Friday, February 20, 2009

what my best friends are...

p/s: photos are all about 3 super camwhores. =p

One day before I study abroad, the besties came over to my crib and gave me a nice and memorable farewell. Too bad Jocin left early, she missed out the fun.

The girls I first met during my age of 11, whom now they became some important persons in my life. It doesn’t count how many years we have been through, I calculate them via how deep they are willing to share the friendship with me.

The memories of us, preparing for SPM a year more ago, burning midnight oils at Khai Wee’s house, ended up only me and SeeBee survived through the night; kept blaming each other for not stop talking to each other while revising, which the truth is all of us are super chatterboxes; watching teevee programs together half way of the revision and got addicted and kept procrastinate together until we felt super guilty; motivated each other when we were burning oils at our own house a day before exam, through phone calls, to make sure that none of us slept before finishing the syllabus; finding excuses to play badmintons rather than studying; tried to hamburger-ed me in bed when I wanted to take a nap; gossiped; cursed; mamak-ed; laughed; chor dai dee-ed etc etc etc.

Me and SeeBee were once a super camwhore, and now, Khai Wee is the one who keep want to take photos. Har har.

My girls. ;)

They will make sure that I will fully recover after deep shits. Khai Wee, the one whom I share my ups and downs with after the boyfriend, never let me down before, and made callssss to ensure I’m fine when I’m not. See Bee, whom I received lengthy messages from, just to give me the most needed supports.

We peaced….

Agreed to make some scary faces together, which ended up I’m always the only one who did it….

try to pose like some superheroines…..

(see Khai Wee so serious want to be batwoman har har.)

having fun camwhoring with similar setting different poses

(pissing the cameraman cause nak camwhore tak habishabis)

try on different angles, each and everytime desperately hope that our faces won’t appear as big as a moon….

they wanted to pose with my bear, which their intention is to meanly pinch my bear’s ear while I am unaware…

and then their intention revealed straight right after their 1st pinch. They poked it’s eyes, scratched it’s faces…..

…. Punched it….

…and most violent part is that they tried to break his leg by pulling from different directions, making me damn sad and helpless…

And when I thought this will be the end of the bully case, I was totally wrong. Cause the next victim is undoubtedly me.

(omg see how mean they were to me. Sigh. Har har)

Yet after every bullies, we are still best friends. cause best friends forgive and forget. ;)

Best friends, who kiss me to show that they love me…

Share hugs and concerns…

And more hugs and wishes to meeeeeeee… I have their best blessings already..

Best friends don’t contact each other everyday. They are those who pull me up from drowning, scold me when I should be scolded, listen to me when I need one, pat my back when I desperate for supports, borrow me shoulders when I cry. Best friends are forever.

...and they gave me the best regards before i leave to far away land.

best shot of the day ;)

We spell BFF, best friends forever! Thanks for being with me all this while. I appreciated you girls so much.

xoxo. <3>

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