Sunday, May 31, 2009

i am not happy.

my mood floats.

i am a self problem maker. i always make myself felt so bad. i really hate to be like that. yet too bad i can't help myself at all. why la like that aih. i've lost my part of bubbly, carefree, genuine laugh, and innocent. can i stop growing up already? :(

my locus of control is getting lower and lower. where is the old Eva which confidently thinks that she can change the world? now, there's just left an Eva that needs others to heal her. i never thought i would be this useless. sigh.

i used to think that those unhappy and emo people are attention seekers. aih since when i've became one of them already. i suck, seriously.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

i like Simon Cowell! :D

i always wonder why everyone nowadays are so gaga all over Chace Crawford, Kim Bum, Juenpyo etcetcetcetcetc. okay i confessed, i haven't watch a single episode of gossipgirl before, dont even mention what boys over flower or something like that. *shy* i am just plain outdate. or should i say i never am a big fan of drama or teevee shows.

my sis too isn't any big fan of drama, however she is so into those reality shows, eg MDG, Britain Got Talent etcetc. and she likes to tell me who got into semifinal yida yada like that la. that's why i knew a lil bout Britain Got Talent haha i'm so katak bawah tempurung. =______=

i am not a big fan of American Idol, X Factor, Britain Got Talent etc etc etc either, but then i am now all over Simon Cowell! people don't like him, cause of his blunt critism but i like him! i think he's charming. omg especially when he winks and smiles! i like to see when he winks and tilts his head to the right! ahhhhh don't know how to explain go watch Britain Got Talent and you'll see he always winks to those small kids contestants! he's really a handsome okay, rich summore hahaha. and sometimes, i find him cute too. o.O and he's single too. (LOL don't get me wrong he is older than my dad hahaha) i admirer him, in a good way kay! :D

okay la one reason i'm not into those cute guys cause i have one with me already huahuahua. what a reason i know haha. okay no photo of the bf to compare cause i have a shy sunflower that doesn't like flashlight so yea the boyfriend is still so low-profile. :P

Friday, May 29, 2009

a whole new world, mine!

i know, final exam is drawing near and i'm still not concentrating on studying is so wrong. but.. butttt.... butttttttt.... this is really really nice! :)

i can't embed the videoclip here cause it's copyrighted. click here or here to see it. it's worth your time! this is my favourite soundtrack among all other Disney's production. and 2 Grand, the pair of contestants in Britain Got Talent is just plain awesome! especially Sallie the granddaughter, her voice is so good, that kind of Disney voice you know. if you are a Disney princesses' fan, you shall know how those princesses sing! :)

i have goosebumps when i listen to them singing this, my favourite song. i shall confess - only good songs that touch my heart made me have goosebumps. Leen almost cry when listening to them too. Amanda, one of the judges, cried, and cried again in the semi-final. glad that they made through to final! can't wait for their finale performance! :D how i wish i could embed the videoclip here sigh. :(

watch the videoclip, and you will get what i mean. :)

I'm like a shooting star
I've come so far
I can't go back to where i used to be.

i am just _____________.

aiya blogging mojo not with me now. sigh. these few days really don't know what to update my life so mundane aihhh.. no photo also cause camwhore until sien already same person same setting same camera phone aihhh.. and i die die want to post a photo so here it is.. :Pthis photo is taken way back when me and leen were waiting for the delayed flight back to Malaysia on April. we both love ballerina flats! and SuetLi just bought a pair of flats similar to mine, the white one with ribbon. :) huahuahua i bought it first. :P

i am quite bored with Restaurant City already. but heck i learn so much things from there. :D like the daily food quiz! cause there's once leen was surfing for recipes and she just randomly asked "What is Safron ah?" then i so excited and told her it's the most expensive spice in the world. hahaha. and she got so surprised cause i knew it cause i am a bit hopeless when it comes to cook. and i replied "Restaurant City says one.." seeeeee~ who says Restaurant City is a useless game? :P and next week, me and leen are going to cook Apple Pork Chop, inspired by the menu in Restaurant City. sounds nice right? and just now we went to buy all the ingredients needed. i hope we won't screw it. :)

oh and people, i've added a new column 'Current Status' above my cbox at the right side of my blog. do check it out kay? i update that frequently cause sometimes i just don't feel like writing a new post to tell my current feelings. cheers! :)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

you have to believe in karma now.

i used to laugh at the BFFs few years back, cause most of their birthdays falls on mid to end of May. and you know in Malaysian Education System, this period of time is always the exam period. Khai Wee told me, like no failed, from Standard One until now, every of her birthday she is either having exam or preparing for exam. See Bee too. Hui Shien will be a bit luckier cause sometimes her birthday falls on school holiday LOL.

i am always so grateful that i am a June babie. cause June does not have exams at all. cause June is the month that can relax (midterm exam just pass and final's is way too far to be bothered). cause during high school years, June is the month that i spent least time in class. aiya all in all means June is the best of all months.

but from this year onwards, i might want to change my perspective. cause June will be always be my every year's 1st semester final exam period. and worst, my birthday!!!! the day in the year i look forward the most, might as well be a day of examination. THIS. IS. SO. NOT. FUN. :( and i have to celebrate my birthday with books and books and books for freaking 3 years, at least. urgh. i hate!

