Wednesday, February 4, 2009

how wild will i be?

i haven't prepare anything to go aussie other than the visa done. or should say i never want to start to prepare.

i met my future housemates just now. a 30ish couple, pursuing engineering PHD at UQ, living at setia alam right now. they don't seem hard to live under the same roof with. ish, none of my business also, is not like i have to depend on them bout my living in aussie. my mom told them every of my bad habits. wtheck. and described me as if i'm those wild child, want them to keep an eye on me yada yada. pissed me off. if this happens, imma gonna find another room next semester.

the cranky feeling is coming back to me again. like i want to hold on something but i just couldn't grasp anything. very very helpless.

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