Thursday, April 30, 2009

define ILY.


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

no ditching nor leaving.

I did something pretty stupid yesterday night. i said something so stupid and hurt the flower. what said is said. i can't cry over the split milk now. yet a big big apologize should be given to the person i hurt so much. i think, i always think. but what i thought was always not what other people think. odd i should say. i'm the odd duckling. so when after i say it, it came out misinterpreted by others. maybe what i've concerned is not enough to wholly present the idea/info of mine. i should have think more thoroughly! i just dont have this kind of ability sigh.

see la now the consequences i think i couldn't bare them. this week is just so not right. things going wrong way since Monday. good week my head la sigh. now i pray hard that what i've done will not bing so much of negative effects.

now will four words destroy the whole relationship?


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

what a miserable day.

i should have finish reading the freaking six peer-reviewed essays today. i've spent hours on the 1st page of the 1st essay. and i've spent more than hours playing HTC's bubble breaker. LOL. now what??? i'm still on the 1st page of the 1st essay.

today is a miserable day.

define miserable. a feeling that is so damn lost, and not knowing what to do, and even if i know i have to do something, i won't. furthermore, miserable brings a feeling of hanging half-way in the sky. LOL. plus the very lepak mood. this is so miserable in the middle of assignment week.

the last time i had this miserable feeling is during my preparation for SPM trial exam. loooooooog time ago. i can spent the whole day in bed doing nothing staring at the ceiling. HAH. i can laze around, walk in and out of the room, hanging around and another day passed. but why why why why why the feeling strucked again after 2 years, in the most crucial time? aih.

when it comes to assignments and studies, i have so much of excuses. Flora knows. HAHAHA. today is so cold for me. it's just beginning of Autumn and i hate the cold already. if winter comes, i really can die la like that. LOL. day time 20 degree celcius, at night 10 degree celcius, and it's just autumn???? aih. now i know why i was fated to born in tropical country. this adds on my miserable-ness of the day. my hands and feet are icing cold 24-7 kay. so sad make me damn homesick i miss the warm weather now i miss sweating. sob. =(

study now? aihhhh.. study my head la study..

Monday, April 27, 2009

the blur blur BLUREST case.

the morning is cold. and i was so reluctant to wake up cause of the cold, and the menstruation tiredness, and the flu. one word, just LAZY la.

and i got myself almost late to class. while walking to the building, i was still chillingly listening to songs with my earphone on. i heard somekind of police siren and i ignored it. i saw crowds along the hallway and i ignored them too. i walked into the building using another entrance, walked up the stairs to the 1st floor where my class will be held, noticed that i'm alone but i still took my own way, reached the door of the classroom, turned the knob, and it's locked. i thought the class has changed its venue so i tend to wait a while in front of the classroom and see if there's any classmates approaching too. 1 minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes....... and here came an officer and said "why are you still here??? you should have leave the building! haven't you hear the fire alarm?????" and i was stunned, and quickly ran out of the building. HAHAHA. i don't even bother to unpluck my earphone to listen clearly to the speaker and the fire alarm. why am i so genius????? LOL.

there goes my Monday class. =)

see the other entrance at the far back there so many people crowding. and this is the longest building in the campus, and in this photo is just half of it.

and this is the middle of the long long Forgan Smith building. it's the law school building actually, and i was having my business law tute today.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

my nest.

this is my room in Aussie. small but boleh tahan. :) we just bought a bedframe. i sleep at the top and leen slept at the bottom.

and this is our study tables. all white, me likey~

and this is the favourite part of the room, a big big mirror wardrobe! nice eh?.. =D

hence this is my staying place in aussie. ;)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

where is my sunshine???

i'm so lifeless now.

i dont have the mood to blog, but still i want to blog.
i feel like eating, but there wasn't any snacks left for me to munch. i feel like studying, but study mojo just never never comes. i'm bored of facebook's quizzes and what not already. i'm bored with all those screwed-up lifes in already. friendster is just so wasting time nothing to do also. youtube also sien already. i've watched all the episodes of MDG already. i've chatted with most of the people whom i haven't chat with some times. bloghop until sien already cause nobody updates! now i feel like doing something! but i dont have a clue what is it. =_____= for once i hate people spamming my mailbox with all kinds of forward messages, but now i just hope that i have more forward messages to read.

today is just so not right.
1) i dont know what should i do when it comes to consoling and motivating people. i suck at it. especially when someone really needs you but you just didn't know what to do. this is so bad.