laugh other people la laugh my head now. boohoohoo. now tell me, this is what not than karma? :(

p/s: i want RICE DUMPLING!!!!!! that's one of my favourite food.. :( especially with chestnut and salted eggyolk one.. :(

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


okay no blog construction. nothing. i was just so funnily making myself a clown yesterday. =_____= i was trying on the html thingy but i too dumb in all these la and i forgot what i clicked and poofed everything gone i thought i lost my templates plus the long long blog rolls at the right side there. i got so upset yadi yada long story la and today when i came in here again only i realised, "eh everything still here what.. HAHAHAHAHA" why i so careless. =_____=

i've changed my blogheader again, this time, with a BIG SUNFLOWER! cause when i first saw this picture, it gave me the happy smiley feeling! does it does it????? got feel happy a bit or not when come to my blog now ah??? those who disagree go find the nearest wall and bang your head against it please. :P i think yellow and blue match perfectly! don't ya think so? :D

and before i end my short post, everyone, I MEAN EVERYONE, no matter my friends, strangers, passbyers, anonymouses, admirers hahaha etc. now click this link and spam the birthday girl's chatbox! once in a year, make her day, would ya? thanks. :)

and here to the birthday girl,
this is your birthday gift hahahahaa. :P

p/s: your photo i steal it from facebook :P

Monday, May 25, 2009

i have a grinning bear..

i have this big yellow huge bear i think most of you know it. it's actually the substitute for the boyfriend. :) lately, i dont know why it started to grin. i mean grinner than it was a year ago. i am happy to see that too. and cause it's so much more adorable now, it has become my another camwhore kaki. ;)

i know i looked wierd here.
but who cares, the bear look cute. hahaha.
see his grin or not???? hahaha..

actually nothing much happened these days other than rushing assignments and having pms mood. i forgot when is the last time my menstruation came so i assumed that the abnormally negative feelings i have were all caused by pms. hahaha see girls have advantage! :P

i told myself i have to be as good as possible today. i even stayed back later at school to finish up the final touching for my last group assignment since i hadn't help much in the working process. and it really felt good to have people talking around with me, although just those hi-bye conversation. i met Mabel near Colin Clark Building and the feeling of meeting someone out of nowhere and say Hi is soooooo good i swear. i think i really have to make more new friends next semester. (this semester too late edi gonna end soon lol) just now i even wanted to go jogging around my housing area but too bad leen didn't want to jog so yea plan called off. i don't want to be a somber anymore. i have to do something to make myself happier, at least. :)

hohoho another pic of my grinning baby! :)

i always give others the feeling of me putting make-ups. sometimes Leen will also ask "you put make-up ah?? you draw your eyes is it???" then i will defend laaa "What???? THAT'S MY REAL LASHES WEIIII!! DRAW YOUR HEAD LA!" and i will go near her and show her my thick eye-lashes. hahaha. :P but it's good eh i can save up on make-up products, they sometimes really cost so much that can really burn a hole in the pocket. but okay la i admit i apply concealer underneath my eyes. just that only hahaha. cause my dark-eye-circle damn serious.. :P

p/s: the boyfriend mia again, we haven't chatted decently for 6837525427628 days already. sigh. anyone wants to help to dig him out? LOL.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

i am just plain infilial.

when the closest people in your life actually don't know what you actually are, how do you feel? i thought they would, since they knew me the longest, and they actually gone through what i am going through right now. ahhh screw it, they wouldn't know! sometimes, we just can't do things we like in our way, yet doing things to please others. and maybe by fulfilling their needs, is part of my telos. this is life babe! i ain't any goody goody person after all. but i will still try to be a goody goody, if not at least make it as an exam or whatsoever that give points and credits. dont get me wrong, credits for life i mean. i have to grow up already laa, it's not like everyone will step in my shoe and think from my side. life isn't just plain good. and i should have learnt bout this a long time ago. life mannnnnnnn, sighhhh!

*this morning i actually thought of making my blog a happy blog, since i have another private blog that let me rant already. but then i failed again. happy blog my head la! sorry ah readers, my life is not a good one lately.. i betul betul have to rant a bit. bear with me a while more i will be back to normal. sigh.

here comes a chance to stalk my personality!!!

got this personality test link from Flora and i gave a try. quite accurate weiiii! go try people! :)

Your personality tendencies in a nutshell...
You enjoy making plans and commitments but you sometimes don't follow through. You value different and aesthetic experiences more than the average person. You are calm and rational even in the toughest of situations. You are always polite and respectful toward others and avoid confrontation even to the point of being gullible. You are outgoing and sociable in most social situations.

About those "Casual" and "Disciplined" bubbles...
Conscientiousness is not one of your defining traits, meaning that you are neither anal retentive nor anal expulsive. What does that mean? In a nutshell, you keep it together fairly well, but you do not suffer too much if you let things fall through the cracks every once in a while. If you make plans with a friend, chances are good that you will show up at the designated time. Then again, something better may come up or you just might forget. Either way, you're good. Another possibility is that you are very conscientious about some things, but more relaxed about other things. For example, you might demand the utmost rigor and discipline in your scholarly/work life, but keep your home looking like a garage sale gone terribly awry, with various articles of clothing and personal belonging strewn about. Where's Fido? Hopefully he hasn't been eaten by the alien life that has developed since the last cleaning.

