio last saturday, she already thanked me for so many times and wanted to treat me meal but i rejected cause i thought i was just doing a good deed and it's not cheap for a meal here okay. and then today in our last class, i told her that we did something wrongly and asked her to change her answer (i've already submitted the portfolio so i couldn't change it anymore so i sure lose all bonus marks already T_____T) and she was so thankful that she thanked me twice in the class, called me up twice to thank me, and after i rejected her meal treating, she texted me to say thankyou very much again, for twice. -______- i'm sure very happy la cause i helped someone right. and when people keep paying gratitude to you, will you not happy? har har. but she's really a nice girl. and she actually is quite clever, just that english is not her first language so she kinda stuck up at the questions. -_____-

today it rained all the time while i was in campus. very very not good. 10 minutes before i went out it started raining cats and dogs. and when i reached home, the rain stopped. memang geram. i will be so happy only if i've got no books and notes to carry. sigh.

tomorrow two major assignments' result will release. bless me i damn scared. T_______T

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

evil lecturer and brainless librarian.

today very bad like that. :(

i've been feeling not well for few days, and i felt that everytime i wasn't well, my brain turned slower, my stamina dropped, my heart pumped slower (as in i need to gasp for more air). so unhealthy i know. aih.

i missed the morning lecture cause i refused to wake up. -______- and then i went to another lecture in the afternoon. and when i reached the lecture hall, nobody's there and a lady told me there's no lecture at that time. so i stupidly went to the nearest library and checked the venue of the lecture online, but to no avail. thanks to Godwin, he told me where the lecture was so i happily ran to the lecture hall (i was late that time).

and guess what? i met Laynee there who should have gone to the morning lecture, and Godwin who also should have attended the morning lecture. everyone slept late this morning har har.

one thing that got me so frustrated during the lecture was that the evil lecturer. grrrr i really hated him. i know, i know, speak in a monotone is not his fault, and i didnt blame him for this. speaking super fast is not his wrong either. but then, can he just don't change the lecture slides so fast?? i couldn't even copy a line and he changed to another slides already. very geram like that! and then i could imagine the picture of the evil lecturer with devil horns and tail, pulling out an evil grin and put his tongue out and laugh at me "nenebubu you cannot copy, you cannot copy! nyeheheheheh" like that. T_______T but he really has an evil face, and he always wear his shirt with few buttons unbuttoned like he thought he's a gangster very yeng like that. :( i hate him. very. a lot. so much!

aih i am so gonna finish this subject sooner and then my life will then peace out with no more accounting and finance anymore. so happy i cant wait. :)

and then another thing i got so angry today is that i met a stupid librarian who gave me stupid info and made me walked so much to and fro the great court. UQ VERY BIG OKAY, IF YOU DONT KNOW THEN SAY DONT KNOW LA STILL ACT LIKE YOU KNOW AND GIVE WRONG INFO AND MAKE ME WALK SO MUCH WHAT IS YOUR PROB. hmmph! i wanted to color print something, and then i went to SS&H Library (cause it's the nearest to where was i by that time) to ask the librarian if we can color print in library or not. and she told me i can ONLY color print at Biological Science Library cause only there they have this color printer. so i walked all the way to Biological Science Library (imagine how far it is, just imagine! where got 2 libraries near to each other one right) and then i asked the librarian there and they said yes i can color print there but when i show the paper which is thicker than those normal paper, she told me i cannot print it there and should go back to SS&H Library and there's a printing service centre at Level 2. i really wanted to curse that stupid brainless librarian at SS&H who told me they don't color print. gek sei ngo. and then when i finally walked back to SS&H and found the place to color print, i saw a label there wrote "CLOSED. Opening Hour: 9am to 4.45pm" and i was there at 5.04pm. i very unlucky today or what???? grrr.

while walking back to the bus stop, i felt so dizzy and start having severe migraine already. and my legs were so weak i felt like stop walking. but too bad i wore short skirt so i couldn't just sit where ever i like. :(

stupid day la today. :( and now i couldn't study cause i'm having migraine. but i can rant, cause ranting no need to use brain one. hmmph!

p/s: read XiaXue's new blogpost!! i found it so true and she really explain it so well. i really think she rocks sometimes. :) but no offence to photographers out there kay? good day.

