Friday, July 31, 2009

aloha! who's missing me? :D

hello, people. how are you today? :)

i am still alive by the way. 2nd semester of uni life started 5 days ago. scheduled all of my class after noon. even if it's the only 10am class, i got another alternative class at 4pm to go. no harm. totally no harm that i could even sleep late for 12pm class. i think i am quite useless after falling asleep. T_____T

i met some friends. new friends, old friends. :)

went to Mt. Coot-tha last week early in the morning with some friends, so surprise that i could wake up thaaaaaaaaat early okay before 10am. :) overlooked the Brisbane City at the top of the hill.
and wanted to be a bunny, but ended up looked like a snail. =________________=

i made a new-semester-resolution. wanna work hard to get into Dean List. i think i can't. but i want to try. Dean List is a list of student whose result is all above Distinction. go Eva, go! :)

want to know the reason of me disappearing? hah, don't beat me. i was spending quality quality time with the boyfriend in front of the computer, playing Dragonica. :) okay another reason is i don't feel like explaining after writing. means it's tiring to explain for what you've written, even is just only a joke. therefore, tired to even start writing. acceptable eh? :)

i think i have used to the life here already. even when i just came back without my sis for a week, i wasn't homesick at all. all hail msn skype internet whatever. :)

i realise that McDonald's is the cheapest meal if i'm not cooking. serious, no joke. and i love McD. :)

and, my Managerial Skills and Comm lecturer wears electric pink legging and super high heels. she's a mother of a child already, and most probably over thirty. super chio can die. :D

last but not least, i've got a videoclip to share. a very nice and knowledgable one, from my Info System lecturer. :) WATCH, thankyou. :P

Sunday, July 26, 2009

with thousand thoughts running in my head.....

*breathe in deeply*

was thinking if i want to quit blogging or not yesterday. some friends msn-ed me and asked bout it. and most friends told me to follow my heart. :) almost two years since i started blogging, the feeling of blogging has changed. from writing for myself, to writing for the blog readers; the blogging passion is diminishing. yet blogging is in my blood already, it will be quite heavy-hearted to quit. ahhhhh not in the mood to think such complicated thing. meanwhile, i will still blog to pass my time. :)

i wonder if i still have such innocent smile. the world is teaching me not to be innocent, it's too dangerous to be innocent. yet i still want to become back the carefree and lively me, cause that's the real and comfortable me. i can, right? :)

tzen quit blogging. kinda wasted la girl. but she will still continue writing fairytales @ fairy sensation. currently she's writing a long episode story "So What That We Are Different?". click to read k? :) and please dont be stingy to give some comments kay? :)

tomorrow will be the first day of my second semester. go Eva, go! :)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

to continue or not to continue.

in dilemma now.
today is the most wrongful day.
every decisions were made in the wrong way.
should i keep thinking bout it, or just leave it until tomorrow.

how am i going to sleep well without getting an answer before going to bed. to continue or to quit?

Friday, July 24, 2009

hello world, how are you today?

the blog is like me now. lifeless. being in a room with nothing alive, makes me dead. no one can talk to, no one to chat with, insane.

good night. wtheck.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

byeeeeeeee accounting! :D

i bid accounting farewell this morning. :)
no more accounting in my life. yayyyy!

people around me are all more nervous than i am for this exam. cause they freaking scare that i wouldn't wake up by myself, and there will be no second chance to retake this exam. my dad told me the day before that he will morning call me. the boyfriend said he will definitely spam my phone with text messages until i wake up. Godwin offered morning call locally from aussie. everyone warned "you better wake up in time tomorrow!" i know this is so embarrassing. but who cares, i just want to show off that i have awesome people around me who loved me. :)

so okay i did wake up in time, or should i say i woke up wayyyyyy earlier. cause i am using Eda's phone now and her phone alarm wasn't off and it started ringing from 6am. (i tend to wake up at 6.45am) and i turned it off, a while later it freaking rang again for thrice. THRICE. how to sleep like that??? and when i got all fed up, grandma called from Malaysia at 6.40am to wake me up. she always knew i would sleep back again once i hang up the call, so she freaking talked to me until i replied so much that i couldn't sleep anymore. still, i know dad will call and i laid back on my bed. and then around 6.45am dad called! and he kept reminding me not to sleep again. zzz. so to not make the boyfriend spam my inbox and not making him awake, i sent a text message to him before he did. and he wished me all the best and all. Godwin called twice but i didn't realise until i was at campus. for the first time in my life i was at the campus this early. 7.30am. freaking early that my exam will only start at 8am. so not me. hah.