About that "Alternative" bubble...
Your scores indicate that while you are clearly a non-traditionalist, there are some aspects of your personality that are rooted in the comforts of the mundane. You may value artistic expression to the extent that walking through museums full of antiquities is your favorite thing to do. Perhaps you revel in the abstract and the unknown. Yet, you also shake your head in wonderment as to why some people choose to live their lives or decorate their bodies so non-traditionally. At times, you may also find yourself fixed in certain ideas, even though you pride yourself in being open to novelty and creative thinking. In the end, all this suggests is that you take a pinch of convention along with a scoopful of whimsy in your drink of choice.

About that "Unemotional" bubble...
You are a very sane person. You are...snzzzzzzz. Oh, sorry, I fell asleep for a moment there while pondering your utter and complete ability to rationalize everything. You are calm to the point that even the Dalai Lama is in line to take serenity lessons from you. People often wonder how you stay so calm and collected even in the midst of a severe crisis, such as the TV going on the fritz right before finding out if Lola really is the love child of Lambert and Lila. You are candid and blunt, which works for you most of the time until you get a question like, "Do I look fat in this dress?", or "Do you think that anyone will notice this huge pimple on my nose?" The only problem with being so emotionally stable is that you might bore yourself to death. Once all of the stable people have bored themselves to death, all that would be left over in this world would be the crazies. Do you really want that to happen? If not, shake your tail feathers every now and then and throw a hissy fit just for fun. It'd be good for the planet.

About that "Cooperative" bubble...
You are such a nice person that people often wonder if there's something darker lurking beneath the surface. Your Eddie Haskell, "Gee, you look really nice today, Mrs. Cleaver" behavior may make some people wonder what it is that you're really after, but then they realize that you're the real deal and they plot to take advantage of your kindness. After all, you also tend to believe that most people are trustworthy and honest so you would fall for just about any ruse. I'll warn you now, don't give away any of your savings to phone psychics or in-laws with big plans to strike it rich. Your tenderness makes you a big sucker for anything that might tug at your heart strings. It would not be surprising if you've sent money off to Ethiopia to save the starving children or at the very least, donated to your local homeless person down the street. In short, you're a sweet, kind person and you should never change.

About that "Extraverted" bubble...
I've got two words for you: Party Animal. Your personal motto should be "Bring it on!" You are open to all of life's experiences, including the ones that would make your mother cringe. Bungee jumping, skydiving, and extreme sports were made for people like you in mind who enjoy the thrill of life affirming experiences and are unafraid to break every last God-fearing bone in their bodies. Without a little excitement to perk you up every now and then, you would wither away into a tiny speck of dust, or be bored out of your mind, whichever comes first. You know that person at every party who stands in the darkened corner not talking to anyone looking mildly uncomfortable? Yeah, that's not you. You're the one working the crowd, filling the noisy room with your distinct laughter. You have an opinion about every topic and are not afraid to speak your mind, even if it's about something as obscure as cane toads in Australia. How can you hear yourself think with all of that talking that you do? Just for something new, try being Zen for a week instead of yapping away to anyone who'll listen to you or thinking about the next adventure. You might surprise yourself and enjoy the silence.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

bragging bout my luck. :)


you disappear into thin air already is it?
adik! online laaaa i miss you okay.. :(

May will be the busiest wishing month. hahaha. 12th, 13th, 16th, 18th, 21st, 23th, 25th, 27th. i have so many May babies friend. hahaha. June too. *hint hahaha*

today is a happy day. :) i am half way doing my Marketing assignment (actually not half way is like 1st few words LOL keep procrastinate) and i thought of mail to my groupmate and tell her i will send the file to her before tonight. and guess what's her reply? SHE FREAKING DID ALL MY PARTS!! and now left nothing for me to do. :D why i so lucky can get such a hardworking groupmate ah??? *grin wider*

actually Friday two of us met up and brainstorm bout the whole Marketing plan for 6 hours straight. now only i know Marketing has the same brain killing impact as Math. why? cause after the 6 hours, i felt so dizzy dizzy the whole night. tired la! it's like doing Math before SPM for the whole day. same feeling!

but i'm still happy cause this is my last assignment ends so abruptly but so nicely! (i felt a bit guilty la but then after that most people i told, tell me it's okay hahaha) by the way my groupmate is a leng lui brunette. the eyes damn nice! her name is Olivia. sweeeeeet Olivia. :)

all i need to do now is to finish the last 15 pages of LAW and submit the online test. ohhlala my life will be relax relax until before final. how to not happy?? :D

Friday, May 22, 2009


i hope i sleep and never wake up again.
dreams are always nicer.
i am really turning insane.

one more assignment, one more online test, and i'm done with those before final assessments.
others i'm not going to mention here. too complicated, and shouldn't be known. sometimes something are meant to be kept by myself.

