Monday, February 16, 2009

before i step into tanah airku again in 2 months time....

i'm leaving tonight 9.40pm at LCCT.
no don't go to the airport and make me cry a river and drown the whole LCCT lol.
i don't want other people see me weeping like a cow. har har.
till then the next post will be freshly from aussie.
bye people! do miss me... =)

p/s: Facebook is being a bitch these days... i can't log in for like soooooo long.. (more than one day T_T) and i want to change my status!!!!!! T_______T

p/p/s: I havent got time and mood to update this blog.. wait till i settle everything already, i will update very very frequently..

p/p/p/s: thanks for the wishes people! thanks for those who messaged and called. i appreciated. =)

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