Monday, August 31, 2009

mooncake crave

i've been writing blog in chinese so frequently these days, and so many people told me it's wierd and funny haha so i am going to switch back writing in english :D

not much to tell lately. my life is just about study and eat. what else?

i am so so excited that i'm going back after 3 weeks. started to count down already. and the major excitement is MOONCAKE!!! :D i like like like mooncake so much, especially the lotus paste with yolk. yummy woah i can't wait to go back now. :) and mooncake festival has special meaning for reunion and so me and leen are going back to reunion with the family :) happy or what? HAH.

i want jelly mooncake and lotus paste mooncake. woah salivating already. T_______T

attn: i'm going to move house on 26th of Sept. it's a saturday and anyone nak tolong pindah rumah??? i need free slaves hehe.

Sunday, August 30, 2009






今天真的很星期天 =.=

做蛋糕(因为那个郑意霖想吃蛋糕 =.=)


今天是 Jiunn 的生日(其实我不会写他的中文名=.=)
所以都叫他 Jiunn 而已 :D
真的很无聊 =.=

Jiunn: do u noe that our goverment gonna change back the sc and math to bm in few years time
Eva: yes i know
Holy crap d
that one damn stupid
Superduper cooper stupid
is super duper vuper zuper stupid
Is super aper bper cper dper eper fper gper hper iper stupid
what is that
my one is logic one
your one is dont know what one
A to z la
Aper Bper Cper

原来是他无聊不是我 :D

而且我刚刚冲凉了 :(
然后整个屋子都是烧焦味道 :(
头发好像刚刚从barbecue聚会回来的味道 :(
所以我处理善后 :( :( :(
专门做家务 T____T


还好屋子里的fire detector没有响
不然真的会很糗 =.=


现在是怎样 :(

Saturday, August 29, 2009

ramdom ten facts of the lenglui :)

  1. i was extremely hardworking today. once woke up, did the laundry, made lunch, start study until now. goodie no? :)

  2. finance is hard for me cause i'm insensitive to numbers. sigh if not cause it's one of the core subject for business, i think i might not even want to see finance. yet, i'm encountering these stupid numbers and percentages, so that i can get a Distinction for this. (dean list dean list, remember my aim is to be in dean list) go Eva, go! :)

  3. i proved the idiom 'dont judge a book by its cover'. super true can die. cause in finance we don't have textbook, but we have to buy an interactive CD. i bought it, while a lot of people don't. (i even burn one copy for Godwin LOLLLL help him to save up 60 AUD i think. i am so damn generous :D) most of my friends who took this subject last semester told me, the CD is a waste of money, no use one, bla bla bla. and i trusted o.O and till yesterday i started using it, AND I THOUGHT THIS IS A GENIUS CREATION, far more better than having a textbook! this freaking interactive CD has readings, examples, exercises, and even a recorded powerpoint slides which is like what we had for lectopia. mad genius! :) and now that i can substitude this powerpoint slides to the lectopia which the lecture's monotone voice is going to kill the hell out of me. :D oh ya it even has exercise and tutorial answers in precised working. perfect for me, the number dumb dumb! :)

  4. i got serious serious insomnia for few weeks already. i couldn't sleep at night, and even i fall asleep, i kept waking up like nobody's business. insanity. and the consequences is i got so tired every morning. :( i really wanted to have a good sleep. and i now decided that i am going to change anything to get a good sleep! it's mad torturing when you get to sleep but you couldn't. lack of sleep = devastated me. :(

  5. that day i told my dad bout the exchange program thingy, and when i mentioned that i'm going to apply for eastern countries only, he got so shocked. HAHAHA. and i told him i am sick of western culture already o.O

  6. i have one event portfolio due next wednesday, a finance online quiz to submit before friday, and a info system midterm test on saturday. damn crazy this week. oh yea, but after this week means i am going to complete 30% of my workloads before i can go back to Malaysia again. mad happyyyyy!!! i can't wait to eat the best best seafood and bak kut teh already. :D i miss deepfried soysauce fish and satay and marmite crab and dim sum!!!! i miss the dimsum the fried yam ball that one! omg see now cant stop the list already hahaha.