Monday, October 26, 2009

scariest thing on earth.

thunderstorm outside. :(

i was taking my nap and it woke me up. and then i couldn't sleep any more. so i went to make dinner. the kitchen has a big window, and every single lightning is scaring me out of shit. purple color lightning. T________T and then when i was washing the dishes, suddenly the electric got cut of for one second. imagine how fast, it's almost same as lightning and i shrieked. i thought it's the lightning hitting on my face. T___________T

i don't even have guts to bath now. how ah?? saveeeeeeee me someone! T________T

Sunday, October 25, 2009

weak weak.

today is a weak weak day. :( i was in the bed more than half of the day. body aching so much that i felt like dying already. and my study plan gonna delay again. this is so bad. :(

i have approximately 42 chapters of readings for all 4 subjects final exams. woahhhhhh still got 2 weeks only, i doubt i can finish it. T____T i really really have to buck up for dean list. cause few days ago i saw some firms' recruitment and one of it is Maxis which offers good position with training summore. but one of their conditions is that they will give priority to dean list graduands. what the hell i didnt know dean list has such benefit and now i have to work hard to be in dean list. so hard so hard. T_____T

shit i have to refrain myself from blogging already so time wasting. :(

p/s: i've cashed out my nuffnang earnings for the 1st time. not much, but with 3 figures yay yay! :) i'm so gonna use it meaningfully. :)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

this morning is so productive that i did not sleep passed 11am. :) went to Laynee's house with Shinya to finish up our last assignment of the semester. this time its so much more easy that we used only two hours to finish everything unlike the previous assignment which used up 5 hours. so happy! :)

i am easily approachable or what? *bragging* har har. i've been helping so many people these days on lil lil things like asking for directions, asking for translations, asking for notes, etc. i'm so so happy that i helped! and i like talking to strangers. :)

skype with the family makes me want to go home so much. :( can see the house but cannot live in it. SIGH. :(

you know, i hate changes. i don't really like changing from phones to phones, changing lifestyles, changing computer applications etc. when i used one and i like it, i'll sticked to it as long as possible. it took me so much time to change from mozilla to chrome. and i am pretty happy with chrome now. :) and now that FACEBOOK CHANGES ITS LIVE FEED/NEWS FEED and it pissed me off. like seriously i dont like it why la keep changing? damn confusing. stupid one. hmmph!

it's raining now. in Aussie it rains so lil that when it rains, i practically think that there's something bad gonna happen. -_____- not very imaginative like that, just that i really really scare thunderstorms. i think thunderstorms are some presage of disasters. okay you may now conclude that i'm really that imaginative. -___-

i'm thinking of selling bikinis in my future blogshop. yet i dont know if it has market in Malaysia or not. bikinis anyone? tell me in msn, chatbox, or whereever you can contact me. give me some opinions thankyou. :)

Friday, October 23, 2009

the cheapest full course meal in aussie.

Hi this is what i want for my blogshop header. black and white outlined banner. anyone can help? i don't know photoshop, don't even mention bout handdrawing in computer applications. helpp?

i'm home alone now. and i like the peace. :) not much difference if Leen was at home cause she sleeps when i'm awake and i'm sleeping when she awakes. =_______=

you know what's the most worthy full course meal in australia? it's HUNGRY JACK'S! :) Hungry Jack's is Malaysia's burger king la. they have this set meal consists of a cheeseburger, fries, coke, and chocolate sundae all for 4.95AUD. i prefer MCD's burger though yet i want the sundae! felt super contented after having HJ okay. i don't know but i count this as splurge cause the convert rate of AUD to RM keeps increasing that i can't help converting money everytime i spend. and then, i will sort of think that i'm wasting too much money here and there. and then the next thing i thought of to make myself feel better is SHIN RAMYUEN. =__________= and i felt slightly better cause i've been eating so much of that lately. @______@ what to do? Leen is so lazy to cook that nowadays i cooked so much alone and it's so much hassle that i almost give up cooking alone now.