accounting paper wasn't really bad. but it's bad in the 1st part. i didn't know MCQ kills! and yes MCQ did killed me today. 19 questions and 1% for each. super expensive can die. and i screwed them. the four problem solving questions were blasting! :) i managed to balance the cash flow statement last minute before i hand in the paper. :D and the budgeting question, it's the freaking same question i did for revision the day before. and it's the exam revision question. i think the lecturer is super genius that he thought no one would rely on the same exam revision question again and okay i did that because i have no other question with answers provided. too bad la i didn't have enough time to recheck so now all i hope is that i didn't hit wrong numbers on calculator. aih i suck in this.

so after exam, i went to the post office to post a super annoying letter, went for lunch alone, went to do groceries shopping alone, and went back alone. and i freaking clean everything i could.

vacuum the room. checked!
clean the table. checked!
clean the mirror. checked!
tidy up the cupboard. checked!
change the bedsheet. checked!
change the curtain. checked!
did all the laundries. (3 rounds of washing machine, and the clothes are all wore before we went back to Malaysia. ewwwww dirty dirty! :P) checked!
sweep the bathroom. checked!
wash the comforter sheet. checked!
bake a vanilla cake. checked!

okay i left bathroom to wash and the whole house to vacuum. but cleaning the house is weekend's job. so now i'm all free, thinking of what drama to boil. :)

got another improtant post to blog before Xin leave to USA. ahhhh but hell i don't have inspiration to blog now. boring hor my post nowadays? wait, xin wait for my post. :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

i am a married old woman.

just got my hair cut and treatment few hours before leaving to aussie. and the aunty freaking cut my fringe so short. :( what done is done. my sis said i look more childish with the fringe. and the boyfriend said it's 'cute' with apostrophe thankyou. so what say you?

and with all these ahead......

(while chatting with a Malay uncle sitting beside me on the flight)
Uncle: so sudah kahwin la you?
Eva: BUKANNNNN!!!! belum laaa baru saja habis sekolah menengah!!! :(

do i look like i'm married??? do i look so old??????? wtheckkkkkk curse you stupid uncle!

i had landed safely in one piece.

eight hours of flight, four hours of traveling by buses and train, the princess finally reached home safely in one piece. very the exhausted. i couldn't even sleep in the flight, okay one hour maybe. and i freaking fished in the train, luckily i didn't miss the stop if not i would be more tiring.

one thing excited bout the flight is that i got a window seat. super happy can die. there's some stories now lazy to share. very long. next time. :P and i saw freaking starry sky. serious. i thought what's those blinking lil thingies sprinkled all around the dark black sky. it looks like those cartoon fairytales like that, so unreal! and i saw sunrise, those super fast sunrise cause the flight is moving. :)

i am so lazy to go out to buy myself some food. no much energy left to cook either. no appetite due to lacking sleep. accounting still awaiting me. study, or sleep? sigh.

used up an hour to unpack the luggage. and now i found out that i have laundry to do. okay maybe i should only start to do housework after thursday. okay this is me promoting awareness of H1N1. not much people is using mask. and the genius me freaking wear it the other way round for half of the journey, until i went to the toilet and saw the nost part steel thingy is on the outside, super embarass can die.

okay no more grandma stories, gotta sleep eat and accouting. :)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

i hate separation.

tomorrow 9.25pm flight.
i don't want to leave.
yet i don't have a choice.
fact is that i have to be happy when i couldn't.
cause someone doesn't like to see me upset.
i am happy.
i lied.

accounting. dead.

good thing is i got a window seat.
bad thing is Airasia sucks.

no time to blog.
no mood to blog.
therefore few posts still pending.
maybe after thursday's accounting exam only i am free to continue writing.


and to sunflower,
you said we have to work hard together.
you are right, and i shall do my part with all my best.
sweetheart, all the best in your exam too. :)

wish me have a safe flight. thankyou.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

with brew of love.

i got the most belated birthday surprise than everyone of you! :P

if you are my loyal blog readers, you might see a lot of "birthday" and how i mentioned bout my birthday throughout the few weeks before and after my birthday. but in reality, i never really tell others bout how i wish to have celebration and all, except for the boyfriend.