  7. my face is getting bigger and bigger. :( and now i know why! cause these days eat a lot, and talk so less! not much people to talk to, and nowadays online uses typing only. so now got lesser face exercise so my face become fatter :( even my phone doesn't ring anymore so pathetic :((((

  8. i eat non-stop. out of control already. but thank goodness how much i eat, my body wont grow horizontally. and that's one of the main reason why i can eat without limit =.=

  9. i like messy table :) this indicates to me that i am so damn hardworking :D :D :D

  10. gaaaah. random tenth fact :P okay la the tenth fact is that i am missing an emo emo pig now. pig ah dont play hide and seek already where are you ah i miss you. come out come out dont play already cause i know i cant find you one T____T

Friday, August 28, 2009

life is merely beautifully imperfect :)

another creation of Yasmin Ahmad, the ever so inspiring producer. her ads always make me think more about life. this time, not any Malaysia ads but a Singapore one. a very very touching 3min ad, that changes my perspective of lil imperfections that make them perfect for myself.

and yes, life is just beautifully imperfect. :)

p/s: now only i know Yasmin passed away a month ago. :( no more touching commercials from her already. sob..

Thursday, August 27, 2009

我是勤劳宝宝 :)

今天没有课 我喜欢
哈哈哈 我是懒惰鬼

(lectopia是online lecture recording)

全部20%考的都是application of theory into case studies
我怕 :(

知道做错了还skip tutorial class 用三个小时做完


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

being myself.

i have an event portfolio due tomorrow. and it's a report. and i hate report. yet it's still not that bad cause we are going to have a discussion bout this portfolio in tutorial class tomorrow. i am preparing this for my final exam :) in a super duper study mode now. :D

i've thought of this issue for the whole night: WHICH PART OF MY BLOG SOUNDS NONSENSE? i still couldn't figure it out. my parents ask me to not waste so much time putting nonsense in my blog instead study more. maybe my blogposts sound crap most of the time but it's mad important to me. sigh, define nonsense for me. i am confused already.

sometimes, something i don't expect much can made me disappointed so much. i felt the pain, and i've made up my mind to live for my own sake ONLY. tired of caring what others expect me to do. seriously, tired already.

Monday, August 24, 2009


我喜欢 :)


本人最近心情极佳 :D
能一直延续下去 :)





我又想当交换生了了了了了 :D

不屑 :P

目标:台湾 香港 韩国
选的都是universitas 21 的大学
这样好象比较容易说服老爸 :)

去韩国应该不错 :)

有谁站我这边的吗??? :D

并未经过家人男友同意 :P

Sunday, August 23, 2009

cutest trauma ever.

these colorful bubbles are driving me nuts. the trauma came all over again. HAIH. :( guess only the boyfriend, Chin Heng and Momoko know what am i writing now cause i only told both of them before. HAIH.

ahhhhhhhhhhh crazy bubbles. :(
stop mentally torturing me. :(
get out of me PLEASE.. :(

Friday, August 21, 2009

friendship never die.

p/s: i am so sorry that this post delayed for so long. it should be posted before xin left for Indiana. phew finally its done. :)

(click to read thankyou)

i don't know how to express my feeling bout this friendship, so i print screen me and tzen's convo few months ago, and yes this post is dedicated to three of them, my best collegemates ever. :) we were close, and we are still close despite all of us are in different path already. we have special bonds that hold us tight. :D

p/s: i still haven't figure out how to put three of the name in a fair place. very very difficult. HAHAHA. momoko, tzen, xin. xin, tzen, momoko. tzen, momoko, xin. woah very headache. T_____T
i personally like this photo so much. :) this is taken after our final paper for 1st semester in ADP. it's also my scholarship award ceremony which i secretly played truant. it's also Tzen's last day as an ADPian. yes, that girl leave us the earliest. :(

if i really want to talk bout them, i can never finish it in a post. there's so much about them to tell. :)

first and foremost, i think i shall officially intro the three girls in my blog, a late late intro after a year plus. haha.