shut up everyone. just freaking shut up so my mind can have some peace. thankyou.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

*sniff sniff*

i am so upset right now.

the whole day has not been a good one. i've been studying LAW for few hours, the speed so slow it's so not me. i have online test to attempt before tomorrow. and i freaking forgot that i have to finish up my accounting homework. and the bruises on my right leg is getting blacker. okay put all these aside, I AM FREAKING UPSET NOW OKAY! =(

i just finished bathing. thank God the freaking rain stopped today, yet the weather is still cold and wet. I HATE! and i went to bath right after Leen. guess what? freaking half way when i'm bathing, the freaking water heater is not functioning and it keep freaking shower out ice-cold water. I.AM.A.SPOILT.KID. i have to admit. i never can tolerate cold water, even in Malaysia. and everytime after i showered with cold water, the next day i will have running nose and cold. and i hate running nose and sneezing everywhere. i usually bath with those super smoky hot water, which everytime after i bath the whole bathroom will be like a sauna room. =___= i used to share bathroom with my grandma, and she will always yelled "how you bath one? so long edi the toilet still so hot! you boil pork ah????" okay wait why i drift so far. i was in the bathroom for around 40minutes. cause i cannot bare the coldness of the water, and i freaking turned off the water, and curled myself and shivered like a cat. i really felt like crying that time. already so emo today stupid water heater bullied me summore. =( i waited until i cannot bear it anymore and i tell myself the only way to get some warm is freaking get out of this bathroom. so i forced myself in cold water T_________T and my hands and feets are still so cold now, and goosebumps all over my body. =(

now i just hope i wont be sick tomorrow. i still have an assignment due on Monday. T___T

i want to cry. =( got shoulder? sob4.

p/s: i don't know how long more can i wait. i just know, the longer you disappear, the harder for me to handle everything.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

three terrific ones...

once upon a time, there was two little girls living all by themselves in Australia, leaving their maid back in Malaysia (oh and friends and family hahaha). In one fine evening, while both of them were happily surfing the net, here came an uninvited visitor. A FREAKING MONSTER LIZARD.Both of them are seriously terrified, and screamed the lung out of them. =_____= and they tried to shoo the lizard away, but thing went worse when the lizard actually got so shocked and dropped downwards to a big pile of books. T_______T they tried to yell the maid's name, hoping that someone can come and help LOL. of course, but to no avail hahaha. so the girls have to remove each and everything on the table, afraid that the annoying little thing will hide somewhere else. being a heroine-wannabe, this little girl started to clear the table by passing books, rubbish etc to the other little girl. LIKE THIS! hahahaha..and when finally the table is clear, the lizard crawled under the table. =_______= (make us so busy clearing the table wtheck stupid lizard) so the two girls start moving the table away, and guess what, the lizard did not move anymore, acting to be dead. =_________= so the heroine-wannabe started throwing stationeries towards the pity little thing. but it freaking determined to act die. =___________= they didnt know how to get rid of it, until one of them suggested that they trap the lizard in a container and throw it out in the balcony! what a good idea right.
o both of them busily traced the lizard, and finally they got it! they trapped the lizard like that....and they didnt know how to close the container hahahaha so stupid. so they used up 325457687422 minutes trying to close the container and voila they did it! you see, still happily camwhore with the lizard. =__________= damn gross la when you see the eyes of the lizard and all. and we freed the poor little terrifying thing out in the balcony.
The End. :)

okay la we really damn brave hahahaha. I HATE LIZARD OKAY. no more pets or whatnots. and and and, i found out that near our wardrobe there is another lizard. T_________T i freaked me out and i jumped to the bed and hitted my own leg. now i have 3 bruises on my legs. T______________T

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

in a blunt mood..

tagged by Samzz.

1. Besides your lips, where is the favorite spot to get kissed?

2. How did you feel when you woke up this morning?
eh raining ah so cosy.. sleep a lil more ba..
what??? 12pm already??? i am late!!!!! =______=

3. Who was the last person/people you took a photo with?

4. Would you consider yourself spoiled?
yes, i'm a spoiled brat.

5. Will you ever donate blood?
no. i wanted to. but i can't. i had malaria two and a half years ago. i have to freaking wait until next year.

6. Have you ever had a best friend who was of the opposite sex?
yes. and it changed time after time. cause people come and go right?

7. Do you want someone to be dead?
no. this is sinned.

8. What does your last text message say?
i reach home le. you take care and be happy is more important. smile1.

9. What are you thinking right now?
sunflower, problems, accounting assignment due 12pm tomorrow, OB workshop presentation 1pm tomorrow.

10. Do you want someone to be with you right now?
yes. if and only if teleport exists.

11. What was the time you went to bed last night?
1am i think.

12. Where did you buy the tee you are wearing now?
it's a gift.

13. Is someone on your mind right now?
freaking yes.

14. Who was the last person who text you?
the boyfriend.

TEN Lucky Person to do this quiz...

