Friday, March 6, 2009


i've lost my passion to blog. i refuse to blog. even if i have nothing to do, i dont want to blog. just want to tell everyone out there that I'M STILL ALIVE!!! yet i still havent get a life here. =.= eat sleep study online are the only 4 things i did for the past 2 weeks. easy life okay.

and i shall reveal the 2 most embarass thingy i did.
1st, i've got into the wrong direction's bus the 1st day after my parents left. totally opposite direction. le sigh.
2nd, i've gone into the wrong lecture theater TWICE, yesterday and today. and embarassly leave the hall half way thru the lectures. sigh more.

why i like that one ah???? big big sigh!

i shall blog more bout this when i want to. =p

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