Thursday, March 12, 2009

everyone says EVA IS NOT A CHATTERBOX!!....

...if compared to the situation below.

so i was in the bus going home from school just now. and there's a pair of friends, HongKis i guess, cause they spoke in Cantonese. since the bus was quite full already, and two of them couldn't sit right next to each other. and they got the seats like, same row, but one at the left of the walkway, and the other on the right. they couldn't stop chatting with each other, when they were on the queue and now in the bus. i was quite annoyed actually. and the bus was loading with more and more people, and they were blocked by people. and i heard one of them saying "eh i call you or you call me?" and the other replied "hmm... okay la i call you la!" and they started to talk ON THE PHONE, IN THE BUS, NEXT TO EACH OTHER, JUST THAT IN BETWEEN THEM WERE PEOPLE STANDING AND BLOCKING THEM!!!!

i told Angel, one of my new friend, who ssat right next to me. and i feel like smacking my head and roll my eyes on them. what. the. heck. they just couldn't shut up for like 15 min??? *faint*

WHY SO DESPERATE???????? =_____________=

now you judge if i'm a chatterbox. @.@

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