1. Momoko
2. Tzen
3. Jocin
4. KinChin
5. HuiShien
6. SSK
7. CheeYong
8. Flora
9. Basnojj
10. VernTze

15. Who is no. 2 having a relationship with?
Takeshi Kaneshiro

16. Is no. 3 a male or a female?

17. If no. 7 and and no. 1 get together, would it be a good?
LOL momoko and cheeyong, awkward pair.

18. What is no. 1 studying about?
Psychology foundation

19. When was the last time you chatted with them?

1. - yesterday on my cbox. =.=
2. - days ago, msn.
3. - last week i think, facebook.
4. - few days ago. he ranted.
5. - centuries ago. that girl, when i want to chat with her, she didnt online.
6. - decades ago lol.
7. - few days ago, msn. but i was so busy and he just drop by and say i didnt go and find him when i am back in msia. =____=
8. - last week i think, talking bout ming and mdg in her cbox. =____=
9. - centuries ago too.
10. - left a message in his blog's cbox yesterday.

20. Is no. 4 single?
attached. but still available. =P

21. Say something about no. 2.
she owns a e-boutique. click kay!it's just updated two days ago.

22. What do you think about no. 2 and no. 6 being together?
tzen and SSK. good pair hahahahahaha.

23. Describe no. 9.
he is humorous.

24. What will you do if no. 6 and no. 7 fight?
what a question. do they know each other?

25. Do you like 8?
yes. i found that sometimes we are quite similar. ;)

Monday, May 18, 2009

wo shi xing fu de xiao hai. :)

before that,
see la this year no surprise for you. har har. nevermind wait you wait i celebrate with you when i go back. :) all the best in exam kay? i love you. :)

okay so today i actually had a tutorial class, one workshop discussion, and one assignment discussion. so to make my life convenient and not so bored, i cleverly plan to bring my laptop to school, though it's quite heavy with other books to carry, so that i can use msn messenger rather than stupid and do not need to queue so long for the library computer. i am a genius to think so far. wise girl. :) you know what make me the wisest among everyone in the world today? i brought each and every single components of the laptop (laptop itself, charger, battery) and i freaking forgot that my charger plug is Malaysian type. and i freaking forgot to bring the small, light-weighted plug adapter. o.O i shall bang wall and die.

as i thought my lappie will be only surviving for two hours and auto shutdown, i saw Mr Godwin appearing in Facebook, and he was just a level above me. happily, i asked if i can borrow the adapter from him or not, and ran up a floor to take the small black adapter. :) and after i settled down, and being ignored, i suddenly thought 'eh i never camwhore in this library before! :D'. instead of using baby HTC, i used my webcam so here they are my camwhore pic again. =______=
i like taking pic with webcam cause my skin always looks flawless in webcam picca. :)
after two hours of self-study (kononnya), i went to my accounting assignment discussion. with the flirting couples lor.. today i really gave up to try to be one of them. seriously, i was damn frustrated already, so i said 'two of you do that, and i shall start doing the cash flow statements analysis, is that okay??'. and i started my stoning and ignoring session by reading the statement of cash flow. damn, luckily they were having classes after an hour and a half. hmmph! and when they left, i thought of introducing my very nice campus library's discussion place.
the discussion place is at level 2 of the Social Science & Humanity Library. right below the quiet zone. and behind me, is a huge glass window. i like! i like huge glass window!
and the seats were so comfy, if i was with the right person there. hahaha.
see the landscape~ greeneries everywhere! i like the discussion zone. :) and then right after camwhoring, lappie low battery hahaha.

oh and another thing is I FREAKING LIKE MY MGTS1601 WORKSHOP GROUP MEMBERS! we are going to have a workshop presentation this coming wednesday. and my groupmates are three singaporeans. they are all at least 2nd year students, so far more experienced than me. they knew what to do and what not to do. so in the discussion, they were like big sis and big bro, teaching me and guiding me. okay la actually i'm the one who is so blur and confused, and they freaking need to explain so many times to me. eh i ask you to conduct a workshop, being an amateur, you know meh??? =p they are nice people! and wo shi xing fu de xiao hai. hahahaha. try figure out what i wrote in pinyin! i am looking forward for tomorrow's discussion meeting again. :)

two different groupmates, now i should say, having nice groupmates are by luck. and i'm glad i get to learn in both. :)

okay time to finish up my accounting assignment! stay tune for a heroine action tomorrow! :)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

this is the new love....

Momoko i started playing Restaurant City too! :)
come come visit my Sunflower Teapot!
i named my restaurant the Sunflower Teapot. dont ask me why is it a teapot, i just found that name nice and suitable. i like laaa! :) nice right my cottage-like restaurant. got a big windmill summore.. all are presents from the boyfriend! :)

this is my restaurant's interior. simple and nice! see there's a toilet bowl beside the door summore.. so cute la hahaha..

my avatar! damn cute right with the bunny ears hahaha.

okay i started playing after the boyfriend did. the whole purpose of playing this is not cause of the meal or unlocking ingredients or whatnots. i just want to decorate my restaurant. hahaha. i am now waiting to level up so that i have bigger interior. i want a restaurant with nice restrooms. :) the boyfriend helped out so much, i lurve him! :) (Mom, Dad, dont jealous ah.. =.=)

what is assignment ah??? can eat one ah? :D

Saturday, May 16, 2009

turning into assignments mode.

