Monday, September 28, 2009

cute people here.

these people came to my new crib last saturday. all are 9 years old friends except for one. and they are all nice peopleeeee i like :)

p/s: i edited my pic and only edit a lil for others cause i dont know why retouch others' face is so hard for me :O i scare later people say i edit others until damn ugly damn fake. so i dont really dare to edit other people's pic. =_________=

we borrowed Tommy's 'dai tong specs' and camwhore. all cute people here. :)

yours truly.






stupid tommy.


germany. okay jeremy. :P

okay i have no internet connection at the new crib so can't online to update stuffs so bear with me i will update a proper one once i got chance. :)


Thursday, September 24, 2009

fresh from malaysia.

airasia sucks. but oh well, that's the price right? sigh.

i've bought the latest Cecelia Ahern's series - The Book of Tomorrow. spotted it at the airport and bought it. it's just arrived yesterday and its still not on the shelf yet. we ter-spot it in the box in a bookstore in the airport while waiting for boarding. fate i should say. and it has pretty cover. :) will upload the pic when i felt a bit better. kinda emo now. zzz.

okay la that's all for today. damn tired can die.
half and hour more and imma leave to the airport. glad that there's no wind howling anymore. and i'm not worried about the flight cancellation. :) but everywhere is so dusty now especially the toilet. all orange dust. damn disgusting. no photo cause i dah lazy. damn sleepy already yet i think i can only get some sleep in the plane. i hope i can sleep in the plane lor seriously. cause airasia wor how to sleep. zzz. anyway me and Leen prepared so much food in plane. we have biscuits, chocolates, lollipops, energy bars, muffins, and breads. we are going to picnic in the flight. :O hahahaha all thanks to me cause i forgot to buy the flight meals when buying the air ticket. i am not taking the big yellow bear back cause its just a 10 day departure. devil will be tagging along. :) i hate packing and unpacking luggage. so much hassle. this time we bring food and clothes back only. the big luggage half is food half is clothes. pretty simple. actually dont know what to bring cause we scare later when coming back we got no enough space cause we will bring in more food and more toiletries. @.@ i am going to shop for footwear in Malaysia cause i realised that all my flats sandals flops all dah spoilt. and i'm liking sandals now.



here i comeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

dust storm in Queensland.

this morning while i was still sleeping, i heard the wind blowing so strong outside and i thought it's raining heavily. still half-consciously, i asked Leen to collect our clothes i hung at the balcony yesterday cause damn the clothes i didnt know i wore so many that hanging clothes is such a hassle. @.@ and Leen told me there's no rain.

after enough of sleep and finally i am going to be late for class, i woke up and look out of the window and realise that the sky was a bit weird but it didn't hit me much. not until i rushed out of the house , and i stoned outside the pavement when i saw the sky. it's so orangy! my 1st reaction was like :O and my 1st thought is omg judgement day ah? O.O (i very ulu never see dust storm before ma) it's so scary when i 1st see this in my life okay. and i thought of turning back home cause its always safer to stay at home. who knows it's a tornado or whatever shit. i scared. :( however the building construction workers were still working opposite my house, people are still walking on the street, so i continued running to the bus stop. =.=

glad that i didn't miss the bus. :)

and this is how the whole place looked like. ORANGE and DUSTY.. it's even worse than haze cause the wind blew so strong and luckily i wore specs. (btw i took this inside the bus)
i have sensitive skin and very very manja nose. speak about the nose, i totally lost my sense of smell and its so damn painful when i'm outside of the building. woah i hate this. and my skin go itchy itchy here and there i was almost a monkey who got lost from the zoo. @.@ the visibility was so bad, that i practically cannot see any building taller than 2-storey like this....
seriously, i didnt know its a dust storm until i met Seth and Godwin in the campus, and they told me that. dust storm is practically like a thunder storm, just that it don't pour water instead flying dust everywhere. the wind is as strong. it's as dirty as a thunderstorm.
i couldn't even stand being outdoor for long time, i didn't know what makes those people still can so chill sitting on the grass like that.. damn amazing! O.O i heard that dust storm hit New South Wales yesterday and the whole Sydney is in RED. seriously, what has the earth been to??? i guess judgement day is very near. sigh.
and below this pic is how the sun looked like. the sunlight was weak and yea la the whole place is like covering with a thick layer of orange cloth. i hate this. i hate listening to the wind howling and its like going to detach the house from the earth, like Dorothy's house in Wizard of Oz. @.@ (seriously my imagination is super good or super good??? hah)
aiyar conclusion is that this dust storm is the 1st time having so serious in here. cause Casey my Australian friend said this is her 1st encounter too and she thought she might be dying. @.@ hahahahahaah she is more imaginative than me. :) and i've checked the online news, it says the flights were delayed or canceled due to the bad visibility. :O i hope pray wish want tomorrow to be a nice day again.