final exam is near. like so near. next friday i have an online quiz and a portfolio to submit. next next saturday will be my 1st paper. this thought is scary cause i'm still taking my sweet ol' sweet time doing non-academic thingies. distinctions ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, don't fly away. =______=

*breathe in so much* okay back to study now. :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

nerdy Eva.

i didnt went to tutorial class today. cause i haven mistaken the tute time which should be 2 hours earlier. @____@ i always very careless like that. aih. but i did study a lil. and camwhored. and did some research for the blogshop. :) i seriously can't wait to finish the final exam cause 12 hours right after my last paper i will be in the flight back to Malaysia already. yay yay! and that means, my blogshop will be opening very soon, and that means, the trip with friends and bf is around the corner. ahhhhhh i really cant wait to go back. :)

dad is in the flight now i guess. he's on his trip to Bhutan. the Buddhist country, the country where Carina Lau & Tony Leung have their grand wedding. shit i dont know why am i elaborating all these. @____@ my main point is to wish my dad to have a safe flight :D

i will end this post with a lenglui picca. har har. i know i'm blardy thick face. this is my blog so what? nenebubu. :P

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

i love sunshine!

hello miss chubby face:)
i love love love being under the sun. especially when cold wind blows by, i need sun to keep me warm. :) this was taken while waiting for my next tute at campus. concentrate on the sunlight, ignore my big ass face thankyou. :D

today is a good day. good day as in i overslept for my 1st class which was 12noon, so i have to purposely go to another tute tomorrow, and thursdays are always holiday for me :( padan muka sial. i really hate having bus ride on the late afternoon. i dont know why everytime while taking bus at this time, i felt all nausea when i get off the bus. very very torturing. and bus drivers here are super duper ganas that they speed so fast and break so suddenly. even in a short journey, they will just step as much oil paddle as possible like they are rushing out of time like that. very bad. :(

hah. i was in a 2-person tute just now. one tutor and two students. how awesome! i like that tutor so much that i think i might going to miss her after the final tute next week. time really flies. :(

gotta start revising now before i regret. :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


i chat on msn when i'm washing dishes.
i chat on msn when i'm cooking.
i chat on msn when i'm hand-washing some clothes.
i chat on msn while doing assignments.
i chat on msn when i'm having meals.
i chat on msn when i'm changing clothes.

i genius or what??? :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

monday blues.

got tagged by Ee Pei. and since i don't have anything to update today so i'll just do this. :)


我的大名: Tee E Va
誰傳給你的:Ee Pei
說出五個好朋友:Khai Wee, See Bee, Shien, Jocin
近期開心的是: i got 9.55% over 10% for info system portfolio har har.
近期壓力大的是: FINAL FINAL FINAL :( final exam is in two weeks sob.
未來想做什麼: open a blogshop in near future. :)
有沒有喜歡的人: i like people around me. so many of them, who smile when i smile :)
同學會要回去找老師嗎: of course!
跟誰出去最幸福: the boyfriend har har.
如果你的兩個好友吵架了: i will be the middleman
跟情人出去最想去哪: anywhere is fine, the companion counts isn't it?
聖誕節要做啥: hang a socks at the edge of the bed :D
最想跟誰過聖誕節: friends and family. turkey anyone?
友有沒有起床气: almost everytime har har @.@
有幾個兄弟姐妹: 3 sisters
最喜歡的一首歌(女生的): 黑白配 - 范范
最喜歡的一首歌(男生的): Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You - 方大同
喜歡什麼顏色: black & white
上廁所會不會先沖水: yes of course! i hate stinky toilet. eww.
愛不愛我:i like you pei! :)
喜歡男生還是女生: sound so wrong! i am straight btw, but i like both girls and guys around me.
半夜敢不敢自己上廁所: sometimes i dare not to, especially when dogs are howling like shit outside.
上廁所會不會脫褲褲: what a quest. tell me who don't take off the pants while peeing??
誰很欠打:right now, me. :( i really gotta start study for final.
現在很迷什麼: Khalil Fong :D
睡相很差: yes har har with saliva all sticking on the pillow and bedsheet. T_____T
現在的時間: 8.04pm
是否痛恨傳給你點卷的人: no she's too cute to be hated har har.
今天天氣: its a bit cold outside.
你懷孕了嗎: HELLO? of course not!. @.@
你若中樂透最想做什么: EAT, EAT, & EAT! :) oh and buy flight ticketssssss as much as i can. :D
大學生一定要玩的活動: errrr.. i dont know. maybe vandalism in campus. LOLLLL.
如果能為彩虹添加一種顏色你選 : grey polka dots. har har.
你相信爱情会永远吗 :yes! if i have the will, i have the way! :D
现在的你穿什么颜色的衣服:disgusting orange. @.@