in the midst of doing assignment, HELLO EVERYONE! hahaha just wanted to blog something so that my readers come back to visit my blog today. see so troublesome this is what blogspot made me do to maintain my readership and blog-ad earnings. sigh.

okay no photo today. cause i freaking tell myself that i can only blog for 3 minutes. omg omg left 1 and a half min now. =___________=

oh and everyone that i precious so much, please please please take good care of yourselves cause Swine Flu is hitting Malaysia already. take good care kay? i seriously don't want Swine Flu to be so damn serious in Malaysia and made me cant go home on July. (opps this my intention. =_________=) okay stop all these. i really hope everyone be in well health. :)

oh and another big news, WHAT IS THIS WITH THE 2ND SEASON OF MALAYSIAN DREAMGIRL???? why is Juanita the MDG??? :( although the top three is not the girls i like. WHY HER? sigh. no standard at all. disappointed already. okay times up back to work. bye! :D

Friday, May 15, 2009

stop flirting, would you?

i hate when i'm in an assignment group with two other people, and they freaking flirt with each other, leaving me like a lightbulb. i felt so left out. =( i've tried to start a whole new conversation so that i can join their talking too. but when i started a topic, they freaking took over the topic and started their flirting again. sigh. i keep looking at them, hope one of them notice my presence, but their eyes just can't leave each other's for a second. despo! and the worst thing is this coming monday, we'll have another assignment discussion for few hours. i think i am going to die of stoning. on the bright side, the assignment is freaking going to due on next wednesday, which is what makes me feel a lil better.

Eva's group discussion rule #1: Do not flirt in group! BIG NO NO!

now everyone, i've made another quiz of myself in FB. click here to take the quiz. :)

nothing to update lately. assignments pilling up! good day people! :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

tell you a secret, I'M A PURE CHINESE CAN!

i met a new Chinese friend today. no la actually we were in the same tute for so many weeks already but this is the first time i actually talked to her. good i should say. taking the initiative to do something new is good. haha. okay la actually is cause today is the 1st time i never late for Marketing tute that's why i got chance to talk to her. =_______= so i walked into the building and saw her sitting on the bench outside the class, and.....

Eva: eh hi! hai bu neng jin qu ma? (in english: still cannot go into the class?)
Serena: *confused look* what?
Eva: li mian hai you ke a? wo men hai bu neng jin qu ma? (in english: is the class still occupied? we stil cant go in?)
Serena: oh dui, li mian hai you xue sheng hai mei chu lai. (in English: oh yea, there's still students from the previous tute in the class)
Eva: oh....
Serena: erm.. ni cong na li lai? oh no, where are you from?(in English: where are you from?) (she freaking speak back english to me. =_______=)
Eva: wo shi hua ren! wo hui shuo hua yu!! *laugh* (in English: i'm a Chinese! i know how to speak mandarin!!)
Serena: oh.. ni bu xiang hua ren.. zi qian wo hai yi wei ni zai gen wo shuo yin wen, wo hai yi wei wo ting cuo le.. =_____________________= (okay i am lazy to translate.. get it yourself kay)
Eva: wo shi ma lai xi ya hua qiao la.. wo zai jia dou jiang zhong wen..
Serena: xia wo yi tiao!

okay very funny i know. she's not the 1st who thought that i'm not a chinese. when i speak in mandarin, every Chinese got so shocked. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 times already since i'm here.

WHAT????? NEVER SEE A TANNED CHINESE BEFORE IS IT??? Malaysian chinese not that fair one cannot ah? aih.. msn being a bitch again. skype too. cranky ah!!!!!! stupid connection!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

today is a happy day, because.....

My aeroplane flew back to me this morning. it's the best wake up present i got! i thought i would never never see it anymore. and it naughtily hid inside the Kipling bag. Mr Aeroplane is now Kipling Monkey's best friend. i am glad too. :)

okay i suck in wink. and anyone remember Simon Cowell's wink???? it's freaking handsome! go watch Britain Got Talents. and he freaking winked to every contestants who got into the final! sooooo leng chai! i like him! :)

there's only one thing to do,
three words for you.
i love you.

i am freaking addicted to this, thanks to the boyfriend. :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

the way i utilize my baby HTC.

in the morning while waiting for my my bread to be toasted, my baby HTC tempted me to camwhore.
before i went to school in the afternoon, passed by the bathroom, saw the mirror, camwhore!

after class, while walking to the bus stop, found a brighter spot under the lamp post, camwhore!

look at the sky! it's freaking starry, but then baby HTC is not pro enough to capture those shiny shiny stars, btw, it's just freaking 5.30pm. i hate the dark so early. sigh.

while waiting for the bus in the bus stop, nothing to do of course camwhoring again la.

and this is the outfit of the day. okay it's cold when the sun is gone. but i kinda used to the cold weather already. :)

okay la no time to blog already. 1 presentation slides, 2 group assignments, 1 tutorial assignment, 1 online test to do. all have to be done in this week. macam mana survive now?

