Sunday, March 29, 2009

suddenly, Eath Hour!

Australia is the pioneer of Earth Hour event. how could i ever miss it when i'm here! =D

erhem erhem.. yer i wrote until like i really so supportive of that, but actually i never bother to join one. just that on my way back home from my Saturday City Exploring in the train, me and my sis, have a super impromptu plan to get off the train in another station, which is near to the Queen Street. (will talk bout Queen Street in my later post) Queen Street have this event, like a mini concert or something like that. we were late for few minutes. cause we ran to the wrong direction haha we didn't have a map and i am a totally road blind. so we missed the offing lights part.

this was the super small stage in the centre of the street.
(if you spot it i will give you an imaginary sweet =p)
this was the crowd.
what so potong steam is that the shopsssssss along the streets, they were so so insupportive. see la their signboard light damn destroying right. wtheck.

here's the candle we got. and the dim light was lit up less than 3minutes. LOL. cause the wind were blowing so cold at night. plus, it's drizzling a lil.

this is me and the candle. my ciplak phone, make my left eye damn wierd.

this is the fatty. =)

the performances were so boring that, we left right after we got the candle, and camwhored a lil. too bad la us. but we wanted to go to see the Conrad Treasury Casino building. because me and leen went there few hours before, and they lighted up the building so colorfully. we wanted to see the before and after of Earth Hour. BTW THE CASINO IS DAMN BIG!! and me likey the building!!!!
see nice right????
and you thought this is all of the casino building agree already??
YOU ARE WRONG MAN, this is just a small part of it!!!
and in year 2003 when me and my family came for holiday, i thought this building was a university campus... @.@ so stupid after i found out that it's the Brisbane's casino. LOL.
so big difference, and this one looks like some old century building which is nice like that also.. told you it's drizzling. haha. and my ciplak phone tak da flash light!

and when i thought of ber-romantic-romantic jalan-jalan with my sis with the umbrellas, the freaking rain stopped. potong steam again. WTH. and romantic what la, the rain made my feet cold until want to freeze already. =_______=

p/s: okay la blogging mojo gone again. wanted to write in a more interesting way, but then i failed miserably. there you go my Earth Hour post. wtheck. okay stay tune i'm uploading my city photos already! =)

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