Tuesday, March 31, 2009

my HOT ANGMOH friends!!

the boyfriend ignored me. R.O. has always win in grabbing his attention over me. stupid R.O.! the creator of R.O. shall die. i think most girlfriends agree. HAHA.

anyway, since the boyfriend is waaaaaay too busy for me, i shall not pitifully sobbing at Australia alone. these days i've met some new hot guys. SERIOUS OKAY!.. I've always being quite sociable. however, due to the fact that i've already have a cute boyfriend back in Malaysia, i tried not to be too close to them. moreover, these hot guys are all angmohs. and i mentioned before i don't like angmohs right. still, i'm friendly enough to make friends all around la.

among them, the most humourous one is Levi. his dad is a bald!!! those shiny bald! haha.. he's quite big size, but not as huge as Max. he likes to tell jokes, and everytime when i was stressed up, he'll suddenly came out with a super cold joke and i'll burst into laughter. HAHA. but sometimes when he get serious, i don't even dare to fool around. cause he's among those who can determine my course result. don't play play ah. but i like him the most! leng chai! ;)

apart from Levi, the most i hang out with is Aladdin. unique name isn't it?? at first i thought it's his nickname but no!!! it's his given name! so chun eh.. he's quite hot. and he likes RED! like almost everyday you can see him in Red. he's so good in numberssss which i suck at it. and he helped me a lot in tute. Thanks Aladdin!

Max, the super huge guy, he always wear so formal, but classy. i like his taste of fashion. hot guy in good taste. near perfect, no? haha. NO!! nobody is perfect okay. and other than the good fashion sense of him, i found nothing good in him. he's so hard to understand. and he's soooooo boring. okay frankly yesterday we almost going out for a date. but too bad i turned him down. i scare la. later we can't click how? @.@

the last guy, named Oscar. another leng chai!!! =) we actually dated just now. i felt like i'm cheating on the boyfriend. T________T but then he gave me the feeling like we've met before. deja vu, ya know? he's like someone i knew for long, but somehow still remain mysteriously. he made me wanted to know him more. and i wonder if this is the revenge to the boyfriend for choosing RO and not me. hmmph! but then Oscar is really a nice one. he's caring, and patient, and explain so carefully to me on what i am not sure in. plus, he's really fit, and we can tag along with each other no matter how far we are going. we went out just now, and i've finally got a photo of him and me. okay now, lemme introduce Oscar to all of you..........
*scroll down for hot angmoh's photo*
tadaa~ Oscar is my Organisation Behavior textbook.
you thought i really so socialize meh??? where got real hot angmohsss??? LOL!


by the way, Levi is my Business Law textbook, Max is Marketing, and Aladdin is Accounting. by the way, the info given above is all true and based on facts. Levi is really a humourous one, and the writer of the book aka my lecture is a shiny bald man! =D Aladdin is named Aladdin cause my lecture speaks somekind like Arabic English. @.@ it's so hard to understand what the hell he is saying okay.. e.g. 'Shares' he says it into 'churuea' LOLLLL how to understand la i hate accounting lecturer! and Max is real boring. since i've posted up Max's pic before, thou shall upload Aladdin and Levi's hot pic as soon as possible. =D

aih.. 4 stupid hot angmohsss above made my life so hard.

p/s: and i still dont get it what so good bout online games huh??? aihhhhh...
p/p/s: and Aussie time is over 12am already so it's consider April Fool Day okay.. lalala~ i'm the 1st to prank you guys.. haha..
p/p/p/s: i tried to google hot angmohs' name.. at least i try to put in effort okay... creative no??? haha..


the time when i need you most, where were you?
and when you didn't come in time, playing late and truant,
did you ever try to think from my side,
how worried i was, how frustrated i was?
you like to come and go whenever you like.
just as if the whole thing never bother me.
but you were wrong.
despite my hate for you,
i care for you much, i worry for you much,
and i wanted so much that you arrive in time
when i needed you so much.