Momoko Sum Yuet San
  • eldest among us. single and totally available. :)
  • currently a STARBUCKS BARISTA so coolllllllll!! :)
  • very very ganas in driving. she's the first female driver who drive more than 160km/h while fetching me. yet, with her TT and her not-that-bad-driving-skills, she should be ganas. LOL.
  • we are like SISTA!! we have the same clothing style, evidence:
same statement tee, same white short, same bling bling flats, same big tote. :D
  • she's my best lunch kaki ever. after Tzen left ADP and Xin who was so busy with activities, left two of us makan lunch together la. we have endless stories to talk about.
  • her favourite phrase "how la va?? :(" can see that i'm her problem solver. hah.
  • she has her own language with all the -ness -nessy. peacefulness, yengness, coolness etc.
  • i know her secretssssssss, so much of them, those dirty lil secrets. muahaha... come come people come bride me lalala..
  • she can draw with acrylics!!!! omg omg she is the 1st in my friend circle who draws using that. so cool can die right? :)
  • she has so many pairs of sneakers. normally only guys have different kinds of sneakers one right? and she has really different kinds of nike, puma, adidas, converse, you name it she has it. HAH. but this woman is turning to a real woman and starts collecting heels now. :)
Zoe Lu Heok Tzen
  • the baby among us. :P very very merajuk-ish hahahaha i created this word =.=
  • single and available too :)
  • Takeshi Kaneshiro's biggest fan ever, evidence:
she got so happy when spotting Takeshi's big poster here and die die want to kiss it. haha.
  • always with the "huh? what?" look. =____=
  • very very blur. evidence: her car damn pity one cause kena kiss with tiang, flower pot, etc for don't know how many times already. :P
  • a potential future designer, evidence:
    hahaha this is on our 1st semester when three of us were in a presentation group
  • her famous quote: we are human, not dog, so we don't need to be faithful. YET she knows how to say only but dont know how to do, cause she still damn loyal to Takeshi.
  • the fantasizest among us. (fantasizest, okay i created this word again. :P) her biggest fantasy is to marry with Takeshi. hahaha okay la tzen maybe you still have chance since he hasn't marry yet. i dont want to be a meanie. :P
  • writes fairy tales @ fairysentation! READ OR DIE thankyou. :D
Ter Xin Yi
  • the social butterfly, President of Miraz Club, she knew almost everyone in ADP :)
  • she's like the big sis, and of course my personal dictionary, evidence: when Momoko started driving TT to college, and so many ADPians started talking bout it, i still didn't know. until one day while at the corridor with the girls, and suddenly heard Momoko and xxx's (okay i forgot who he is) convo bout her car bla bla bla. i was so curious la why suddenly discussing bout Momoko's car and i asked Xin and she told me that Momoko's driving TT. and. yours. truly. doesn't. know. what. is. a. TT.
    Eva: what is TT ah?
    Xin: TT is an Audi sportscar..... [continue explaining]

    i damn useless in general knowledge thankyou. T___T okay after that when once Momoko fetch me to train station and i got really amazed by the sportscar cause saya ulu tak pernah nampak kereta sports macam ini lebih lebih lagi duduk dalam kereta sports thankyou. =.=
    see this woman damn tall edi still want to wear heels made me look so tiny. :( we were wearing same black tops and short skirts on my last day in ADP :D
  • she always absent in our gathering last year cause this woman super busy but she's still part of us cause WE LOVE HER :D
  • we shared a locker. har har die die want to state this cause Momoko and Tzen don't have. :P
  • AND i knew her before we were in ADP but we werent close. i still remember we were in the same sports house muahaha why i so pandai. :P

we are chatterboxes and we just can't stop talking. we have infinite topics and we are creative people. in short, WE ARE AWESOME PEOPLE! muahaha.
we were forced by Miss Ng to wear cultural clothes on cultural days and xin is so lucky cause she didnt have Ms Ng's class that semester.

we speak our language, the one only four of us understand. we have extraordinary boyfriends. like Tzen had a plant bf beside Foh Foh, and okay i forgot whose bf is the gas tank. and we keep changing BFs. :P they gave me a nickname called Chrysanthenum Tea (cantonese read: kok fa) cause i always order chrysanthenum tea can drink at Foh Foh. :) and so from this, the boyfriend became Sunflower. cause chrysanthemum and sunflower both are in yellow, and sunflower's size is bigger than chrysanthenum. logic, no? HAH. anddddd from this, came the flower boyfriend name although three of them still pending-boyfriend. so my boyfriend is sunflower. Momoko is still seaching for her Dandellion. Tzen is still waiting for her Lavender to appear. Xin is finding for her anthurium. tadaa so this made the flower boyfriend of us. :D
we like this photo la! so sweet kan? haha. too bad la tzen had class so couldn't join us. :(
self timer is camwhore's best friend! :D