2) i wanted to clean the house cause it's my turn this week. but when i want to vacuum the living room, the housemates were using the living room so yea screw them la aihh.

3) i wanted to go out to jog at 4.30pm. cause these days really so weak so unhealthy want to work out a bit. but before that i was hooked with MDG so when i realise that i have to go out, it's dark outside already. (now my place here 5 something is like Malaysia's 7 something edi la so dark i scare! T__T)

4) the grocery store nearby is closed today so couldn't shop for groceries so there's limited food in the fridge that's edible.

5) my 2nd Polo tee kena some black spots from the washing machine again! screw the washing machine! last time is the white number 7 Polo and now it's the red one! T_________T benci!

6) super unproductive day! my plan all out already la now. where's my discipline? where's my determination. talk damn easy now screw myself! T___T

my sunflower got prob. and i think i got prob also. =(
today sun ponteng ah???
when someone gives you a bread and says...
"Toast the bread!"

make sure you really TOAST it! =D

good day!

Friday, April 24, 2009

when feelings intertwine...

Marketing mid term exam - Checked!
Accounting Ratio Analysis - Checked!
BLaw online test - Checked!

just as i thought that finally i have some fresh air to breathe without assignments and tests and what not, here comes a tough assignment i have to pass up on the Wednesday week after. T_________T and in order to complete the freaking assignment, i have to read freaking six peer-reviewed journals which they have average of 10000words each. bang wall! betul betul nak bang wall now. now tell me what is freaking Organizational Behavior? i kena torture kao kao by this 1st year subject. 1st year subject weiiiii! why so hard???

to make situation worse, i started to feel dizzy everytime i blow my nose since yesterday night. it's real dizzy that everything was spinning around me. and the worst part is, it spinned no matter i open or close my eyes, and it spinned clockwise, AND ANTI-CLOCKWISE! and i had nausea. bad. this is so bad. i can't even sit upright properly, forget bout standing or walking. benci betul! always when i'm so stress up with deadlines sure got bad thing comes along one. ish. now i really scare to blow my nose already. and this is another kind of torture. sigh.

Orange and Blackie and all those pets i have in Aussie are now gone. GONE YOU SEE! aih.. dont know where they go already. me and leen suspected the change of season, so they hibernate or something la HAHAHA so funny. i saw a long-legged thin spider in my bathroom few days ago and leen said SPIDERS IN AUSSIE MAY BE POISONOUS! omg omg i was so freaked out what if they spit some poison on the toilet bowl and i sit on it and i kena some kind of uncureable disease like HIV how? okay touchwood. and self-slap.

okay i shall stop whinning. XIN YOU SEE I GOT A TURTLE/TORTOISE!!!! =D i couldn't differentiate turtle and tortoise so i have no idea which is this. =___=
i bought it on the last day in Malaysia! go buy it Xin! it's so cute and the 1st person i thought of when seeing this is you! =)
oh i bought it in S&J the orange pressie shop. it served as my phone chain now. so cute!!!!!! but the boyfriend says it looks like somekind of monster. =________= monster your head la it's so cute can. HAHAHA. and it's big enough for me cause it will be obvious enough to spot my phone in my big bag. =) woah the small turtle has so many telos. haha. good buy!
okay now i've lost few real pets, and gain more non-living pets. LOL.

msn is making me cuckoo. i don't know if my messages send out or not, and i dont know if i receive my friends' messages or not. why like that??? it had been a while since i last chatted with the girls. i miss all of you la. (no names are mentioned so no need to be jealous okay hahaha)

okay stop the insanity. back to reality.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

all time favorite tote.

my favourite silver tote! i never fail to like big tote. it's just so convenient to bring everything with you in a bag. and a silver tote is just so stylish! =) i bought it half a year ago at SEED. i like every silver thingy cause silver match so well with black! but then now the favourite silver tote's strap is breaking anytime due to constantly overweighted lol. i will be pretty happy to have a new tote during my 19th birthday *hint hint wahahahaa* (who doesn't know when is my birthday? go bang your head against the wall please) okay now everyone starts to create a saving account named 'Eva's birthday present saving'. 2 more months to go, 65 days before i go back to Malaysia again. one day save up 1 or 2 bucks and you can get me a nice present already. =D

p/s: okay i mentioned bout i have no one to help me in kangarooland on accounting ratio analysis in my previous post right? i was wrong. there's a helpful singaporean i just met today and he's just so helpful that now i don't need to waste hourssssss to figure out those stupid complicated financial report figures. THANKS A BUNCH MR GODWIN. =)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

while sucking my nose so hard....