now i am in dilemma.
i should be crowned as a hypocrite.
when you finally came,
i hope you never come.
i hope you never never exist in this world.
i hope, i wouldn't have tortured by you,
suffering physically and mentally.
plus all those mess you bring to my life,
why would have God created you?
you restricted my preference on food,
you restricted my way of dressing,
you restricted my freedom of action,
you restricted my basic daily life

now i hate you much.
too much until i just want you to leave me as soon as possible.
just leave me alone. i beg you.
just go away as quick as you can,
stupid torturing menstruation. =(

Monday, March 30, 2009

i miss my home.

found this in Suet's blog. should say i'm dramatic or sentimental? i watched until cry again. boohoo. =( i think only Malaysians in foreign countries will feel this stupid emo feeling when listening to this song. honestly, i heard this song effing lots of time in Hitz.fm before i left a month or more ago. tak da feeling. LOL. and now weeping like a cow though re listening for nth time already.

HERE IN MY HOME - Malaysian Artiste for Unity

people, LISTEN or DIE!!

i sangat bangga to be rakyat Malaysia!! though we have never-end politics prob, we have stupid serious racism, we have stupid mat rempits everywhere, we have polluted environment, we have....................... but then i really like Malaysia. i don't get those Malaysians that didn't want to go home after temporarily staying outside the country. i just don't get why they don't miss the familiar faces, the best food, the chaplang languages, the hot and hardworking sun, and the good ol' good feelings!

i like the phrase 'no matter where i roam this is home sweet home' in the rap part the best!!! made me remember my dad told me something like that before too. he said no matter where am i what am i or how terribly i fall, the home is forever there for me. awwwww...... *weep like cow again*

i am so looking forward to next friday. my home, here i come!

p/s: i actually weeped while typing this bloody post. i felt something so strong when typing 'Malaysia' and 'Malaysian'. now tell me, dramatic or sentimental? =(

Sunday, March 29, 2009

suddenly, Eath Hour!

Australia is the pioneer of Earth Hour event. how could i ever miss it when i'm here! =D

erhem erhem.. yer i wrote until like i really so supportive of that, but actually i never bother to join one. just that on my way back home from my Saturday City Exploring in the train, me and my sis, have a super impromptu plan to get off the train in another station, which is near to the Queen Street. (will talk bout Queen Street in my later post) Queen Street have this event, like a mini concert or something like that. we were late for few minutes. cause we ran to the wrong direction haha we didn't have a map and i am a totally road blind. so we missed the offing lights part.

this was the super small stage in the centre of the street.
(if you spot it i will give you an imaginary sweet =p)
this was the crowd.
what so potong steam is that the shopsssssss along the streets, they were so so insupportive. see la their signboard light damn destroying right. wtheck.

here's the candle we got. and the dim light was lit up less than 3minutes. LOL. cause the wind were blowing so cold at night. plus, it's drizzling a lil.

this is me and the candle. my ciplak phone, make my left eye damn wierd.

this is the fatty. =)

the performances were so boring that, we left right after we got the candle, and camwhored a lil. too bad la us. but we wanted to go to see the Conrad Treasury Casino building. because me and leen went there few hours before, and they lighted up the building so colorfully. we wanted to see the before and after of Earth Hour. BTW THE CASINO IS DAMN BIG!! and me likey the building!!!!
see nice right????
and you thought this is all of the casino building agree already??
YOU ARE WRONG MAN, this is just a small part of it!!!
and in year 2003 when me and my family came for holiday, i thought this building was a university campus... @.@ so stupid after i found out that it's the Brisbane's casino. LOL.
so big difference, and this one looks like some old century building which is nice like that also.. told you it's drizzling. haha. and my ciplak phone tak da flash light!

and when i thought of ber-romantic-romantic jalan-jalan with my sis with the umbrellas, the freaking rain stopped. potong steam again. WTH. and romantic what la, the rain made my feet cold until want to freeze already. =_______=

p/s: okay la blogging mojo gone again. wanted to write in a more interesting way, but then i failed miserably. there you go my Earth Hour post. wtheck. okay stay tune i'm uploading my city photos already! =)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

i'm sooooooo ADVENTUROUS todae!!!!