i'm not gonna tag anyone cause i know no one will do it. aiyar the questions are almost the same with other tags so save up some energy for you girls. har har. by the way, today is a productive day. i've completed the blogshop business plan which i have to propose to my dad before he approve to support my 1st business ever. :D peeps, do the poll beside there okay? :D

i hate monday as much as all of you do. i just hate it. :(

Sunday, October 18, 2009

mushroom hangus.

today we cooked white porridge and some dishes for lunch. and i over-fried the broccoli and mushroom. while eating, Leen ate one mouth of the mushroom and yelled "哇!那个mushroom焦到不成人形!"

have you seen any mushroom with human shape? HAHAHAAHAHA. not funny?

today is a lazy sunday. Deepavali what! so i gave myself one day holiday too. :)

the housemate went back to Malaysia yesterday! i am so so so so so happy. now both of us dominate the whole house, no more unexpected nagging and accusing. and we can have some peace to sit for the final exam. how great is that! :D too bad the internet quota is gonna exceeded the monthly limit, if not i will use it in a pretty good way, to spoil myself anyway. :)

2 weeks to final exam, 4 weeks till i go back home. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i am so excited! :D

Saturday, October 17, 2009

damn the chores.

hello. Saturday is now officially a maid day for me. :( doing cleaning jobs is so not my thing. the skin of my fingers are peeling off already. sob. i think next time it's either my future husband will do the chores, or that he has to hire a maid for me. har har.

who say study abroad is so fun? who? fun my ass. :(

ahhhhhh still got bathroom to wash. :(

i called back to Dad just now. i guess i just want someone to talk to. i've been so anti-social that while i'm talking, its either talking academically with those groupmates, lecturers, tutors, friends in the classes; or talking nonsense with Leen. hahaha i am borned to talk, and now that i can just talk these to people around me, how am i not going crazy? @______@

on an unrelated note, wahai BFFs, Langkawi plan is on! :)

***my life these days are of assignments, quizzes, studies, and rants. nothing excited to blog about, camwhore pic got la. zzz.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

assignments are silent killers.

hello world, good evening. i just woke up from a long nap. :)

i have no class on thursday, but i went to the library with the heavy laptop as promised to the groupmates, Casey and JingLing at 9am, okay fine i was late a bit but i was the 2nd to reach. :P we wanted to finish the 50% weightage group assignment today cause we don't want to meet in the weekend already. it's just so annoying.

i hate assignments. okay fine i hate assignments which don't give enough info of how are we going to complete it. three of us were doing it without a clear understanding, even we had asked the tutor for 45748467856564254 times already, and all she kept saying was "Arts has no right or wrong, we wont penalise you for writing something wrong, blah blah blah blah....." so annoying la she kept repeating this and we were still remained blur.

okay FYI i am doing Event Management elective course named Event Management and the Art. and its a nightmare. 50% 3000 words group assignment, 50% final open book exam which have to write 3000 words in 2 hours. crazy or not?