i. freaking. hate. assignments. MAN!!!! help me anyone??? :(

Monday, May 11, 2009


LDR is painful. :(

indeed, nobody says it will be easy. i hope all the hardships is going to be worthwhile. stay strong, Eva. stay strong.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dear mom,

although you hinted me to write a touching mail to you, but i've nothing to update in my blog today. so i thought of writing it here, i knew you will read my blog. haha.

okay la serious. but really what, i never failed to be rebellious to my mom, actually i thought of ignoring her hinting already. but oh well, it's MOTHER'S DAY today so i think i will just give myself a rebellious-daughter-day-off. LOL! okay la no touchy touchy thingy to write actually. since my mom wants my hugs and kisses so badly. nah! mom give you an imaginary hug and kiss! i didnt owe you any hugs and kisses already har.. har har.. why i so clever hahaha..

i shall just describe a lil of my mom here since i've never did this before. o.O
okay i realised that my laptop only have photos of her and me during my commencement. so just ignore my bad hair kay.

my mom is short, nevertheless loud! (especially when she yells my name! okay especially when she yells my name in front of my friends LOL!) she is kind and sometimes wayyyyy to kind. (like she is kind enough to give away my stuffs to those needies without my acknowledgement) she loves gardening and frankly she has great green hands. my mom sometimes is too self-centred. hence, she has a self-centred daughter like me. (but she's more more moreeee! i'm just a lil. *shy*) she is bad in technology stuff, but she always wanted to act like she is so tech-savvy, and failed miserably. hahahaha dad will agree this! she types so slow in MsWord, she don't know how to do a powerpoint slides, and dont even mention bout MsExcel. that's why i was trained to be good in all these since small. MY MOM DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO COOK! too bad la for my dad.. so now people dont blame me that i cant cook. cause i'm inherited with non-cooking genes. (i can cook better maggi than my mom! shhhh...) she is an ambitious workaholic. career always comes first, but well all of us are used to her character already. and okay Momoko i tell you, MY MOM IS ANOTHER BIGGEST FAN OF STARBUCKS! hahaha. she loves green tea latte so much. =S

see~ told you my mom is short.
hahaha i think she is going to kill me when she sees this.

we argue a lot. LIKE SO A LOT than any other moms and daughters. but yea like what leen says we argue cause we care. sometimes think bout it, it's quite useless arguing again and again, but maybe this is one of our way of communicating la at least we argue than not talking to each other right. my mom knows i like those sweet dessert like chocolates, cakes, etc and she will treat me with all these, especially during my exams when i need something to release stress. Besides that, she never never fail to be jealous of the boyfriend. like everytime! she will say why you can treat him like that, why cant you treat me like that also.. =_______= how to compare like that? go ask the boyfriend la lol.

but then still, no Mom, no me. a big THANKS to my mom! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY mommy! i know you are waiting to see this okay la i write la kay.. I LOVE YOU MOM! hahahahaha.. she gonna chop me into pieces.. eh mom i am so sincere kay.. i crack my head to think and write so much of you. okay la serious, I HAVE THE BEST MOM EVER. :)

hahahahaha. so funny i think after she reads this she will call and yell my name again. LOL.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Love Story meets Viva La Vida

Taylor Swift's Love Story and Coldplay's Viva La Vida are both among my favourites!

for those who doesn't know bout these two songs, screw you!!!!! okay la give you a chance to listen to both of them.

Taylor Swift - Love Story

Coldplay - Viva La Vida

aren't both songs going to be in your top listening list? :) okay la that's not the main point!

THIS IS AWESOME CAN!!!! i've listened to it so many times already, and i think Jon Schimdt is now among my favorite pianists! i wanted to learn Cello since small but my parents dont allow la.. :( see Cello produces nice sound! i like la those mellow mellow sound.. :)

everyone forward this song okay? sharing is caring, and nice thing is mean to be shared. :)

i'm Little Miss Happy!

i planned to start my assignment today. and my plan totally ruined after me and leen decided to go to Sunnybank! it's worth to exchange a day for assignment. :)

today is not a camwhore day, so just one photo of me. =p not even a pic of me and leen sigh.

this is my love! tau fa tong shui, tzen this is what i mentioned to you but you say you didnt know! i like the brown sugar syrup one.. :)

while buying some groceries, i saw this! and i'm craving for it now. :( made me want to go home as soon as possible. T____T Malaysia's durian is the best okay. see, in Aussie also got Malaysia's durian. i miss homemade durian puff made by grandma. T_____________T why Malaysia so far???? sigh.

okay here comes the climax of the day. i saw this Mr. Men and Little Miss's pencil case!
and it got my attention, i like colourful thingies. :) and inside of that pencil case there are four small packets of yummy mashmallow bites!

