Sunday, February 1, 2009

successful cny operation. =D

thanks to my beloved form5 classmates!!!!! thanks for the wishes and all. i'll do good in aussie. =)

i never thought there will be 30 of us under a roof, celebrating cny. how great right? and i never know my classmates all are so macho macho stamina damn good can gamble almost 12hours, from the 1st house we visited until the last stop at my house. har har. so proud of you guys! organiser is never an easy job. but at least i felt damn good when all my effort paid off. it's not a wrong decision to gather you people, but not me organizing next time kay? haha. next time i come back for holiday eh you guys must do some gathering for me. =p

i lost money again overally. and lost damn a lot. =.= but yea since it's cny, and when i see the friends were all so happy gambling, seriously, i just want to see everyone with big smile, i am fine with the money i lost. money can gain back, but memories is one in a life time. ;) i hope you guys really enjoy yourselves today. i will miss all of you and don't forget me when i'm not around kay???

mei fong and chia chuen!!!!! you are not forgotten!! mei when we past by your house, we talked bout you, the another very noisy people in class! you won't be forgotten, don't worry! ;)

khaiwee cannot tahan the me and the boyfriend, the very dramatic couple. she nearly go insane to be my bestie. har har. bear with me la my dear. i'm leaving after 2 weeks kay? =D

and and, i won't forgive a pig telling me 4 heavy words. sigh. pig you know who you are. no more next time k? damn hurt.

p/s: classmates!!!! who is having the last group photo??????? send it to my thankyou. =)


HonG said...
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szelynn said...

am i forgotten?? hmm =(

reiz said...

sorry ya tat i left early...
thought wana bak to meet ya all after my dinner.. but.. haiz.. anyway.. u stil the cute cute eva!! All the best to u ya..
don forget us will do.. we shud gather again when u bak again.. ( err.. although i dono when u wil be bak... lolx)
take care when study at there k?!?.. miss ya!!!

p/s : sze lynn.. mei fong.. n chia chuen... u r not be forgotten.. don worry...

happyPig~ said...

tearing up wei me.. glad to know im still with u guys somehwere.... it sucks not being the 31st person....thanks truly.

Eva said...

hey dont la be sad... it's just the 2nd year we left high school.. we still have 10 20 30 40 years to gather... =)