Sunday, March 8, 2009

me the maid. me want a maid.

guess what i did the most housework in my life. i vacuumed, i washed, i cleaned, i did almost everything i could in the house.

cause this week is me and leen's turn to clean the living room and kitchen, so i vacuumed the whole living room, and leen cleaned the small kitchen =.= after that i wanted to wash the toilet. leen told me, she NEVER wash the toilet before at the previous house, durated freaking half a year. OMG HOW CAN SHE AND HER HOUSEMATE BEAR WITH DIRTY TOILET????@_____@

so we washed the toilet bowl (my 1st time T_______T), cleaned the bath tub, washed the floor, the mirror, the sink, everything. and we don't have pipe here, so we used buckets and sponge. =_________= very slowly wet everything, wash everything and dry everything. so proud eh! and our bathroom is freaking big, two third of my room. and the floor is so funny, it's higher than the outside carpet floor. so we have to keep ourselve so busy avoiding the freaking water kena the carpet. @.@

phew, we'll have a good sleep today again. why again? cause yesterday we used 3 hours to go to ikea, so damn far, and then bought 2 white chairs 2 white study tables etc etc. and we fixed everything up. i have my own study table now! so damn happy! =D

i hope i can stuff my maid in my luggage when i come back here next time. @.@ saya tak suka cuci dishes after makan. lazy. saya tak suka buat laundry. lazy. saya tak suka throw rubbish. sangat far, lazy. saya tak suka clean the toilet. lazy lazy lazy. =(

le sigh. okay have to start study signing off.

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