Friday, February 27, 2009

me aussie contact.

i want to update but blogging mojo gone. each time i open this page, i go blank. sigh. you guys wait la. i got a lot to tell. (if i didn't forget and bersemangat want to write overdue posts. har har)

give you guys my contact in aussie so in case you guys want to send me a message to make up my day or mail me presents during those important dates like easter day, labour day, teachers day, birthday, good friday yadi yada. (hint hint wahaha) i accept all nice stuff. oh or you guys can even transfer some money to my account so that i can lead a better life here har har and change my stupid mobile which gonna die soon and i'm aiming for HTC new diamond 2 OR new new touch pro har har. no money la want to work but 1st sem dad doesn't encourage. okay where am i lol drifted so far ahhhhh no semangat to write.

mobile: +61 403 861 668
add: 4/19, Finney Road 4068 Queensland, Australia.
bank account nmb lol: (i dont know which one but i will edit this when i know) (i mean i dont know which group of numbers is my account nmb cause i got 3 different groups of number related to bank account now. sigh) (my 1st time having bank account so yea stop laughing wtheck) (and the most embarass part is i left my account password at home and i didn't memorize the freaking 4 digits, so i havent got chance to get my money from atm machine okay stop laughing)

okay and you guys can msg my maxis number la cause you guys will be charging the same and no extra stupid credit to be charge. (but i wont reply cause i reply 1 msg 1buck wtheck stupid stupid stupid)

signing off if not more stupid things imma gonna write sigh.

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