me and leen walked almost the whole city tourism spots today!!!!! =D

1.50pm - took train from Indooroopilly to Fortitute Valley
2.10pm - reached Fortitue Valley, in the city. headed to China Town.
2.20pm - went to the wrong street, walked back to the train station and ask for direction.
2.30pm - found China Town, and got so disappointed. bought the very tasteless Honey Bubble Milk Tea and leaved.
3.00pm - went back to Fortitute Valley Station and headed to Roma Street the main train station in the city.
3.10pm - from Roma Street, took another train to Southbank. intended to go down the train at South Brisbane stop but missed it, so got off the train the stop after that.
3.30pm - walked along the Brisbane River, tend to walked back to Southbank. genius! all the way, we found a nice flea market, the infamous man-made beach (something like in KLCC one but with lots of hot bikinis), and the big ferris wheel etc.
4.30pm - boarded City Cat from Southbank, and crossed the river, landed at Riverside (back to city again)
4.50pm - wanted to dine in the Korean restaurant i went with my parents a month ago, but they only open at 5pm. walked along the streetsssss.
5.00pm - we TERFOUND the infamous Queen Street!! and the first landmark was STARBUCKS COFFEE!!!! weeee~
5.15pm - got back to the Korean restaurant and have my yummy dinner.
6.00pm - went back to Starbucks to get my love grande Caramel Macchiato!! strolling around Queen Street and found out bout Earth Hour activities.
6.30pm - wandered around the places and terfound the casino which all the while i thought the building is a uni. LOL.
6.50pm - walked back to the riverside and lepak by the river sambil waiting for CityCat.
7.32pm - boarded CityCat and went back to Southbank.
7.45pm - took some pictures with the Ferris Wheel. so nice!
8.05pm - tend to go back home already. took a train from South Brisbane to Roma Street. but impromptuly we got of the train in Central Station to join the Earth Hour event in Queens Street.
8.24pm - couldn't find the way to Queens Street. was late for the event. =(
8.35pm - ran to the Queen Street but the event started. some performances la quite boring so we went back to the Casino building again to take a nice pic.
9.00pm - it's drizzling. walked back to Central Station. wanted to take the train back to Roma Street but got into the wrong direction train.
9.07pm - got off the train and waited for the right direction one.
9.30pm - waited for the train at Roma Street back to Indooroopilly.
10.30pm - almost home! =)

stay tune. 141 photos to be uploaded. so many stories to tell!!!!


Friday, March 27, 2009

when you give me a book...

...i practically fully make use of it with me!uhh my only decent look with the book. haha.
kay btw the stupid dot at my chin is a huge pimple!
so pain can die. T________T

hmm... i wonder what's inside the oh-so-thick 900 pages Marketing book! =S

what is Marketing ah? can eat one ah??.. i try and see juicy or not.. WHAT THE HELL EVA!!! @.@ (omg see inside my mouth!!! can see the swollen part where i bit myself accidentally ytd and blood damn a lot! D:)

*imagine chocolates*
eh the taste not bad wor.. sweeter than TimTam, woah so big i can finish in one day ah??
nevermind i take back to Malaysia and share with Wayney! =D

bear bear also more hardworking than me.
i might go to die now. T______T

p/s: i said i want to bury my head in the book one. but then yea la bury what bury your head la. $%^%$&*%^#% btw this is my nerd look. i pinned my hair up when i study. (aiya you no need to purposely pin your hair to get nerd look, you look damn nerd everyday also.. T___________T)
p/p/s: okay la i damn kesian no one to camwhore with me.. :( no one layan me also.. boohoo.
p/p/p/s: and i have no camera right now so the only way to take pic is to use the webcam that's why the setting is always the same. T____________T but then me likey webcam cause it makes me look so damn flawless and not that chubby LOL.
p/p/p/p/s: andden the bf still mia i tak da mood. awwww, so sad. T_________T
p/p/p/p/p/s: yer i found myself really going crazy already. :(


what a Friday. :(

WHAT THE HELL. my laptop's connection suck to max okay. the page load freaking slow i felt like smashing the laptop. seeing my sis so happily viewing facebook's photo keep pressing next every second beside me, why i so pity ah???? now laptop bullies me too. :(