i am contented this year, before what happened yesterday and the day before. i mean, i am contented for what i had during my birthday week, with the surprise leen gave, with the wishes from friends, with the companion thru internet by the boyfriend, and with the Distinction i get for Marketing which i crammed like shit during my birthday. i thought, that would be an end for my 2009's birthday. (though the boyfriend told me we would celebrate again when i am in Malaysia, and i thought it would be a simple date with him)

the boyfriend told me yesterday, that i have a lot of awesome friends who love me a lot. i nodded. cause i knew, i felt, and i love you guys too. that's one of the reason i like to be in Malaysia, cause i don't have friends like this in Aussie. i felt blessed to have all of you, from those in primary school, high school, and even ADP. (ADP girls post will be written in next post thankyou har har) i felt happy cause at least i mean something to you guys, and you guys mean a lot to me. i like how the way we bonded. :)

for such long of relationships we shared, now only i know people around me are all good actors! =_________=

the boyfriend is the number one actor. hmmph. he told me that we will celebrate my birthday on Friday and he even told me the plan of our date. and he freaking told me that he will be busy after 2pm a day before our date. very the upset okay. but what to do la right i am leaving next monday already. but he treated me really well on our date what (refer to previous post thankyou) and he freaking let me drive his car okay. (though it will be the 1st and also the last time LOL) so nice of him that day. and he were with me the whole morning but didnt even speak a word out bout the surprise. super geng cause if for me i sure fail one. :S

Tee Ee Leen my sister is the number 2 actress! before the whole bunch of friends came, i was really really bored and thought of going to AEON for movie or something.
Va: ehhh want go movie or not? i really want to sien die already.
Leen: we go watch ice age k? you go ask daddy 1st la if he allows then we go..
Va: aiya you go ask la..
Dad: ........
Leen: you see dad doesn't want to choi me also.. how to go like that..
act, act summore Tee Ee Leen. if i have an Oscar Best Actress Award with me i will give it to you. wtheck.

Ng Khai Wee the BFF is definately the number 3 actress! i called her after Leen's movie plan failed.
Va: eh that day i heard you girls say this friday Jocin free so got go out yumcha.. still on or not?
KW: i think no already.. we are not going.. i just finish teaching tuition.. (sounded so tired) tomorrow leh? tomorrow Saturday you can or not?
Va: tomorrow cannot la i'm going out with my family..
KW: oh but today can't la yada yada (i forgot what he said cause dad is making noises beside me so i fed up already)
Va: aiya nevermind la bye bye.

my Mom told me that her friends will be coming over in a short while that's why my grandma is frying all those chicken.

see with all these lies ahead, suddenly my dad asked me to go to the living room, and doing all kinds of pattern wtheck to distract me. and suddenly suddenly suddenly, i heard birthday song and i saw the boyfriend holding a cake with a bunch of best friends behind him, walking towards me.
i couldn't believe my eyes. cause he is always shy to come to my house and now he's in my house without me knowing. cause he seldom talks to my BFFs and now they were together. cause MY FAMILY HELPS HIM IN THIS PLAN and i didn't know he and my family is so close already LOLLL. cause he never acted like this in crowd before. cause okay no more har har.

i don't like surprise for a reason, that is i totally don't know what to react. zzz. cause very funny having everyone staring at me and i don't know should i just smile or say something or do something. that part is uncomfortable. =________=
they are awesome! :D i like this photo so muchy!

one thing, the primary school friends and those in high school couldn't click though they knew each other. so there's like 2 groups, one at the dining area and the other at the living area. i like both of them, but i have more topics to talk about with my 9 years friends. :) and technically, i knew more bout the high school gang after i'm attached to the boyfriend. so yea la still got some gap zzz. but i like you guys also, especially abdu! thanks for the biggest birthday card i've ever recieved! got heart la you! :D i'll framed it up i swear. har har.
after that both groups have 2nd round in different places but it's 11 something already so i couldn't go so far to Klang to join the boyfriend. settled in Jocin's crib continue those juicy gossips with the 9 years friends. :D when comes to talk, we never have enough time. :)

THANKS EVERYONE!!! i appreciated.
*smooches smooches smooches*

i have awesome people around me who love me so much. you got or not? :P

p/s: Green is scandalous. har har har. Khaiwee will kill me :P

he is my sweetest escape.

i am so surprised.... see the boyfriend at my house with a bunch of friends, see him holding a cake and walking towards me, take a group photo with him standing beside me. see him putting so much effort to give me a memorable belated birthday.