nah here is the prove that i was really sick. i'm so good in making wantan now. =(
today's Marketing MidTerm Exam was a mess. i studied the whole day yesterday, but i just couldn't concentrate. i have to spend a couple of times reread the same page same paragraph and get the damn meaning. there went four freaking chapters. and when i could finally revising with the speed i usually have, i left 3 chapters to go. i told myself i have to stay awake until i finish everything. and guess what? after 1 chapter, i dozed off. worse, i over-slept 2 freaking hours! damn the 2 hours. sobbbb~ that 2 hours were planned to use in rereading the 4 blur chaptersss. and i went to the exam hall half-bucket-waterly. SIGH. it turned out ridiculously. i swear i never have this kind of unsure feeling in MCQs papers since SPM two years ago. now should i blame on the viruses that made me so damn weak or what??? aihhhh...

okay la let bygones be bygones. forget bout it. i have to start cramming on BLaw already. oh and ratio analysis. wait, DO I HAVE ANY PRO-ACCOUNTING FRIENDS??? financial ratios weyyyyy! not hard for accounting students but DAMN HARD FOR ME cause i suck in calculations. so. sad. that. i. dont. have. friends. that. can. help. in. kangarooland. sob.

okay tak da mood nak blog. so tired can die and still so many deadlines ahead. before signing off, nah this is the ill princess camwhoring again! =D i dont knowwhy the effect like that one. =.=

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

lol.. im using my htc to blog now... for the sake of fun and bore killing. HAHAHA..okay imma gonna study concentrately before the bf kills me..

htc made me damn canggih! me likey!

okay bye. =)

My World. My Classroom.

eh i really study in the flight back to Malaysia kay. 8 hours of flight, why not make it useful la right? haha. but then i dont have a nice camera so cant take a good photo, cant see the view from the cabin window also. boo.

i want to stand a chance to win a MacBook Air in this WOU Post@Postcard Contest. and this is the best picture of all eight which can most see myself and the book and a lil of the seat in the plane. big sigh. mana camera? sigh banyak banyak lagi.

Eva's back in action!

i know it has been so long i havent update the blog. Malaysia internet connection sucks big time! plus i really dont have much time to online. and now i'm reluctantly back to Aussie again. BIG SIGH! i miss everyone back home already.

okay this will be a super quick update. just want to say I'M FINE PEEPOW!!! =D and, this week will be a tough one. tomorrow i have 5 hours class + Marketing midterm exam. Friday i have an online test due, and accouting individual assignment to pass up. oohlala~ how to cope like that? play too much in Malaysia already. HAHAHA. and now comes the main point - I'M SO SICK RIGHT NOW!!!! i brought lotsa viruses into Aussie. i'm having cold, running nose, cough, sorethroat, and blocked ears. aihhhhhh. i'm in the process of making more wantan with tissues all over the table, i'm making sound and air pollution by coughing sneezing coughing sneezing non-stop, and my blocked ears is due to the air pressure in the plane yadi yada and now it's still blocking.

told ya this week is a tough week. stupid viruses came in great timing! i have to put lot more effort now. till then people. i know you miss me. =)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

this is the consequence of the intention to neglect my blog. aihhhh... super drastic drop damn scary my earning now terbantut okay. stupid blogspot introduce what bloglist templates laaaaaa.. now people know i didnt update and dont even want to click into my blog already.. sad die.. boohoo..

anyway, i am safe in Malaysia. and i have to apologize to those who i cant meet in these 11 days. so many things want to do, so lil time. sorry much!

and my mom wants me to tell in blog that I MISS HER SO MUCH cause she jealous that i just miss my boyfriend. =_____________=

okay that's all. =D

Thursday, April 9, 2009

15 facts bout Eva a day before coming back to Malaysia.

1) i am going back tomorrow. 2145 - Royal Brunei Air - KLIA.

2) i was happy today. had Honey Bubble Milk Tea.

3) i am emo now. i think i want to propose something so important to my parents. and i hope they won't think what i want is ridiculous. so far predicted succession of this propose is 0.1% yet i still want to try.