i forgot how this wood wood thingy came about, but one thing for sure, it's started from Tzen. :D so she first told us that her dad is Brad Pitt and her mom is Angelina. and Momoko's parents are Beckham and Victoria. and they have those very very complicated Hollywood family background, and it's too complicated for me to understand har har. click the chart below for further info:)
i don't know why somehow i suddenly became the Bollywood princess. cause i like to dance among trees maybe i look more indianish. hahaha. and Xin is japawood, the new wood from Japan! but that time still haven't decide on her wood so this chart don't have japawood. felt a bit bad for her though, sorry xin i lazy to edit. :(
four of us met in ADP, but now that four of us are leading to different direction in life. i am in aussie now, Xin left to the states already, Tzen might be going to UK next year, and Momoko currently studying in Malaysia. so funny kan? four of us only Xin ended up going to the States. this is fate, fate that brought four of us together, and still remains as best friends. in life, people come and go. but i am sure that our friendship will last, longer than we could imagine. :) they are three angels that made my college life better, almost complete. and i cherish our relationship, even we are not each other's BFF, cause we are special. okay la honestly, the main reason is we are too cool to be only BFF!! :D

they love me, and i love them too. :D

p/s: Momoko and Xin, anyone got the Ajisen Ramen group photo? the one after i was soaked in green tea. send it to me k? :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

hormone imbalance.
and i hate this feeling. :(

i feel like going home now. the home in Malaysia. :(

have been torturing by insomnia for almost a week already.
period still dont want to come.

i want to cry. :( sobb..

rockin' yo!

i know Jam Hsiao not by the oh so famous xing guang competition but from Stickgirl cause i dont watch teevee and most of my sources of info come from blog hopping.

first of all, he's talented! :) good impression of all, at least not like those lollipops who can't even sing and still die die want to release album zzz. (add 45%)

i don't find him thaaaaat handsome, no offence though Jam's fans. :P (minus 30%)

contrary from the guest casting in the taiwanese drama 'ming zhong zhu ding wo ai ni' he is so damn gay. ewwwwww.. (minus 30%)

i don't find his voice special, instead i find it too feminine for a guy. (minus 25%)


i like this song! and i like the rock feeling he brought out, especially the chorus part! chorus part is the bomb. listen! :) (addddddd 101%!!) :D

夜太美 尽管再危险
爱太美 尽管再危险
痛太美 尽管再卑微
你太美 尽管再无言
我的王妃 我要霸占你的美

woah ter-heard this song few days ago and the chorus part couldn't stop stucking in my head. whole day having the urge to rush back home and download this song. very dangerous hahaha. i don't really like rock songs but there's always exceptions. :D

awesomeness! :D

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

you are my friend. :)

hoodie is so damn useful in rainy days. :)

i have awesome friends. i still have to restate this. hahaha. friends are those who will stand with you when you are in deep shit. and friends are confirmed forever.

at least, thanks babes, i'm all happy again. :D

p/s: this is my 600th post. :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009


sometimes i am wondering if there's anyone looking forward to my blog update. and these days the feeling of writing post is just totally different. no more surprise, no more eagerness, no more concerns. suddenly i don't know what's the point of writing. somehow, blogging makes people less asking me how am i now, cause people read from my blog to update bout me. is this good, or bad? i doubt the purpose of blogging now. hah so funny.

i havent chat with the BFF for almost one month already. the last time is when i was in Malaysia. time flies. and i think she's busy with stpm trial now. all the best form6 fellas. :)

i have 487 contacts in my msn. i don't know most of them, but i didn't block any until i've chatted with strangers and know they are not my real life friends. yet with this truckload of contacts, only a few i always chat with. and i felt so warm and nice chatting with them. i found out that only close friends don't say hi to me. their 1st line mostly is my initial. :) and when i update my facebook status stating that i'm bored, only those few familiar contacts came nudging me. i like all of you. :) thanks so much dudes and babes. :D

i felt lonely. but i am not attention seeking. :) i am contented with the few good friends i have. i know what is my goal in life and i'm going towards that direction one step at a time.

i don't know what's the point of writing this post again. hah. maybe, i miss all of you already.

i am doing good here. all fine. :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

memories are the best gifts.

the day before i left Malaysia few weeks back, dad wanted me to pack up my stuffs in room so the next time i come back again, we can move the house quicker. and since i don't really have a lot of things actually. call me a girl, with just 3 to 4 bottles of nail colors, only one small pack of cosmetics with only foundation, concealer and eyeliner, not much clothes to pack, bags a lil, BUT RUBBISH A LOT. :) but heck i love love love these so-called rubbish. :) i couldn't manage to take photos of each and everything.