..........all because i said my birthday is the most important date in a year.

i had a very belated surprise birthday, to be exact belated for a month and 2 days, in my own house, getting con by the bf, family, and friends. but i'm happy. :)

okay tired already update tomorrow. :D

Friday, July 17, 2009

spot sunflowerrrrr! :D

i went to date with my sunflower just now. :)

not a very successful date though, but will be among the memorable ones. cause this is the 1st time he overslept for dates! it's near impossible to hear the very punctual sunflower be late. sigh. and he has some very important stuff to do in the afternoon so we just have those lil quality time.

while waiting for him to come and fetch me, what to do other than camwhore zzz.
he's a bit wierd today. erm don't know how to say cause he won't talk so much in the car and today he did. he won't let me take a photo of him but today he freaking did. (just that i forgot to take a photo WITH him sigh) he won't suggest where to dine in but today he freaking freaking did! memorable no? :)

so before a very very long movie named Public Enemy, we went to dine in Bubba Gump.
aiya no need to introduce this restaurant already cause almost everytime bloghop also can see people writing bout this restaurant lol. but one thing for sure, it's a nice one. good environment, good service, good dishes, good beverages.

i like themed restaurant like this, though i never watch Forrest Gump before. didn't know the storyline either so Sunflower told me bout the Run Forrest Run thingy yet i still don't really get it har har.

this is Eva of the day! :D

and tadaaaa~ yes this is the very low profile SUNFLOWER. :D today he super cooperate although he die die didn't want to look into the camera. but the pro cameraman like me, still can get a decent pic of him, NOT BAD RIGHT? :D

the restaurant opened at 11am and we were there around 11.20am. very the early bird. :D

i made him angry a lil while driving his car back home just now. cause i drive recklessly. until he doesn't want to bid me goodbye when i reach home. hmmph upset sia. but now we are fine again. :D

Thursday, July 16, 2009

why let emo cells kill?

i have a great day today. my three girls celebrated my birthday although my birthday is like okay one month ago har har. i felt so loved. THANKYOU SO MUCH DARLINGS!! :D and good news is the boyfriend is going to celebrate my belated belated belaaaaaated bithday tomorrow! double yay!!!

whole family went out yumcha with me right after dinner cause i said i want to drink teh tarik. i just want something to do so i won't think much and be a somber again. period kills. and emo bugs always come after menstruation. so we went out for the sake of a cup of tea. cool no? :) after mamak, got sudden plan, went to bukit tinggi's hawker stall JUST FOR tau fu fah. double cool no? told you i can't stop eating since i'm back. :D

i have awesome people around me. it makes me don't want to leave next monday. :(

currently waiting for Miss Momoko Sum to post all photos in facebook. i don't think i can write a nice bithday post without lenglui's photos. har har. MOMOKO SUM WHERE IS THE PHOTOS EYYY???? YOU SAID YOU WILL UPLOAD IT AT NIGHT BUT NOW IT'S NEAR MIDNIGHT! =.=

stay tune lor. bye.

Sandwich haz birthday.


(he's the left one by the way)
i'm sorry i forgot to wish you yesterday. :(
i swear i remember one. cause your birthday same as Leen's.
but then i don't have your number anymore so didnt wish you and i wasn't online yesterday until near midnight, and i forgot. SORRY LA UNCLEEEEEE!!!!

p/s: me and momoko were seriously surprised to see your photo in prom. cause you went to prom!!!! it's so unbelievable eh.. hahaha.. but still, it's my 1st time seeing you wearing like that. :) smart with bow! haha.

you won't hate me right? at least i got wish you ma. late is better than never. :P

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

chicken backside's big day!

today is my sister's big day. but she celebrated with my friends. LOL.
apparently my life is more happening than hers hahaha. and now most of my friends are hers too. :) oh and she likes my friends more than hers. :Pthis is the group photo. my family and friends, spot Emo! she steals Leen's limelight. :)

you know, i like my friends. these batch of friends, we share 9 years or more friendship. and i know, there will be more 9 years to go. right friends? :) friendship are like wine, the longer the better. :) friends forever!

we always have not enough time to joke around. i had so much fun laming with them! too bad la most of them have classes tomorrow, and i have my girls date too. so gotta sign off now. good night peeps! :)

Monday, July 13, 2009














Sunday, July 12, 2009

bentong trip.