my boyfriend mia again. nuff said bout this. :(

i should stop whining now. kay actually today still not that depressing one. at least compared to the two fridays before, i am doing quite well today in accounting tutorial (i will call tutorials tute from now on). at least i didn't late for 30min like what i did in the 1st tute. and i didn't nearly skipped tute on the 2nd week. (okay i lied but this is secret between me and the bf cant disclose what i lied here LOL) and today in tute though late for 10mins but i was doing good. main reason is I FINALLY DID ACCOUTING TUTE HOMEWORK LAST NIGHT!!!!! =D so proud okay cause now only i knew i'm like the only of few who did the homework. others were like waiting for answers during tute and this pissed the tutor off. and i kept answering questions which is a good thing cause this boost my confidence in accounting. hahaha now i wanted to laugh at those blondes like what JiunnYi did. DUMB BLONDES!!!! lalala~ yer i damn mean. mean like Momoko already. =p but then so far is still teaching bout those basic accounting so i still can tease others la. those i learnt before, and am still good in it. later on, those blondes are going to laugh me back 'you idiot asian!!' =S still, i love accounting tute now. :)

and then i rushed back home to study for BLaw (business law in short from now on). my accounting tute ended at 2 and i have BLaw online test to submit before 5. lagi-lagi i havent finish reading up the chapter. (lagi-lagi. got this word one or not?? haha means moreover kay) and then guess what, once reached home i ate my lunch and started to online. ONLINE! cause i forgot bout that damn test after lunch. haha i'm so genius kay. then my sis said 'i thought you say you got test?' in a so chilling way. i stunned. and started to panic. and quickly studied. and attempted those bloody law questions which came out quite easy today. :) and finally yay~ i striked! 2.5% in final!! so happy cause last week i lost 0.5% so sad. T_______T (we have online test every week for 12 weeks and this totaled marks will be like 30% in final. sangat mahal kan?)

i felt that i started to like BLaw already. compared to other subjects (Marketing, Organisational Behavior which i still don't know a damn thing yet, Accounting) why????? cause i found it somehow similar to Sejarah in form5. you just do the reading, more like stories, and you score! lagi-lagi, the final is an open-book test. lagi-lagi-lagi, the examples of those cases sometimes really damn kao humorous one.. i will laugh like shiet middle of my revision and my sis will thought i study until crazy already can. but then why australian all so free one small small case stupid case funny case, they just like to go to court i think. the stupider the case, the more famous they will be. if i have a critical-thinking brain, i confirm go to study law one. but then my logic thinking also got prob already, where got critical la? =S

i hope tomorrow's outing to city can be a successful one. cause we say bout this for one month already, but then everytime last minute sure lazy to go out one. hahaha. me and my sis, she study 24-7, i sleep and eat 24-7. LOL. two of us like to be at home! =D

i write so long already, the boyfriend still mia. :( how now ah?

i seriously think that my hair grows faster in Australia. which many people think it's a crap but i still think i'm right.

okay la stop all these crap imma go to try bury my head in books now! Friday night, what a boring life i have! :(

Thursday, March 26, 2009

feel like going back to Ibaraki again...

...when i get my reply from okaasan in Japan. =D=)

feel like visiting the Sano family again.
this is otoosan and cute okaasan.
other than going to school, the most time is spending with okaasan. go to the mall, eat the best handmade ice-cream, cook, watch teevee, chat, and even learning each other's lingo! =D

this is Masaya, the bro that is 24-7 busy!
har har he is kononnya the one who can eat the spiciest food in the house! and the spiciest food is just japanese curry. HAHAHA so funny!

feel like going back to Meikei.....

and study in the 4F class.

this is my Japanese best friend in school, Naoko-chan.
she is the best student in class and she helped me so much during my schooling time.

not to forget the MeiKei 6!! we rocked MeiKei in Dec 2007!
(six of us are from different nationalities, exchanging to the same school)
from left: Leigh, Stella, TB, Pan, Cyril.
Leigh and Cyril!!!! Where are two of you! i haven't hear from you since we aparted! =(

feel like eat in a huge cafeteria with the girlsss again... i like japanese curry btw. we eat, camwhore, eat, talk, eat, laugh, eat, eat, camwhore more. haha.