more info:

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

yo the assignment!

shortnote: i think i should remained lovey-dovey in blog if not my dad will thought that the boyfriend and I have problems with each other. har har. so funny when my dad secretly asked Leen if my relationship has prob after reading my blog. HAHAHA. okay stop if not later i got kill when i reach Malaysia. :P

i've been working on my final individual assignment of this semester. i hate this type of assignment which we have to include lots of supporting readings cause the supporting info part is damn hard to find and relate. suppose that i can finish an assignment in one day, but i have to find and include appropriate peer-reviewed articles, 4 days. 4 days to do if not i will possibly caught in plagiarism thankyou. woah mention bout plagiarism detector i really hate UQ's. like seriously i will die of heart attack anytime after i submit my assignment lor. they count by plagiarize percentage and i always thought that i might be one of those plagiarism Goddess. T_______T

thank to Tzenny! she made my work easier. :) i asked ideas from her for my supporting examples in the assignment and yes la i trust that she will give good and creative examples cause she writes stories. :) and i gave her 20 imaginary sweets after her contributions. so kind of me, cause i never give 20 sweets one shot before. Vanny loves Tzenny! :)

tomorrow is a long day. 5 hours class plus after class assignment meeting plus finalize this freaking assignment and submit it plus packing the luggage. i hope i can finish this bloody assignment before tomorrow. no more multitasking no more online online. EVA'S LIFE TODAY IS JUST FOR ASSIGNMENT! thankyou:)

Monday, September 21, 2009

interesting finance tutorial in UQ.

i nearly fall asleep during finance tutorial just now, bearing with the monotone tutor who is a half-bald chinese with a nerdy spec which made him looks so similar to Al the bad guy in Toy Story 2.
i am so evil i think if Mr Kent W*ng saw this i am dead. :P


i seriously nearly fall asleep, not until the rescuer came.......

YES! half-way thru the class, this big monkey mascot came into the class, and everyone got so shocked.

he brought a notebook and pen with him too and start finding for a seat at the last row. i was sitting at the second last row and he freaking sat behind me. so hilarious i tell you when i saw the tutor's expression. priceless! HAHAHAHAHA. with his who-the-hell-is-this look i giggled the loudest in the class! :) too bad la the mascot is sitting behind me and my area here got the most attention in the class so i couldn't take a pic of the monkey. he kept fooling around, seeking attention, writing notes and stuff like that. the tutor tried so hard to ignore him, but every sentence he speak, he will ended up stoning there and look at the monkey with wierd expression. LOL. so of course when he stopped, we will all turned around to see what's up to the monkey. HAHAHA. woah it makes me damn awake.

honestly, i am a bit afraid of these kind of mascot. i mean if i know who the person is inside it, it's fine. but when its a stranger, it kinda freaks me out cause i usually think that these kind of mascots are used to kidnapped innocent kids like me. T_____T

and suddenly his pen dropped to the front of the table, means on my row. and he wanted to get the pen by leaning his whole body on the table and tried to grab the pen in front, and everyone's looking at his clumsiness and the next second, he fall down from the table and rolled down beside me, and it freaked me out kao kao okay. (at that moment, i seriously thought he wanted to kidnap me T______T) and he quickly stood up and stared at me, and he was so clumsy that he couldn't walk properly between the rows, so he kinda fall on me when he wanted to pass by me. woah i seriously freaked out and i don't dare to turn to the back and looked at him already.. and things ended with him grabbing his notebook and ran out of the class, knocking himself over tables and glass door here and there. =________=

interesting no? heh.