p/s: i cried like nobody's business a day before, so i have super sore eyes. i didn't manage to comb my hair due to overslept, and i slept the whole journey to Bentong, therefore i had bad hair. all in all, i look like shit, and with the super square face in each and every photos, i even have phobia to camwhore today. ignore me in the photos thankyou. :)

the group went there by buses. but my family and I drove there ourselves. meet with them at the Bentong Buddhist Association, which was our host for today, and started some activities. skip the interaction part cause all those big people are mainly my parents' friends more than mine. luckily the whole group of Mentakab's came. if not i swear me and leen with bored to death. :)

after lunch, off we went to the PERHILITAN preserved jungle to see elephantssss. very the not fun, cause we were late and we missed the passes to ride on elephants and elephants show. all we did was sightseeing and taking photos. the journey to the jungle was around an hour and we went there for nothing. sigh.
for those who doesn't know how an elephant looks like, hereeeee see the background the black thingy with huge ears is an elephant who freaking poo everywhere and i wonder why those angmohs still so happily went bathing with them in the river. ewwwww super disgusting can die. :S
they are my friends! the Mentakab people! :)
and a last groupie before we leave the Kuala Gandah jungle. see this is the number of people in the group. and guess what??? our host was super generous until they ordered 200kg of durians for us!!!! 200 KGS OKAYYYY. soooo happy!
i ate so much that i might be getting sick tomorrow. har har. like i care. lalala~ and after that we went for some homemade icecream which wasn't really nice. chit-chat a while and end the trip with the group. :)
had some good laughs with the girls, the boys were a lil strange today. har har. don't know why maybe too long didn't meet with them and we paiseh. LOLLL. anyhoo, they said they will be visiting my family this year end again. i am so looking forward for their spm to finish. :) (i shall one day write a post bout our genting activities last year and post up those super funny photos of them! haha)

later, we thought of going back home straight away, but we stopped somewhere along the highway and have dinner at this place with super nice scenery. and so after dinner we went down to the river, and have our feet soaked in the cooling water!
me and Eda. :) i swear this photo is pure candid! cause the one Leen took after this which we were ready, i looked super fat again. sigh. next time i know i should take more candid photos. har har.
and i die die couldn't get a nice photo of me so i gave up and be the cameraman. so nice of me. :P

so i spotted something nice there. :D see the photo below. see the jungle and the river? and in between them did you see a small hut???? (ignore the bloody man who is fishing there, and his freaking pink plastic bag zzz)
okay la zoom in more to see clearer.
now see the hut?????? super nice i like!!!! i want a hut with yellow flowers all around the roof!!! super nature i tell you. my ideal hut. i will own one next time! :D

okay tired. have to start thinking of some slim face method already. ahhhh going for haircut very soon. cannot tahan my very messy hair already.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

i love to talk, especially with my girls! :)

Happy Birthday Eda!!! :D
it's my younger sister's birthday today and we had durian cake! two thumbs up, handmake durian cake made by grandma, super thick layer of pure duriannnnnn... mmmmmmmmmmmmm~ satisfactioin 100%. :D

today finally went yum cha with the besties. too bad la shien and seebee couldn't make it. i think we still have chance don't worry. :) we talked for few hours. gossips and all, ahhhhh i have so much to catch up from them! three girls sitting in a row, and we forgot to camwhore, wasted la! :( NG KHAI WEE, LOW JOCIN, big enough or not your name? lalala~ i love you girls la! :) don't jealous of the boyfriend ma.. i'm not thaaaat colourful one.. :P

okay a lot of people started making noise, the dad, the BFFs, the girls etc. everyone is not very happy with my blog overrated with lovey doveyness. HAHAHA. what a reason. okay okay i will tone down. i will. i love all of you also what, seeeeeeeeee i didn't date with the boyfriend yesterday if not today how to yum cha with you girls??? lalala~

and i met a new friend today, Mr Kenny Tan. i knew him, when i was in high school, but i never know him. (wahlah!!!! what is this. hahaha. means today i actually talked to him la =.=) he and KhaiBoon look quite alike! and 5 chatterboxes around a table. the whole restaurant, we were the noisiest. hahaha. but i like! cause i cannot even do this in Aussie. Aussie is lonely. one more week, i will live my life to the max max maxxxxxx! :D

off to Bentong tomorrow with the family and some other friends. long lost Mentakab friendssssss i miss you guys! durians durians durians and more durians! BENTONG HERE I COMEEEEEEE! :D