feel like eating homemade obento in class again...
most of the time, we bring our own obento from home and eat in class! i love this moment the best, where we share food, and everyone brings cute decorated obento! Japanese moms are all so loving! =D usually the MeiKei 6 will come to my class and eat with my classmates!
p/s: oh and i like Japanese uniform! yet mine is the not the cutest one. haha.

fee like making fun of our form teacher during boring assembly again...
see our teacher~ he was not sitting on a chair! HAHAHA. and we bursted into laughters and caught so much of attention. FUN~

oh and i feel like taking the best purikura in the world! this is MeiKei 6 again. we managed to skipped our curricular activities in the afternooon and sneaked out of the school to the mall nearby. =D

feel like buying all kinds of things from the vending machine in Japan again...
they have ice-cream, cigarette, beer, clothes etc etc etc so many vending machinesss!

feel like capturing the sunrise at Hiroshima again...

and feel the autumn and MAPLESSSSS~

and sit in the oh-so-expensive-oh-so-fast Bullet Train.
(this is Avinash from Malaysia too!)

last but not least, feel like study-touring Japan with Bus F again!
one bus, so many nationalities, so many races, so many languages.
yet we unite, in diversity!

-one of my best memories and life experience in 2007-

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

i miss my green apple so much..
boohoo. =(


we have the free weighing scale in campus.
three weeks ago, i weighed myself and it was 43kg.
three weeks after that aka today,
i weighed again. guess what's my weight now?
*scroll down to get the answer*
i'm still 43kg!! lalala~
now who keep saying i fat already?
now who keep calling me fatty?
now who say i am a pig?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

i felt so crabby. boohoo.

my period havent come yet. for the past weeks i've been pilling up all my works. keep procrastinate living life so relaxing. and now, busy time ahead. aih. an assignment to pass up on thursday, an online test due friday, discussionss due by next week, accounting tutorial homework havent do for 3 weeks, accounting mid term next saturday.

why my period havent come ah?????
i want to bite now!


Monday, March 23, 2009

nah a chance to stalk my boyfriend! =p

1) The person who tagged you is:
Gan Ming Zu aka the very beloved boyfriend aka my sayang aka sunflowerku. =D

2) Your relationship with him/her is:
he's ALL MINE! =D he was my classmate for 2 years. and my boyfriend for 1 year 4 months and 20 days. my support mentally and physically. my driver since last march. my playmate. my lepak kaki. my dictionary. answers for my questions. my consolation after deep shits. my bonus when i'm happy already. my tissue paper when i cry. my sunflower HAHAHA. my heater when i'm cold. my capsule when i am ill. my cupcake when i'm sad. my slave when i win on our bet! lalala~

read my blog then you know la. =p
okay press here to read the beginning of our stories. or here for the day we turned unavailable. =)

3) Your first impression of him/her is:
he's sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo quiet. to strangers only. HAHAHA.

4) The most memorable moments with him/her:
so many how to write all? lol. okay this is one of it. press HERE to read. =D

5) The most memorable thing he/she has said to you is:
"I HATE YOU!" hahaha. cause he never meant that. so funny when he purposely say all these actually he never mean it one. hahaha.

6) If he/she becomes yr lover, you will:
He IS my lover. =D

7) If he/she became yr lover, what should he/she improve at:
ish same answer as previous one. no need to improve okay.

8) If he/she becomes yr enemy, what would you do:
we WONT become enemy okay? what's ENEMY ah?? =D okay la if one day we really really break up edi *touchwood wtheck* i wont hate him also cause he gave me so much to remember. =)

9) If he/she becomes yr enemy, the reason will be:
he cheat on me. LOL. but i dont think this will happen cause HE'S A CAPRICORN! =______=

10) The most desired thing you want to do for him/her now is:
go back to Malaysia as soon as possible and make him do the waiting lesser. =)

