Friday, March 27, 2009

what a Friday. :(

WHAT THE HELL. my laptop's connection suck to max okay. the page load freaking slow i felt like smashing the laptop. seeing my sis so happily viewing facebook's photo keep pressing next every second beside me, why i so pity ah???? now laptop bullies me too. :(

my boyfriend mia again. nuff said bout this. :(

i should stop whining now. kay actually today still not that depressing one. at least compared to the two fridays before, i am doing quite well today in accounting tutorial (i will call tutorials tute from now on). at least i didn't late for 30min like what i did in the 1st tute. and i didn't nearly skipped tute on the 2nd week. (okay i lied but this is secret between me and the bf cant disclose what i lied here LOL) and today in tute though late for 10mins but i was doing good. main reason is I FINALLY DID ACCOUTING TUTE HOMEWORK LAST NIGHT!!!!! =D so proud okay cause now only i knew i'm like the only of few who did the homework. others were like waiting for answers during tute and this pissed the tutor off. and i kept answering questions which is a good thing cause this boost my confidence in accounting. hahaha now i wanted to laugh at those blondes like what JiunnYi did. DUMB BLONDES!!!! lalala~ yer i damn mean. mean like Momoko already. =p but then so far is still teaching bout those basic accounting so i still can tease others la. those i learnt before, and am still good in it. later on, those blondes are going to laugh me back 'you idiot asian!!' =S still, i love accounting tute now. :)

and then i rushed back home to study for BLaw (business law in short from now on). my accounting tute ended at 2 and i have BLaw online test to submit before 5. lagi-lagi i havent finish reading up the chapter. (lagi-lagi. got this word one or not?? haha means moreover kay) and then guess what, once reached home i ate my lunch and started to online. ONLINE! cause i forgot bout that damn test after lunch. haha i'm so genius kay. then my sis said 'i thought you say you got test?' in a so chilling way. i stunned. and started to panic. and quickly studied. and attempted those bloody law questions which came out quite easy today. :) and finally yay~ i striked! 2.5% in final!! so happy cause last week i lost 0.5% so sad. T_______T (we have online test every week for 12 weeks and this totaled marks will be like 30% in final. sangat mahal kan?)

i felt that i started to like BLaw already. compared to other subjects (Marketing, Organisational Behavior which i still don't know a damn thing yet, Accounting) why????? cause i found it somehow similar to Sejarah in form5. you just do the reading, more like stories, and you score! lagi-lagi, the final is an open-book test. lagi-lagi-lagi, the examples of those cases sometimes really damn kao humorous one.. i will laugh like shiet middle of my revision and my sis will thought i study until crazy already can. but then why australian all so free one small small case stupid case funny case, they just like to go to court i think. the stupider the case, the more famous they will be. if i have a critical-thinking brain, i confirm go to study law one. but then my logic thinking also got prob already, where got critical la? =S

i hope tomorrow's outing to city can be a successful one. cause we say bout this for one month already, but then everytime last minute sure lazy to go out one. hahaha. me and my sis, she study 24-7, i sleep and eat 24-7. LOL. two of us like to be at home! =D

i write so long already, the boyfriend still mia. :( how now ah?

i seriously think that my hair grows faster in Australia. which many people think it's a crap but i still think i'm right.

okay la stop all these crap imma go to try bury my head in books now! Friday night, what a boring life i have! :(

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