4) Happy Easter everyone!

5) Good Friday too since i may not be blogging tomorrow.

6) my bear bear is not going home with me. i know he miss his friends and family too but too bad i have too many luggage to handle when coming back so no place for him already.

7) i wish i cannot come back to Aussie 11 days later.

8) Blackie the lizard has MIA for 2 days already. suspected Leen accidentally killed him.

9) i cried for myself today. after such long time i did not cry for me. yay.

10) today time passed damn slow can die. i hope i can kill them in hour, not second.

11) i know there's a lot of people want to be in my place, studying oversea and all. and i'm not appreciating what i have. i should be killed.

12) i am not independent. and i dont want to be independent. and i dont want to think for myself and my future yet. i just want to be a 19-year-old girl. just like that.

13) i neglected my family for 2 months already. i think they thought i dont miss them. but nobody feels how i felt now. i dont know how to communicate with them. they dont understand what i want. they always compare me to leen. and i'm not as good as leen.

14) my dad even thinks that i have my boyfriend and doesn't need them already. he just didn't know that when kid in this age, and found someone who understand her, and will just click with him. they just dont know.

15) my mom always thinks that i never love my younger sisters and never tend to show some love to them. too bad she never get a chance to see when i show my love to them. the way i express myself is odd i should say? and i am never the same as leen.

lastly, this will be my final post before i come back to Aussie again. i won't be writing during my stay in Malaysia. hiatus kay. want to spend more time in better way with people i care. =)

i am coming back home. and i like it.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

bye Summer, hello Autumn!

my mom texted me and said she enjoys my blog and i kept her entertained. LOL. and leen teased me saying that i'm a clown! cause clown entertains people. =__________= now do i look like a clown? @.@

autumn is here. getting colder now, even in the day. when the cold wind blows, i shivered though under the sun. i don't like it. i like the warm sunshine! =( i like wearing shorts and spaghetti instead of long pants. i hate long pants especially during rainy days. and i dont like the weather now. =(

today i have freaking 7 hours classes! 10 to 6, one hour break. aihhhhhh 7 hours you know, dead fish now. but on the bright side, i've explored more of UQ campus today. ohmygod now only i know there's another side of it, and it's far more bigger than i thought. it's really like a community already. you get almost everything in the campus eg post office, dentistry, optometry, boutique, convenient shops, vet, even check-up places. so big can die. i can confirm that this campus is as big as ss15. or maybe bigger? go google image and find for 'UQ St Lucia Campus' and check it out. nice campus i should say! who want to join me here? :)

two more days and imma going to breathe udara tanah airku. hahaha. so happy can die. tomorrow's accting lecture and marketing tute have no homework one. so happy la now! damn free already. same to leen. she doesn't have class tomorrow and we are going to Sunnybank and get my Honey Milk Bubble Tea! woohoo! great days ahead!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

3 grossing facts! ewwwww~~

Starbucks anyone?
okay for those who likes Starbuck's Green Tea Latte,
Green Tea Latte is like green diarrhea!
ewwwwwwwwww.... damn gross.. haha..
okay it's quoted from Nigahiga.
but my mom and sistersss still like it.

speak about gross. you will never know how gross an angmoh could be.

today i have BLaw lecture and i sat at the back of 3 angmohsss. they kept talking non-stop which pissed me off already la. and then suddenly i smell something so smelly can die! and then three of them start fooling around and two even covered up their nose. EWWWWWWWW~ one of them farted! and the fart damn smelly! i almost fainted okay. imagine in the air-conditioned lecture theatre with fart smell! *faint* @.@

and you think this is the end of story? i thought that too! after a while, suddenly i took a glimpse of the three idiots, and i saw one of them picking his nose. ewwwwwwwwwwww~ damn disgusting okay. and the climax is HE THREW THE SNOTS TO THE FRONT SEATS!!! you know what's my 1st reaction?? i immediately turned back to see if there's angmohsss sitting at the back of me or not.. luckily nobody was sitting behind me! OH MY GOD this is so traumarizing i will never sit in front of angmohs again unless i dont have any choice.

why angmohs so dirty one???... T____________T

lengthy and tiring...

...tagged by SSK. ;)

This is called 50 first reactions... Type what comes to your mind first whenever you hear these 50 words. Don't think already and go back and change. Doesn't matter how random just type it!