11) Your overall impression on him/her:
stubborn. lalala~ he's nice and cute. =D


i havent really write a proper post of me, myself, and my life recently. when i 1st came to Australia, i thought that i will somehow stop blogging. i dont know why, but for me, write with restriction is something quite uneasy for me to do in blog. like i write what i felt, but when you started to came to my blog, instead of feeling the way i felt, you blamed me of writing things i shouldn't tell, and sacarsed me the way i never thought writing blog and expressing own feelings are illegal and pressurize. i mean, i know i'm still not mature enough to lead my own life, and still have to depend on people around me, financially, physically, mentally whatever. but everyone borns to be different, and it's not like what i think and act should be the same as those experiencing my situation before. you just don't understand that. i can't stand people wanting me to live another person's life. i know yea i shouldn't write all these now, and probably make more misunderstandings but THIS IS MY BLOG! if you are not agree or satisfy of what i wrote, just leave me alone here. my god, i am so vain, and bitchy. wtheck. in my blog, i chose to write something i wanted to write, and something, i just kept in my heart forever. it's not like a website like that, is the whole of my life, and each and every tiny bits i have to mention here. don't judge me by my blog, cause i'll prove you wrong. this site is just part of me, the true but PART of me only. don't try to get info from here, and start making own stories. this is so unfair to me. what you are suspicious of, what you are curious of, just ask me directly. i thought we are close enough to make you understand me, yet maybe i just let you down. what i am going to say is, this blog, is the site where i get to interact with my friends, let those friends who can't reach me know what's going on in my life, keep in touch and all. i kindly appreciate your support, but it's not what i want now. i'm so sorry. for me, we'll make a better step through other media, but not blog kay? i don't think this works for us. if you see this, and you know this post is write for you, i still love you, and i care for you. and i'm sorry if the whole thing upsets you.


p/s: okay it's not talking bout my bf and please no comment no message no question. thankyouvm.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

i can cook!!!! =D

my fu yong dan!!!! =D
(it's fried omelette in case you don't know what fu yong dan is)
the dish i cooked the best so far..
and we even addicted cooking it. hahaha.
see i eat so healthy k?
ham onion mushroom tomatoes.
looks nice and tasty kan?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

i haven't do any tag in blog since thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis long time. =D

1) The person who tagged you is:
Basnojj aka Juinn Yi (answer in blueeeee)
Chee Yong (answer in orange)

*quest 6-11 i have the same answer for both of them kay. good day~

2) Your relationship with him/her is:
1st, i'm his penolong ketua in Rumah A, then we became mere friends by giving hi-5 during sports day, and then became closer friends when we sometimes messenging each other. =D
he was my friend's friend in primary school. but we knew each other. and then in high school, he's still my the other friend's friend. but eventually we got better. and we even went out twice with other friends. and we even go home by train from college together. =D

3) Your first impression of him/her is:
he's so cheerful everytime and super optimistic can die. hahaha. his chinese super chim and always use those i-don't-understand-four-words-four-words-idiomssss. @.@
he's a DURIAN HEAD!!!! =D

4) The most memorable moments with him/her:
okay when sukan during tarik tali, we hi-5ed and we won! =D
last year's CNY we went out with vijin and friends, and i have to go home before 12 and he said i'm like a cinderella. har har.
okay another memorable thing is that we were on the same train but different cabin and i were standing so was he, and we saw each other thru the cabin-cabin window door. and we were so surprised. so funny that time har har har.

5) The most memorable thing he/she has said to you is:
i'm cuteeeee (wtheck har har)
i'm an APPLE HEAD!!!!! =___________=

6) If he/she becomes yr lover, you will:
we are too good to become lover okay. chemistry just won't spark between us. tak da reaction. hahahaha. tak da reaction. i found this sentence so funny. hahaha.

7) If he/she became yr lover, what should he/she improve at:
i dont know lol. improvement is not the main point in relationship i think. like i never set any improving to the boyfriend cause like if he knows he needs to improve then there's no need for me to tell him la but if i tell already but he doesn't think it's a prob then he die die also wont want to change one ma. if change also temporarily one lor. skip this quest then. =p

8) If he/she becomes yr enemy, what would you do:
kawan, tak kan jadi enemy la right. unless they kill my boyfriend. HAHAHA.

9) If he/she becomes yr enemy, the reason will be:
refer to question 8 thankyou.

10) The most desired thing you want to do for him/her now is:
unclog my toilet!! ewwwwwww.... hahaha.