open up a box i've left it on the upper shelf in my wardrobe, i only took the box down occasionally, to revive those nice memories, be it good or bad, the pass has always made me a better person. therefore, all are nice memories already. =)

wonder what's inside this small little jar? you won't believe that, inside of it lies 8 little milk teeth of mine. =) i couldn't remember since when all these teeth came out yet they were definitely living in it for more than 10 years already. and yes, how cool is that? i got my milk teeth with me, you got or not? lalala.

i've always kept presents from friends and family, even though sometimes the meaning to keep these stuffs change already. but i love them. this lil bunny was a present from Mr Tommy, few days before we graduated from primary school. he drew a card too, ah i didn't manage to take a pic of that haha. oh and there's another present from a very very important friend from Kong Hoe. he didn't know i was about to transfer school, and on the very last day when he knew it, he bought a pen for me, a very very special pen and a paper of notes. sometimes you see, a lil thing a person did can really makes you remember him for a lifetime.

hahaha this is my banana tag and band tag. we called this yellow tag "xiang jiao pai" in mandarin. i didn't know how i got to be this penolong ketua kelas back in form 1, cause i am the one who keep going out of the class during lessons for band practice. i'm always the "Tugas Rasmi Princess" since form1. hmmm i should say i never never did my job as a assistant class monitor, even i was in class. HAH. pity Kai Wen who had to manage the whole class, carry books to and fro the office for so many times a day yadi yada. =P and the school band tag, i will keep it with me as long as possible. aih i forgot to bring the concert mistress tag with me when i leave. i still remember that tag i bought it myself and wear it for 2 years already. =( so meaningful la. without band, my high school life won't be so complete. this is for true. =)

this is a present too. i thought of throwing it already, but still such nice thing i don't know how to throw it. sayang la if throw it away. so i kept it, as part of my memories. =) it reminds me of you, a cute junior haha. i think i will keep it until many many years after, if we meet again one day, i shall return it back to you. :P

high school dedication notes! :) i've kept each and every bits of them, be it from close friends, or anonymouses. sometimes think back of high school moments, we were really some childish kids hahaha. i still could'nt believe that i did pranked others by dedications, sigh forget bout it cause i think i'm still as childish now. T____T

i've also kept letters and cards, from primary school until now. one of those which i still remember vividly was the handmade birthday card from Shereen, Sin Yee, Tsi Wei, Charmaine and Michele. i know i've been a bad friend since years ago, but i really don't know how to communicate back with you girls. it's like i don't know what to talk to you, but i really really wanted to. very funny. and if you girls happen to read my blog, sorry girls, i've been wanting to apologize since form 1. sorry for ignoring you girls all these whiles, and thanks for everything you have done for me. =)

and and, i've also collected a whole big box of rubbishes. i love collages, art & crafts, handmade tiny thoughts! i always collect recycleable papers and stuffs and do collages. i've differnt textures of papers, different kinds of ropes and strings, scissorssss, punches, sea shells, sponges, paper bags, plastic bags, present papers etc. my parents know what to buy for me when they go overseas. i've got series of books bout design and art & crafts too. too bad la i always forgot who i lend those books to, and some didn't return it back to me, so i've lesser collections now. :( i treated every folios in school importantly. designing each and every front page of the folios were my hobby. doing handmade cards, for me, is the best blessing to the receivers. a day before i graduated from primary school, i did 40+ cards for all my classmates and 10+ cards for those teachers who taught me. everyone got one, with a yellow envelope. i only slept a couple of hours before going to school again, just to make sure that every classmates got one before we departed to different places. and now that for few years i haven't do any cards anymore, yet i know the artistic blood still flows in me. i know one day, that box of rubbishes i collect, i will make used of them in the right place again. =)

further furthermore, i have a lot of interior design magazines. i've started collecting them few years back, and i once thought i might have gone into design field. i've always wanted to be in art stream since small, but sigh i think they can just be part of my interest. anyhow, who knows few years later i might suddenly change my career path to art. haha.

then in the precious box i have lots of notebooks and diaries which i never use it before, cause they are too pretty to be used LOL. and flight tickets, photos, yearbooks, JENESYS japan exchange student's stuffs, dried roses, different kinds of phone straps LOL etc. =)

told you i'm a special girl. haha. i may not be rich in gold or clothes, but i'm a millionaire as in memories, adventures, and experiences. and these are priceless. they are wonderful. =)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

when you think i am dead....