1) Beer : Heineken and QingDao!!! me love~ =D

2) Food : paradise!! me love food too. haha.

3) Relationships : Gan Ming Zu. my sunflower. LDR. boohoo.

4) Crush : Churros!!! i want to eat that badly too.. T_______T

5) Power Rangers : go go Power Ranger~ last time when were still kids, my sis always like the pink ranger and i will choose yellow ranger cause we didnt want to be the same. =_________=

6) Life : is full of surprises!

7) The President : who ah? @.@

8) Yummy : Oreo Cheesecake and Caramel Macchiato. mMmMmMMMmmmm...

9) Cars : me suck at driving. but i want to have my own car in 3 years time. 3 years? can or not? bukan proton dan perodua. aku tak patriotik supporting car buatan malaysia. tak boleh harap. o.O

10) Movie : couple seat!! ;)

11) Halloween : evil pumpkin head. @.@

12) Sex : lingerie? LOL.

13) Religion : amitabha.

14) Hate : dumb blondes. lalala~

15) Fear : of coming back to Aussie again after my easter break. T_____________T

16) Marriage : once in a life time. =)

17) Blondes : dumb. dumb. dumb. but sizzling hot. but i kinda like their face features. most are quite nice actually. especially the eyes and nose. i want!

18) Slippers : flip flop flipping flopping. and most importantly, damn slippery!!!!! i almost fall down in front of a bunch of people during rainy day last week. embarass betul. :(

19) Shoes : i want a boots. i want a flats. i want a heels. i want a wedges. i want a sandals. that's all i want. present anyone? =D (hint: yours truly's birthdate is 615. oohlala~)

20) Asians : me! =D

21) Pass time : is to sleep and sleep and sleep more when in Aussie! =)

22) One night stand : stand the whole night leg wont sour ah?? HAHAHA.

23) My cell phone : is gonna die. but me likey it. the Dopod. my best of best i hope to get a dopod back. daddy????? =p

24) Smoke : is not good for health. but i like the smell of tobacco between fingers after smoke. it can be another kind of addiction though. lol.

25) Fantasy : is good for health. ask Tzen! haha.

26) College : is one of my best remembrance. Momoko Charlesy? Momoko Tzen Xin? Momoko Tzen Xin Kinchin? the Johor gang? the Animal Fair thingy? and all those moral studies activities! thank God i never wasted a year knowing you guys! =D

27) High school life : is the best in my life so far. the band, the class, and the sports! bangga nak jadi concert mistress for 2 years, conductor in formation competition for 2 years, run run and more running, penolong ketua rumah A i never thought i could be, secretary in History society, one of the class noisiest person, and the ponteng princess in class. high school life is soooo busy yet sooooo contented. me likey!

28) Pajamas : PDI yellow white stripes singlet + Elle Sports Maroon long pant. comfort!

29) Stars : is brighter in Aussie. starry night, how i hope i can share!

30) Center : is attention like what i want! =D

31) Alcohol : red. drunk. puke. leen's favourite! HAHAHA.

32) The word love : is unpredictable. L.O.V.E. nice words!

33) Friends : are those who will get crazy with you when happy and pat you at the back when you need consolation

34) Money : is almost everything!!!!!! never enough lor..

35) Heartache : is something sucking it hard inside, and drop it hard after that.

36) Time : is so playful. never get along with me well. aihhh..

37) Divorce : is a phenomenon these days. no good. *shake heads with disappointment*

38) Dogs : are cuteeeeeee with their puppy eyes.

39) Undies : is to cover up yourself.

40) Parents : read my blog. @.@

41) Babies : are adorable when they dont cryyyyyy!! =D

42) Ex : is still a friend. :)

43) Song : the older the best. @.@

44) Color : rainbow!

45) Weddings : are white, are sunny, are fresh, are bout honeymoons, and most importantly, are blessed.

46) Pizza : mozarella chesssssey.

47) Hangout : lepak.

48) Rest : is for to go further in life.

49) Goal : is to get what i want when i want it. =D

50) Inspiration : comes last minute! sure thing everytime! now you know why i procrastinate. HAHAHA.