Friday, July 10, 2009

i got crown. you got or not? :P

still staring at the photo??? see princesses and prince no need to salute one ah??? lalala~ :P

went to the new BK at Bukit Tinggi to have my super favourite BK Mushroom Swiss after dinner (yes, after dinner. i ate non-stop these days) to join my uncle's family. very the full. very the satisfy. :D

these days the princess wakes up at noon. and starts eating non-stop. currently addiction is Chocolate Creme Oreo. and craved for Honey Milk Bubble Tea but cracked my head also can't think of any shops that sell bubble tea around Port Klang and Bukit Tinggi. what is wrong eh?? H20 H20 next weeeeeeeeeeeek i swear i will get one H20 bubble tea! :) 3 leng luis, lunch at Subang on Monday can?? :)

i can say that i'm not an Internet Addict now. *bangga* nowadays i only online at night. no more 24-7 in front of computer. good girl much! :)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

if i'm an old lady, i would be the prettiest old lady. har har.

before i tell my story for today, people seeeeeeeee!!!!! i super like my eyes here! :D never thought i might look good in this angle though. :) i swear i didn't wear color contact and i didnt apply eyeliner and mascara. omg omg i love my eyes! :)

p/s: my baby HTC dropped on the floor few days ago. and it became so lag. and the camera very not clear already. how to camwhore like that???? T__________T

today went ot Adonis for facial treatment. mourn for my face cells. the way they squeeze my blackheads were devastating until even my tears came out. very the pain. T____________T especially on the nose. i nearly fainted. har har.

right after that, Chee Yong called and asked for dinner. so me and the boyfriend went with a bunch of friends at Char Pa Pa, the restaurant opposite Mei's house. my 1st time visit there, my 1st time having porridge steamboat. but i still prefer the original one. and they couldn't stop making fun of the antenna thingy zzz. a lot of time, i was wandering, and wasn't really listening to them, and then suddenly can see some pairs of eyes looking at me, and started to suan siao. and i have to squeeze my brain out to recall what happened before that. i just couldn't concentrate listening. sigh. but i have great time with the companion. i miss having big bunch of friends chilling out. :)

this was my outfit, and the boyfriend couldn't stop teasing me that i'm wearing like an old lady. got meh????? just a floral skirt only ma. where got look like ah ma????? :(

and this is the brand new me without a cyst beneath my right eye. super happy can die! :D
people can't stop saying that i'm too skinny. i know, cause i'm freaking under-weight. but i ate a lot, non-stop eating somemore, i just couldn't get some fat. got lor, got fat at the tummy there, and face super fat can die. :( very the inproportional body shape. sigh much.

okay i have to start revising for accounting. :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

my cute cousin sister.

hello world!! my name is Emo Tee. i am only a few months old and i'm a poodle. i am a female by the way but i have a very masculine name. don't get con by my name cause i have no emo gene. i am all active and very the mischievous. my dad and mom are going to China for holiday and they wanted me to stay with my cousin sisterssss but my aunt doesn't allow. :( so now i had to go to another aunt's house and stay with strangers for a week. i am upset. boohoo.

okay enough of the doggy drama drama. hahaha. okay la serious. Emo is my only same surname cousin. cause my one and only uncle doesn't want to have kid. but nevermind la at least got a cute dog be my cousin right. har har. don't ask me why she is named Emo. i can tell you part of the reason cause our name all 3 letters one. so probably my uncle wants to get her a 3-letter name and start from E. so the name Emo. =__________= she super cute can die! can't even sit still to get a nice angle shot. the puppy eye really super innocent! i like la! :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

i am my dad's worst investment.

i have so much feelings and emotions in one day.

tired. shocked. happy. committed. anticipated. nervous. anticipated. excited. anticipated. disappointed. anticipated. responsible. serious. bla bla bla and now. anticipated again.


i have a day less in Malaysia and this feeling sucks.

i've confirmed going back on 20th July to sit for the accounting supplementary paper. a lot of people don't know the true story of this supplementary paper thingy.

so here i go.

on the 19th of June, i supposed to have an exam on 8am. i tried to be awake for the whole night cause i know myself so well that i freaking am not a morning person and i just couldn't wake up so early. i was so persevering and i eventually did it until 5 in the morning. thought that i might get a hour power nap, and wake up again at 6am and be ready to go for exam. okay a day before, i seriously sensed so strongly that i would be late for exam the next day. i even wrote in FB status that i could foresee that i was still sleeping when everyone is having accounting exam. T_____T

1. i shouldn't sleep. i should be determine for the last hour.

2. i should have make sure that Leen woke up completely already only i can sleep. but i didn't. and she didn't wake up like what she intended too.