11) Your overall impression on him/her:
both of them are funny people! so friendly i like! =D

12) The characteristic you love most about yourself:
aih why am i so cute????? Momoko hor... =p
should i say i recover from shits ultimately fast??? =D
aih stupid question where got ask people to praise themselve one.. *shy* hahaha.

13) The characteristic you hate most about yourself:
too optimistic la and this is a problem between me and the boyfriend T___________T

14) The most ideal person you want too be is:
the future me! =D i can foresee my bright future. i am thinking should i be a billionaire, or be some record breaker, or be some impressive professional. aih.. so hard to choose.. =p

15) For people that care and like you, say something to them:
I CARE AND LIKE YOU TOOOOOOOO!!!! =D these people are so kind that i will now give all of you an imaginary sweet. ;)

16) Pass this quiz to 10 ppl who you want to know how they feel about you.

i dont feel like passing it to anyone cause there's so many questions to asnwer after that. so yea jump this question! =D therefore quest 17-30 and 32-39 i will just leave it blank. =D

17) Who is 6 having a relationship with:
18) Is 9 a male or female:
19) If 7 and 10 were together, would it be a good thing:
20) What is 2 studying at the moment:
21) When was the last time you had a chat with 3:
22) What kind of music does 8 like:
23) Does 1 have any siblings:
24) Will you woo 3:
25) How about 7:
26) Is 4 single:
27) What's the surname of 5:
28) What's the hobby of 5:
29) Do 5 and 9 get along well:
30) Where is 2 studying at:

31) Say something casual about your eyes:
big. wide. more than double lid. surround by 24-7 dark eye circle. brown! longgggg and curl eyelashes. very attractive lalala~

32) Have you tried developing feelings for 5:
33) Where does 9 live?:
34) What colours does 4 like:
35) Are 5 and 1 good friends:
36) Does 7 like 2:
37) How did u get to know 2:
38) Does 1 have any pets:
39) Is 7 the sexiest person in the world:

p/s: i am so emo now. so emo can die. just argued with the boyfriend with some issues. aihhhhh.. and why being so HAHAHA for so many times doesn't help me to feel better this time. period ah period, when are coming? my hormone all terbalik cant become normal back already la.. aih...

fatty is upset.

nuff said.

Friday, March 20, 2009

don't tell me i had gain fat please.

Friday is to go to Sunnybank for Malaysian food. but this time, instead of feeling contented, i was so disappointed, worst, missing Malaysia more. We went to the same restaurant, same table, and this time Leen's friend, Lynn tagged along. i ordered Penang Prawn Noodle which i planned to eat since last week.
the noodle looked nice, yet it turned out to be devastating. the worst Prawn Noodle stall in Malaysia also better than this. aihhh... tasting bad Malaysian food, made me wanted to go back more eagerly. Believe it or not, the big prawn is tasteless. it's like Secret Recipe's prawn. tasteless and the color is like almost transparent. looked damn artificial and it took me so much of effort to eat as much as i could, finally still left more than half of that bowl. aihhhh... AUS11.90 convert back to MYR28.56 a bowl of awful prawn noodle. T__________________T even the Penang Har Mee instant noodle in my kitchen shelf are far more better than this. Leen ordered Nasi Lemak, the rice is not bad actually, but tak da sambal, tak da rendang. =__________= but still better than mine.. sob4..
to get myself some consolation, i went to the bubble tea shop to compensate myself with Honey Milk Bubble Tea! =D it's MYR8.40 bucks for one small bubble tea hor.. very the heart pain.
(why my eye look so abnormal one T______T stupid HTC phn)

we spent so much on food these days, we have to cook and eat at home for the rest of the week. but daijobu~ i like to cook! =D and we have sooooooooooooo much of food in the fridge now. me likey~ this is one of the reason i'm gaining weight now. and my face is growing so much that i really look like a pig now. T______________T keep eating and not exercising. aih.. how to not growing fat.. i forgot to bring my sneakers with me, and all i have is flats and flops. how to exercise? aih..
okay la instead of saying me fat, tell me i'm cute kay? hahaha.
and this is the photo of the day! we were on the pedestrain bridge crossing the road, and seeeeeeeee~ see the sunlight or not??? damn nice la!! but leen was half-cropped and my face like so crooked. =.= we'll go to the same place, at the same time again to take another nice one. =D

p/s: HTC phone just cant take a nice photo. aih...