....this is me. in case you people forgot how i look like. :) i like taking pic with webcam cause it will make your skin looks flawless. :D

had dinner on friday night at the city with Brisbane ADPians. it's so cool i tell you. we gathered ex-students from Taylor ADP who are currently studying at UQ and QUT. there's 8 of us, but too bad Lydia had some event going on and nobody gets to inform Yugi. i thought we will have some topic gap or uneasy feeling cause other than Desmond who graduated from ADP with me, others are all seniors whom i never see before. but heck, it turns out good. :) we talked talked talked talked talked for the whole night, all about ADP and Malaysia. how cool is that eh? we even try to gossip bout those politic stuffs, and not worrying bout ISA. HAHAHA. i even got updated bout the recent hot topic from Malaysia. :) i don't have the photos with me now cause we have a professional photographer - David who carried a whole bag of DSLR and accessories which cost a sum of 5K. not exxagerating at all and i was so impressed with the super long lens, like paparazzi! :) we managed to give him a pre-birthday surprise too, since his birthday is just a day after. i love love love those turkish desserts. hmmmm will upload the photos once David upload them to facebook. :D

saturday actually UQ Malaysian Society has a BBQ gathering for the members, but heck i was too tired and lazy to wake up so i didnt turn up. hahaha. o.O desmond went i think. :) yet my saturday is so productive, academically. :D

i have bad hair recently, and i hate it. and the worse thing is that my retarded hair grows super uber slow. :( how ah? got wig can borrow ah? :(

i am a bad friend. xin is going to US tomorrow but my dedicated post for her and the girls, just couldn't finish on time. these days no inspiration to blog, and the post, write for 2 weeks already, still stuck on half way. sorry xin. have a safe trip to indiana kay? i miss you so much. :( ROCK INDIANA, GIRL! :)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

We Wish You A Merry Xmas by Kenny G.

i know i know. it's still way to go before xmas. yet this piece from Kenny G is the best piece for me from Kenny G. first heard it few years back, and immediately fall for it. i don't know how to explain, it's like the tune can touch deep into your heart. it made me felt so warmy and happy. listen at least once, people, cause i only post good song in blog. :)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

mom and Ena flew off to Austria this morning. Ena will be having piano and violin masterclasses there and i think some competition too. too bad la Eda will be having UPSR soon if not she will be going too. i think both of them are more born-gifted to music than me and Leen. anyway just want to wish Ena all the best in every upcomings. :)

oh and the fun part is they get to tour around some Europe countries, included UK. so fun can die. :D i want to go also la..

what emo? who emo? lalala. i am so happy can die now. :D

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

今天 我很烦 :(

i wanna impress you.
that's why i try so hard.







超开心的说 :D


加油! :D




create avatar



Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday is crazyyyyyy.

  1. having six hours class non-stop is crazy. monday oh monday. :(

  2. having a lecturer who speak with the speed of average one word per second is insanely crazy. not only that, looking at his very narcissism face expression, i seriously can only stare at him speechless for two hours.

    "this is to hint or to give guideline or to tell you the way of bla bla bla....."

    yes, can you imagine how he teaches? it's something like "oh okay student today we'll have our vocabulary lecture instead of information system. hip hip hoorayy!"


  3. going to a tutorial class with a tutor who can't teach is uhm, extremely crazyyyyy!

    i am good to stay until the class ended. not like others, just leave half way thru the tute. super super no manners thankyou. never never walk out half way of tute, cause unlike lecture, tutorial has only around 20 students. it's super obvious even you sneak out of the class. too rude la like that.

    okay but they got their reason to leave one.

    there's one part of the lesson which is matching definition and term. so there's one word "arbitrage" and the definition is "an excess profit earned without risk".

    "an excess profit earned without risk, this is matched with the term arbitrage. uhhm, it means that... uhmm.. you earn the profit without using excess profit.."

    *rolled eyes and nearly fell off the chair*

    apa definition ini? she's just making passive sentence to active sentence. *faint*

  4. everreehhbohdeeeey says MONDAY IS CRAZYYYY!!!! @______@