and i was so awake for class again. :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

most exhausted sunday ever.

this is the most hardworking sunday i had in australia. i woke up at 10am (with much surprise) and went to school with LayNee, and did the MsExcel portfolio for 4 hours straight. we weren't finish yet and i'm going to her house later at night to complete it cause it will be due tomorrow. i have painful wrist now exhausted brain now. :( numbers and formulas kill! no joke.

my eyes are getting smaller day by day. whole day today the eyes are like half-opened. eyes smaller means face surface bigger. T_________T

you know what, i am not just scheduled 10am assignment meetings today, i make another one for tomorrow at 10am too. tuesday got 10am class also. woah i am wondering if i will oversleep tomorrow again or not. sigh. insomnia comes back to me again. terrible.

okay gonna start working on another assignment. sigh.

oh and HAPPY HARI RAYA TO ABDULLAH :) i think i got one Malay friend only. pathetic hor.. but i swear swear swear i'm not racist :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

alive not dead.

i wanted to write a mandarin post but i scare later i emo. har har. i got some girl's intuition. but i hope it won't turn out right. cause i am scared.

actually i got nothing to write cause i just finish writing on another private blog. zzz.

okay fine i try to write. :) yesterday i reread back all my past entries. i thought, i really grew up, mentally. when reading on the 2-years-old entries, i was like "who is this kid with broken sial English.." hahaha so funny. and then i realized that time flies. it's a blink and i'm going to hit 20 next year. i still want to be a kid though. compared to my past, i climb slower now. i am less kiasu, i am less aggressive, i am less competent. and i miss the old me, who stands out among others. where is she?? sigh.

i did badly for the mid-semester exams. no more HDs, and imma gonna try my best to secure the Ds from now on. sien.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


好像有时间REFER酱 T_______T

兴奋到要死掉 :D

我来啦啦啦啦啦 :D

太阳花能在冷天气生存吗 =________=

omg i am so random

有谁很会 MS EXCEL 的吗?
我要被栽在EXCEL里了 :(
根本不能继续 T_______T


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

this is life out of no life.

just finish skype with the BFF. :) both of us are the kind which lack of self-discipline one. HAHAHA. that's why we clicked. :P she's having STPM trial exam now and has one paper tomorrow. i have truckloads of assignments all deadline next week and we still can chat for so long, and self-degrading into the world of online novel. what is exam ah? what is assignments ah? :)

each time skyping with her, her dad Uncle Ng sure will come in and ask me where am i hahahaha. and then comment on how i look. most time he will say "woah Eva fat already wor.." T_______T but then today both her parents say "sui liao sui liao!" lalala. sui means pretty okay. not i narcissist ah, really got praised one okay. :D

sadly, broadband line is being a bitch. we've been reconnecting for so many times and keep couldn't hear each other. what the hell stupid line. damn distracting.


i like going to tutorials with less students, usually the evening classes. like my Events and Arts class, we had only three students included me today. it's more like chitchating and discussing more than going to class yet we still learnt and i like the atmosphere. it's like how i used to have tuition classes before SPM and i like the feeling. :)


i miss sunflower. we haven't talk nicely for so long time already. :(

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

these made me giggle..

tomorrow most of the staff in UQ is going for strike. i can't believe this thing happens here LOL. but sadly, all my lecturer and tutors for tomorrow's class are those goodie goodie. so no holiday for me, 7 hours class. :( after class stiill have to stay back for group meeting. i hardworking or what?? but i think wednesday are dedicated to study, like seriously. i can stay whole day at school until 8pm, maybe i like the tutors. :) one of my tutor's hubby is actually Malaysian and there's once after class we chatted a while and we got all so excited when talked about Malaysian food. i guess that't the main topic when talk about Malaysia. @_____@

and OMG i got so surprised when i found out that one of my friend in my facebook is actually sunflower's cousin and she is in UQ now too! shock or what? haha. the world is freaking freaking tiny :) and then she knew me way earlier and she even saw me hopped down the bus and ran to class. woah i damn embarassed already. T_______Tactually when she says she saw me before i expect that she might see me chasing bus of stuff like this cause i did this almost everyday in campus. either late for class, or late for bus. T________T anyway glad that i know one more friend here :) i know i despo la but hardly can find Malaysians here and i'm happy :D

