Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tzen's online business! =D

when is your last time filling your wardrobe with new clothes?

since when you haven't wear a new dress?
are you ready to catch up the new trend?
or even try on different fashion style?

now, since when you havent present anything to your girlfriend and make them happy?
hmmm.... so do you have any idea in your mind on what to give during anniversaries/birthday/surprise?
why suffer and break your head to think of pressie and stuffs?
clothes are the girl's best friends! ;)

finding for firey hot summer dress like this?

or a cute chiffon dress?

the all-time favourite checkerdress,
which you won't be afraid of being in fashion crime! =D
try on some girly dress,
which can be wear in multi-occasion,
not underdress, not overdress!

and lively green bubbly dress to suit your happy mood. ;)

want some cherry?
sunny top
with contrasting color, pweeety!!!

thinking of wearing some winter style clothing but not too warm in Malaysia?
this one your best choice!
it comes in green and blue too!

me personally like this top so much. har har.
white top! me likey~
with the chic oriental ornament and the small buttons at the bottom, youthful enough no? =)
it comes with other choice of color like black, orange, and blue!
why bother going to the store when you can buy online with greal deal????????

QUICK PEOPLE!!! the site is now having promotion (12 March - 19 April)!!! purchase up to THREE items and get an additional 10% discount for the following items!

what are you waiting for?

serious, kawan! click and find out more la.. support bit bit ma.. plu-easeee~ thanks! =D tolong promote a bit also k?? friends help friends one... =p

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