3. i should have checked the freaking alarm. cause i put 3 alarm in case i really couldn't wake up for one. and i freaking put three of them a day after. that's why they freaking didn't ring and i freaking didn't make it to the exam.

when Leen woke me up on 8.45am i thought she was just playing a fool. until i checked again the time, i swear i nearly fainted. i couldn't describe the feeling by that time. it's like my judgement day. accounting and me, we have so much incredible stories. wtheck haha. we hate each other yet we couldn't live without each other (at least until now)

my housemate was so surprised when she saw me came out of the room. cause she knew i had exam. luckily with her help, i managed to get myself a sick MC. that's why i won't be wasting another semester again to do accounting. so now instead of wasting my dad's around $6k to retake this subject, i wasted around $600 to get an earlier flight to be back on 20th. a week earlier. sigh.

so yesterday, i wasted approx $1.6k for the operation and the flight changed. my dad said i am one of his worst investment. T_______________T next time he will want to get back all his fail investments from my future husband. har har. (now nobody wants to be my future husband already T_________T)


okay good news here, i just bought the flight tickets from the princess is coming home during end of september for a week!!!!! :D super happy can die. is having promotion again now everyone can flyyyyyyyyy!!! :D (but seriously telling the truth right, airasia's seat sucks. zzz.) but no choice i wanted to come back!

Monday, July 6, 2009

the one-eyed leng lui. :D

the princess went to medical checkup today. and the doctor said the round thingy beneath my right eye is a cyst. errrrr something like a humongous pimple. but a hard one. Mom worried it will become a lump and eye is so important, so straight away i had a small operation/treatment which cost freaking $1k for around 5 minutes treatment. very the unbelievable right????
damn pain can die seriously. the doctor still told me that after the anesthetic injection i won't feel the pain bla bla bla. doctor is always the number 1 liar. har har. not pain my head. the injection on the eye is freaking pain. after that he freaking kiap my eye lid downwards so that he can remove the thingy from inside so that won't leave any scar. bloody hell. the way he kiap my eye lid super pain lor. and i shrieked a lil. zzz. and he still said "nothing one. not that pain one. really pain ah??? nevermind nevermind i put this liquid then not pain already" and he pour something into my eye and make my eyes worse. imagine pouring liquid into your widely-opened eye. you can tahan or not??? hmmph.
okay fine and he started to scratched away that thing. i can feel the way he scatched my flesh har har. and tadaa, the cyst gone. and my eye bleeded, and it's my 1st time seeing blood from my eye. LOLL damn freaky okay.
i cannot wear contact lens for a week. and my eyes are so unequal now. zzz. okay end.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Mr Joe Tan.

it's my baby cousin bro's fullmoon celebration today, so all of us went all the way to Morib for his big day. :D
Joe Tan. the prince of the day. :)

why Morib? okay cause his father aka my uncle has a resort project still half way under construction but the their penthouse and some facilities are done so we just go there to have fun. i don't really like there cause of the sand pest. but today still okay cause i freaking slapped so many layers of the anti-pest lotion. haha. fully protected. :D

so this is me and leen, waiting for our turn to try on the beach motorbike. :)

and seeeeeeeeee Morib has nice sunset. (Samzz you thought only you can get good sunset shot ah? lalala~ i got also ma :P) this is taken from the penthouse's balcony. super big i like! :) nice or not? i think i can take part in those photography competition already huahuahua.

2ml going to Sunway Medical Centre for eye checkup. got a big round thingy right underneath my right eye i scare. :(

good night peeps. :) and okay i will continue to blog until i get 10 negative responses. :D

Saturday, July 4, 2009


i have sickening family.

fed up.


i've made up my mind that if 10% of my readers don't like the way i blog, or that the way i write offends them, or that they just simply hate me so they hate my blog, i won't write publicly anymore. how? leave me comments thankyou.

p/s: 10% equals to approx 10 people la since i have at least 100 people coming to my blog daily.

Friday, July 3, 2009

my damn blog.

i went to visit the boyfriend today. :D
and gave him a surprise. :D
and he's super healthy can die. :DDD

sigh no photo for today's post cause forget to get some shot of the so-called-very-ill-patient. :P

that guy right, getting MC to play games at home.
summore playing two computer games at once.
i sangat the impressed. haha.