and i got 2 starbucks baristas friends now. proud or what? Momoko's working at KD's outlet and Tzen works at Sunway hospital. aiyer i also want to be barista. =(

i have childish friends. :P they die die want to fight love with me. see in FB i wish xin 1st and she should love me more but then they want to fight. and then in blog i wish xin 1st, they want to fight for love in their blog also. go check it out here and here. I DONT CARE XIN I AM THE ONE WHO GOT HEART THE MOST SO YOU MUST LOVE ME MOREEEEEEE!!!! nevermind you don't tell both of them, we know by ourselves can already. nenebubu~ :P


you know i love you. :)
have a great life in Indiana and go get an angmoh bf! :D

p/s: i only slept for less than 3 hours the day before and i just finished my finance midsemester exam hence the ding-dong look. T_____T okay fine actually these few days i'm thaaat ding-dong. :(

p/p/s: MOMOKO AND TZEN, I WISH XIN 1ST :P xin sure love me more. lalala~

Monday, September 14, 2009


我真的很想回家 :(





我只想回去 :(

Sunday, September 13, 2009

reborn Eva, reborn!

seriously i am impressed by my own time wasting skill, i got deadlines yet i'm behaving like i'm having holiday. what the hell i know. =.= i swear swear swear that after this post imma gonna start to be productive and start my finance battle all over again. :)

i have listened to the piano piece 香草泡泡的季节 repeatedly since yesterday till today. i felt super happy, the feeling's like all break-ups in the world have been made over. it's a pinch of touched plus a tad of happiness and nervous. and it has so easily made my day. :) i am easily contented or what? :D

now i know why people somehow after repeating one issue for so many times would not bother it anymore. it's not lazy, it's not disappointed. okay maybe it is. yet it's more to the realisation of that i know i could not do anything to change that fact anymore. i've done my best, and that's that. imagine i state that stupid fact already, and the person reacted something to that issue, and then i got so happy cause i thought finally woah i could do something to strive for changes, and then the reaction lasted for the most one and a half week. and then thing remained back like what it initially was. and this recycled until i think it's useless already. and i finally found out that, why don't i change my thought. i am going to be more carefree from now on. cause i can't change anything. even if i could, i am tired of doing this.

i dah give up. the more i mind, the more stupid i look like. very funny ah now? =______=

p/s: someone told me that if i really want to be a supergirl, i should keep my own fragility and weaknesses to myself only. this is true or true??? call me a supergirl from now on. :)

and yes, i want to reborn. :)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

VK Kloud.


if you are an attest lover for piano music then YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO THIS :) i couldn't find it in youtube and anywhere else, dont even mention bout downloading it. sigh.

V.K.克 aka Kloud is the composer and the pianist from taiwan. woah i like talented guys. *sparks* start from 1:30 is the bomb! tell you this part must must must listen. i've downloaded the music score and can't wait till 2 weeks later to reach for the piano! :)

i am not sure whether if i am the sentimental one or that he really plays it well, it's the feeling of firework la aiya undescribable. it's just... fireworks. i think every song has its own story. i usually won't tell others how i give each song a storyline cause this is one part of wonderful thing in life. everyone has its own understanding for each song, and how we imagine and enjoy it is how chemistry between you and the song starts. it's kinda abstract, woah now i know why i suits art more than science. science people wont know what i am blabbering bout. :) (i used to give pieces their storylines when i was a concert mistress in band cause i have to know the way to enjoy the song before i can guide others. and this way is awesome. it makes song flows! :))

i knew his pieces from a friend's blog and yes first-hear-love. :D

other favorites:



have a great weekend :)

p/s: for those who know where to download these songs, kindly leave comment cause i desperately want this to be in my phone thankyou. :) i've successfully downloaded these 3 songs thanks to Chao Lin and my own intelligence :D

Friday, September 11, 2009

Vivienne Westwood

i eyed on this VW saturn necklace...
...but i can't afford it.

if VW is not branded... :)

screw that aside. i am transforming into a real business student. i think my dad will be happy to see this. :) think far, set goals, start planning! (okay i know all students do this but i sounds more professional writing "business student" ah.. :P) i am planning for my summer now, and this summer will be the most productive summer ever. :D

**all things going smoothly except for getting responds from HELP University College. woah few weeks already they still cant give me a reply. business department is alright i like the manager but the IT department is super inefficient can die. just send me the department handbook and subject availability list so hard meh? what the hell. and they made my planning terbantut now. sigh.