I'm gonna tag:
(i think two of you only will layan me. better do it ah dont make me disappoint. HAHA =p)

Monday, April 6, 2009

the banana issues.

banana is so overrated in now. bear with it. the yellow yellow will be gone very soon.

okay 1st and foremost, to reveal the most dumb dumb thing. in case people are wondering woahhh since when Eva become so computer savvy know how to do header already! i tell you, i memang savvy i should say. yours truly dont know how to use photoshop, dont have photoshop, dont have illustrator, dont have those kind of design software. like seriously got also dont know how to use. too dumb. too lazy to learn. so the very pandai princess did the banana header using Microsoft Word!!! innovative no? HAHAHA. place all the photos already, and the press 'Print Screen' and cropped out the unwanted part and tadaa~ same design effect like what people did in Adobe! easier la like that. now thank me for teaching you guys a new way to design headers. =)

talk about pisang. i never want to eat it back in Malaysia unless it's banana split or pisang goreng. but then at here i started to eat fruits. i think my grandma will be damn surprise! cause always she got so fed up i so choosy in food in fruits, and don't know what to prepare for meals cause i dont eat this dont eat that. such infilial granddaughter but i know she sayang me ah. cause i sayang her also. lalala~

and another issue bout pisang. that is, do i look like a banana? i mean those banana man. i like Mandarin and i know how to speak Mandarin okay (unlike Momoko. HAHA) and always those new friends thought i'm a banana. how sad. and it's not like my english is good enough to be a banana. sigh more. i love my mothertongue okay.

meow meow meow!

this is my dinner. =D me and leen still dont know how to estimate on how much we have to cook so practically we cooked too much every single time. LOL. this explains why i am putting on weight okay. we boiled chicken soup today. =D and fried eggs with all kinds of vege plus cheese. (this is nice me likey!) and the potato and chicken is yesterday's dinner we couldn't finish but end up today still left so much. damn full la can and this is one person's portion. haha. damn bangga now know how to cook already though just few dishes. :)

meow meow meow woof woof meow meow!

i haven't talk to Khai Wee more than a week already. that girl dont know busying what didnt online. boohoo. and below the pic, is me and my blessing leaf! :) the BFFs did it and gave it to be a day before i leave for Aussie. so sweet right.
inside the leave there's motivation and consolation, AND a song dedicated to ME!!! but then too bad la they didnt sing it to be that day cause we didnt want to end up weeping like cowsss hahaha. still, i appreciated!

my leaf my leaf! you got or not? lalala~

p/s: Leen is so abnormal today. she is now finding for a person with a very unique chinese name (i couldn't tell the name here if not imma gonna chop by her into pieces) she dreamt of last night. and now, even worse, she is stalking a Japanese-American geminian leng chai from youtube to personal website and all. OMG i never see her go so crazy into boyssss. finally, the girl has grown up. HAHAHAHAHAHA. i confirm die after she sees this. LOL. see i told you i confirm die one. she force me to take down this part before daddy sees it. but since when i'm not rebellious. lalala~ dad you see leen! =p

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Orange and Blackie, my pets!

eh aku nak tanya wahai perempuan readers ku. do you girls get migraine on menstruation??.. like it just made you feel unwell and you just feel like puking or something like that? ada tak ada tak???.. or am i the abnormal one? aihh..

i've slept so much today due to the stupid migraine. other than that, doing unproductive thingy. you see i really very jobless. when i have one hour class during weekdays, i grumble cause the freaking one hour makes me travel to and fro and going out is a very ma fan thingy especially for ONE HOUR ONLY cause the sunblock ah and all those will be damn wasted. =____= but then when it comes to a day which i have 5 hours class, i grumble again. cause 5 hours is too much for a day. morning too early and i felt so unawake. and till the last 2 hours of lectures i cant even concentrate. i banyak pasal one la aih. benci betul!

okay i hereby introduce the pets of us, Orange and Blackie! this is Orange. it's freaking huge right compared to those spider we see in daily life. okay actually it is in orange and brown but i think orange is a nice name for it. =________=

see it's web??? and the thingy on the left is its prey and that poor lil insect has been trapped in a layer of web thingy la hence the color white..

and this is Blackie!! i dont know why the color turned out to be brown. but trust me, it's so black. hahaha. leen likes it a lot, seriously. like in the midst of revising, she will suddenly say 'come we bully the lizard a while' and start frightening the poor lizard by thumping the glass window with a pen and that fella got so shocked and run here and there. damn sesat. hahaha. we damn evil lor @.@

okay i should have doing BLaw tute homework now. signing off! =D

Saturday, April 4, 2009

black out. so black. me black.