Casey wants to change her major from event management to something else causeshe got traumatize by her first event management course. har har. and i got so regret cause there's so many electives for me to choose but i chose this hard one. wo hen fan jian xie xie. :)

we did the whole thing until 4pm, both of them skipped tutorial class, we just want to get it done by today. and around 2 something all of us were so exhausted that when we did together in the cover letter part, i was the only one who keep typing and both of them were staring blankly at me. O.O (i can work in intensive form) i got so worried for them. now i know, assignment really kills. =___________=

i wanted to take a group pic with them today. but i was too busy with the exam eventually i forgot bout this. so no pic of the lenglui blonde. har har.

come back home, find some food, eat, online a while and straight sleeping until now. i've got financial management quiz due tommorow. god bless me. O.O

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


i have one hour break among my 7-hour classes today, hence i walked along the Brisbane river to chill alone. :) the wind was so strong that when it blew from my right while i'm walking, i kept walking lefter and lefter. i can imagine if fourfeetnine is here, she would be blown away by the wind. =_______= i guess i really have to put on more weight from now on too.

this is the pretty view of the river. i bet Melbourne U doesn't have a river har har. nenebubu what's so good bout Melb U? :P see i told you the lavender trees are everywhere. (click for larger view if couldn't spot blue jacaranda thankyou)
these days i like doing things alone. eat alone, ride bus alone, walk alone, go to tutorials that all are strangers. and i enjoy the time i have with my ownself. other than classes, i got so lazy to talk. i hope this is normal. :)
oh and i spotted a CityCat too! :) CityCat is something like a river bus. public transport la since the Brisbane river is so long. besides buses, we can go to the city from UQ by this. super convenient can die and i like it so much when the breezes are so chilling during the ferry ride.

this is my lovely sandals that i bought less than a month ago. i like it so much, yet i think i walked to much today and the right sandal strap broke while i was walking to the bus stop. super embarrass can die i swear i walked pretty much like a penguin. :( now i learnt, never never buy single strap sandals. so dangerous can die. :(
this pretty much sum up my day today. sigh lifeless much? :(

Tuesday, October 13, 2009




这样很无趣 :(


Monday, October 12, 2009

random rojak.

hello world.

i hate doing assignments cause apparently squeezing the brain juice out of hell is just so difficult. so tired can die. i am still in the holiday mode la how. :(

today is a boring day. i've sat inside the financial management tutorial for 2 hours, knowing nothing. nothing. i don't understand a single thing. he talked so much about variance and sigma, and i forgot everything about variance. gaaaaah this friday there's another quiz due. i hate finm thankyou.

i've bumped into Lisa and Arani randomly today. i passed by them without noticing them and they yelled my name from the back. both in different situation. apparently, big eyes don't mean clear eyes. :) nevermind.

i realised that among my circle of friends, i have those very very paria friends. paria as in how they act. and i couldnt agree with what they did la seriously. i always thought my friends were all those very nice people. aih, what have the world been into? :(

i got new plans for my future again. O.O i know i sound so ridiculous, having plans for the future like every months. i hope it works though. :)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

surprise surprised.

i've changed my flight back to Malaysia for this year end 4 days earlier. and Leen changed it a week earlier. cause our final papers will finish earlier. :) we thought of giving the family a surprise by not telling them we will be going home earlier but apparently our plan failed. we used the credit card to pay for those penalty fees online, and that credit card is a supplementary card of dad's. and daddy received the credit card statement already. and he knew it, and gave me a surprise instead. =______________= why always my surprise plan wont go well one?????
i've completed my student exchange application form. my 1st choice is National University of Singapore (NUS) and my 2nd choice is Hong Kong University (HKU). both are among the best U in the world, better than UQ. :) either one i get it, i would be very very happy. i like going exchange. :)


Zoe Lu Heok Tzen. be tough alright? you are a heroin for me already cause you are brave enough to tell it out. :) you have the courage that others don't have. others just left it to fate, kay? :)

i'm always here for you, tell me if you need me, and i will help you all i can. i am your no.1 supporter. :)

be tough. and face the fact. :)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

keep up on pace.

hi there hello.