3 years of writings and still counting..

i just finished a mid semester exam. :) good that out of 50 questions i just tembak two. kinda frustrated that i stayed up till 6 something in the morning, AND ALL THE QUESTIONS ARE JUST FROM LECTURE NOTES. and i read 300 pages less than a day until my eyeballs are going to drop out. what the hell i know.

and here's the main point of this post, that i wanted to write it few days ago but i forgot. :(

HAPPY BELATED 3 YEARS OLD BABY BLOG! :) has been created for 3 years already. THREE. TIGA. SAN. SAM. SA. 3! awesome or what??? okay la its actual birthday should be at 7th September but mummy blogger is sooooo worn out with those exam shits and health probs. :(

peeps, wish my baby blog happy belated birthday :)

hmmmm... so let's see how long many years more can this blog survive.. :D

Thursday, September 10, 2009

mid semester exam.

what is exam? can eat one ah??

once upon a Stitch fetish.

this is my favoure cartoon when i was in standard 6. i go all hoo-haa bout this blue monster until everywhere i see Stitch plush toy i would keep nagging at my dad to buy one for me. and my dad WON'T. cause he thinks this is a way of wasting money and i have a bed full of plush toys already until some have to keep inside boxes and stay in the storeroom. so no Stitch for me. :(

however, a year later we had a family trip to Brisbane. :) and on the last day in the airport while waiting for boarding, i saw this big koala (okay not that big at least it's the biggest in the store) at the souvenier shop. it's gray in color but it looks much like Stitch! :) and then i told my dad i want it, which costs like 72AUD. 72AUD for a plush toy which is only in average size, i am not a rich kid lor. but.. but.... but......... i suddenly saw on one plush toy they put the wrong price tag to AUD26. i think that time God heard my pray muahahahaa, so yes i brought a koala back to Malaysia with me. :D

....and i named the koala Stitch. i know i know, so unglam the name but i like ah.. :P

woah so random. okay back to study.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

rants. tonnes of ignorable rants.

today is not a good day. 090909 so what?

had sorethroat. super uneasy feeling like something stucking in the throat and i wanted to use something to dig it out. :(

having serious migraine. i can't think of any reasons for getting that at this time. no reason migraine. so naughty. it's like mild, strong, stronger, and hit the centre of the brain. wahlah! and when i was talking half way i couldn't continue cause i couldn't control my mouth and voice. O____O and there's another time while walking to meet Leen in the entrance of library, i couldn't walk properly in a line. i dont know what get me this today. totally unreasonable. not menstruation, not stress, not strong sunlight, then what?


despite all these shits, i have to smile summore. act like i was all okay, and deep inside i was battling with all those stupid migraine bad cells. i am a supergirl or what? hah. i think i shall stop posting about how bad is my health. later people dont trust i am a supergirl anymore how? T_____T okay this will be the last post of the sick supergirl.

**i have a hardtime too. and you said, you got your prob, i got mine. and that we dont fk with each other cause yours is yours and mine is mine. i say nothing. what can i say more? it's september.

midnight blabber. my future.

i have a long way to go to complete the managerial communication syllabus before friday's midterm but my mind is so much distracted by tiny tiny thoughts bout life and future. i have to find a way to express it out so that i can concentrate again in studies so here am i. :)

these days i am so busy finding info about student exchange program, looking at unis website, emails to the person-in-charged yadi-yada. you see, sometimes i just wondered if i can settle for a permanent job in the future. i tends to get bored of the way i am living so easily, and try to find alternatives to change the way of life. my decision changes every second, like seriously. there's one moment i thought UQ is nice and i am going to settle here and stop thinking bout Melbourne (since i always wanted to go to Melb U before i came here and i thought it's a great lost for not accepting Melb U's offer T____T), and now that i am finding ways to get away from here.

