Wednesday, March 18, 2009

of degree of cuteness and boring lectures.

(click to larger view)
not asking you to see the conversation,
don't we look alike?

yet i'm still cuter. =p

p/s: i hate Wednesday the whole of this semester. i have class from 10 to 4, only 1 hour lunch break. so pathetic can. it's really very tiring for me, since i havent attending class this long for more than 1 year already. I MISS ADP LAAAAA... aih!

p/p/s: oh and Marketing lecturer talked craps for two hours just now. i didnt even can listen what he's talking. and you can see students leaving one by one during the lecture. aih why i'm so kind wasting my 2 hours sticking my butt inside the unairconditional lecture theatre? i'm dumb or what. =___=

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