these are the photos i wanted to post up yesterday but was too lazy. so here you go.
a view of UQ Lake. so picturesque isn't it? pretty campus i have. :)
and these purple trees are everywhere in Brisbane now. EVERYWHERE, no joke. its beside the lake, along the road, beside the Brisbane river, in front of houses. literally, everywhere. i didnt know what does it called, so i googled and found it as Blue Jacaranda. is the best invention on earth. :) i called the tree lavender tree. hahaha. so lavenderish whatttt. :P

me and Leen went all the way to Sunnybank for the sake of this.
yes SHIN RAMYUEN is the love. :) i wonder what is my dad's reaction when he sees this big box of instant noodle. har har. we used to laugh at those who bought this big box of Shin. i thought those people were crazy why la buy so many instant noodle. and now that i know how important this big box is. :)

oh and i had Shin Ramyuen with egg, tofu, and tomato for dinner today. it's so, blissful. :)

today is a productive day. i've cleaned up everything, except for the bathroom. and right after that, i drew my own timetable for Oct and Nov, to keep reminding myself that i cannot procrastinate anymore. 45 days more in Australia, and i have 5 quizzes and assignments, 4 examinations to encounter. do you think i can do it?


Friday, October 9, 2009

thinking of summer holiday already.

final exam's timetable is out.
hip hip hooray i dont have morning exam.
none. :)
my earliest exam is at 2.30pm happy or what? hah.
i got photos to post but i am damn lazy to upload.

i thought i would be motivated when the timetable is out.
but i'm wrong.
apparently, my thought automatically ignored the exam part.
and exam timetable meant so much to me........
to know when is my last day of exam so that i can have fun!! :D

nevermind. my dad says he's not worry bout me cause i work the best under pressure.
this means, no matter what, i will still do it right on the last minute.
this, of course, included final examinations.

off i enjoy my friday night. :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

my holidays in Malaysia

so i've been M.I.A. so much during my stay in Malaysia. skipped so many posts to write. and now that i'm going to compensate for my disappearance in blog last week. :)

so what have i did in the 10 days when i'm in Malaysia?

1. camwhore in the flight.
i took this photo when we passed by Indonesia. i guess they are some pretty islands of Indonesia. so beautiful. and see the sky and sea is attached together. :)
and yes, camwhore is a must. :)

2. moved house.
and this is the main purpose for the flight back. and while packing, i found these.

my kindergarten graduation photo. i know i know, i am so cute can die. :D
and the old phones i've used. (minus those that got stolen)
and and, the friends came visit my new crib. below this photo is part of us, posing my name. we are creative or what???? :D
click here, here and here for more photos.

3. dates with the boyfriend.
we had so much fun. :) and starbucks is a must.

4. went to pasar malam after so many years.
went with Leen, Eda, and grandma. bought so much food that we couldn't finish them. and we bought quite some food from the wrong stalls. (e.g. tau fu fah got 2 stalls, and we bought from the lousier one) so very very potong steam cause the food weren't nice. no photo cause too overwhelmed with foods. har har. and Tommy came to chill at my crib and look at us eating. har har.

5. bought a new tote from PiperLips.
tell me its nice thankyou.

6. went to have the cheapest yet yummy dimsum with the family.
dont ask me why this look. probably because i owe him $10000000000 thankyou. :)

and my mom's look says: "aih.. this girl ha.. always so many patterns one.. bla bla bla...."

and yes this is my ah ma. only 66 years old damn young. :D

7. played lanterns and fireworks on mooncake festival (exactly the date).
woah it has been so long since i last played this type of fireworks. me likey so muchie. :) it brought back childhood memories.