i always do things that are completely contradicting. is that i am wierd or you too doing this? :S

you know when we were at primary school we got to fill in a form where there's this future ambition column? at that time i got so impressed to those who wrote "housewife" in there. like seriously? you whole-life most important thing is to get a guy and marry and be a housewife? do chores? have kids? and what more, COOK? so that's your life-time goal?? i think being a housewife is disappointing. disappointing myself, disappointing my parents, and disappointing those who have faith on me to achieve something better. (or maybe i'm kiasu) even if one day i get the chance to be a rich tai tai, i am not going to be a woman which do nothing better than shopping, drinking afternoon tea, and showing off jewelries. geeess.

i have ambitions. i want to change the world, at least by far doing something that can make the world a lil lil better. i never see my future with husband and kids, i didnt, i dont, and i dont think i will in the near future. hah. lovey dovey so what? i see career first. :) i am kinda ambitious, i think i inherited my mom. but i definitely won't want to be like her, cause i think she's not successful at all, and that her life is my best role-model that i will avoid being like her.

i have ambitions. and i know knowledge is preparing me to get to my ambitions. i know what i am doing now is the stepping stone to success. i know it so well that the cert, the so-called mere paper is crucial to stand a place in the real world. and i wont be that stupid to take this easy and ruin my own future. no matter how rebellious i am, how stubborn i am, how playful i am, i know what that distinct work and play. so mom and dad, don't worry i know i am always being such bad, i still know the limit. :)

so now that you thought that i have ambitions i must have know what i want to be in the future. sadly, no i don't. hah. see, contradicting no? i've being changing ambitions ever since i was 7. i wanted to be a teacher, a nurse, an air stewardess, a businesswoman, a painter, a designer, a tour guide (HAHAHAHAA), everything la except housewife and singer :) (i can't sing, i break the glass) i change ambitions like models changing clothes, that's because i'm so easy influenced by externals. like when the 1st time i thought of ambition, i wanted to be a teacher because my family business is related to education and i go to school, so much related to teacher. LOL. and then i wanted to be a painter when there's once a painter painted a portrait of me and i started going to art class, so i wanted to be a painter. and there's once when you know during school education fair there's 4570397356352 of stewardess schools' promoting stewardess job and it sounded so tempting and i thought of being a stewardess. what the hell. yes la this is me. i tell you my ambition want or not? my ambition is to make myself successful in that particular point of life that i think i am already successful. zzz very potong steam kan? like you will thought woah i blabber for so long already my ambition must be something sounds good. hahahaha. and my ambitions is all related to making people feels happy AND helping people achieving their dreams. (at least this sounds better yes? hahaha)

and so that people are curious why am i doing business course now since i never never like counting money and numbers. i have very low sensitivity to money and i have problems counting numbers above 10 thousands. no joke. 5 digits is kinda confusing for me already. i only like to count numbers that add up to 10. like 3+7, 8+2, 1+9. :D and my dad is the one who makes me study business. i always thought i would end up studying design or communication, since these two are among the top of my tertiary education list. and then i shocked everyone by doing business, which most of my friends see me in disbelief. i told my dad, i hate business la, i hate numbers, and i hate calculations and its like everyone is studying business. like that how to survive in business???? then my dad told me "you like money or not? you like money then study business!!" i dont know why this made such big impact to me, so big until i am betting my future with it. maybe i'm a money-face. or maybe that i trust my dad so much. or maybe that i really liked money. HAHAAHA.

then i told myself, it's just a cert, it's just a cert. don't worry just study the books and get the cert. i've been doing this for so many certs, and i know if i have the will, there's nothing impossible. 1st semester of UQ i am doing badly. no dean list, no HD. yet i still successfully convinced myself cause i always did badly in the beginning, and then i shock everyone with so much better result in the final exam. i hope hope hope this time will be the same. cause this will be the most important cert in my life already. business management, this is my future, part of getting my ambitions achieved.

woah i am getting it so far away already and it's not ending anywhere. o.O what's my point of writing already? hah.