Little Miss Sunshine, cute no? :)

and guess how much all these worth??? freaking 2AUD! now tell me girls, who can resist this???? :D

finally i changed my pencil case after using the old one for 3 years! 3 years okay the longest ever period a pencil case has served me. hahaha. i am always loyal but not this time. =p

i am a happy girl today though i'm having sore eyes, bad hair and freaking lots of pimples on the face. Momoko, my stomach construction is getting worse, and everyone says it's annoying. :( how's yours?

the best Friday night ever in Aussie!

scroll down for Aussie clubbing photos! :)
clubbing my head la can! hahaha! i'm not a party animal okay and in fact, i'm still a club virgin. o.O too young to club i guess. nevermind, i still have plenty of time in my life. =p

okay la regarding to the title, i am really happy tonight, the BFF finally onlined, and we talked for 2 and a half hours. after that, boyfriend onlined, and we talked for around 2 hours. awesome can! it's like chatting marathon hahaha talk until i am so hungry now. =____= all hail Skype! i havent talk to Khai Wee and the boyfriend for 20 days or more already. so happy can can can???

there goes my Friday night! but me likey! my life is easy, hence contented easily too. :)

p/s: Ng Khai Wee when are you going to play the DJ roles with me again? hahaha. all the best in next week's exam kay? you got my blessing. =p

Friday, May 8, 2009


the camwhore fever is back again. :D cause the phone is available to camwhore la so it's like practically camwhoring when doing everything. AND emo period dah finish! pms gone, assignments gone, exams finished, problems solved (i think!) and here i am to blog again! :D

last few days were really hectic. i had an assignment to be passed up on Wednesday, and i worked on it so much, until on the day before i realised i was doing the wrong thing all the while. geram you know. and i have to redo everything, read up all EIGHT essays and find for info and evidence and stuff like that and wrote another 1800 words. this was so not fun! but yea i kicked OB's ass after staying up for two freaking nights! i hope it will turn out fine la, one day only, cannot put too much hope also. sigh.

and i made my life so complicated for the past 10 days. but i'm glad that everything is fine now. at least i assumed it is fine now. har har. blogging mojo is coming back, and imma gonna slacked kao kao this week before starting to do 3 freaking group assignments to be dued the week after. =)

final exam timetable came out! and good to say that there's no exam during my birthday, but sad to say that there's an exam the day right after my birthday. celebrate my head now. besides that, i am glad that my final exam will be durated for only a week, and i thought i am going back to Malaysia by MAS airline and i can changed my flight earlier a week! AND I WAS SO DISAPPOINTED cause when i bought the MAS flight ticket, i paid for the saver flex or something like that, means the cheapest fare and not the fullflex la. and now if i want to reschedule my flight time, me and leen have to pay for around rm1k. worth it or not? dad says go plan a trip with your friends there la! like we got a lot of friend like that, and dad, it's still exam week okay! sigh banyak banyak. i want to go back earlier lor.. i want to celebrate my birthday earlier. T___T

okay end. more to comeeee! =)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


forgive me, would you?

Monday, May 4, 2009


i am really glad that i have so many supportive people in my life, encourage me to get a life, to drive my dream.

i finally understand what i should do now, to not waste my life, and to appreciate things i have, thanks to the boyfriend. (okay i know my dad and mom will be so jealous right now. hi Dad hi Mom don't jealous okay! wtheck lol) i am suddenly awaken. thinking bout the past how i've been so unappreciative and spoiled, and whining bout life when i have much better life than millions of people out there, this thought made me feel a little that i've wasted my 19 years living so negatively. why ah why? ah screw it, like my dad always says, this is just the beginning of my life. like the bf says, i shouldn't have waste these few years to have fun otherwise i will be regretting when i'm out in the real world.

i should have be more courageous, and meet new people and gain more new experiences, cause i know that i have so many caring people gonna back me up when i fall, pick up my pieces and complete me again.

thanks Dad and Mom. i love you both.
thanks dear boyfriend, i lurve you, fae. <3

Sunday, May 3, 2009



我 可以吗?
我 真的可以吗?

其实 我不是你想象的那么勇敢。

Saturday, May 2, 2009

June 15 is a big day!

this picture motivates me to study to work on assignments to deal with deadlines as soon as possible. i have to finish all these before i can see the terminals, the Gate 80 again in the end of June. time ticks so slowly aih.

here comes a quiz peep!
Why is June 15 an important date?
A) it's Eva's birthday! :D
B) it's the luckiest day ever that you should invest some money on Eva. :)
C) it's freaking the 1st day of exam week! T___T
D) All of the above.

okay the answer is D okay i so lame. now tell me why why whhyyyy?????? 1st day of exam period la now how to celebrate??? how??? how awesome! bang wall and die.

i dont care la people when i go back to Malaysia each and every of you have to celebrate my birthday with me again. i want to have at least 5 celebrations. one from the family, one from bf, one from the girlsss, one from the BFFs, one from very-initiative-friends LOL (hints actually. like kinchin you want to be initiative or not? hahaha okay la this is an example only LOL) memories are the best present, i want a whole lot of prezzies this year since it will be my last year to bee TEENager LOL.

actually i've been thinking of my birthday since last week though it's like two months away. =____= i even dreamed of my birthday la. it's like the boyfriend gave me a surprise by ringing my aussie house's doorbell and bring whole lots of my favorite food. okay very funny leen laughed so hard and says "keep dreaming la you". that girl damn mean.

(eh i can drift so far from assignments to birthday! when come to assignments, why can't i write so fast and fluent la aihhhh stupid assignments)

okay i should stop thinking bout my birthday. it's one and a half month away. assignments will be dued this coming Monday and Wednesday. focus focus focus. focus my head la now. aih.