we have great time together. :)


erm. i should rant. :)

this is the damn blog of mine.
i write for myself and for those who wants to read it.
but i won't write according to what people hope i will be writing.
if you think that i'm not a great person from my blog,
then just never click to my blog anymore kay?
if you think that the way i write make me loose respect or whatsover,
then just don't come to my blog again.
i am fine. cause i'm not writing for you.
and i have the freedom to write whatever shit i want.
i've been quite self-conscious in this blog when i first started to write,
but then i don't think this is the main point i want to own a blog.
as long as i didn't break the rules, why can't i write freely?
and, lovey-dovey so what?
i like to be lovey-dovey cannot ah?
i like to write bout my bf in each and every post and this is me. :)
nobody force you to read my blog,
if you are jealous or think that i'm CHEAP,
just, get off from here.
if you think that what written in my blog is the super real me,
HAH you are more innocent than me already lor.
judge me thru my blog,
and i will prove you wrong. :)

you have the choice to read or not,
i have the choice to write what i want to write.
not everyone thinks the same,
and nobody force you to think the same as me.

phew, feel better now. good day! :)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

i'd been framed. so what?

some jerks used my initial to defame other band. my name along with my blog url. the best of the best, my reputation. but so what? hah. they must be so stupid thinking that they can blind the whole world and thought that the whole world doesn't know how to differentiate true and wrong. you jerks, seriously, your life is epic failed.

i shall not post the blog url here. cause that attention seeking blog shouldn't get more attention. it's just a blog set up by a/some lifeless brainless people, to create more band war apart from! congrats lor, i think you already half succeeded. :D

i think all of these are some self-directing dramas. :) actually everyone knows who would be so lifeless. but nobody tells. shhhhhhh so lets just keep it to ourselves. :)

shien said i'm too innocent. zzz. seriously, it's my 1st time commenting and got framed. good what, can help to promote my blog summore. haha. i am not those kind of people who like sacarsm and bashing and all those stuff. i hate troubles. cause my brain very the simple, i sure lose. haha. some asked me to just ignore those stuffs an get out of troubles. some asked me to use the way they treated me and treat them back. hmmmm, dilemma sia. =________=

now you can see my big name in forum. they popularize me eh. i like! :D ey tell them i am proud to be KHSB ex-member! and i like my band! and that my band junior all very the cute! and that my band is the champion in Selangor state this year! and that i am a flutist and was the concert mistress of the band for 2 years! :D

i was in band for 7 years. little did i know that i would one day being involved in some so-called band war. too bad lor, i am having war with some cunning foxes, and being a newbie in forum and stuff like that, how to win???????? zzz. i think i should remain silent. shien right?

i never use 'sore loser' before. cause mai engkelish no good i donno sore and loser is can use togeter wan. but thanks to the jerk framing me. now i knew what sore loser actually mean. sore loser is like you, who doesn't dare to use own name to defame others. sore loser is like you super brainless coward dog, making war and dramas and act pity and hope that everyone trust you. sore. loser. is. you. thankyou. :)

but i am glad. glad that i knew so many of them actually care for me. they knew this, and called up or msned. just to make things sure and console me. but things aren't that bad after all. they just want more dramas, let them be. :) at least i won't use all sort of initial or being anonymous and stalk band member's blogsss and get some juicy stuffs and magnify them. oh i forgot some people don't have fulltime job. hah! i damn busy one lor, i got parents business to help out, date with bf, outings with the girls and all. where got time go stalk people's blog for like few times in 2 hours. hahahaha.

i respect music, therefore i respect all bands. but some jerks just making their band more shameful. again, everyone knows who these jerks are, but nobody tells. cause we are all good people, respecting others and gain respects. :)

life is all about being dramatic, isn't it? :D *taunt*
i said i am moody.

he said let's talk.
he walked up the stairs slowly to his own room so that he could talk to me on the phone.
he knew what can make me laugh.
he cracked up some really stupid jokes and laughed by himself to make me feel better.
his belly ached each time he laughed. yet he laughed for more than an hour.

i laughed.

he asked if i'm feeling better already.
he's sick. but he still wants me to be happy.

he's the best boyfriend ever. ♥

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

who miss me raise up your hand! :P

okay finally after such long time didnt camwhore (tsk tsk a week only thankyou :P) here i present to you the chubby princess. :Dmy naked face. :) okay i've retouched the eyebag away. zzz. just imagine this with eyebags and that's the real me. seeeeeeeee. so healthy me, sure takkan kena H1N1 right???? still have to quarantine. memang stupid.

i haven't see the boyfriend. :(

i found that my posts are getting boring day by day. aih. cause my life super mundane can die. someone come kidnap me please. preferable place to be kidnapped now is Kapar thankyou. okay la to make my post livelier, here come a horrow photo of mine. tadaa~
got potential to be horror movie actress kan? lalala.