off your light and everything. just off everything except your computer. and you will see the words in the pic glowing in dark. try it for real! =)
gotcha! where got glow in the dark like that one. i am the only one who can think of such lame thing to play on. glow in the dark, glow my head la sigh. but still, am i creative or what? LOL.

actually that black picture is to portray what i am right now. black out. so black. sangat the gloooooooomy aih.

today i should be happy one. accounting midterm turned out fine, and i'm still the one who left the hall the earliest, and i predicted the most i will only get 4 wrong answers, plus if i am not careless for other questions i knew.

today i should be happy one. right after my paper on the way walking to the campus bus stop, i saw a wedding ceremony going on in the campus. the bridesmaids were all in green. those nature green not apply green and it contrasted so nicely to the bride. ah wedding day is happy and bliss.

today i should be happy one. cause i'm finally a day not eating non-stop between meals. i controlled so well that today i just ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner. no junkies nothing more.

today i should be happy one. right after my paper, i walked to the campus bus station, on my way i saw a wedding ceremony going on in the campus. the bridesmaids were all in nature green. and contrasted the bride so whitely nice. wedding day is happy.

today i should be happy one. me and leen did all the housework we have to do tomorrow. cleaning and washing and everything to sweat to kill boredom to play with water. for once, no more procrastination. clap for me no?

today i should be happy one. i read so much of people's miserable life. and i felt so blessed that i am 101 times better than them. click in my reading list on the right.

today i should be happy one. i had the tasty teriyaki pork rice which i havent eaten any for more than weeks already.

today i should be happy one. but i'm not. everything went well except for one, which is so important to me. now i should know the fact that, there's no strike in life. take that! yet i nak challenge life. i want to prove my life is an exception. but where to start? i dont even know how to face it now. take my head la now. aihh.

Friday, April 3, 2009

of Aladdin and the inital E

a quick one cause i am still not prepared for tomorrow's Accounting midterm which weighted 25% in final exam. damn the 25%! MCQ some more, benci! in accounting tutes we will be given 10 questions every week to review see which part of the chapter we are weak in, and guess what, out fo 10 i always got more than 3 wrong answers, worst, 6 wrong ones. now you do the math! tomorrow's 40 questions with the probability like that, how am i going to pass accounting? @.@

my Aladdin! :)

another thing is i think am becoming an even boring person already. you see, it's the last day of 5th week in uni already, i havent know any friends in accounting tute. boohoo. becoming an introvert can? and then today we have this signing for accounting group assingment thingy. and i was the 1st to sign my name to the topic i want la. other people were like at least coming in pairs already. only me, keseorangan kesepian. LOL. we must have 3 person in a group.

and when everyone signed up already and the tutor looked at the list and asked 'may i know who is E Va Tee?' (so sad nobody wants to be in a group with me T__________T) then i raised my hand and he then said 'hmmmm, so no one's going to be a group with her? now let me see whose group hasn't full yet' and then this super extra extrovert asian said i can join him and his groupmate! (i think he knew i have potential in accounting muahaha cause i keep can answer the questions when the tutor were asking)

and you know i was so appreciate so i go to him and his groupmate (which that girl i think i talked to her before when we were in our 1st tute she sat beside me) and say 'hey nice to meet you may i know your name?' and his name is Edmund and the other girl's Ellyce and i randomly blurped out 'I'M EVA! OH WE SHARE THE SAME INITIAL!!!' and guess what? if not mistaken i THINK said this to Ellyce when we 1st talked in few weeks back. T_________________T told you i am a boring person now. this is what i can only say during self-intro part.

okay end of stupid accounting story.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

when sun shines and breezes blow...

[Part 1]
okay i will write my trip to the city. all of it like what i've promised. but they are not in chronological order cause i write according to my mood. LOL this is my blog i don't care and my hobby is to offend people can. aih why aku berbunyi bitchy again. aaaaiiihhhhhh.

beach in the city! yes that's true. a manmade beach opposite the city. can see from the photo la so big contrast with sand and water, and skyscrappers! yes. Brisbane is full of surprises. at least for me it is. :) Jiunn yi, sini beach kecil tapi banyak blondes in bikini. suit you la! fulfill part of your need already! haha.

and we found a flea market, something like the one in The Street in The Curve. and we came across this...