of me, my loyal chocolate-chip muffins, and endless assignment night.

p/s: no i'm not slacking. =____________= it's just to entertain myself so to be awake at all time. =)

p/p/s: Good morning peepow! =D

Thursday, March 19, 2009

so-called bak kut teh

my sis cooked so-called bak kut teh today.
she was so excited.
she cooked dinner way before lunchtime.
i went to school after lunch.
before i came back, she texted me.
"it doesn't taste like soy sauce soup ;)"
cause apparently before i went out,
we smelled soy sauce rather than herbs. =_____=
then after i tasted the dinner,
now guess what?
make me damn disappointed can die.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009






他很厉害耶.. 因为我真的感动得哭了..


看完后哭了也要跟我讲. =)

of degree of cuteness and boring lectures.

(click to larger view)
not asking you to see the conversation,
don't we look alike?

yet i'm still cuter. =p

p/s: i hate Wednesday the whole of this semester. i have class from 10 to 4, only 1 hour lunch break. so pathetic can. it's really very tiring for me, since i havent attending class this long for more than 1 year already. I MISS ADP LAAAAA... aih!

p/p/s: oh and Marketing lecturer talked craps for two hours just now. i didnt even can listen what he's talking. and you can see students leaving one by one during the lecture. aih why i'm so kind wasting my 2 hours sticking my butt inside the unairconditional lecture theatre? i'm dumb or what. =___=

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Why am i so cute?????

i know i am so adorable can die...

oh and today is another memorable day cause....
to me, and the boyfriend.

p/s to the boyfriend: i'm the only one who will say myself cute ah? cannot ah? =p

Monday, March 16, 2009

feeling of being abroad aih.

okay here comes another COMPLIMENT from a long-lost friend! lost contact for 5 years consider long lost or not ah? ;) Mr SsK, want me to intro leng lui to you or not? =p

i'm so happy la keep getting credits from friends.. har har want to fly already! =D

not feeling well la today, too much readings, and the letters so damn small the book's publisher thought can be more environmental-friendly to not used up so many pages, but they are killing us the future successors' eyes, LIKE ME! (yea ah i'm future billionaire. =p) i hate business law. but i have a lot of readings to do. this friday is another deadline for another bloody online test. aih stupid bald lecturer! (i dont like him, cause i thnk he's very bias in his book, like want to washbrain all the students like that. oh btw this bloody lecturer write his own textbook. =__________= and the lectures are like damn useless one cause everything is in his book already)

okay and I MISS YOU DAD AND MOM AND EVERYONE AT HOME!!! aih, serious.

p/s: i never want to fry noodle again. traumarize by what we've cooked today. @.@

Sunday, March 15, 2009



唉唉唉.. 我没药救了.


不然大家都跟我讲你们也是这样的.所以我很正常.好吗? *拜托*

i always like the sky..

i dont know why i always have obsession towards the sky, no matter cloudy one, starry one, dawn, dusk. sometimes it will make me think of some memories, or sometimes make me think of something new, deeply. me likey this picture, it really brings out the true color of sky. bravo man.. =D

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tzen's online business! =D

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since when you haven't wear a new dress?
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why suffer and break your head to think of pressie and stuffs?
clothes are the girl's best friends! ;)

finding for firey hot summer dress like this?

or a cute chiffon dress?

the all-time favourite checkerdress,
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try on some girly dress,
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not underdress, not overdress!

and lively green bubbly dress to suit your happy mood. ;)

want some cherry?
sunny top
with contrasting color, pweeety!!!

thinking of wearing some winter style clothing but not too warm in Malaysia?
this one your best choice!
it comes in green and blue too!

me personally like this top so much. har har.
white top! me likey~
with the chic oriental ornament and the small buttons at the bottom, youthful enough no? =)
it comes with other choice of color like black, orange, and blue!
why bother going to the store when you can buy online with greal deal????????

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