8. drived the family to IKEA and got scolded for the whole journey.
cause i drove from the other highway, AND i missed the exit of the highway. pandai much? :)

9. be my mom's driver for a day.
got so bored while waiting for her to pick up things from shops etc so camwhored.:)
p/s: yes you can see a lot of same outfit. apparently, we packed the luggage at the very last minute and brought back too lil clothes. :(

10. helped on my parents' kindergarten annual concert.
i was the cameraman that day. and i took shitty photos. har har. :)

11. bought a new specs. (read previous post thankyou)

12. bought one flops one sandals.

okay these are those which i can recalled. LOL. others are those aiyar nothing special la.

i did not have bak kut teh and seafood. :(
i did not have internet connection at the new house. :(
i did not meet up with the hollywoods. :(
i did not buy any clothes. :(

hence this conclude my 10 days in Malaysia. :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

because we are trendy people..

this is Eva.

this is Eva's elder sis, Ee Leen.
and above the two pics are us trying on same new specs in A-Look. she was the copy cat cause apparently she has chosen a smaller black frame specs but she wanted to look chio-er like me so she changed to a dai-tong specs too. therefore, we bought the same specs :D

(click each photo for a bigger view thankyou)

do we look like twins?
yes we are having the same specs and same flops :D

do we look like twins?

do we look like twinsssssss????
so right after we bought the specs, we went shopping. and when we went into shop, there's few employees started discussing so loudly about us whether we are adik kembar or not. LOLLLL. and my sis told them we are not. =________= damn potong la her cause i thought of pranking them. haha.

embarrassingly, for 19 years of sisterhood, this is the first time we were told as sisters. moreover, a twin sisters. :) like seriously, every time we went out together, people thought we are good friends. T______T there's even once when we pay together in one bill, the cashier asked us if we want to separate our clothes in different plastic bags.

and and and, when we were in LCCT the day before, Leen was queuing behind me to enter to the waiting room. (we were wearing specs) so after checking my passport and letting me in, the operator checked on Leen's passport and asked if we were twins! again. :) woah we should have wore the same specs way earlier. haha.

okay la i know i am not as pretty as her and not as girly as her. so what? we are still sisters. except that i have bigger head and bigger face. :P

this is when i have a big pimple on my chin and i camwhore like that to cover the pimple.
and that the copy cat learnt it too. hah.

because this specs is so trendy, everyone wants to act like trendy people. HAHAHA. even my family started to go all hoo-haa on this specs. and my dad asked my mom and Eda to buy one for themselves. haha.


stupid Leen.

yours truly.



happy family much? :)

who's next to wear dai-tong specs? :D

p/s: woah my baby HTC became lousier with the camera. sigh. so many blurry photos. :(

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Book Of Tomorrow.

i hereby present the book of tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern :) (though i haven't read it. hah.)

camwhore is a must. thankyou.

i always like Ahern's book design. so pretty. :)

see after the cover page which they made it like a flipped paper, inside is another golden page.

and Ahern is getting prettier too. :)

i am currently half way reading The Gift which my sis bought it 25277256055424524 days ago. hah. i am a tortoise in reading. :P

p/s: i am so proud that i am among the earliest who bought The Book of Tomorrow. :) they don't even have it in Malaysia yet. :P


i've got myself a new look like that. new specs to be specified. this will be elaborate in the next post thankyou.

i am back in aussie again. :(
hah its so funny that people comes here for holidays and i go back Malaysia for holidays.
and that i don't like aussie. not even a bit.
it's still the 1st day here, and i have started to feel homesick. i manja or what?
i thought i've used to departures and stuffs like that.
i thought i can handle everything well like i used to two months ago.
apparently, i'm not.
i'm still 19 years old, still a big childish teenager.

i haven't put any food into myself for more than 12 hours already.
i got so annoyed when i foresee the big pile of laundry to do, blankets to wash, meals to prepare, bathroom to wash, and bus ride to school.
everything annoys me here.
i keep telling myself, 48 days only, 48 days will pass in a blink.
but, 48 days have 1152 hours, have 69120 minutes, have 4147200 seconds.
sigh i dont know why i bother calculating those figures.
i felt so pms. i dont know if its the real pms or that i dont want to face the fact that i'm not in my comfort zone anymore, again.
study abroad is nothing fun, i assured.

once again, LDR starts painfully.
i want my big grin up there back to me again. :(
i miss everyone everything back home. sob.