we saw everyone's looking at it. and we joined them. =___________= and the white fella up there, didn't even move at all except those wind blow moving la. he looked fake. he looked real. we couldn't confirm whether he's a real man or not, cause his body texture is so real, but then he didn't move. and we stupidly stood there for sooooooo long to guess if that fella is a real man or not. what. the. hell. the conclusion is, we still don't know if he's a real one. =___________= i'm so lame. sigh. okay and another thing is why aussie's sky is always nicer one har? i couldn't find any sky like that in Malaysia lor.. why har?

and this is CHURROS. tasted something like cinammon stick but is waaaaaaay yummier than cinammon stick. and see the chocolate and whipped cream???? there were like heavenly made!!!! it's even better than Starbuck's!! Momoko you have to come and visit me and i bring you here to try the whipped cream. HAHA.

see when come to food she's so happy. HAHAHA. (okay la later i kena from her. declaration: it's me so happy looking at food okay. =p)

the weather that day is so nice until we just want to do nothing and sit on the grass and look and those bikini blondes. (haha no la why i sound so perverted. hahahahaha) we just think that camwhoring in a nice day with natural light is the best thing ever to do in a Saturday afternoon okay.
we even play with the self-timer and people passing by thought why we keep stoning there smiling hahahahaha so stupid. we seriously stoned there for 10 seconds or more! i won't do that if i'm alone lor if not really look damn psychotic. LOL.

and i shall reveal the photo of the day. tadaa~
we looked so happy can!! haha. and damn nature la the background! actually this is the 1st attempt on self-timer and why i so good in aiming???? *self-admired @.@*

okay end. i tak da mood today. the sunflower mia for like few days already. FEW DAYS. FEW DAYS!!!!! what. the. hell.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

part of my kangaroo life!

you know, i came to Aussie to further my education. serious education kay. that's why i study!

damn hardworking this is the prove kay. (Dad i got study kay! lalala~)

study with and without distraction like this!

this shelf of junkies storage is also my distraction.

and this, right outside my window, is my entertainment!
can you see how big the web is???? and the freaking orange spider is 100 times bigger than Malaysia's. (i cant get a good photo of this orange pet!)(this spider is our pet, cause we live with it, and we are so into it) at 1st we were so worried every after raining day or windy day.
but this bugger ah, damn effective can die. few hours only, the spoiled web become the same and complete one again. i wonder how it did it! and during the day with sunlight, the web damn nice can! and the web is like protecting us from insectssssss cause it is just right in front of the window, and it occupies the area bigger than the window. entertaining much, no? =D

oh and there's another blackie small lizard trapped between the windows! it's our enemy at 1st, cause i didn't know why it can come into our room since we have the net thingy, but then now i didnt know how it trapped itself between the two layer of windows! surprisingly enough, it survived for weeks already. and now, it became leen's pet. HAHAHA. cause leen's table is right in front of the window, and we didn't even scream our lungs out when we were so near to it! (cause it's trapped! hahaha so funny that stupid lizard) i wanted to take a photo of blackie but i dont know where it gone now. LOL. next time. =D

okay now to stay away from my distractionssssss, i decided to move my study place to my bed. 1st, comfy enough. 2nd, wont sit beside leen and wont get distracted. 3rd, bed = no food. 4th, no lizard no spider no entertainer. =D

oohlala~ few hours gone studying so hard in my dream! =D
HAHAHA i really so genius can die! study on the bed, study my head la haha.

okay if you don't want to see any of my pic cause lately i've been such a narcissist and self-shot so many ugly pictures to entertain myself and humour some people out there, kindly press x at the top right of your screen. thankyousomuch cause imma gonna expose more of my chubby cute faces. =)

HTC phone tak da anti-shaking one. Dopod better la like that. see, all blurry photos. aih.. okay the picture above exposed my very very embarassing fat body figure. i just dont know why i cant get some waistline. damn straight down to hips okay. and my sis keep showing off to me how nice her waistline is, aih and she even suggested me to knock my head on the wall rather than having a nice waistline cause i never can have one. so mean.. =( okay stop all that, what i want to say is, I LIKE BLACK! I LIKE CHECKERS! =D

p/s: my room is such a mess. cause our tidiness will only last for like few hours every Sunday after the weekly clean up. i like my WHITE table and WHITE chair. and i like my Moo Moo bedsheet and my Big Yellow Bear! =D

okay the boyfriend playing hide-and-seek again. damn sicky. WHERE ARE YOU AH?? you forget your promise le ah? =(