okay fine. DEAN LIST. if not this semester, at least next. :)

well, on top of everthing, i know family is still the priority. nothing beats shared-bloods, and long-lasting relationships. :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

i am a vainpot.

glad that i'm photogenic. :)

what's the benefit of blogging again?

i am half way revising Managerial Skills and Communication and came across this:-
Another way to increase self awareness is to write in a journal. if you want to solicit feedback from others, post your journal as an online blog and see what other people think.
Now people, freaking increase your self-awareness by blogging yo! mind you, self-awareness is the core to success. :)


Monday, September 7, 2009

lembik macam tofu.

menstruation + diarrhea.

what could i ask for more?
i am so the worn-out now. :(

sangat the lembik macam tofu.
this is what describe me the best now.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


create animated gif
say hi to my big ass photo :P

this is the 1st time in the year i tied pony tail while going out. :) i never want to show my square face while going out after rebond my hair again but today is exception cause.. cause..... cause.... i like! :)

today is not a good day. been feeling unwell since morning, with some overslept cases so i was pretty rush in the syllabus to finish for the afternoon midterm test. the test was bad. if it's in MCQ, i can confirmed i will score. but it's not, and my brain was almost malfunctioning, so HD flew away. i am so gonna get full marks for both portfolios to balance out the lost this afternoon. no worries :)

i have menstruation migraine now. bloody hell i hate migraine. :( i've used to it, yet i'm still not used to it. hah see girls have complicated mind :P

i am once again so hoo-haa about k-pop now. can't wait for next semester to start cause imma gonna take up a korean language course. i really hope to understand those korean entertainment show. looking at them laughing so happily and i understand nothing. damn potong steam. =.=

woah i havent write any long long posts these days, and i tend to forget how to write a proper post already and since that i am not feeling well so signing off now :P

Friday, September 4, 2009


i have already exceeded this week's study limit. dman regret study too much finance at the beginning of the week. tomorrow's info system midterm test still not ready yet. how sia???? :(

die. die. die. die. die. T________T

on the bright side, no bright side at all cause it's freaking subjective questions asking you bout theories applying to companies. like i know a lot of companies like that. :( tian ah!!!

this is my sustenance... the midst of burning midnight oil :)

awwwwwwwwwwwww the little girl is so cute!!! i couldn't stop laughing.

don't ask me how i got this cause today i just suddenly couldn't stop humming the Wonder Girl's 'Nobody'. i guess k-pop is coming back to me again. :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

the purple blue red black round patch. :(

when i said i have huge blue-black on both my legs, i'm not kidding. cause it's really HUGE, like this!
and i dont have a super good camera so it turns out the not to be the real color =.= cause it's freaking a big blue black red purple round patch on my leg :(

so how i got it huh?

the right leg one is on sunday when i was washing the bath tub and it's so slippery so i fall and knocked the sharp end of the tub and voila i got a blueblack. but that one is not that bad it's just some green and black combination of color, not that obvious.

and the left leg one is yesterday after i've finished bathing and wanted to come out of the tub and too slippery again i slipped again and knocked the freaking same end again. mad painful i tell you. and it freaking swell in a jiffy. and tadaaaaa i got this big round patch on my leg. :(

i never liked bathtub since small, cause bathtub is freaky and now i've more reasons to hate bathtub. hmmph!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

why i got so many problem one?

is it normal to have a cold feet inside a thick blanket on a cold night? or is it just i'm suffering from this?

is it normal to not having a good sleep for weeks, though super tired like hell but you. just. couldn't. freaking. get. a. freaking. rest??

is it normal to have FREAKING BIG BLUE-BLACKS on each leg, different incident, same place, same reason? or just that i'm super lucky can die?

is it normal to have freaking lots of different dreams in a half-sleeping condition, and after the marathon-like dreams, when you suddenly wake up again and it just pass an hour? like wth?

i am exhausted. but i couldn't sleep at all. i'm not stress YET. next week and the week after will be stresser. :( i am not depressed, SURE NOT cause i'm contented with the life i have now. I JUST FREAKING NEED A GOOD SLEEP AND MY LIFE IS COMPLETE. T____________T

tomorrow 7 hours of classes with 1 hour break. and i freaking having insomnia now. THIS IS SO ANNOYING.